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Expansion of general shop merchandise and m pesa business

Hi Zidisha friends and supporters, i really thank you for the loan. I used it to increase my salon stock. This made a big difference because apart from weaving and hair dressing i sell hair pieces, some cosmetics and other beauty items. The earning though fluctuating have increased from Ksh 600 per day to upto Ksh 1800 per day. I have used some of the increases in boosting another grocery business of cereals that i started which also has some household items. Some little money i have used to purchase Zuku digital set for my family house and my children are very happy because they can watch educative programs now. Neighbors children come to watch and share the glory of Zidisha. Very soon will post photos. But record keeping also is a good practice that has really helped me and encourage other members to keeps good business records. Soon I will recommend some business friends to join Zidisha family. Thank you.



Chers preteurs je suis tres content d'avoir recu votre argent et cela m'a permi d'investir dans le domaine de l'elevage. avec les 50$ j'ai pu acheter un sac d'aliment qui coute 15 000fr cfa , 20 pousins à raison de 300 fr/l'unite jai achete de ampe pour leclairage et quelques accessoires apres un mois cela a generé un revenu de 41 400 fr c'est a dire un benefice net de 14 400 fr merci encore une fois pour le prochain pret je voudrais une some exhorbitante pour agrandir mon travail merci encore une fois

Inventory of wool and knitting needles for knitting business

This is how far i have gone with the carpet

To improve my poultry farm

Let me start by saying thank you to all of you who contributed to my first loan, the loan was God send, it enabled me to buy new pipes now i am saving a lot of water, this has helped me to pay my daughters fees on time, and save towards her college/university education, i am been consistent in my planting of vegetables, the pipes are long term investments thank you and may God bless all of you,

Inventory of wool and knitting needles for knitting business

I have finished the front part of the poncho

Retail supplies stock

Last time i posted it had rained.It only rained on that day and never rained again.Its hot and dry and i am still doing my best to ride my bicycle from village center to center supplying shops with items from my supply box.

Buy desktop computers to hire employees in academic writing business

Hello my lenders. I feel like I should call you my business partners, for you helped me scratch where i wanted scratched with your $50 soft loan. I undertook to refund the money in 1 month which i am on course. I did buy a refurbished dell laptop for $350, and I swear, the machine has helped me monitor my academic essay writing job with a reliable machine in-terms of power and efficiency. This has finally helped me minimize the orders that were cancelled I due to lateness. the profit am making has increased by $40 monthly and am doing my savings to establish a cyber cafe with several desktop computers, where I will train other graduate how to do academic essay writing.
Doing my work in time has given me ample free time to share with my family, since my only daughter Elsie is being weaned and I love doing it.
To me it’s just a dream going for a holiday, I have a dream holiday venue which is a dream holiday hotel which is 4 Km from home- Merica Hotel. At the moment I cannot afford it but i hope by the end of the year my business will gift me with that dream. It’s my humble wish. I love that place, I love the ambiance. Taking my sweet wife Janelle there for a night of two will be a dream come true.

Blowdrier for my barber shop

I have not yet partitioned my shop dear lenders but i finally got a photoman to take the photos of me shaving clients inside a portion of my shop.I plan to partition it within two or three weeks and buy a mirror.

Add computers to create 3 more jobs at my online freelancing center

Words are not enough to express just how grateful I am for the support from my lenders and the entire Zidisha team. May you all be blessed for the big hearts you have.

I am now planning to go purchase the three computers and once I have assembled them I will take a photo to update you.

once again thank you very much for the support

Tricycle to convey farm produce to the central market

I would like to thank all my lenders for giving me this opportunity as loan to impact several lives.

For sometime now I haven't been able to update you on what's happening because my phone got faulty.

I went to the villages about three weeks ago. They are so happy to recieve help from this opportunity you've given them. Now they can live their lives very comfortable knowing their produce would be sent to the market for sale.

A constant driver has been set to visit the village every fortnight to help them convey their produce for sale in the town market.

I also got a very young and aspiring high school lever who is now the leader in charge of sales and revenue. He's very good and also he plans on furthering school with the little money he makes out of it.

I pray I get time in my busy schedule to visit the villages soon and update you with pictures.

