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Help me buy electric kettle


Help me buy electric kettle

here is the magic blender

Inventory of clothing for my shop

I want to use this opportunity go thank the zidisha loan service for this fund provided me...infact, the fund has helped me to boost my clothing business. My store is now filled with more new clothings and has helped me earn some money to invest in my business, fend myself and also use some to buy my school items I need. I must say I'm very grateful

Finishing construction of my own shop

I managed to open a retail shop following the disbursement for my previous loan. This shop is located next to one of the most biggest universities around this region. The business picked s well and client where interested of different fashion of clothes in my shop. This has helped me to pay off my loan even beyond my expectation.

Inventory of clothing for my shop

I want to use this opportunity go thank the zidisha loan service for this fund provided me...infact, the fund has helped me to boost my clothing business. My store is now filled with more new clothings and has helped me earn some money to invest in my business, fend myself and also use some to buy my school items I need

Fees for my education

Hello lenders thank you very much for the loan. I managed to repair the photocopy and now i am doing a lot of copies than before. This machine has really increased my profit by 5%. The profit am using it to pay a plot had purchased a year ago and i have been having a balance of 20,000 Kenya shillings. Once more thank you God bless you.

Purchase inventory for my beauty salon

I managed to buy a hair dryer and blow dryer. this has since increased the traffic in my salon and thus my immediate payment of my first installment before time am optimistic to finish my loan before my expected date of May 10 th. I sincerely thank you my lenders and Zidisha inc

Maize farming

Dear Lender,

God blessed us with son - Writch, what a wonderful gift for our young family. My business is still moving on well. As promised, loan is being paid and wish to complete before time and if need be take another one.

Otherwise God bless you abundantly still together.


Financing six acres of land for cane farming.

To All Zidisha Lenders & Management.
I wish to thank my lenders and Zidisha management. Your loans are improving my retail business day by day. I anticipate to change my current to shop to a wholesale and retail shop in the next two years.
Much regards
Victor Mogoi Mose.

Tender supply

Hi Zidisha family,
I took a dive into fish farming, adventure I was very green in, thanks to Zidisha and some money I had, I've managed to make some strides, the experience has been one of a kind.
Fish farming the world over is great business, I'm determined to go full throttle, improve my knowledge of the trade through seminars and workshops.
It is with this in mind that I have chosen Zidisha as my partner in growth as I write a new chapter in my life and inspiration of the people around me.

Chicken farming.

Thank you Zidisha and all my lenders.Since Zidisha started leanding me,i have been able to do business and i have seen alot of improvement in my live and family.The last loan helped me alot since it was christmas and festival season,when everyone and every family eat chicken.I managed to clear alot of my debts and also to bring more chicks.Now that i have more customers i would still want to expand my business further.Inface i would even like to start a small college to teach people on how to keep chicken.

Embroidery Business

C'est un privilège pour moi de vous informer que j'ai pu payer une machine a coudre et maintenant les affaire ce porte a merveille.

New varieties of beads for making jewelry

these are some of my making and anyone can order them from any part of the world

Adding stock to my electronics shop

After receiving my loan i added some of my money i had saved and bought 3 digital set top boxes which i sold within the first week.With the money together with the profits i have now purchased 5 of them and sold 2.I hope to sell the others which am sure after reselling them i will be able to double the number as well as my profits.This is already starting to impact on my business thanks to my lenders and Zidisha.I hope to succeed more and share with you the good news

Solar-powered clean water purifier & books for Hope School

What a good life...! a midst loving and caring friends brought about by the Zidisha Lending Platform...!

Solar-powered clean water purifier & books for Hope School

Zidisha lending platform is the best Micro-Finance I have ever come accross in my life! I strongly believe, this is the right platform to uplift Africa and the developing countries like Kenya out of abject poverty.

Completion of my diploma course

As promised, here are some of the accessories I have bought with my first loan from Zidisha. These are part of what I shall need for my internet connection and Transcription jobs (headphones). As soon as I repay my first loan (on time!), I intend to acquire more funding for my desktop PC, study table and chair. So far I'm quite happy with my progress. As the saying goes, ' Do not despise the day of small beginnings.'

