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Stock of blank dvds, cds and storage devices for mobile photo business

am very happy that through the loan i acquired i was able to buy a second hand 3 in 1 photocopy machine and now i can earn extra income since i don't spend much on printing photo for my customers. Above all am able to render photocopying, scanning and printing services to other customers.

Money Transfers & Electronic Refills

Dear lenders, I told you once again thank you. I get my money yesterday 16 October 2014 I was immediately put to work and I promise to give you my news regularly as I always have.

Purchase a laminator and a binding machine

serving my customers wholeheartedly is what i like most. i therefore always commit my work before God to establish my plans. thanks to God and thanks to zidisha team for their support

Purchase a laminator and a binding machine

its so enjoyable to do the profession of your dreams and furthermore to be your own boss

Set of studio lights

Working with children in slums

Funds to boost my farming of red onions

Good day my lenders: I am sincerely pleased by this project, and whoever started it was very noble in the heart and in mind. I have seen a lot of breakthrough in by day to day business activities and its my sincere hope and objectives to work hard and harder to become probably the first most successful Alumni in business from Zidisha project.
How I hope all the stakeholders of this project will continue to share a healthy relationship that will bring mutual understanding amongest this rapidly growing community.

Once again I would like to recognize the effort of my honored lenders as they continue to keep this project alive and helping it to focus on it's objectives. I would like to apply for another loan once am through with repayment of the current one in order to expand my cloth business which I had started with funds gotten from selling of eggs from my chicken Rearing business which I started courtesy of zidisha loan.

Buy kale, tomatoes, rice, potatoes, and onions to sell

Hey Naomi,
I'm just fine. My baby girl is 27 years old and still my baby and I'll tell her you said hi. I'd like to think of you as a friend.
Best wishes, Ann

Buy kale, tomatoes, rice, potatoes, and onions to sell

Hehehehe Ann thank you so much for everything,anybody who always think of you must be a good friend who you must be indeed.Even here in Kenya during dry season we find it hard to find kale sometimes but during rainy season it's more again.Anyway am ok and hope you are too?Say hi to you baby girl.

Thank you

More medicines & family-planning products

I have able to buy new drugs.i thank zidisha and my dear lenders

An incubator for my poultry farm

I have used the loan to improve the poultry house. This has enabled me add more poultry meaning more eggs. My income has increased and l have managed to pay fees for the two students who l sponsor. I am considering buying an incubator for them to start a hatcery business since there is a high demand for chicks.

Buy kale, tomatoes, rice, potatoes, and onions to sell

Hi Naomi,
Thanks for sharing the good news. I thought of you when I went to the market. People were annoyed because the farmers had no kale to sell.
Best wishes for continued success, Ann

To add 4 computers and speed printer to my cybercafe

Hello Lenders;
Indeed you are more than of our parents because after your course here in Kenya your parents now gives you a go a head to promote your self. Imagine where to go if you did not secure a good job or you lack capital to start your own business. Indeed for me Zidisha boosted my business to a great position since I could have not qualified for loans here in Kenya for their restrictions for the loan such as a logbook, a tittle deed and the like, but for Zidisha trusting and a face book account are the only qualifications for the loan.
my loan is now 78% funded please continue to fund it up to 100%.
Thanks a lot.
God Bless you

Extension of my bistro

Juste vous faire un aperçu de mon petit coin

Buy cooking appliances for my hotel

Dennis Furr, you've just made my day. God Bless you so much! Hardship growing up made me venture into business. Your daughter is lucky to have a caring dad who knows the importance of investing.

I promise to pay back and hopefully meet you someday. Once again, be Blessed.

Bedan Waweru


Buy cooking appliances for my hotel

I'm happy to fund your business. I'm teaching my daughter the importance of investing and have now invested in several Kenyan businesses my contribution towards her first apartment. It is my intent for her to learn from my experience the value of mutual benefit.


Aqcuire more stock to my cerial shop to boost my sales

How much does a bar of soap cost? I'm curious as I watched a lecture yesterday linking hand washing and infant mortality.

