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Adding products ditoko my handphone accessories

One of my merchandise transactions again

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Salah satu transaksi dagangan saya lagi

Loan for poultry farming business

thanks to donors who already provide funding for my business

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terimakasih kepada donatur yang sudah memberikan kucuran dana untuk usaha saya ini

Loan for poultry farming business

thank you sir Kenedy Kemboi

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terima kasih pak kenedy kemboi


Organic fertilizer for planting tomatoes

Thanks for your first payment, Nancy.
God bless you,


Solar lamp for lighting

Thanks for your first payment, Tabitha.
God bless you,


Poultry farming

Well done, Silvia - you're over halfway already!

Selling prepaid phone and electricity credit

I again growing businesses, so they can pay more installments.

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usaha saya lagi berkembang,sehingga bisa bayar cicilan lebih.

Purchase laptops for cafe

regards funding zidisha I"ve paid installment on 13 August 2015, please on account of loans it to me, thank you

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salam pendana zidisha saya sudah membayar cicilan tanggal 13 agustus 2015,tolong di akun kan ke pinjaman saya,terima kasih

Deep freezer for the tradional vegetables

Glad to visit one of my adapted girls in school with her younger sister
Indeed after Zidisha made my business stable this girls can go school with no difficulties since my growth profit of 60% is able to pay for their fees on time.


Notary Service Bureau in need of operational support

Thank you for your trust

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terima kasih atas kepercayaannya

Loan to maintain my children in school

Der Patience,

somehow your loan expired. I got the message from the system that it was not fully funded. I am willing to fully fund your loan. In your applications you write that you need 140$, but the maximum amount the system allowed me to fund was 100$. I want to fund your loan and I gave this feedback to zidisha. Pls. renew your request and I will fund the remaining 40$. I do hope it works next time. All the best for your family!



Stock of wool for my knitting shop

Thank you for another payment Saraphyne. I hope all is well with you and that your business is growing.


Boost stock for my growing clothes store

Thanks for another payment Jacinta. I hope all is well with you and your family. Best wishes.


Buying exercises books, textbooks, chalk, pens and pencils

Thanks for the payment today Carolyne. Hope all is well with you and the family. Well done!

Purchase of an article writing account

With the help of Zidisha i have enrolled for part time classes through savings from my business! Thank you all lenders.

Distributing locally produced palm oil

Thank very sincerment all Zidisha lenders for their willingness, I wish to inform you that this is advanced prèt my business selling palm oil and especially the gains have allowed me to hospital payment we send the fees of my mom who was beacoup soufrante in recent times but thanks to your help she is doing very well today. Thank you to you, GOD BLESS YOU!

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Je remercie très sincerment tous les prèteurs de Zidisha pour leur bonne volonté , je tiens a vous informer que ce prèt fait avancé mon activité de vente d'huile de palme et surtout les gains m'ont permis de paié les frais d'hopital de ma maman qui etait beacoup soufrante dans ces derniers temps mais grace à votre aide elle se porte très bien aujourd'hui. Merci a vous ,QUE DIEU VOUS BENISSENT!

To buy concrete mixer

Hello people, now my work is moving fast since I was able to buy more moulds from Zidisha loan. I'm now saving between 20% to 25% cost I was losing. Thanks to Zidisha for helping me. This is a photo to show

Inventory of shirts and jeans for my shop

Good afternoon ...__ I want to tell the donors that the money that has been given to me had I bought clothes for the child selling stock .__ And I have been selling in the exhibition that is in my area, and the results are quite satisfactory calculation .__ me to sell these very dipameran good, because in the exhibition there are also games and entertainment for children, so many parents who bring their children, at a low price that I offer, my sales favored by buyers ...__ Here is the picture I took at the time of selling in the exhibition day last week ...__ Thanks zidisha and thank the donors for the trust to me ...

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Selamat sore...
Saya ingin memberitahukan kepada pendonor bahwa uang yang telah diberikan kepada saya telah saya belikan pakaian anak untuk stok jualan.
Dan saya telah berjualan di pameran yang ada di wilayah saya, dan hasilnya cukup memuaskan.
Perhitungan saya untuk berjualan dipameran tersebut sangat bagus, karena di pameran tersebut juga ada permainan dan hiburan untuk anak anak, sehingga banyak orang tua yang membawa anaknya, dengan harga murah yang saya tawarkan, penjualan saya disukai oleh pembeli...
Berikut ini foto yang saya ambil pada saat berjualan di pameran hari minggu lalu...
Terima kasih zidisha dan terima kasih para pendonor atas kepercayaan kepada saya...

Travelling online business development

Hi... after i received the money, i bought some safety and hiking equipment, so i dont have to rent with other, and its very usefull for me now. Thank you again to all my lenders for all of your support.

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Hi... after i received the money, i bought some safety and hiking equipment, so i dont have to rent with other, and its very usefull for me now. Thank you again to all my lenders for all of your support.