Inventory of kitchen utensils, bowls, and basins for bakery

Hello to all Joyce's lenders! My name is Jennifer and I have worked with the JoyFo Bakery since 2012. Am so proud of Joyce and her great record of repayment. She delivered scones and "roses" (rolls) to me yesterday and we took this picture. She is going to "take a rest" from borrowing for awhile. It is wonderful to be a part of this family. On their behalf, thank you

Add 3 new classrooms to our village school

Today marks the 58th independence of Ghana. On 6th March, 1957 Ghana then Gold Coast gained independence from the British rule. I dedicate this day to all lenders for the great work done by uplifting the image of my school.

Buying materials to fix roof for catering business

Dear Lenders...
How are you? It' s rainy season in my area. So weather wet, cold and humid. But it's nice. Street, road and everything is clear from dust. The rain moved them away.
I have good news. My home is fixed. Thanks to You dear God to show zidisha and meet me with You all. Not completly fixed, because I have to do some finishing so the production room has to be clean and neat so it could be use properly. But it's okay. Since I can back to my business last month, I ccan start to increase my income and save some of them.
This late weeks i've been busy with my friend to find supplier for fruit crisp ( crisp made from raw fruit and dried it, without reduce the taste, nutritious and smells). I have plan to buy in gtocery and do self in smaller packaging. Want to produce my self but need more than $ 30.000 at the beginning -just for machine. So think I better start from the small thing. 1 step at a first.
The place that produce it long way feom my town. I lived in Pamulang(west Java) and the producers around central Java. Thats why makes me not inform you about my progress often.
Next time i'll show the beautiful picture I took when i did the survey.
Prety place. I wish one day you guys could come and see it.
Enough for now. I havw to start the day.
Bless and happiness for you Julia..and all my lenders and translator.

Catch you soon.

Big hug

Solar lamps

this is a pictures of venders that uses the solar lamps upon the sun set.they do appriciate because now they can sell up to very late.

Computers to expand business

My business is doing great,thanks to zidisha team,am now a step ahead and i have managed also to venture into agribusiness!!!am looking foward to your continued support.thank you alot

Educational books for all

Dear Lenders,

Yesterday, I had the honor of meeting Emmanuel in Adawso, a rural town near Koforidua, in Ghana’s Eastern Region. We met at the Compassionate Kids School, a primary school founded three years ago by Emmanuel’s NGO, Compassion 4 Humanity, aiming to reach children underserved by government education options. The school consists of seven classrooms, an office/library/computer lab, and a kitchen serving breakfast and lunch. We met at the school so I could give a presentation about Zidisha to interested schoolteachers, but while they were still working we had time to chat privately against a background chorus of students’ songs and recitations.

Founded 2004, C4H now runs a primary and pre-primary school serving students as young as two as well as a vocational apprenticeship program for youth. Emmanuel’s wife, Naomi, works in the school’s kitchen and uses Zidisha loans to buy ingredients for student lunches.

C4H gets some funding from program income, donors, and a small amount of government funding for the school, but quite a lot of its funds come from Emmanuel’s own savings from his other work. When he’s not at the school, Emmanuel has a farm of corn, cassava, and plantains, and he sells his produce as well as fertilizers and pesticides to other farmers during Adawso’s twice-weekly market days. Zidisha loans have been a big part of paying for farm equipment and tools in order to attain higher production yields and therefore higher profits at market days.

In the future, Emmanuel hopes to expand his farm, continue developing the primary school, and level out a spot for a playground. Emmanuel has been involved with Zidisha since the beginning, when he worked with our country expansion coordinator, Roberta, and has been a huge help as a Volunteer Mentor and a resource for borrowers around the Eastern and Accra regions. I know he is grateful for the support of his lenders and we are excited to see what comes next!

You can learn more about Compassion 4 Humanity by visiting their website at

Thank you,
Ghana Country Ambassador

Pictured: Emmanuel, his wife Naomi, and Emmanuel Jr; the Compassionate Kids School during a recess

Nutritional food for

Dear Lenders,

I met Naomi yesterday in the school where she works in Adawso, a rural town near Koforidua, in Ghana’s Eastern Region. Naomi runs the kitchen at Compassion 4 Humanity’s primary school, Compassionate Kids School. The school opened 2.5 years ago as a response to a lack of options for good education in the area and serves children from pre-school through sixth form. Serving breakfast and lunch to over 100 students, Naomi prides herself on being able to provide nutritious and fresh ingredients for the best meal most of the students will have access to in the day.