Thank you all once again and I promise your commitment has gone a long way to help many vulnerable people out here.

Buy more computers for my cyber cafe

Hello lenders I received your loan of KES 20908 and I will use it to purchase the Epson printer so that I can serve my Customers who I was referring them to other cybers and I am very happy because the Epson printer will greatly change my business by increasing the profit I was getting.
Thank you very much may God bless you abundantly.

Inventory of fruits for roadside sales

I have geotten some Ivorian business men who had brought some apples at a evry chepa price than i use to buy, i will use my loan for just one turn and repay earlier to facilitate me get higher loan for this affordable apples whilst stock last..Thank you my lovely lenders. Already am enjoying some better profits from your loan. this has improoved my standard of living. God bless zidisha lenders

Surgery fee

Hello, all my lenders, I apologies for not posting comments for a while; just as I had promised I have been very busy in the farm doing the work by self to cut down on cost. I just concluded top dressing the tomatoes this night set to rise very early to put water the rest of the day. I also bought pesticides and foliars plus topdressing fertilizer which i already applied on the french beans. By Gods grace the french beans are expected to be ready for first picking this Friday. Wanted to attach photos but ran short of time to take some next time i will post them. Thank you for on time help.

Rent for new accommodation to access internet for online water dispenser business

Actually my first loan really help me a lot.. i used the money to repair my damaged laptop i use to do my home base business and now my home base business is at its peak. And am very very happy i had that money at that particular time.

Weighing scale and organic fertilizer

I am thankful for the first loan.My tomatoes are health and growing very fast.I thank yo so much


Two more sewing machines for tailoring school

Dear lenders I received the loan and I have been able to add a sewing machine as I had promised. I am doing well and the business tools doing well.I have employed a lady to help tackle the feminine issues and the business is now booming.Thank you in advance


Four more top bar hives for bees

Dear lenders, I wish to report success with my firs loan.Even though I had to travel long distance,I finally got a modern top-bar bee hive . The bees come in almost immediately and they have been happy in the hive. Thank u so much

Stocks and security enhancement

Greetings Friends. I have been able to purchase a new cage for the 6Kilogrames cylinders for my shop although sales have been low in the last three months due to financial issues facing customers. I have tried to invest in branding and more display and i intend to add more Six Kilograms cylinders which seems to be hot cake in Town. I will also be able to make Fliers to distribute to increase awareness of the shop.

Deep freezer for the tradional vegetables

Thanks for every update, below is how I do some of my packaging.
Hope to post more of my photos.

200 chickens and feed for my farm

The loan was very helpful to me.It enabled me to buy a knapsack sprayer that has really reduced my cost of production.Before the loan I used to hire the sprayer but now I am a proud owner of my own knapsack sprayer. My revenues have increased and looking forward to greater expansion. of the farm

Inventory of rice, maize flour and sugar for my retail shop


If you gave the money to buy food, I would remain poor. When you give me the money to invest , keep the returns and repay the capital, I am on my way to financial freedom.

Lenders and the entire Zidisha Team, thank you for providing me with the seed. Soon you will see a forest out of it because the rule of multiplication shall apply in my business.

Thank you all and God of heaven and earth bless you.

Fertilizer for maize and 20 rabbits for breeding

I take this opportunity to thank you lenders for the good work your are doing.Personally the loan has been of great benefit and has really helped me improve my farm. The young rabbits come and they have really grown pretty fast. I sold 50 rabbits last week and earned $550. I am really grateful

Tuition for university degree education

My label is readyyyyyyyyyyy

Finishing construction of my own shop

my bisiness is doing well


Licence loan

Hi, am avery happy man today, The ZIDISHA team has given me areason to smile again,my business has picked up perfectly after i received a sum of ksh.3565. I increased my stock ( i bought rubber shoes for men and kids) . They are doing perfectly in the market, i think you people have the best way of promoting entraprenuership , am very thankfull to you people , may The Almighty God bless the work of your work.

Bamboo for making fish traps

Hi lender, thanks a lot with the help of venture capital loans that I use to buy bamboo to manufacture Traditional Fish Capture Device (traps), Bubu orders already in the process of manufacture to customer needs, especially orders from the Department of Marine and Fisheries.

