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New industrial overlock machine

Dear investors,
the loan you entrusted to me has been a success with regards to helping me purchase the industrial sewing machine.
my production has increased tremendously and i am now able to meet the growing demand for cloths.
together we have created an employment opportunity for a tailor who i employed last week her name is Jane.
i just want to appreciate you on her behalf and for me the partnership is life changing and inspiring as a young business man.
you have encouraged me to do more.
the proceeds from my increased sales are really helping me pay for my tuition at the Africa Nazarene University my undergraduate program: business administration.
thank you investors for your partnership.

Buy water pump machine for my farm

Dear Lenders,

I was able to meet Fred last week in Berekum, a city in the Bring Ahafo region of Ghana. Fred’s family is originally from Ghana’s Eastern Region – on the other side of the country – but moved ten years ago for his father’s work. His father returned home, but Fred liked Berekum so much that he opted to stay. It’s not a big city but still energetic and friendly. Now he teaches ICT and mathematics to students 11-15 years old.

When he’s not at school, Fred is working on his farm. Fred harvests tomatoes as well as a few other vegetables here and there. He learned farming from his grandfather and, though he didn’t take to it immediately, says now he enjoys getting to be outside with the crops and the exercise that it provides.

Fred has used his Zidisha loan to help hire additional labor to harvest his tomatoes and is grateful for the support he gets from his lenders. We had to part ways early so that he could safely get home on his motorbike before an impending storm, but thank you Fred for taking the time to meet with me!

Ghana Country Ambassador

Repair roasting machine and legal permits for peanut butter production

Thank you so much once again for funding my loan in time. I received $324 you funded me, may God bless you abundantly, I will use this money to process all the legal licenses and documentation required for one to handle food and be able to supply the commodity freely. The remaining amount will be used to add more stock.

Clothes materials for clothing production

Dear Lenders,

I finally had a chance to drop by Ishmail's shop on my most recent trip to Kumasi and wanted to share some pictures! In a bright green container in the Asawase neighborhood, Ishmail and his workers create custom and original designs as well as alterations. When I visit, they are busy altering a pile of clothing to be resold by a friend.

Ishmail, thanks again for letting me swing by and for all your recent work as a Volunteer Mentor!

Ghana Country Ambassador

Inventory of items for my provision store

Dear Lenders,

I had the pleasure of meeting Febiri last week in his hometown of Berekum, along with Kumasi VM, George Bonsu. Berekum is a small but lively city in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana which Febiri calls, smiling, “A good place. A happy place.”

During the day, Febiri teaches ICT to students aged 10-13. He’s a natural teacher and in secondary school would help tutor his mates before their exams. But teaching computer skills in Berekum comes with challenges: like having just one personal laptop for 65 students. He says, “It is difficult to teach typing without keyboards.”

Like many Ghanaians, Febiri also has a side business: a small provision store selling basics like rice, sugar, and cooking oil to his neighbors. He uses profits to support a big extended family and a household of up to 15! His wife, Matilda, is also a Zidisha borrower and together they are saving for school fees for their own two daughters, aged 2 and 5 months, and help provide for Febiri’s nieces as well.

Febiri and Matilda said they are very happy since discovering Zidisha. And their loans have played an important role in keeping the store stocked and boosting profits. Since taking his first loan, he has been able to provide internet access to his household, saving money on expensive data charges. He is thankful for the support of his lenders and hopes to one day be able to lend money himself.

Febiri – thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and show me around Berekum. It’s a lovely place and I hope I have the chance to visit again!

Ghana Country Ambassador

Inventory to buy vegetables, seeds, and chemicals for my farm

Dear Lenders,

I wanted to share these pictures of Matilda and her youngest daughter in Berekum, just after church on Sunday. A bit fussy all through mass, she of course went right to sleep once the service ended. I didn't get to chat with Matilda for too long but it was a pleasure to meet such a beautiful family, even briefly. Matilda - we wish you the best of luck with your farm and family!