Her Zidisha loan has had a big impact on her ability to provide fresh veggies and good protein to students. On the day I visit, one of my favorite Ghanaian dishes is on the meal: Red red, a traditional and filling meal with lots of beans and plantains, and the kitchen is hard at work prepping for tomorrow. Naomi is incredibly appreciative of the help she has received from Zidisha, as I’m sure are the students that benefit from her work, and looks forward to continuing the relationship with her lenders.

Naomi – thank you for taking the time to meet me yesterday. We wish you and your family the best!

If you would like to learn more about C4H and the Compassionate Kids School, visit their website at

Thank you,
Ghana Country Ambassador

Pictured: Naomi and her son Emmanuel Jr, the Kitchen, and the two with husband/father Emmanuel.

Ict center for young entrepreneurs

Dear Lenders,

It was an honor to get to meet Cornelius last week in Prampram, a quiet coastal town two hours from Accra. Cornelius has been with Zidisha since the program’s inception in Ghana, going door to door with our expansion coordinator Roberta to talk to potential borrowers, and still is called for advice regularly by borrowers and VMs.

Originally a business consultant, Cornelius wanted to find a way to use his skills to and expertise to really serve the communities he grew up in: small-scale entrepreneurs in the informal sector. When I asked him what drove him to quit private consulting, he answered, “If you see a need and feel it has affected you, why not try to solve it?” And so the African Association of Entrepreneurs was founded. AAE has a microfinance project, has produced an impressive library of reports and country analyses, won two UN Volunteering awards in 2012 and 2013, and offers online coaching to young entrepreneurs.

I met Cornelius where he is building a physical resource center for AAE. The center will serve as an office and offer books, computer and internet access, and support to entrepreneurs in the program. He says moving from Accra both saves on rent and property costs, allowing more resources to go to the project, and expands access to rural individuals. The project has been underway for two years and Zidisha loans have been a big part of helping him get off the ground.

In fact, in addition to using them himself, Cornelius recommends Zidisha loans to many of his students. Many entrepreneurs don’t have extensive post-graduate education and so much of the economy takes place in the informal sector underserved by traditional banking. He is enthusiastic about Zidisha’s capacity to help individuals grow their small businesses and wants to see the program remain strong.

Cornelius – I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to sit down with me and introduce me to some other borrowers in Prampram. I’ll be back soon!

Thank you,

Ghana Country Ambassador

Loan to expand my cereals business.

Hallo Dear lenders and Zidisha team, thanks for giving me this opportunity to apply for another loan.The attached Photo shows my cereals display.I do hope that you will support me in this loan request and enable me buy more stock and include more products.

Mobile phone business to support my kids education

Dear Lenders,

I had the pleasure of meeting with Ignatius last week when I visited Prampram. Prampram is situated the coast about two hours away from Accra and home to quiet and pretty beaches, where Ignatius grew up as the last of five children. Now he has two of his own (A ten-year-old boy and a seven-year-old girl) and still lives in his hometown close to family.

Ignatius heard about Zidisha from Cornelius, one of our most experienced Volunteer Mentors, and was excited about the possibility of injecting some extra money into his business. As the market slowed, he had to close his business temporarily to work elsewhere. Now he works in construction assisting his brother to support his family. Still, work opportunities as a freelance contractor are irregular, and much of his income goes to paying for his children's school and supplies. He hopes soon to be able to make a small payment and reschedule his loan to a more manageable amount.

Ignatius – thank you so much for taking the time to meet me! I hope I can see you soon when I return to Prampram.

Thank you,

Ghana Country Ambassador

Pictured: Ignatius (right) and VM Cornelius

Buy fast laser printer for my cybercafe

I bought Printing materials as I had explained ealier as I was requesting for Loan. Since i bought the materials my earnings have increased from $200 to $300. I have bought more materials from the earnings. I have also paid school fees for my daughter through the earnings. We as family are happy about zidisha and would encourage you to keep on lending people so that they may improve in their day lives.

Repair roasting machine and legal permits for peanut butter production

Hallo lenders,
I have added another photo that shows the butter in the containers awaiting sealing, labelling and packaging, After the processing it is left for a few minutes to cool and that is when it is sealed.

New building and computers & UPS back-up, for my training centre

In fact, this young girl is very serious in ICT and also very faster. I always feel happy to teach her.

Loan to settle leased land and plant

Land preparation underway.