New desktop switch for my cyber cafe

It is great to have such a good organization as Zidisha. I believe many people like me who may not have access to finances benefit alot. I managed to buy the desktop switch. Even though at the start it was quite challenging as some of my machines like printer and photocopier were blown up by faulty electricity, I am now coming to my feet. I wish I could meet the worthy contributors to my cause for the good heart.

Funds to boost my farming of red onions

My lenders through your generous contributions to fund my loan, I received 111,021 Kenya Shillings(KES). I have so far spent 20,000 for the materials which were required to construct beds for rearing the earth worms. Currently I am finalizing acquiring of knowledge at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) in order to perfect execution of my project. I have spent 10,000 KES for registration of this study at JKUAT which is a 5 days training. I have also used 5,000 KES as my up keep in the university.
In one week time I will be starting the construction part of this project which will take me approximately one week to finalize and purchase the earth worms from the same institution for the project to kick off. I will be uploading much at every phase of my project development for you lenders to see how far you have boosted my business life.
Finally I would like to assure you my lenders that this is a nice engagement with huge returns on investment to sustain me and be able to repay my loan in full and in time, It is also professionally executed following all the project development tool like Ghannt and PERT chart in order to perfect and avoid mistake.
Thank you all, Thank you Zidisha.

Desktop computer and vinyl printing machine for art work

a piece of wall i painted with my last spray gun.

Purchase a motorbike to deliver my poultry products to customers

Just an update:This were some of my visitors who had come to learn more on best chicks brooding tips using my innovation clay brooding pots.It was fun!

Purchase of core i5 machine

hi zidisha and my esteemed lenders.
I take this opportunity to thank you fully for the help and assistance you are giving to needy people, I have just completed paying the loan that found me buying a benq scanner that is currently of a great help to me and my business, i can now comfortably do scanning even if it is an A3 size. It has helped move my business one more step positively. Thank you

New industrial overlock machine

Dear investors,
the loan you entrusted to me has been a success with regards to helping me purchase the industrial sewing machine.
my production has increased tremendously and i am now able to meet the growing demand for cloths.
together we have created an employment opportunity for a tailor who i employed last week her name is Jane.
i just want to appreciate you on her behalf and for me the partnership is life changing and inspiring as a young business man.
you have encouraged me to do more.
the proceeds from my increased sales are really helping me pay for my tuition at the Africa Nazarene University my undergraduate program: business administration.
thank you investors for your partnership.

Buy water pump machine for my farm

Dear Lenders,

I was able to meet Fred last week in Berekum, a city in the Bring Ahafo region of Ghana. Fred’s family is originally from Ghana’s Eastern Region – on the other side of the country – but moved ten years ago for his father’s work. His father returned home, but Fred liked Berekum so much that he opted to stay. It’s not a big city but still energetic and friendly. Now he teaches ICT and mathematics to students 11-15 years old.

When he’s not at school, Fred is working on his farm. Fred harvests tomatoes as well as a few other vegetables here and there. He learned farming from his grandfather and, though he didn’t take to it immediately, says now he enjoys getting to be outside with the crops and the exercise that it provides.

Fred has used his Zidisha loan to help hire additional labor to harvest his tomatoes and is grateful for the support he gets from his lenders. We had to part ways early so that he could safely get home on his motorbike before an impending storm, but thank you Fred for taking the time to meet with me!

Ghana Country Ambassador

Repair roasting machine and legal permits for peanut butter production

Thank you so much once again for funding my loan in time. I received $324 you funded me, may God bless you abundantly, I will use this money to process all the legal licenses and documentation required for one to handle food and be able to supply the commodity freely. The remaining amount will be used to add more stock.

Clothes materials for clothing production

Dear Lenders,

I finally had a chance to drop by Ishmail's shop on my most recent trip to Kumasi and wanted to share some pictures! In a bright green container in the Asawase neighborhood, Ishmail and his workers create custom and original designs as well as alterations. When I visit, they are busy altering a pile of clothing to be resold by a friend.

Ishmail, thanks again for letting me swing by and for all your recent work as a Volunteer Mentor!

