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About Me

My name is Natasha Msisika a Zambia young lady with a green national registration card. I completed both my primary and secondary in the town of Kitwe copper belt province of Zambia. I was raised by both parents Mum and Dad who are still live and they are living in the village very much active in the farming business. My parents have been my mentor and great inspiration to my life and success. I hold advanced Diploma in business studies and computer science. My ambition is to become a great business entrepreneur in Zambia. Being hard working and perverance in my life it has helped me a lot to achieve my life goals in my work, studies and business. I started working as sale lady representative with trade kings group of companies. With trade kings group of companies my monthly income and net pay is ZMW 6500.00 take home and my savings after expenses is ZMW 2000.00 of which I managed to raise ZMW 20,000.00 for a period of 10 months to start up my own small business while working with company.
Am proud of being a Zambian because of its unique with beautiful natural resources, Zambia has such the beautiful wild life with good spices, water falls like the famous Victoria falls produces the smoke that thunders.
I love cooking, travelling, sports and singing. One day should I have children I wish my children to have good education and successful lives.

My Business

My source of income is coming from both salary income and business. Am involved into decoration and designing of wedding functions and kitchen parties. Have been offering these services for 4 years now. The services I provide is of high standard and because of demand am hired nearly every day especially to couples getting married. I decorate wedding functions and kitchen party venues. The services I provide pays me very well and now set up a wedding and kitchen shop in town were most client come to make orders of wedding dresses and kitchen party attires for their functions.
The profits made I use them to expand the business because out of town, am also being hired to provide these services, therefore I need more finances to re-establish more wedding outlet shops so that I can create employment for others and I also need a sewing machine for sewing wedding materials and those for kitchen parties. In addition to that some profits I use them to better the living standard at home, help family members in need and help orphan children that we keep to pay them school fees.

Project Proposal

I will need to buy different types of wedding materials as requires by the clients to decorate in their wedding venues. I also need to buy a sewing machine for redesigning wedding materials, such wedding dresses and wedding ribbons. This will help me to earn more profits from these services, per each wedding function my earning in terms of profits will increase to K 4000 to K 6000.00, thank you my backers for support in anticipation.





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Mar 30, 2023



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