Petrol expansion

Hallo lenders, I wish to thank you for the support you gave me. I have expanded my business from 300 LTS of petrol a day to 450 kts. I am ntending to start a vegetable grocery alongside my petrol business in the next 2 weeks. May God bless you so much for your support.

Latest youth fashion design clothes

The loan I just completed paying helped me very much as I bought two bales of cloths and sold them at almost twice the price I bought which made me earn very good profit and Increased my stock and Ihave therefore been able keep Increasing the stock and profit. This has helped me pay my childrens school fees one is in the university and two are in High School and also buy food for my entire family. I appreciate Zidisha because they are real and they are helping people that could not afford loans in other lending Institutions.


I would like to appreciate Zidisha for changing my life, I am doing better in my business than before. Thanks!

Frozen meat and vegetables for grocery shop

I'm happy to say that zidisha's loan has been a blessing to me. My stock has increased tremendously and I have been able to secure a power generator to stabilize my business due to erratic power supply in my country. I have been able to pay the fees of my two siblings and supported a sibling in his farming.

To enlarged my pen

I use it to buy feeds and other spices of animals and medication as weel. With this feeds,i have been to feed my livestock so well that in no time my live have put on weight. The other spices i bought have also increase the number of my livestock.My earnings has increase $10 to$20. I have use my earnings to expand my livestock pen.

More shoes to restock my business

Hello.I just managed to buy more stock of shoes for my business on Monday.Since then i have customers coming to buy for i have new good things of their taste.
The ongoing earnings brings smiles for my family like am now able to provide the with balanced diet food.
Am planning to save some earnings to get capital and open a green grocer for my wife to enable us have other means of income and adequately provide for my family.Am very happy for the loan support.

Supplying beans, rice and fruit to schools

hi guys its been a week since my first loan was disbursed i bought a good number of the supplies including rice,maize floor and dry beans amounting at a total of 5600 Kenya has been booming and profits has been promising.i will keep you up to date on the proceedings.

Cctv purchase and installation

Thanks zidisha lenders so far so good this the tank i bought and installed with electric pump now water is available

Motorbike for transportation of commodities for retail shop

Dear lenders,
The potential of my business to grow at an immense rate has been felt since you started assisting me with finances. Indeed, the two loans so far have transformed my young business into one that seem to be stable and on a sure path to expansion. As our monthly profits grow by more than 25%, we have been able to save more and also plough back some of the profits so as to stock a variety of products that we did not have at the beginning. My niece and I are delighted to be part of this great community of entrepreneurs and business leaders since it has a lot to do with our future ambitions. Thank you so much.

Loan to buy equipments to expand my barbering shop

Hello to all my lenders and zidisha team for suporting me expand my business.Now i am realy making gains and my business too is growing at a faster rate.I want to thank you.


Buying healthcare products to sell & investing in my farming

I have change my installment amount because my sales have increased and profit level too increasing. The increased is due to the fact that now I can meet the demand of my clients in more than 90%. Again I have engage the services of a helper who help me in marketing the products. This has help me tremendously.All I have to say is thank you my lenders and the entire zidisha team may the good Lord of heaven bless you all.

Aditional of more new waxed fabric materials

My business currently has a good number of customers who have ordered their new clothes fashion,thus expecting that they will come for them in the course of this new week.I am expecting for good sales and therefore willing to pay more in my loan payments.Thank you the whole team for being with me all along.

To buy three grade cows for dairy farming

Dear lenders
I purchased a laptop and a mobile photo studio which was on my project proposal,since then my entire business has grown in a big way,the profit earnings per day increased by 40% and this is great .Also i have achieved various things in my family,e.g ,am not struggling with the family needs as before,i pay my rent and bills on time something i was suffering before,during holidays i take my family out to refresh and enjoy,and many other things.Its through you people of zidisha that my vision and dream about to be realized.thanks so much,God bless you.

Purchase a car for bakery deliveries

Dear lenders
I received 18000 kes from you my lenders,i immediately went to a shop for a stock and now i have started seeing the difference. I take this opportunity to thank you my lenders,truly the step that i have moved its through you my lenders who always fund my proposal project.Thanks a lot zidisha.God bless you.

Add beauty stock to my salon & barber shop

Dear Lenders, I seriously appreciate for the way you have stood by me. My salon business has flourished because of you, this previous loan was really helpful in enabling my business run smoothly despite the rainy season which somehow threatened to slow down my business but i cant complain.

My dear Lenders, I am now requesting for another loan of which I want to buy new equipments for my barber shop section i.e. shaving kits & massage kit. With these equipments I will be able to serve more customers both male & female!

Zidisha group has been a blessing to me and I wish you to continue doing so.

Thanking you for what you are doing to uplift our lives.