Ghana Country Ambassador

Inventory of items for my provision store

Dear Lenders,

I had the pleasure of meeting Febiri last week in his hometown of Berekum, along with Kumasi VM, George Bonsu. Berekum is a small but lively city in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana which Febiri calls, smiling, “A good place. A happy place.”

During the day, Febiri teaches ICT to students aged 10-13. He’s a natural teacher and in secondary school would help tutor his mates before their exams. But teaching computer skills in Berekum comes with challenges: like having just one personal laptop for 65 students. He says, “It is difficult to teach typing without keyboards.”

Like many Ghanaians, Febiri also has a side business: a small provision store selling basics like rice, sugar, and cooking oil to his neighbors. He uses profits to support a big extended family and a household of up to 15! His wife, Matilda, is also a Zidisha borrower and together they are saving for school fees for their own two daughters, aged 2 and 5 months, and help provide for Febiri’s nieces as well.

Febiri and Matilda said they are very happy since discovering Zidisha. And their loans have played an important role in keeping the store stocked and boosting profits. Since taking his first loan, he has been able to provide internet access to his household, saving money on expensive data charges. He is thankful for the support of his lenders and hopes to one day be able to lend money himself.

Febiri – thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and show me around Berekum. It’s a lovely place and I hope I have the chance to visit again!

Ghana Country Ambassador

Inventory to buy vegetables, seeds, and chemicals for my farm

Dear Lenders,

I wanted to share these pictures of Matilda and her youngest daughter in Berekum, just after church on Sunday. A bit fussy all through mass, she of course went right to sleep once the service ended. I didn't get to chat with Matilda for too long but it was a pleasure to meet such a beautiful family, even briefly. Matilda - we wish you the best of luck with your farm and family!

Thank you,

Ghana Country Ambassador

Family-planning product inventory

Dear Lenders,

I had the opportunity last week to meet with Richard during a study break in Sunyani. Although he lives in Berekum, he commutes to Sunyani on the weekends to take classes and write exams, pursuing a bachelor’s in marketing from Ghana’s University of Cape Coast. We sat down during a study break to talk about his experiences with Zidisha.

During the week, Richard works as a community manager for DKT International, a nonprofit that uses social marketing to promote family planning and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Richard in in charge of education and distribution of low-cost contraceptives to Berekum and four nearby municipalities. His passion is helping people, especially through education. He explains, “People want to give birth at the times that they want but they don’t always understand how to go about it… when someone is educated they can make informed decisions.”

Zidisha has been a big part of enabling Richard to get supplies where they are most needed. He uses his loans to buy products in bulk (condoms, oral contraceptives, and IUDs) so he can provide them at lower cost or even free when called for. With Zidisha loans, Richard doesn’t have to turn away customers in need. And instead of worrying about obtaining capital, he can spend his energy thinking of new ways to reach vulnerable communities.

I know both Richard and his beneficiaries are incredibly grateful for the support they have received from Zidisha lenders. He looks forward to continuing that partnership. And I can’t fail to mention the work he has done as Berekum’s first Volunteer Mentor. We are just as thankful for his work in supporting the community.
Richard, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me this weekend! It was a pleasure.

Ghana Country Ambassador

P.S. If anyone was wondering, he told me later he aced his exams!

Business tailor clothes good men and women

terimakasih atas bantuan pinjaman dana yang di berikan kepada saya sehingga saya bisa dapat menambah koleksi bahan yang akan saya jahit untuk di jadikan pakaian jadi. dan saya dapat menarik pelanggan baru untuk datang ke butik saya. dan dengan dana pinjaman saya mendapat tambahan penghasilan sekitar Rp. 50.000. dan pinjaman sebelumnya saya sudah dapat melunasi pinjaman dengan tepat waktu dan semoga para pendana dan tim zidisha dapat terus menjalin kerjasama untuk kemajuan usaha saya. saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih.

Salam Hormat
Neli Nurazizah

Loan to buy seeds for french beans produce for export

Dear Holly,
I am forever grateful,thanks for giving towards my case.Yes my business growing by the day i have got some 2 export companies asking me for chilli ( pepper) and purple passion fruits samples,which i bought and delivered.Now waiting for a phone call to supply....excited.Welcome to Kenya,i host & place volunteers.