Inventory of bananas for market stall

The two boys and one girl are together in a secondary school called Moi, in Nakuru. I am responsible for their education. The taller boy is an orphan born to my late elder brother. He is called Peter Onyango. He is in form 3. The other boy is called Brian Otieno and he is in form 2. The father is unable to cater for his education. The girl is called Florence Atieno and is in form 2. The father and the mother are both poor and are unable to educate her.

Inventory of bananas for market stall

The attached photo is for two primary school going pupils that I educate. The taller one ( John Ochieng ) is the first born of my first born daughter and the other one ( Luise Ochieng ) is the first born of my second daughter.

Simben I.C.T. College

As the year gets to the end there shall be a lot of work for printing of college project for submitted to various learning institution by students. I look forward to capitalize on this to improve my income. I intent to clear this loan as soon as possible and get the second loan, i top it up to get a new Epson printer that is economical with cartridges. All in all i thank you all for your valid support.

Inventory of cereals for my retail shop

Jambo Ahadi.
Am very impressed with your words. Am even surprised that you can speak some swahili language! I promise to help people in Kisauni. Kwaheri pia.

To buy second-hand shoes to sell

Thanks to zidisha loan i have acquire a small shop and soon i will stock my small shop

To buy a hatching generator to power my incubator

Good morning zidisha,

Today i am working on hatching my next bunch of chicks., thank you all for your support.

Construction of brooder

Thank you so much, Janet. Trying my very best for my kids! They deserve the best!! Be blessed!

Buy kale, tomatoes, rice, potatoes, and onions to sell

Dear to all my lender,

I am very greatfull to you for your loan that i recieved one month ago.It has really help me to grow up my business and generate more income.Now my whole life and that of my family has been improved.From the profit i can feed them and pay school fees and as well i repay my loan.I cant thank you enough but may God bless you all.


To buy a hatching generator to power my incubator

.....And in the chicken house, the small pips are trying to survive

To buy a hatching generator to power my incubator

chick hatching

To buy a hatching generator to power my incubator

Dear lenders,

Today i hatched 75 chicks.. however this is not enough to supply orders from the farmers. this is why i need assistance to buy the genarator.

Thank you

Loan to buy a computer for my cyber cafe

In the lab studying

Material for school uniforms

Thank you Jim for message concerning your family, I am 28 years old, am a second born in a family of four.
Two girls two boys. Our first born is a boy who is Suleiman my elder brother aged 29 and twins a girl and and boy my young brother and sister (Rukia + Shabadi)
My brother he is at home jobless, i managed to get employed for few years then i got blessed to start my own small business and where i am today struggling to expand my business.

Material for school uniforms

Hi Maliha,
I have two daughters, Maliha, both in their early 20's who are out in the world and busy with their lives. One of them sews whimsical creations of colored tutu's for children and sells them besides doing her full time job of being a nanny. My other daughter is a worker at a call center for a cellular phone company who has a rambunctious three year old daughter of her own. These are busy girls. My wife and I are older, retired from working for income, and enjoy our home and garden. Thanks for inquiring about my family. All the best, Jim

Additional products for clothing/apparel store

I am very busy in the field of public library administration tasks. I still found time to develop my business. I am also glad that my business is growing. Loan capital of Zidisha, I have been used to add various brands of mineral water products, gas tube and products egg-nut in the brand of SEDAP BETUL. All further added production and sales turnover.
I am very grateful to all lenders of Zidisha. Hopefully, all the more successful and more prosperous.

Tuition & books to complete a university degree in Nursing

Hi Lenders. l have got my loan and l am able to buy some books for my studies.with this l will be able to increase my knowledge about my profession studies. Thank you all very much.

Buy computers and market/promote my cybercafe

Hi everyone. I am very happy that I have manged to add another desktop monitor and CPU for my cyber. I am very optimistic to be through in paying the loan 100% by 30th October, 2015.

Purchasing ink for Canon and Epson printers

Thank you, your shop looks very nice and your daughter looks to be about the same age as mine who is 7. These pictures give me a gimpse at the world outside of mine here in New York City.

Expansion of my farming

Hello Irene, how are things going? I would love to see a picture of the strawberries! Those fruits are out of season now in the US so I miss them. Hope all is well, God Bless.

