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Materials for handmade fluffy mats

I have been taking loans from zidisha since my boy was unborn. honestly, nobody even imagines that am a single mum. I have managed to provide everything a son would ever want. I am very excited to speak to people about zidisha. thank you very much lenders for never doubting my ability to pay.

Purchase of a printer and printing materials

Hello lenders, my previous loans have been quite successful. My beauty shop ushered me into my current online business and with your help I have been able to achieve much within a short period. With my last loan, I was able to buy a few computers, which allowed expedite my work. Therefore, I am very grateful for your constant support.

Long-distance trade in smoked fish

Thanks for the support. I will buy more of the smoked fish to sell. I believe with this help, my contact with clients like educational institutions will be more strengthen, not forgetting the numerous catering services. This will help me improve my home. Thanks a million to all Zidisha lenders for your support. To all the 28 my warmest gratitude.

Purchase a knapsack sprayer for my farm

Thank you lenders for financing my loan. i have received $ 179.00 dollars equivalent to Kshs 17,814.00. I am going to use the funds to purchase a Knapsack sprayer pump that i will use to administer chemicals in my farm. This will improve my yields and eventually my profits. Thanks to all lenders for your support.

I want to buy a water pump, pipes and intallation

Thank you so much for funding my loan so quickly. Am so happy that i will be able to serve my new clients now. with this loan i will buy the motorcycle. this will add more value to my business. thank you so much and God bless you all.

Adding more bulk goods and relocate to a permanent building

My worthy lenders,Yesterday on the 06/08/2015, I received your loan and I am happy as you have done good to my small business..i am in my final paperwork with the landlord,where I will be relocating soon at the permanent building.I am also going to add more fast moving goods so that I can increase more customers volume.Thank you so much for your kind and generous support in my business.


Additional of bulky oral drugs to my chemist

What a great day ?Today I have made today several recommendation to my clients as per their doctors prescriptions and the dosage ,whom they had to sought for a help from my chemist shop.I thank the Zidisha team which they came to my rescue as i stocked the oral drugs in large quantities and mostly the one you couldn't get from within.Now most of the clients can come for the medicines and at an affordable prices too.Long live Zidisha and the lending panel.Thank you all for all you have done to my store.

More shoes to restock my business

Am very happy that today 7/8/2015 at 4;08 pm local Kenyan time,i was able to get my loan disbursed to me.It come at a time when my stock was really low.I feel blessed and lost of words to express my thanks to my lender.God bless you even as i move to get more stock and pay my loan on time.
I will be keeping in touch for more updates of my progress.
My wife will too be happy when i inform her that i have received the cash.Am waiting to get home and break the good news to her after am from the market.


Purchase office equipments

I acknowledge receiving Usd 641 or Kshs 63,792.00 today. I will use the money to by office equipments for my firm. Thank you lenders for your support and wish you well in all your endeavors. God bless you.


Inventory of cerified gorgets and red-chillies seedlings

I want to sincerely thank you all the lenders who made my loan contributions and later disbursed to me.I want to assure you all the the loan will be in good use in my farming project and i will expand more with you.I have already bought the said seeds and i will be planting them by tomorrow evening,since it is raining.Thank you all for your positive response and be blessed.

Help for my daughter's tuition

I would especially like all those who gave their money to you grant me the loan. From the heart, I told them thank you to contribute to education and the university education of my daughter.

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Je tiens tout particulièrement tous ceux qui ont donné leur argent pour qu'on m'accorde le prêt. Du fond du coeur, je leur dit merci de contribuer à l'éducation et à la formation universitaire de ma fille.


Computer to hire an employee in my online freelancing business

Thanks a lot friends for your generosity. I already purchased the battery and the inverter. My work output is greatly boosted. I can now stay online for longer hours even when the mainstream electricity has a black out.
Thanks a lot.


To start with I used my loan to finance a school business.I produced the posters to invite the students from low income background for evening tuitions. The first day, I received 13 learners. I taught them myself.The following day I received 17 students.After a week I had about 34 high school students and 5 primary school kids.

By this time, I had started to charge them kes 20 per day for facilation.I also hired 4 teachers to help me.
From the above amount of money, I am able to save for the loan repayment.

I would like to pay early so that I reborrow to increase my working capital.

If things go like this, I will open my own private school come next year.


