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Cybercafe business

First of all may take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Zidisha community for the financial assistance they accorded me. the contribution helped me a great deal in expanding my tea farm. Now I have 3 acres of land under tea which will give me great returns in the next two years. God bless you all in your endeavors


My thanks goes to Zidisha, i managed to purchase a set of dinner plates for my catering business, i was very relieved this Saturday 14th of February 2015 when i had a function to prepare dinner for 50 people. i was very proud to use my new dinner plates for the function, this also lessen my expense for hiring of dinner plates.

This time round instead of paying for the plates, i have used the profit in saving for another item. What a great idea this is.

Laptop for my final year project in the university

At lectures, thanks to the zidisha team.

To increase my stock in the new business i have opened

this is one of the front shelves in the display.

Clothing materials for African-designs shop

Busy at work

Mini-laptop for online freelance writing

Thank you so much for the iwriter special request. I have arrived at the cyber this morning, and I have started my research on it. I am a very hard worker, therefore you can be sure that I will do a thorough job.

About the hard disk, there are some people who specialize in data recovery here. However, most of the time, the cost is higher than the price of a new hard disk. I am holding on to the hard disk because the pictures of my children are in it, as well as most of my poems and lyrics. One day, when I am able to save enough to afford it, I will definitely recover everything.

Thank you so much for your confidence in me as well as your help. I will not let you down.


Selling rice to pay university fees

I have also attached a few images showing my school life. Otherwise, I am working hard at both ends to meet both my educational and business goals. Thank You so much dear lenders.

Selling rice to pay university fees

Dear Zidisha Members, the loan has been very resourceful in my business and my studies too. No wonder I have managed to welcome new members as well as pay my loan on time. Words alone cannot express how grateful I am for the support, inspiration and motivation from the members of this forum. I have managed to raise my school fees for the last two semesters, and still sustain my business. At the moment I am working on a plan to purchase a personal Computer before the semester ends, and I am optimistic that this will be possible.


Laptops to train residents in graphic design

This is a flier i designed for Busol Ghana Limited, a business consulting firm located in Sunyani where my business operates.

Boost stock for estete shop


When my business grow, my daughter too shall have good upbringing.

Thank You Lenders.

Inventory of mitumba for my clothes store

Just me in my shop and this is part of the second hand clothes I sell.

Cultivating oyster mushrooms

Dear lenders,
Thank you for helping us to develop our business. Here are photos of the development of new home construction mushrooms are funded from loans zidisha. Thank you very much

Inventory of maize flour packaging and marketing materials

Greetings all, i must confes how am glad to be a member of the zidisha platform infact i feel zidisha has been like my family since i joined lasr year in august.
you have been with me all this way and i feel that i did a very good choice of being here.
am happy to have completted my first loan which enabled me boost my bussiness of maize milling in nakuru county,and so far i thank the zidisha platform for i could not make it without your selfless support.
with my next loan i plan to start packaging the maize flour in 1kg and 2kg packets and also use part of the loan in acquiring the kenya national bureal of statictics(kebs) logo that will see me able to go market my flour in supermarkets within Nakuru and towns like Naivasha which neighbour Nakuru.
using the first loan i was able to increase stock by upto 80% from 35%, this is a great milestone i have achieved and also i have been able to hire my first 2 employees who assist me in the manufacturing and marketting of the flour.
my vision is to sell my product to every town in my country and also feed many Kenyans within reach and i know that with the support of zidisha lenders my dreams will come true.
thanks alot zidisha platform as you fund me on my second loan.

Purchase of land to reduce rent cost for my green house

Thank you very much zidisha lending community for funding my previous loan.It has gone along way in improving my business my life and that of others around me.I managed to pay a deposit of $40 for an incubator and have done research on the proper green house to buy for my vegetable production business plan.My earnings have increased form around $60 to around $100 since i increased inventory for my chicken farm.
I am very grateful since my wife and i are about to get a baby so this has come in the right time to ensure that our child has a bright future.
Thank you very much and God bless you.

Buy a new photocopier for my cyber cafe

This valentine, I took my family to the national park. It was a day full of fun

Renovation of my cowshed to shelter more calves

This is how I mix the animal feed to make them healthy

Inventory of a salon drier

Hallo my zidisha so happy I was able to get my pedicure basin.I love clients are happy.I expect my profits to increase more so I can save for my studies.thank you my zidisha family for believing in me.goodnight

Blow dryer

Hallo zidisha family. it has been a good day though hectic we thank God.I hope my dear lenders you will help me buy my blowdrier because I know you will believe in my dreams. Enclosed is my picture at work.good night.

Renovation of my cowshed to shelter more calves

This is mrembo the cow my grandpa gave me after my primary school it is a big cow now

Selling sorrel

Hi Minata! I just wanted to wish you all the best in getting your loan funded. It sounds like sorrel leaves are an important vegetable. I wish we had them here in the U.S. so I could try them. Take good care of yourself and again, good luck with your loan!

Renovation of my cowshed to shelter more calves

Here is sandra and brenda that I am intending to sell soon

Renovation of my cowshed to shelter more calves

In my farm evry cow has a name now here is project...I called it so because it will raise money to purchase a laptop

Overlock sewing machine

I also have a page 'Rael by Design' it will help me market,also my old clients will find new readymade stuff!
Look at these outfits,that is my first and second daughters and yes, that's my work

Add sandals, shoes and slippers for my shop

At my shop

Solar power generator for my cybercafe

First installment has been posted to my A/C. Am really glad it works!

Shipment of Mouse now confirmed with a tracking number from Aliexpress China. Shipment has left China for Zambia.

Loan to buy a fridge

Am happy having paid my second loan instalment. My chicks have feeds now and the chicken structure almost three quarters done. Thanks for your support lenders. God bless you all!