Tuition for university degree education

I just received the money, I want to say a big thank you to my lender and I want you to know that I won't let you down.

Scholarship two

Hi guys.
well I am happy to join Zidisha Inc. I present many thanks to the person who introduced me to this community of zidisha. my project was funded less then two week time and I manage to buy few items to boost my business. the items such as zippers, sewing threads, and some Gitenges. these items has increased my income that helped me to pay our residential house. I also introduced Zidisha to my best friends and Am waiting if they make up their minds to join I can be able to send them to zidisha team for processing the necessary of membership to zidisha family.
In the photo is my life partner who runs the business
I thank God for the love she gives me withing the family

Buying of one personal computer for music processing.

Thank you very much Zidisha and all lenders fraternity for the support I am receiving. My life and my business is in a better part and is improving each an every time. The only challenge I had was that we lost one of our own well known Kalenjin musician Junior Kotestes who in 2014 lead the country in winning, Kenya Music Copyright A ward. We as the Kalenjin musician had to travel to his birth place in Abosi Transmara to give him the last respect. As Iam writting this mail I have now come to Nairobi where full Internet reign the place. tomorrow 4th March will be the day I will be making my Zidisha payment.
Thank you,
Mutai Ezekiel.

Repair roasting machine and legal permits for peanut butter production

Hallo lenders,
I have added a photo of my peanut butter grinding machine, You can see how the peanut is being grinded into butter. I will be posting more photos while am at work.
Thank you once more and God bless you as I waiting for you Generous lenders to fund me.

Solar-powered clean water purifier & books for Hope School

With the initial loan of Ksh 3,534, I bough six classroom desks and the children are now happy learning in clean benches/chairs. The purchase of new desks has increased students morale and encouraged parents to be more responsible in paying the school fee on time which has helped to raise enough money to pay teachers salary for the month of February, 2015. Our earning have increased by 15% over the month of February. The increased earning have been used to pay teachers and buy chalk for use in the classrooms.

My eldest daughter has joined Grade 4 this year and she is happy to be able to learn sitting in a comfortable desk (bought with the loan fund) in the classroom.

New fridge for my milk shop

i have enrolled myself to a video Editing class,i want to have the knowledge of video editing so as in future i open up a studio,am finding it interested and am enjoying my classes,the teaching lessons will go for 3 months.

Raw materials to expand bag, shoes manufacturing business

Dear Lenders,

I spent the day in Tema last week, about an hour outside of Accra, and was fortunate to meet Benjamin first thing – I was grateful for his help navigating around the city!

Ben uses his Zidisha loans to support his wife’s work in fashion and design. Serwah worked as a secretary when she met Ben and started her family, but the work environment was stressful – she was overworked and frequently clashed with overbearing superiors. She had worked with beads as a hobby for 4-5 years already, so after quitting her job eight years ago she went into beading and sewing full time.

Since then, Serwah’s business has exploded. She had to make a last minute run to Accra on the day I visited and I get the idea that busyness and traveling is normal for this family. Serwah travels often to trade shows – she will be in Gambia next week. Everything is manufactured at their home by Serwah herself, 4 permanent staff, 5-8 temporary staff, and apprentices. It’s not just beads, either: while looking through the workshop and everything in production, it was impossible to think up something Serwah hadn’t tried her hand at: jewelry and bags, ipad cases and wallets, beaded gloves and headwear for weddings, sandals, broaches… you get the idea.

Ben’s a busy man, himself. He freelances as a graphic designer and creates labels and packaging for his wife’s designs, is a pastor and community leader at church, teaches at bible colleges, travels regularly for mission work, and just finished a doctoral degree. And this is all in addition to caring for their three children, aged 6, 8, and 13.

I wondered how Serwah’s work had changed the family dynamic, expecting that it might have caused some tension at first, but Ben asserts otherwise. Since quitting her job and following her passion, Ben says she and the family are much happier. She is much less stressed, her work is rewarding, and she is in control of her own time.

Ben and Serwah have used Zidisha loans to help buy materials to boost stock and are very thankful for the support they have received. They hope that as they grow their relationship with lenders and the Zidisha community, they can also expand the business further – allowing for new designs and increased production to meet a high demand. I bought some gifts for friends and family and hope to go back soon.

Ben – thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and help me around Tema. I look forward to coming back!