Thank you,

Ghana Country Ambassador

Family-planning product inventory

Dear Lenders,

I had the opportunity last week to meet with Richard during a study break in Sunyani. Although he lives in Berekum, he commutes to Sunyani on the weekends to take classes and write exams, pursuing a bachelor’s in marketing from Ghana’s University of Cape Coast. We sat down during a study break to talk about his experiences with Zidisha.

During the week, Richard works as a community manager for DKT International, a nonprofit that uses social marketing to promote family planning and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Richard in in charge of education and distribution of low-cost contraceptives to Berekum and four nearby municipalities. His passion is helping people, especially through education. He explains, “People want to give birth at the times that they want but they don’t always understand how to go about it… when someone is educated they can make informed decisions.”

Zidisha has been a big part of enabling Richard to get supplies where they are most needed. He uses his loans to buy products in bulk (condoms, oral contraceptives, and IUDs) so he can provide them at lower cost or even free when called for. With Zidisha loans, Richard doesn’t have to turn away customers in need. And instead of worrying about obtaining capital, he can spend his energy thinking of new ways to reach vulnerable communities.

I know both Richard and his beneficiaries are incredibly grateful for the support they have received from Zidisha lenders. He looks forward to continuing that partnership. And I can’t fail to mention the work he has done as Berekum’s first Volunteer Mentor. We are just as thankful for his work in supporting the community.
Richard, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me this weekend! It was a pleasure.

Ghana Country Ambassador

P.S. If anyone was wondering, he told me later he aced his exams!

Business tailor clothes good men and women

terimakasih atas bantuan pinjaman dana yang di berikan kepada saya sehingga saya bisa dapat menambah koleksi bahan yang akan saya jahit untuk di jadikan pakaian jadi. dan saya dapat menarik pelanggan baru untuk datang ke butik saya. dan dengan dana pinjaman saya mendapat tambahan penghasilan sekitar Rp. 50.000. dan pinjaman sebelumnya saya sudah dapat melunasi pinjaman dengan tepat waktu dan semoga para pendana dan tim zidisha dapat terus menjalin kerjasama untuk kemajuan usaha saya. saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih.

Salam Hormat
Neli Nurazizah

Loan to buy seeds for french beans produce for export

Dear Holly,
I am forever grateful,thanks for giving towards my case.Yes my business growing by the day i have got some 2 export companies asking me for chilli ( pepper) and purple passion fruits samples,which i bought and delivered.Now waiting for a phone call to supply....excited.Welcome to Kenya,i host & place volunteers.

Add computers and new camera for my cyber cafe.

halllo good lenders here comes your daughter a very beautiful young lady who owns a cybercafee I did invited her to join zidisha and she got the first loan and successfuly paid ontime , her bussines is steadily growing and she is dedicated to her passion , she has proved her trust by paying the loan and now she is applying for another loan to expand her bussiness my dear lenders please help fund her so that we all help her achieve her dreams of becoming a lender some day.thank you.

Pay medical bill for my dad

Hello Zidisha Family,
Here is the look of my business premise. The printer I bought with the second loan I received from you is in the view. I can now print photos instantly, Can print on the Dvds & CDs for my clients in colour and even DVD & CD covers to my customers.
This has increase my income since I enjoy monopoly due to I alone Having A printer that can print on photo paper and on Cds & Dvds.
This has also enabled me put up a steady payment of my loan in time.
Thanks Very much my lenders and Zidisha as a whole.

Inventory of photo papers and epson ink

Hi lenders and Zidisha as a family.
Here is my personal camera Sony W180 and Am great full that a part from my boss` equipment At last I have one of my own.
I take photos at events and this has increased my earnings since the cost I incur only includes printing @ 15 Kshs. the remaining amount of Kshs. 30 remains with me.
I trust God for a Photo Printer to be independent.
Thanks to Zidisha.

Purchasing equipment for soap-making business

My supplier of oil couldn't supply me because of shortage in the market,hence I couldnt manufacture any soap for sale and that has caused my inability to repay my full weekly installment amount.
Zidisha loan has been very helpful to me.I now produce at anytime with my own equipments without using family equipmenta.
I have also increased my supply from 1,500 pieces of soap to 2,000 pieces of soap weekly.