Overlock sewing machine

Hi Rael,
Thanks for keeping us informed and thanks for uploading the photos.
The fabrics look great! Is each piece enough to make one dress?
You know that now comes all the hard work of making all the dresses!
All the best

Loan of ghc1292 helps me to purchase equipment & inventory

Happy valentines day to all of you Lenders and have a bless day.

Boosting/restocking my business of selling towels

I want to thank Zidisha and more so my lenders for trusting me and giving me their money to use. The money has ensured that my business runs smoothly even in this usually hard period that is the beginning of the year when I have to fulfill a number of obligations, like payment of school fees, etc. The money has enabled me to maintain my stock and use the profits to pay my side expenses. If Zidisha had not assisted me, I am sure I could have spent my working capital on personal expenses and therefore run down my business. THANK YOU so much for your assistance.

Increase the number of computers in my school

Hello all
Glad to receive the first computer I bought with the loans used as an advance. to pay for it.
Thank you again

Cultivating oyster mushrooms

Thank you Julia for your visit to Makassar. We are very pleased to have the opportunity visit. Hopefully other times could come again to Makassar. Thank you very much

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Terima kasih Julia atas kunjungannya ke Makassar. Kami sangat senang berkesempatan dikunjungi. Semoga dikesempatan lain bisa datang lagi ke Makassar. Terima kasih banyak

Overlock sewing machine

So glad this happened! I got hone and spread my new materials over the table!

Overlock sewing machine

I got these selections and a magazine and a chart.

Inventory of a salon drier

Hallo my zidisha family.just want to wish you a happy valentines day today.may you enjoy it and have a great time with your loved ones.have a good day.

School equipment

Products that I sell.

Addition of computer at the cybercafe


Electricity installation in our house

I take this opportunity to thank zidisha for making our dream come true ,we had no money to buy dewormers but we thank zidisha for giving us funds for dewormers,since then our milk production has increased greatly,each cow has increase an average of two litres of milk,this means maximum profits,I thank my wife for being with me and giving me hope no matter tha situations,I end by thanking all zidisha members for I know they have taken another step in their life,God bless zidisha,God bless you all.

Renovate my shop(jackshop) and add new stocks

Happy Valentine day everyone in Zidisha community.

These are special word which you people diserves. Thanks for the love you are spending to the world.

Glass door refridgerator for my shop

Thanks all Who Participated to my progress. My business is booming!


Mini cybercafe

I had the opportunity to meet with Corsmas yesterday at his office near downtown Nairobi. There he spends his 9-5 or really 8-6 day job working as a manager for a transportation company. However in his off time he works on his own businesses, one where he sells bricks and the other he is the owner of his own bus service. He is very thankful for Zidisha lenders, since with the loans over the past year he has been able to repair his bus or "matatu" as it is called here. However after some time even the repairs were not enough to keep the old bus going, so he has sold it. Now he plans on buying a new bus hopefully with the help of Zidisha lenders. We went to the car yard where he showed me the bus he would like to purchase, and below are some photos.

Corsmas is one of the few borrowers I have met that was actually born and raised in Nairobi, though he still has strong ties to his parents' hometown in Kisumu County, around six hours from Nairobi. He is proud of his roots, which are of the Luo tribe, known to be great fishermen living on Lake Victoria. This is also the tribe of Barack Obama's father and Corsmas boasted that from his father's house he can walk down the road to get to Obama's grandmother's house where she still lives. This is also where his brick business operates from with the help of his partner and brother. They make the bricks manually with a recipe of soil, water and sun to dry them. Corsmas even lived in his village for a while twenty years ago, running in orphanage from his home.

Now he is looking forward to retiring from his career and pursuing his businesses with the help of Zidisha. The profits of his businesses will help him have a secure retirement and help out his youngest daughter with her education. He has four children total, two of which are working in Qatar. With his guidance all of his children are doing very well and so are the Zidisha members he mentors. In his free time Corsmas likes to watch football especially his team, Manchester United, and dance. He invited me to listen to some live music downtown at the Princess Hotel. Of course I accepted!

Website redesign to accommodate more features

The website is my own design made and hand coded in every bit.
it is fully responsive and fits all major known screen resolutions

I made a portfolio section to show case some of my works mostly those on my public repository at https://

Them migrated and merged my blog into the site i am now self hosting for the blog

Inventory for poultry feed and veterinary services


Inventory for poultry feed and veterinary services

hi lenders,
thanks for the support

Overlock sewing machine

Here's me buying

Buying materials for my mushroom cultivation

Pictures of my progress

Buying materials for my mushroom cultivation

for your kindest support,in fact you have really impacted my project. I am now experiencing tremendrous growth in my business and finances. I was able to buy the mushroom grow bags, Oyster mushroom spawn and make the shelves to accomodate more compost mushroom bags. Attached to this are pictures to show my progress. Thank you very much.

Inventory for clothing and braids


Now I will dress my clients smart.

Fresh vegetables farming for life


Tahnk you, Now I know, I can grow and impact my neighborhood with freshness.

Blow dryer

Dear has been a great day has been good BT a bit hectic since clients are many and drying their hair using a blowdrier only is such a task.but I know you will help me buy my drier so I can expand my business and the task will be easier.thank you and goodnight my zidisha family.

Acquisition of Chromebook for my website design business

I am very grateful for the loan advancement. With the amount of money I received I was able to fund my websites.
I am an online entrepreneur and the money I received I used 90% of it on boosting my social media ads.
These Ads add value to my websites as they grant me more exposure. The more exposed they are, the more product/service I move. Through the adds and its only been four days, I have already seen a significant increase of organic traffic to my site and pretty soon I will start making sales.