Add computers and new camera for my cyber cafe

halllo good lenders here comes your daughter a very beautiful young lady who owns a cybercafee I did invited her to join zidisha and she got the first loan and successfuly paid ontime , her bussines is steadily growing and she is dedicated to her passion , she has proved her trust by paying the loan and now she is applying for another loan to expand her bussiness my dear lenders please help fund her so that we all help her achieve her dreams of becoming a lender some day.thank you.

Pay medical bill for my dad

Hello Zidisha Family,
Here is the look of my business premise. The printer I bought with the second loan I received from you is in the view. I can now print photos instantly, Can print on the Dvds & CDs for my clients in colour and even DVD & CD covers to my customers.
This has increase my income since I enjoy monopoly due to I alone Having A printer that can print on photo paper and on Cds & Dvds.
This has also enabled me put up a steady payment of my loan in time.
Thanks Very much my lenders and Zidisha as a whole.

Inventory of photo papers and epson ink

Hi lenders and Zidisha as a family.
Here is my personal camera Sony W180 and Am great full that a part from my boss` equipment At last I have one of my own.
I take photos at events and this has increased my earnings since the cost I incur only includes printing @ 15 Kshs. the remaining amount of Kshs. 30 remains with me.
I trust God for a Photo Printer to be independent.
Thanks to Zidisha.

Purchasing equipment for soap-making business

My supplier of oil couldn't supply me because of shortage in the market,hence I couldnt manufacture any soap for sale and that has caused my inability to repay my full weekly installment amount.
Zidisha loan has been very helpful to me.I now produce at anytime with my own equipments without using family equipmenta.
I have also increased my supply from 1,500 pieces of soap to 2,000 pieces of soap weekly.

Poultry farming

the loan has helped me increase the number of hens and making of new structures also have ventured into farming of beans and bananas which i see that the future is bright while am connected with zidisha,thanks for being around for me zidisha group,the new move has not started collecting money but soon it will and i will always update here,only that the eggs from the hens am receiving cash of 1000 a week

Supplies various kinds of backpacks and briefcases

Dear Lenders and Zidhisa. Thanks to a loan that has been granted, the loan funds already I use Bag raise capital purchases, this loan may be useful in my business, I hope funders of the best and every success in business.

Adding WiFi services to cyber cafe

Hello my Zidisha family thank you very much again for standing with me and trusting me. Business is still doing great and I am very sure by the help of you lenders and the whole Zidisha family I will be able to achieve my dreams. God bless you so much for what you are doing. Attached kindly find the images of the new nano stations,Routers than i bought and the new switch that will enable me have a quite no of clients'I am now able to send my wifi at large scale thru the new nano station all thanks to you'I also changed the IDU'and a Tp link.All thanks to zidisha

Relocate to a spacious shop to accomodate more stock&clients

I am a very proud girl at last.Nowadays I can afford to buy my siblings new school uniform and books all thanks to Zidisha.My life financially has really changed and it will only get better.I have increased my stock and bought a variety of them.I even bought a few pairs of men suits just to meet the growing demand.I am planning to relocate to a more spacious shop to accommodate the increased stock.
Brief update about my business progress:

I have hired a new lady to work with me also to help with the rising customers.
Last month I made an unprecedented profit of KSH25000 after paying off my expenses.I ploughed back the profit to add to the stock.
This is an improved milestone since there was a time I barely made KSH5000KSH in a month.Now it has multiplied by over 5times.
I will avail some photos to show more of the growth.
THANK YOU zidisha for your unending support.

Expansion of my home supplies shop

Dear lenders,
I am very grateful for your previous supports towards my business. The demands on my shop from my commnunity and customers has greatly increased beyond my imagination. The approaching easter celebarations has brought more demand on provisions like sugar, biscuits, rice, gari, disposable spoons and cups, soaps, beverages, drinks like don simeon, kalypppo, coca-cola, lucozade and malta guiness. I also introduced fuel savers for generators and cars and the demand has become higher than I thought. I know that with the help of you great lenders I will be able to supply the increasing demands of my community. I am so excited to be part of Zidisha because my shop has been positively affected by the great support.
Thank you


Renovation of student housing

Check out the photos!