Loan to purchase more chicken for my farm

the loan has helped me increase the number of hens and making of new structures also have ventured into farming of beans and bananas which i see that the future is bright while am connected with zidisha,thanks for being around for me zidisha group,the new move has not started collecting money but soon it will and i will always update here,only that the eggs from the hens am receiving cash of 1000 a week

Supplies various kinds of backpacks and briefcases

Dear Lenders and Zidhisa. Thanks to a loan that has been granted, the loan funds already I use Bag raise capital purchases, this loan may be useful in my business, I hope funders of the best and every success in business.

Adding WiFi services to cyber cafe

Hello my Zidisha family thank you very much again for standing with me and trusting me. Business is still doing great and I am very sure by the help of you lenders and the whole Zidisha family I will be able to achieve my dreams. God bless you so much for what you are doing. Attached kindly find the images of the new nano stations,Routers than i bought and the new switch that will enable me have a quite no of clients'I am now able to send my wifi at large scale thru the new nano station all thanks to you'I also changed the IDU'and a Tp link.All thanks to zidisha

Relocate to a spacious shop to accomodate more stock&clients

I am a very proud girl at last.Nowadays I can afford to buy my siblings new school uniform and books all thanks to Zidisha.My life financially has really changed and it will only get better.I have increased my stock and bought a variety of them.I even bought a few pairs of men suits just to meet the growing demand.I am planning to relocate to a more spacious shop to accommodate the increased stock.
Brief update about my business progress:

I have hired a new lady to work with me also to help with the rising customers.
Last month I made an unprecedented profit of KSH25000 after paying off my expenses.I ploughed back the profit to add to the stock.
This is an improved milestone since there was a time I barely made KSH5000KSH in a month.Now it has multiplied by over 5times.
I will avail some photos to show more of the growth.
THANK YOU zidisha for your unending support.

Expansion of my home supplies shop

Dear lenders,
I am very grateful for your previous supports towards my business. The demands on my shop from my commnunity and customers has greatly increased beyond my imagination. The approaching easter celebarations has brought more demand on provisions like sugar, biscuits, rice, gari, disposable spoons and cups, soaps, beverages, drinks like don simeon, kalypppo, coca-cola, lucozade and malta guiness. I also introduced fuel savers for generators and cars and the demand has become higher than I thought. I know that with the help of you great lenders I will be able to supply the increasing demands of my community. I am so excited to be part of Zidisha because my shop has been positively affected by the great support.
Thank you

Buy water tank

Check out the photos!

Buy water tank

My name is Kerry and I am a Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Nairobi, Kenya. Today I was had the opportunity to meet Lillian, a single mother who owns a sewing and tailoring shop near Ahi River just outside of Nairobi.

Lillian is quite tall and has a lovely warm presence. I am invited into her shop and her employee who is also named Lilian prepares me tea and Mandazi, a local fried dough, that tastes especially delicious with the tea. I soon come to find out that the beautiful red dress she has on, she made herself. It is obvious that she knows what she is doing when it comes to tailoring to fit just right, which is not an easy skill.

Lillian learned sewing and tailoring in 2009 from an NGO offering classes for 500KES (5 US dollars) to women from the community. Lillian exceled at the courses and was hired to work production at the NGO. After working their for 6 months a teacher recommended her to a friend and was offered a different job in downtown Nairobi which paid well and at the same time trained her in sewing interior decoration items like curtains and pillow cases. Lillian worked there for two years, but with the commute she would leave work at 5pm but not arrive home until 9pm. Nairobi traffic is that bad. Having a young daughter, she decided that she was spending too many hours away from home and that is when she came up with the idea to begin her own sewing shop, starting it out of her home. Now she has a thriving shop in a different neighborhood in Nairobi.