Family home finishing

i now have what i had really wanted to purchase and its selling so nice thank you zidisha for being there always for us.


Creating children playing ground and equipment

Many many thanks for you my Lenders. I can now breath a sigh of releave. I love you I feel like crying the tears of joy. Immediately I receive this money, I will buy the things I mentioned earlier in my proposal to start creating the children playing ground in my restaurant.
1. I will buy the carpets
2. I will also buy the big toys for children to play there and also employ an attendant. This attendant will be looking after the children as they play while waiting for their parents in the restaurant.Kind regards and thank you so very much for your kind support once again.

Inventory of shirts and jeans for my shop

Good afternoon, I would like to thank the donors who have entrusted lend to me to develop my business, my money has been received and will soon be used to buy stock in kids clothes and I will sell to the exhibition which is held every Saturday and Sunday , I will continue the development effort I tell the funder that the funding is so great that help has been given to me ...

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Selamat siang, saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada para pemberi dana yang telah mempercayakan memberikan pinjaman kepada saya untuk mengembangkan usaha saya, uang tersebut sudah saya terima dan akan segera saya gunakan untuk membeli stok baju anak dan akan saya jual ke pameran yang diadakan setiap sabtu dan minggu. Perkembangan usaha saya akan terus saya beritahukan kepada para pemberi dana agar para pemberi dana begitu besar pertolongan yang telah diberikan kepada saya...

Purchase dairy cow to supply milk to nearby primary school

Let me first appreciate your loan and I will make sure that I have used it wisely. As earlier indicated I would like to add one dairy cow as I already have one, thus with your loan I will add to my profits which I had gotten from my tomato farm. I guarantee you that in 5months time I would be a different person altogether.
I wish you God's blessings as you strive to see that somebody like me lives a better life than before. Cheers!

Equipment for medical diagnostic laboratory

Delivering health talk in my local church about hepatitis B.. it's causes, symptoms and the medical remedy as well as the essence of taking the vaccination and the periods of administering the vaccines. And next week my lab workers and I will vaccinate all old men and women in their 60s and above and the impoverished persons for free. Indeed Dr. Martin Luther king jnr profoundly said " Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?".. thanks to my lenders and zidisha team my business has now grown to a point to also offer benevolent assistance to needy individuals. God bless you.

Drip irrigation system for tomato farming

Well done on the first repayment; keep up the good work and I hope your first project is a success!

Loan to buy more goods into my shop

Am here to testify about my progress in my business, in fact business is running good, customers are really patronizing my goods to the extend that some people from the other villages comes to buy good in stocks and sell them to their customers over there which has helped me increase my profit margin to about 65 % .of which i don't want to benefit aloan but will share with the needy. Therefore i will dontate some of the goods i sell to the children's home and if possibly clinic around. Thnk you

Rice, flour & other inventory for my shop

The loan has helped me benefits from my business. I have used the loan to renovate my shop by increasing the amount of goods in my shop.i used the loan this time to buy a lot of beverages, milk,eggs,milks and other items.i have also save some of the profits from my business in my account.i will share zidisha with my family and friends.thank you for your support.

College fee & business expansion

I want to thank all my zidisha lenders for being part of my dream,dream of building a highlighted and transformed society through education,thank you for your generosity,God bless you for keeping me in school.

Bulk cereal stocking and groceries

Dear lenders
thanking you for funding my loan 100%, with the loan am going to by stock of maize and beans then stock some until month of Jan when prices are high

Creating locally-made computer desks and chairs

I wish to thank the zidisha organisation for this wonderful product. I am so grateful for Isaac Juma who invited me to zidisha, i am now able to borrow and see my dream of owning a computer training center come true. After many years of struggle to set up one i now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you in advance my funding groups

Expand and restock my retail shop

dear lenders,
Thank you for loaning me. I received a total sum of ksh. 19,113 which I used to buy a fridge to store perishable goods in my shop as I had planned and I hope your loan will enable me continue with my business well with minimum losses that could have come up due to goods such as milk, vegetables, and fruits getting damaged.

Used clothes, including girls' dresses, school sweaters & bags, etc.

Thanks to the Zidisha Team for the generous help. For years I wanted to start
a business and was not able because of money. The Zidish Team has made me a
recognized business lady. I will buy a Bale of Bed Sheets and a Bales of young
boys Trousers which will cost about US$ 292.00. I will also pay deposit for
the Tablet of about US$35.00. Praise be to God for the Zidisha Team.