With best Regards,


New varieties of beads for making jewelry

Hi lenders, Just passingby and say i am cool and my business growth has increased by 60% since I joined zidisha and I am very thankful for you all, thanks again

Materials for handmade fluffy mats

I have been taking loans from zidisha since my boy was unborn. honestly, nobody even imagines that am a single mum. I have managed to provide everything a son would ever want. I am very excited to speak to people about zidisha. thank you very much lenders for never doubting my ability to pay.

Purchase of a printer and printing materials

Hello lenders, my previous loans have been quite successful. My beauty shop ushered me into my current online business and with your help I have been able to achieve much within a short period. With my last loan, I was able to buy a few computers, which allowed expedite my work. Therefore, I am very grateful for your constant support.

Long-distance trade in smoked fish

Thanks for the support. I will buy more of the smoked fish to sell. I believe with this help, my contact with clients like educational institutions will be more strengthen, not forgetting the numerous catering services. This will help me improve my home. Thanks a million to all Zidisha lenders for your support. To all the 28 my warmest gratitude.

Purchase a knapsack sprayer for my farm

Thank you lenders for financing my loan. i have received $ 179.00 dollars equivalent to Kshs 17,814.00. I am going to use the funds to purchase a Knapsack sprayer pump that i will use to administer chemicals in my farm. This will improve my yields and eventually my profits. Thanks to all lenders for your support.

I want to buy a water pump, pipes and intallation

Thank you so much for funding my loan so quickly. Am so happy that i will be able to serve my new clients now. with this loan i will buy the motorcycle. this will add more value to my business. thank you so much and God bless you all.

Adding more bulk goods and relocate to a permanent building

My worthy lenders,Yesterday on the 06/08/2015, I received your loan and I am happy as you have done good to my small business..i am in my final paperwork with the landlord,where I will be relocating soon at the permanent building.I am also going to add more fast moving goods so that I can increase more customers volume.Thank you so much for your kind and generous support in my business.


Additional of bulky oral drugs to my chemist

What a great day ?Today I have made today several recommendation to my clients as per their doctors prescriptions and the dosage ,whom they had to sought for a help from my chemist shop.I thank the Zidisha team which they came to my rescue as i stocked the oral drugs in large quantities and mostly the one you couldn't get from within.Now most of the clients can come for the medicines and at an affordable prices too.Long live Zidisha and the lending panel.Thank you all for all you have done to my store.

More shoes to restock my business

Am very happy that today 7/8/2015 at 4;08 pm local Kenyan time,i was able to get my loan disbursed to me.It come at a time when my stock was really low.I feel blessed and lost of words to express my thanks to my lender.God bless you even as i move to get more stock and pay my loan on time.
I will be keeping in touch for more updates of my progress.
My wife will too be happy when i inform her that i have received the cash.Am waiting to get home and break the good news to her after am from the market.


Purchase office equipments

I acknowledge receiving Usd 641 or Kshs 63,792.00 today. I will use the money to by office equipments for my firm. Thank you lenders for your support and wish you well in all your endeavors. God bless you.


Inventory of cerified gorgets and red-chillies seedlings

I want to sincerely thank you all the lenders who made my loan contributions and later disbursed to me.I want to assure you all the the loan will be in good use in my farming project and i will expand more with you.I have already bought the said seeds and i will be planting them by tomorrow evening,since it is raining.Thank you all for your positive response and be blessed.

Help for my daughter's tuition

I would especially like all those who gave their money to you grant me the loan. From the heart, I told them thank you to contribute to education and the university education of my daughter.

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Je tiens tout particulièrement tous ceux qui ont donné leur argent pour qu'on m'accorde le prêt. Du fond du coeur, je leur dit merci de contribuer à l'éducation et à la formation universitaire de ma fille.


Computer to hire an employee in my online freelancing business

Thanks a lot friends for your generosity. I already purchased the battery and the inverter. My work output is greatly boosted. I can now stay online for longer hours even when the mainstream electricity has a black out.
Thanks a lot.


To start with I used my loan to finance a school business.I produced the posters to invite the students from low income background for evening tuitions. The first day, I received 13 learners. I taught them myself.The following day I received 17 students.After a week I had about 34 high school students and 5 primary school kids.

By this time, I had started to charge them kes 20 per day for facilation.I also hired 4 teachers to help me.
From the above amount of money, I am able to save for the loan repayment.

I would like to pay early so that I reborrow to increase my working capital.

If things go like this, I will open my own private school come next year.


Family home finishing

i now have what i had really wanted to purchase and its selling so nice thank you zidisha for being there always for us.


Creating children playing ground and equipment

Many many thanks for you my Lenders. I can now breath a sigh of releave. I love you I feel like crying the tears of joy. Immediately I receive this money, I will buy the things I mentioned earlier in my proposal to start creating the children playing ground in my restaurant.
1. I will buy the carpets
2. I will also buy the big toys for children to play there and also employ an attendant. This attendant will be looking after the children as they play while waiting for their parents in the restaurant.Kind regards and thank you so very much for your kind support once again.