Lillian began pursuing sewing and tailoring at the same time she became a widow and needed to support her daughter without any help. They had been married since Lillian was 25 years old and he died in 2009 due to complications from diabetes. When we talked about her late husband, it was apparent he was a very good man. When Lilian was 25, her father died and her mother left her 6 younger siblings. At the time Lillian was studying mechanical engineering at college in Nairobi. She was set to become the first woman ever to graduate in the field, however when her father passed, she could not afford to pay the 160,000KES ($1,600) in school fees and was barred from taking her exams. Not only could she not afford school fees, but her mother leaving left her to take care of her younger siblings. WIth no job, Lillian was completely desperate. Fortunately, and she calls him a gift from God, she met her husband at a party with friends. After two months of dating they married and he shared the responsibility of the care of her younger siblings and the siblings ended up looking to him as a father figure.

Lillian is proud to say that two of her siblings have completed school and all of them are able to support themselves. Now she just has to take care of her 12 year old daughter. Although she misses the companionship and sharing these duties with her husband, she is strong and has moved forward in her life. As she says, "Life goes on. What can you do?" She is very thankful to Zidisha lenders for supporting her. Without them she says she would not have started the shop. With their support she has purchased a larger sewing machine, tailoring accessories and inventory for her shop. She dreams that in the future she will have not one, but three different shops strategically positioned in other neighborhoods of Nairobi. She also even thinks of using the profits from her business to return to school and take the exams that she was meant to take 15 years ago. For now she is focusing on her daughter and harbors hopes that she will want to study engineering in the future (though now she is more interested in hair and being a model), and that the profits will pay for all her schooling.

I know that with Lillian's postive attitude and the help of Zidisha, she will complete all of these goals. It was such a wonderful experience talking and gossiping over tea. I hope we will do it again soon!

Help me buy seeds and fertilizer for maize planting

Today i make it a special day for all of my lenders because your contribution is a transforming effort to my life.You loan helped me boost my business and have been able to increase my profit by big margin.So far i have been able to support my family and myself,added one dairy cow and part of it am saving for my business expansion and college fee next year.Am happy with your generous contribution and may God bless you all.

Last but not least,maybe my loan might not be fully funded in time but i cannot forget to say thank you too all who have contributed to me at this point,thank you

Add leather materials

Thank you very much my lenders you've enabled me to increase the value of my products. It is now possible to supply other islands of Lake Victoria with leather products like Mfangano, Remba, Migingo, Takawiri islands and as far as Kericho highlands.
Attached are some of my handwork...
Thank you once more............

Solar-powered clean water purifier & books for Hope School

The children and teaching staff at Hope School were excited early this week to receive a loan of Ksh 56,880 from Zidisha to be used for classroom furnishings and books! Thanks a million to our lenders who have believed on our dream of quality early education for the vulnerable children at Hope School

New building and computers & UPS back-up, for my training centre

Thank you Dear Zidisha and Lenders

New building and computers & UPS back-up, for my training centre

Dear Zidisha Team and Lenders,
Thank you very much for assisting me financially all the time. You are gradually moving me and my ICT Centre from a deep darkness into the light. By your highly supports, I have started my Distance Learning, and also added brand new (1) uninterrupted power supply and one (1) computer for my centre with the below specification of the System Unit.
1.50 GB OF RAM
3.0 GHZ
Attached are the pictures of the items mentioned above.Thank you and God bless you all.

Capital to import phone spares from chinw

Hello zidisha team, I would like to begin with thanking you a lot for the good work you are doing, offering highly affordable loans to small business people like me.
With the loan of $39 i acquired, i was able to purchase original Discovery batteries. This has boosted my business and attracted more customers who are quality assured.
By the end of February 2015, my net profit had increased by a whole 15% and i expected it to rise up to 20% by the end of this month(March 2015)
I spent the earnings to service the loan, cater for my basic needs, i also bought some books for my niece and used the rest to add some stock to the shop.(universal remotes, bulbs and phone chargers). Thanks a lot Zidisha Team

Adding more stock of clothes in my shop

Thank you very much my dear lenders and zidisha team, I have received the full amount of my loan. I have already bought the cloths and now I have a good clothes stock.
I will keep you informed of the progress. I appreciated your great,unconditional generosity. I'm really overwhelmed by you friends. Thanks once again