Expanding business

Zidisha thank so much giving me loan for my business, I bought power generator .

Fabric seller

Thank you very much to all and all my lenders who lent me money for the second time and that the same are still allowed me to invest in my business and my business is better now since i buy new cloths add and so what did it works better for me now and me and my family we feed ourselves well, since I much profit on my sales before. And it is thanks to this that i do my fifth refund on my second loan. Thank you again to you my lenders and god bless you and long screws to you.

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Je remercie beaucoup a tous et a toutes mes prêteurs et qui m'ont prêté une sommes pour la deuxième fois et que cette même sommes ma permis d'investir encore sur mon commerce et mon commerce va mieux actuellement, puisque jai acheter des nouvelles pagnes ajouter et donc ce que a fait ça marche mieux pour moi a présent et moi et ma famille nous-nous nourrissons bien, puisque je beaucoup plus bénéfice sur mes ventes qu'avant. Et c'est grâce a ça que jai faire mon cinquième remboursement sur mon deuxième prêt. Merci encore a vous mes prêteurs et que dieu vous bénisse et longues vis a vous.

Open a new branch of my restaurant

i want to thank u so so much because the loan you extended to me my really made my bussiness to change in apositive way i have increased my daily sales and i confirm to u that my profits have greatly increased

Supply of materials for my tailoring shop

Am doing a great job in Berekum because of your helping hand you gave me. Now I have more customers then before because of new materials I added to my shop, all of this is through zidisha and my lenders I thank you all and God bless you all.

Loan to purchase provisions my for my convenient store

hi lenders i thank u very much for how far my business has come,at first i make at least 30 percent profit at the end of every week but for now i do make two times the percentage at the end of the every week. i made such profit because of the increments of products in my shop that attracts my customers.many customers get attraction for products that find in your shop.thanks to zidisha family and lenders for how far you brought my business.


Inventory of electrical shop

I used the money which is the loan to buy items for my shop and because of the loan my shop is almost full . People from near and far do get a lot of electrical items to buy from my shop all because of zidisha loan. My profit margin has increased a lot and am even thinking of opening another shop. I use the increased earning to expand my business and also some for the family. I want to open another shop and also employ more people to work there so that they can also earn something for themselves.

Purchase digital weighing scale for my butchery

Thaks lenders for your first loan i was able to increase my profits upto 80% which enabled me to complete my loan in goodtime andthe rest i channelled to the business.Thanks so much for your support.

To expand my welding shop

Benevolent lenders out there,I really appreciate for the loan you gave me . I was able to purchased the electrical materials such as round pipe,square pipes,quarter rods among others and making great sales because most most of the people are purchasing my products which has motivated me very much.It has increase my earning. My neighbors has developed interest in my work and made up their minds to learn the work.

Adding stock to my retail shop

I am very much grateful for my good and able lenders for they have expressed their confidence in me.I promise to put in good use this loan to enable me achieve my target.i have intended to add some stock to my retail shop and buy doing so, it will enable me raise the standard of living of my siblings as well as my family.

Inventory of gtp fabrics

Wonderful lenders out there, I wish to express my gratitude for the just-completed loan I received. I was able to buy the white fabrics I needed and had great sales because most Muslim women picked them for their after-Ramadan celebrations.

Alkes repair and engineering water treatment

A change has happened to me ..... to my finances , which at the moment after I join in Zidisha , I no longer run into financial difficulties in trying , albeit still on a small level , but I already feel lucky , I also educated for discipline and this is a very penting.Terima Love Zidisha .

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A change has happened to me ..... to my finances , which at the moment after I join in Zidisha , I no longer run into financial difficulties in trying , albeit still on a small level , but I already feel lucky , I also educated for discipline and this is a very penting.Terima Love Zidisha .

Additional school uniforms, sweaters, and men's shirts

Dear lenders i am grateful to inform you that my business got back to normal and i have been making high returns and hence increased my weekly installment. Thank you God, thank you zidisha lenders and the team.

Hiring labour foe cocoa farm for 2018 season

trustworthy people are asking the secret behind my upcoming success and been a volunteer mentor i can boldly say lives are changing in berekum an thanks to your noble firm.