Mitumba stall

My business has improved since its nearing festive season and people tend to buy alot of clothes . I have also started advertising my shop in local news papers and this has positively impart. I can say am now starting to grow into real corporate business all thanks to Zidisha and my lenders. ASANTE SANA

To purchase photocopier ink roller

Thank you Zidisha for affording me the loan two days ago. I am shopping around for one refurbished computer to add to the existing ones. The extra computer will increase income and help me to advance more in the next loan. I am very grateful because I could not have gotten this loan from any other source in a short time without collateral. I will continue posting my progress in this page.

To employ two workers in my pharmacy

i thank all all the team members of the zidisha that they have made me have my work done at my shop its booming and moving and i hope that in the near future i will be one of the best chemical seller in my area

For improving my livestock & crop farming business

Hi Lenders, am very thankful to all of you and the good work you are doing, a lot has changed since i received the1st loan from you.
I was able to buy an incubator that i can hatch chicks and sell them and some i keep and sell when they mature, despite the challenges that i was facing at the beginning, i also purchase indigenous chicken eggs and sell them to shopkeepers. Am able to collect 1500 -2000 thousand Kenyan shillings everyday. Thanks for your support.

Stock bags & accessories

Hi Lenders,
Hope you are well. My stock is coming this week and am so excited!! I managed to find some very trendy bags and I have a lot to write about the new styles in clothing and accessories.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

Farming equipment

Hello to all Zidisha lenders. I am very grateful that i have finally purchased some of the construction materials. I had change of plan after consulting my constructor. Initial i had plan to start construction but because of limited fund and rainy weather which could weaken the half way done construction, i had to buy materials like sand, stones, timber, bricks, metallic tank and iron sheet which can stay for long before i start my construction. I thank you all and seeing forward for your support. God bless you all.

Buy new photocopier, colour printer & three computers

Special thanks to all my Lenders who are helping to make me successful in my business and also making my dream be a reality,in fact I cherished you all!!

Create a stock of animal feed to expand my farming business

Dear lenders,
The animals are grazing in the village and kept in good health. Livestock busines was profitable this year in Niger with the feast of Aïd El Kebir when Muslims sacrificed sheep. The only one ram among my animals was sold and the money used to purchase another sheep for breeding to grow the business. It is good to see that my earnings are increasing as the number of animals keeps growing now to seven all female sheep. I will plan to buy a reproduction ram in two months time.
Thanks to Zidisha lenders for partnering with me in this exciting business life.

Purchasing ink for Canon and Epson printers

Stock of Ink and Cartridges.

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stok tinta dan kartrit

Purchasing ink for Canon and Epson printers

ini warnet

Purchasing ink for Canon and Epson printers

ini tokonya

Purchasing ink for Canon and Epson printers

ini warnet dan toko

Inventory of bananas for market stall

Dear lenders, I hope it is well with you. I am doing fine and I thank God for the gift of life.
Out of the 12, 3-week old chicks that I bought eleven ( 11 ) have survived to date. One chick got stuck in the wire mesh at night a week ago and I found it dead the following day. The remaining eleven are doing well. I shall send you a photo soon.
The ten ( 10 ) 1-month old chicks that I bought are all surviving and I thank God for that.
The three ( 3 ) 3- month old layers are also doing well. Very soon I shall start having eggs from them.
Unfortunately the calf that is in my profile photo died after having been hit by some naughty boys outside my gate. I have forgiven them.
I thank you all for the great assistance you gave me through zidisha loan.

Fees for final-year exams for my Bachelor's degree

my business has been doing so well in the past few weeks as we went home for a short holiday until January.this has prompted me to increase the is easier doing my business alone as i find time to socialize with customers and convince them to purchase the shirts.My brother is doing his final examinations and my next project would be selling plastics eg basins,jugs,plates and others which bare of demand at my home area.He will be in charge of the shop and I am sure it will grow to a huge family business thanks to zidisha

Inventory of new clothes for men, women & children

my business has grown ever since, i have expanded the exterior of my shop to have a wide display of the clothes i sell. this achievement has also my family's life, one of my son has graduated from university and two of them i have managed to take them to college to further their studies. My utmost appreciation to you my lender EVNIPA and the entire zidisha family.