Spares and containers for my business

I am grateful to Zidisha lenders for advancing me the first loan. It has given an opportunity to handle business in my spares well. Zidisha gave me a loan and immediately I went to increase stock. I bought new tyres for motor cycle, increased tubes, lubricants and other accessories. The customers were amazed as some stock had taken time before I bought them. With the increase of stock customers have trusted me and placing new orders. Thanks to zidisha and now the rainy season is coming customer’s want new tyres to assist in the terrain. I have been given the hope that new stock is coming because I’m running short of the same every now and then

Buying an electric milk boiler.

I want to say thank you to all who funded my loan cause they helped me achieve my goal.I now have a small fridge and is helping me and more to that it is saving me from buying firewood to boil the milk and so my profit has increased.Now my business is more efficient and my life more better.

Tablet to prepare a portfolio & work online.

Dear All.

Hello - Thank you all for the opportunity that this platform provides, the loans go a big way to helping our business grow and glow. For instance the puppet theatre i made was a big hit to my clients and with it we were able to teach valuable life lessons to our audience ( kids ) like obedience, kindness, hard work, patience among others.
We are now working on to extend this to school tours and we can be able to teach this in future!
Thank you especially to Josef may you be blessed.

A motorbike to supply goods to my customers

Hi lenders I thank you for the loan you gave me. I appreciate your helping hand. I have been able to buy maize flour, wheat flour and also introduced pishori rice. My customers are also happy about this inventory and they are really enjoying every bit of it. God bless you all God bless Zidisha

Farm supplies, salon supplies, and transportation

with the loan I got I bought carrots seedlings , beans and kales did the land preparation and planting 'this as made my mum busy and hapier , thank you so much for the surport I will send photos once the carrots and beans germinate.

Procurement of materials fast food / goods mix in the store

Makan siang bersama keluarga di toko.

Procurement of materials fast food / goods mix in the store

Lenders and zidhisa team, how are you today, greeting all the success I hope today is better than yesterday, I also thank you for providing business loans, as usual I until now still selling fast food and yellow rice and supplementary food other. Loans that I can just to supply material for fast food, these loans may afford me finish well. From the results of this sale alone I used to repay the loan from the lender in zidhisa. Congratulations and good luck with your beloved family.

To Expand Cherry-Tomato Garden

Its been baking hot in Nairobi. My first set of cherry tomato seedlings wilted under the intense heat. My second batch looks more promising and will be planting in a fortnight. Other are a few stand along plants and this is the current crop being sorted and graded for my initial clients.

Materials for business training seminars

Thanks to my lenders! I have achieved a lot with the seed capital. Of course I did complete the preliminary tea research survey for my client. With the earnings, I divested into an interesting project. Apart from my normal development consultancy duties and day to day job, I have initiated an "education for sustainable" development project with schools. In this photo, just see one of the schools we visited in Western Kenya. Find my colleagues and I displaying our 'development magazine" we have designed for schools. This is a part time venture. Next in the pipeline will be a very interesting project. Am passionate about it. It will be my pre-masters degree innovation project. I will be partnering with a reknown NGO research institution based in the Newyork-US- and a local research institution to contact research on an organic pesticide, by comparing it with a common commercial pesticide used locally here in Kenya. You will see me on my kale farm, as I will be carrying out the research over an agreed period of time. I will work with my assistants and will create time for this. My next funding need will to supplement my budget for those two interesting projects. Long live Zidisha!

Art and craft

Hi Zidisha i want to appreciate you for lending me the money. I have been able to purchase materials and make new items that i introduced into the market. Amazingly they are selling to my unexpectation,all thanks to you. At least am able to refund the loan and raise a small profit to support the other products that i had been majoring on. Thank you so much.

Play station 3 and 4 for games business, school fees.

hallo good people once again i want to thank you for the previous loan ,i bought a small fridge and will now be selling snacks and drinks in my movie library i also bought an external hard disk and i will be updating movies weekly.thank you am looking forward to pay the loan and work hard to enhance my business.