Loan for tuition to become a Plant Operator and to maintain my transport business

Dear Lenders,
Iapologize for not updating you my progress since last year.Actualy i'm doing well with my business,my cow had gave birth to a bull calf which is also in good health.Through you're support,i have manage to complete my course as Plant Operator whereby i can operate Grader very wel.In additional my twince boys had join primary shool.Lenders,you have positively changed my life and my family as wel. Thanks keep doing good to the needy people.

Bamboo for making fish traps

Persiapan pembuatan alat tangkap ikan tradisional ( Bubu )

Inventory of environmentally friendly cooking fuel

My name is Kerry Tiedeman and I am a Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Kenya. Normally I am stationed in Nairobi, but this week I visited the beautiful coastal town of Mombasa, and that is where I met Esther, a school teacher who owns a small "everything" store.

Esther is a celebrity in Zidisha, because it's a photo of her and her daughter that is the photo on Zidisha's homepage. She told me when I arrived to her shop just outside the town of Mombasa, "See I do exist!"

Esther has had the shop for the last year while continuing to work as a school teacher, which she has been doing for the last 15 years. Esther teaches high school students English language and literature, and was able to meet with me because she is currently on half term. She gets three one month breaks a year. This contributed to why she started the "3 in 1" store that is part MPESA, sells gas, phone credit, and other household items like cooking oil and grains. She said that during these breaks she would even get bored since she is the type of person that enjoys being busy.

With the help of Zidisha lenders the business is doing well and has grown. She has used the loans to purchase gas cylinders, cereals, and other items that have added to her stock. In the beginning she just sold gas.

Esther is originally from upcountry and came to Mombasa 15 years ago once she had graduated University with a teaching job. She had secured a government teaching job, but later found out it meant relocating to the coast. She said she cried, but her mother told her to just go and she would make friends. Well not only did she make friends she met her husband here, who teaches computer classes downtown. They have a daughter, who is also featured on the homepage and an older son. They study at the SOS school in the village of Mombasa. The SOS schools integrate orphans with local kids from the communities. WIth thte school fees from the local families they are able to also pay for the schooling of the orphaned kids. Esther is proud of this set up. She has also worked to teach her kids to appreciate the things they have. She gives them money if they want to buy something at the store she owns, so they understand how much things cost.

Customers kept coming and going while I was there, and when Esther is working at the school, she has one employee tend to the store. The shop is open everyday from 6am - 8pm. 6am because that is when the milkmen arrive. It's a lot of work, but Esther said she is happy and has learned a lot over the course of the year.

Currently she is using hte profits for her business to reinvest and grow the store. She is also paying the school fees of her younger brothers. She has encouraged her sister to join Zidish as well. Her sister now owns a couple of cows upcountry and is doing well. Esther is hoping that one day she will join her upcountry and start a school. It's a dream that would come much later when her children are older, but she sees what possibilities are out there.

I left the store with a bag of cookies, and Esther helped me get a Tuk Tuk to the city where I would meet another borrower. Esther is an educated and bright woman. I am positive she will do incredible things in the future, especially with the help of Zidisha lenders! It was an absolute pleasure to visit her!

Loan to buy farming equipment

My name is Kerry Tiedeman and I am a Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Kenya. Normally I am staying in Nairobi, visiting with borrowers, but this week I went to the coastal city of Mombasa and that is where I met Peter, the owner of a hardware store in the town center.

I met Peter by way of his wife, who is also a member of Zidisha. I first visited her salon which is farther north of the city. During our visit, she told me that her husband was also a member and would like to meet me as well. Getting know families is always fun, especially when they are also borrowers, so after our meeting I hopped in a Matatu and headed town, where I met Peter at the central post office. Then we took a Tuk Tuk to his hardware store.

The hardware store, he shares with another entreprenuer who sells shoes. He has had the store for around four years. Before he was selling second hand clothes. Taxes became too high to sell second hand clothes, so Peter began this business venture. He took from his experience working for a man who had a hardware store years before. There he learned about the different types of supplies he would need as well as some plumbing skills. His best selling items currently at his store are plumbing elbows and piping. He says that plumbers will be hired by a landowner by a place where they all sit on the street in downtown. Then they will pass by his shop and pick up the necessary materials.

WIthout Zidisha, Peter says there is no way he would have this store. He has used the loans for supplies and hopes with the next loan he will be able to own a store that he won't have to share in the same area of the city. Peter uses the profits from his business to help out his mother and his family. His father passed away years ago and his mother who lives in Nakuru still depends on him for support.