Dairy and livestock farm

I want to thank the lenders for the loan i received ,i was able to increase the number of chickens ,and made a double profit out of it ,i was able to have sells weekly ,with the profit i have been able to send my children to education trips so easily for them to get quality education,We used to by milk but we decided as a family to by a young heifer for milk We also have decided as neighbors to visit the nearest slum and help the needy this year.Thank you ZIDISHA

Offset printer for my cybercafe

I take this chance to thank my lenders for their financial support that has really boost my business in terms of profit maximization and number of customers.
before purchasing the skype cameras ,customers who needed that services used to come ask if there is skype and when i tell them i dont offer they just go,but this days they sit and skype for even 2hrs and that earns me alot of profit.

Packing papers

I got my first Zidisha Loan on the 28th of July 2015. I did manage to buy good quality packing papers and I qualified for a wholesale discount. This has greatly reduce the amount of milk that used to go to waste due to leaking papers. This also improved on efficiency. I was initially using two or three papers while packing milk which was taking a bit of time, but as for now I just use one paper which is way much faster.
I have informed the surrounding business people and they have started buying the papers. Last week on the 30th July 2015 and so far I have sold 8 bundles. People are slowly getting to know that I do sell papers and I believe I will sell more than 50 bundles before the end of this week.

Hiring labour foe cocoa farm for 2018 season

trustworthy people are asking the secret behind my upcoming success and been a volunteer mentor i can boldly say lives are changing in berekum an thanks to your noble firm.

Buy more wood logs for processing

i was let my lenders know i received the loan and it was GHS 1689.00
with this loan i can buy more wood logs and increase my production. i can double my production and help serve my customers better.
thank you all my lenders for making this loan a reality. i am grateful for your support.
my business will experience a great boosting and hope to improve on my production and gradually improve my statndard of living.
God bless you all for ur heart of giving. i am really grateful

Adding stock

Hi, lenders.
This is to let you know that the money I received has really boosted my business. Sometimes it's hard to gain good profit, but once you have good capital, it keeps the business stable. I managed to buy more jackets and now I have good stock. I'm optimistic that I will be able to apply for the third loan.
Thanks once again, and may God bless you.

Mitumba business - selling of clothes

Dear Lenders,

I am deeply obliged to you for the financial help you have extended to me in time of dire need. I was hard pressed for it and I had tapped almost all sources. I cannot express my gratitude in just few words. If you have not helped me on time, I wont have started Mitumba business.. Your kind assistance has simply saved me.

It is very difficult to have friends like you these days that care for others without any reason. The help that you did will clear the obstructions that have held up the progress of my business. I will try my best to return your amount at my earliest possible.

Once again thank you so much.

God bless you,

Your friend,


Mobile-phone accessories

Dear lenders, am pleased and very much grateful on how my life has changed since i was introduced to this platform. Since i took the loan, it has really changed my way of living by using what i get to upkeep my family and also plough back profits into business. My customers are ever happy since they get what they want unlike before. Am almost completing repaying my second loan and i am optimistic that i will apply for the third to increase my stock. Thanks to you lenders and the zidisha team. i celebrate you. Thank you

Surgery fee

hi lender trust you are all fine, we too are fine. By Gods grace I started harvesting the french beans, the portion alocated tomatoes are doing well and am planning to plant more tomatoes and french beans. From the profit I have made this far I paid for tomato seeds and Butternut seeds; as well as prepared the land for planting in the course of the week. thank you for your assistance.


Educational loan

I believe I should be described as the happiest being on earth currently. I received my disbursement a couple of days ago and I must confess,I have been able to do a lot within these few days. The loan has helped me increase my credit card base from hundred Ghana Cedis to four hundred Ghana Cedis capital. This means my profit margin is also on the rise. I will be able to defray my tuition fees on time with my profit. I thank lenders. More grease to our elbow.

Loan for education

Hi Lenders,am progressing well and happy that Zidisha is proving to be real game changer in my life,i never expected to find a breakthrough in my life,i never new of anything that could help me break the cycle of poverty in my family,i only employment,but to be honest ZIDISHA is the buzz word in my life,the steady change as at the moment tells it all,am lacking the words to express my happiness,my parting shot.....zidisha is a golden opportunity which am tightly holding with my two hands,it is the driving force in my life including my family.....thanks lenders and may zidisha live on for centuries.