Blow dryer

My name is Kerry and I am a Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Nairobi, Kenya. Today I had the opportunity to meet Martha, a young single mother who owns a salon in Umoja, a neighborhood of Nairobi.

Martha opened her salon in 2012. Previously she had another salon with sharing ownership with her partner, her now ex's sister. When she and her ex, also the father of her six year old daughter, broke up she also left the salon since the situation was not good. She had to begin all over again and all she had to open her new salon was a mirror and some plastic chairs.

Seeing the salon now, it's incredible how far she has come having really no one to help her. Now there are many chairs, some fancy recliners as well and much of the equipment to run a diversified salon. She offers manicures, pedicures and even has a barber come in so she can also attract male customers. Martha now employs 8 people, most which are family members and friends. One friend who was there styling a customer's hair left the previous salon to go with Martha because she felt loyal to her. Luckily so did a lot of her previous customers, and the business is doing well.

Martha is pleased, but she knows that there are a lot of salons in Nairobi, so in her free time she visits other salons to see what different services they are providing. Martha hopes that with the help of Zidisha she will be able to construct a second room on the back of her salon where she can begin providing massages as well as water plumbing so she won't have to use bucket water to wash customers' hair. She is also thankful to lenders for helping her purchase a new blow dryer so she can dry more than one customer's hair at the same time.

With the profits from her business, Martha knows she may have to use most of them for legal fees. She is currently in a custody battle with her exboyfriend over their child. She doesn't get to see her daughter often, since her ex has been resentful over the break up. This is a tough subject for Martha. She showed me pictures of her daughter, and it's clear that she is constantly on her mind. Even her salon has the name of Marthaleto. Leto is the nickname Martha calls her daughter. Her daughter's full name is Charlotte.

Martha is hopeful. You can tell by the bright colors of her salon, she is an optimistic and postive person, which may be why there are so many people at her salon, even though there is another one right next door. She hopes that with her business she will also be able to return to college and study communications. She wants to improve her English (though it's already very good!) and maybe even visit me one day in California. She is most welcome!

Renovate my shop(jackshop) and add new stocks.

My name is Kerry and I am a Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Nairobi, Kenya. Today I had the opportunity of meeting Antony, a borrower who owns a small convenience store in Umoja, a neighborhood of the city.

Antony and I have been trying to meet for a while now, but since his wife gave birth to twin boys three months ago, he has been very understandably busy with a lot on his plate, especially since the twins suffered from pneumonia not too long ago. When we sat down, my first question was about his little boys. Antony told me they are doing very well, though they did go back to the hospital a second time with a cough, but fortunately they were okay and not admitted. Antony has been splitting his time between the store and upcountry where his wife and sons live on his father's land.

Antony has been living in Nairobi and upcountry on and off for the last twenty years. He first moved to Nairobi when he was 13 years old and after high school began working in a factory doing manual labor. Tiring of working for someone else, in 2007 he began a photocopy and print shop and with the profits from shop he was able to attend University to study to be an auto electrician. After graduating from college he started working for General Motors in Nairobi, but after a few months he had to return to his father's farm, since their were familial issues. A man was trying to take advantage of his father during a sensitive time and purchase the land for a very low price. Luckily Antony and his siblings were able to stop that from happening and continue using the land as a home and tea farm. So Antony remained upcountry for a while managing his family's tea farm. He also planted tree tomatoes, but diseases spoiled the crop, and he thought of returning to Nairobi to find better work opportunities.

At this point Antony was already married to his wife. She supported the idea that she would remain upcountry and manage the tea farm, while Antony returned to Nairobi to start his convenience store business. He was assisted by his older sister who gave him the capital to set up the store. The store opened in April and has been growing in inventory and doing well. While I visited at least 10 people came to purchase phone credit, bread, and other items from the store. Antony said when he first came to Umoja, he realized that this area didn't have a small store so it would be the perfect place for his business venture.

