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Charles Baffoe Agyapong

Mampong, Ghana

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Charles Baffoe Agyapong

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June 2017

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About Me

Hello Everyone
My name Charles and this is my story,
I grew up in a small village called Asaam in the Ahanti region, I had my early childhood education in this village, that's from elementary up to Junior High School.

Life has not been easy since my Mum happened to be a single parent, so we farmed and do all sorts of work in other to get food and some amount of money to cater for our small family of four(4) i.e. my mother, an elder sister, a brother and myself. I moved from the village to Mampong Ashanti, a town about 15 kilometers from my village to continue my higher education. During this time, I had to sell on the streets, earpiece,phone chargers and usb drives after school, and also wash cars and help a friend in his motorcycle shop before I could get money for the next day in school. By so doing and a little help from my Mum I was able to help myself to the Polytechnic. I wanted to study Computer Networks, so was offered the chance to study it in Koforidua Polytechnic now Koforidua Technical University.

After school, I had wanted to start my own business, I started doing mini importation of electronic gadgets business when I was in the Polytechnic, I was successful and loved the business but unfortunately it wasn't my money. I was doing it for a soldier friend who later withdrew all of his funds and I was left with nothing. From then I struggled to raise some funds for my own business, so this time I started buying phones and accessories from the local dealers and I take it to market places to sell. This has been my business after school and it has support me in so many ways. Now I want to expand it to a phone shop.

As an Ashanti, we believe in unity and we are the best in hospitality. We have a common King who rules over the entire Ashanti Kingdom. Our society train us to be successful entrepreneurs and investors. Ask any body in Ghana a peculiar thing about my people and they will tell you "Ashantis like business". Our land is good soil for all sort of businesses.

I love to ride a motorcycle, so I will say, I'm a motorcycle enthusiast, a die hard bikes fun. I have had enough ride in my life with few accident but not severe, haven't even sustain injury though. I ride, I fix it since I have been visiting motorcycles shops and have many bike mechanics friends. My favorite brands are Honda and Suzuki.

My Business

Right now I sell phones and its accessories, since it's of small quantity, I take it to market places during market days. I also do repairs of laptops and phones during the market days. I sometimes visit offices to repair their computers for them and check their networks.

As technology is growing fast everyday, people are more interested in these gadgets, smartphones and its mobility makes it simple for everyone to access their needed files everywhere. So gadgets like phones and laptop computers are always in high demand and in this economic hardship, people don't throw their spoiled phones and laptops away but instead they bring it for repairs.

I love doing business and I like selling this particular type of gadgets because I have more insight about them. I can explain it best to customers and assist customers during configurations and settings. I have passion for these gadgets so I spend a lot of time to research about them and find new trending mobile phone technologies.

I have invested about GHS.2000.00 (USD 460) into this business and my daily turnover varies from market to market but on average is 5 pieces of phones everyday, in worst case scenario I sell three pieces and I will do repairs too.

Now I am trying to save until I will be able to rent a store room which I can buy the phones and accessories in larger quantity and also have a space as a repair shop.
So in short I will say the profits I earn are for reinvestment. I will like to have a degree though, but I need to grow this business as it will surely be my lifetime business and will serve as a legacy for my next generation.

Now with the help of Zidisha I have been able to raise enough cash which I have used to venture in importation business, I have not forsaken my old job, I have just added it to my daily business activities. In fact I say a big thank you to Zidisha and its team. This opportunity is indeed incredible.

Loan Proposal

As I have already acquired previous loans from Zidisha and its noble lenders, I have been able to expand my business by hiring some youth in my community to work with and I have been able to help and assist myself and my family.

This loan if I am approved and granted, will be used to pay for half of my Tuition fees in the University. The total fees to be paid is GHS.3,200 (USD715.00), so half of it will be about GHS.1,600 ( USD. 350.00).
The program that I have been enrolled on is a six month Diploma course in Security Management, Forensics and Investigative Psychology at Winsconsin International University College. It is a weekend class so I will have enough time to also focus on my usual business. This loan will help me pay my fees and complete my Diploma program in order to achieve my set up goals in life.

Thank you.





  • Mary    May 10, 2019

    Thanks Charles. Again, excellent repayment. I'll be happy to support your business again.

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  • Mary    Feb 1, 2019

    Hello Charles,
    thank you for repaying your loan regularly and on time.
    Best wishes for future business success.

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Classic Loan

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May 10, 2018

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5 months

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