When I was with Peter, Alice called several times to make sure I made it to his store alright and to invite me back to their home. I wasn't able to, but when Alice called it showed up as "1st Lady" in Peter's phone. I laughed and so did he, though it shows what a family man Peter is, and where is priorties are. In the rare free time he has, he likes to take his wife and daughter, Mary to Fort Jesus (a medieval fortress in town) and the beach. He hopes someday he will return to the countryside where he is from and purchase land.

It was a pleasure to meet Peter and like the incredible guy he is, he called me to make sure I made it back safely to my hostel. Check out the photos from our visit!

Add two acres to potato fields, buy materials & employ worker

I harvested my Potatoes which I had planted in December 2014. The loan which I took enabled me to buy 2bags Fertilizer. and now I am waiting for my 2acre to be ready its already 6weeks old and growing healthy just as seen in the previous photo.

Equip and stock my salon

My name is Kerry Tiedeman and I am a Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Kenya. I am normally situated in Nairobi, but this week I went to the coastal town of Mombasa and that is where I had the opportunity to meet Alice.

I went outside of the city headed farther North to visit with Alice. She owns a salon in a village of Mombasa. The salon is right off the main road in a building with other stores and a petrol station. Alice welcomed me into the salon and showed off the new equipment that fortunately with Zidisha lenders she was able to buy. Alice has one employee at the store, who when I first came was dying a woman's hair. Alice told me she does everything, pedicures, manicures cuts, colors, but her speciality is braiding. While I was talking to Alice another customer came in, to get a sample braiding. Alice took part of her hair and showed her what several braid patterns would like. I have been eyeying the Kenyan style braids with estensions and have been impressed. I really like the style, so Alice sat me down and did a sample braiding as well with the extension. I don't know if it's a good look for me, but there are some photos so you can be the judge.
Alice has had the salon for 18 months. She rents out the store, but it's quite expensive for the month and the bus fare adds up since she isn't close to her home. Soon, she plans on moving to her village to start up the same salon and find somewhere less expensive.
The atmosphere in the salon is lively with women coming and going to chat about hair, their families and men. When Alice had to go back to work doing some chemcial straightening, I sat and talked with the customers for quite a while. I could have stayed there longer, and may have if I had decided to go with the braids.
Alice hopes that in the future she wiill also go into wholesale with her products and will continue to use Zidisha loans to maintain the equipment and purchase inventory. She uses the profits from her business to support her young daughter, Mary who is ten years old. Mary also enjoys spending time in the salon, where she is lucky enough to always have her mom, the expert braider, do her hair. Alice was incredibly sweet and it was wonderful to visit her shop.

Stock of cold drinks for my shop

My dear wife Shillah and the children Abigael and James (with me in the picture) are doing doing very well. We yesterday on Sunday to them to camel riding where they also enjoyed ice-cream in the hot sun as we live close to the Equator. It is very hot during day time. These are all the fruit we get from branches of the Zidisha tree that has been extended to this part of our world. Thanks. Simeon Kisuya

Get my diploma

Currently i am at a position to increase my repayment installments due to a steady increase in my daily income. My colored printer has proved to be quite fruitful to my business thanks to the loan i took which helped me buy the printer.

Inventory of rice, maize flour and sugar for my retail shop


I am grateful for the funding which has enables my business to grow.

This makes me able to raise a happy family.

Here is my daughter and my wife.

The photo is taken outside with the mid-morning sun of Kenya shining and getting hotter.

Add inventory of fertilizer sprayers to my farm supply shop

Retailing of fertilizer to farmers who cannot buy a full bag. This is what I call work and happiness. Thank you lenders for your support

Loan for education

Hi Zidisha Team and fellow members,
Am very happy to let you know that very early in the morning of today ,01/03/2015 at around 05:47 A.M i received a message from Zidisha confirming that the cash has been deposited in my Mpesa account,without wasting time i woke up and after preparing my self i headed to Marikiti market to increase my cereals stock,i expect sales to increase since my business is now fully stocked,thank Zidisha.

Purchasing toaster and other kitchen utensils for my food stall

Hi all, I have made my second repayment and still waiting for Zidisha team to publish it.

My stall is running well with pasta fusilli and toast as the best seller.