Antony talked a bit about the challenges he faces. He says it's difficult to maintain the inventory and finding loans was also challenging. Luckily around a year ago he accidentally discovered Zidisha when Safaricom, a phone network provider, advertised a deal they named Zidisha. When Antony googled Zidisha, he also found our Zidisha and the rest is history. He is incredibly grateful that with the help of lenders he has been able to maintain his inventory, since his own bank would not provide him a loan. He has also used part of the loan to pay for the medical bills of his twin newborns. One day he hopes to begin stocking electrical goods as well as invest in his land upcountry by building a house for chickens.

For now Antony misses his family, but knows that they will live comfortablely with all the profits of the business going to their needs upcountry. He is content living behind the store with no mattress and a simple room. He also looks forward to the next time he will travel to see them. Thank you Antony for a great visit and keep up the good work!

Loan for tuition to become a Plant Operator and to maintain my transport business

Dear Lenders,
I'm glad this moment for i have completed to pay a plot which was paid through installement by the profit made by Donkey carts, and Dairy Cow.In fact Zidisha should be in the Guiness book of record,if i may asked.Since i join as borrower to this institution,many has been done.Hence you may not be forgotten by my twince son and my the rest of my family.

Buy water tank

i take this opportunity to thank all the lenders in zidisha team, i have managed to repay my second loan which help me a lot in boosting my business,,
the loan i received i used in adding more stocks to the business,i bought curtain materials and most of it went to the tailoring accessories,
during the period i was repaying the second loan the sales increased since most customers would by almost everything they wanted in one shop unlike before
due to this i managed to buy a heavy commercial sewing machine which worked a lot faster, hence increase in production ,faster delivery leading to increased profits
i was also able to pay my daughter school fees promptly and this has made her improve in her class work since she is not sent home frequently...
i wish to say thank you for your generosity and may God bless you

Business expansion

Zidisha loan has been instrumental in improving my writing career. With the Loan, I managed to install a faster internet connection which has not only saved time but also have increased my output. My earnings have now increased by close to 30 percent and all credit goes to my online lenders who facilitated my business upgrade. Even though there is still a lot to be done in order to optimize my business, the loan that I got has proved to be a significant milestone in achieving my target goals in my writing profession.
I have used the increased earnings to better my livelihood as well as upgrade my workstation. I believe that a better working environment is relative to high productivity, and with time I will manage to achieve a fully fledged office. In the office, the potential to form a team will be high. I trust that my relationship with Zidisha and my online lenders will soar to greater heights.
One of the most interesting things about my neighborhood is the serene environment. As a writer, a quite neighborhood enables me to concentrate on my work in order to ensure that my clients receive quality work in a timely manner. The environment also offers a relaxing moment when I take a walk around when am breaking from writing.
Thank you Zidisha and my lenders for holding my hand. My future looks brighter because you are a part of it.

Feeds for my livestock

its the peak of the dry season here, the ground is almost bare, farmers are finding difficult times with their livestock, hope it rains soon. Milk production is relatively to its lowest and prices of milk have almost doubled

Inventory of smart phones for my phone shop

I used the loan raised to buy 1 smart phone. I was able to sell the smart phone just within a day and i used the money to buy another phone which sold within a day too. and the process is still on. I have been able to make some profit which I have reinvested it into my business.

Forage harvester for cheaper farm feed production costs

Thanks for the last funding that enabled me to buy a full lorry load of hay for my cows. Attached is a lorry load of hay arriving at the farm.

Thank you lenders

Vegetable growing

The loan has assisted me to plough early and i am waiting for rain to plant my vegetables. Many schools are waiting for my vegetables for tenders.

Kimson boutique

Thanks to Zidisha lenders who helped me save my business product by funding me to buy a cooler.The cooler has been of great help since milk never spoilt and i was able to purchase more quantity since the storage was convenient thus increasing in profits.

Farming of chicken

the last loan given i bought feeds for my rabbits and constructed another house for my young rabbits because they could not stay together with the big ones. my increased earnings i used them to take my son to form one and also to pay school fees for my young son. to my family members i was able to help them with some cash when need arose.