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Selling prepaid mobile phone cards

My previous loan helped me to finish my new branch and purchased more seats for clients usage. I really thank my leaders for being there to support me all the time.

Making clothing and accessories

Good afternoon to all my lenders , am glad for the Loan given to me. It helps me to make lots of clothes for this xmas. Which i use to buy lots of fabrics and materials. Thanks so much. More grace

Horticulture farming

I was able to boost my inventory for my agriculture

To buy computer set for my new shop

I used the loan you gave me to buy more machines for my buisness,thanks for your unending support

Selling of building materials

Hello to my able lenders,I used the loan to purchased some material which are in high demand.And glory be to God that Iam making a sales of that.And I believe that the subsequent loans would help me buy more materials for more profits.Thank you very much my lenders,who helped me and who are yet to fund my future loans.

Inventory for my cosmetics shop

happy christmas

Transport to the meeting.

With this Loan i will have the pamphlets approved at the Nairobi City hall . Then i can distribute. My aim is to advertise Autism Learning Center and have more students enroll.

Oyster mushroom farm expansion

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (in advance) to you, too, Joseph!

Hope you enjoy the holidays. :-)

Printing works

Items purchased;
Toner Refill Powder 3 - 75 GHS
Toner Drum 2 - 120 GHS
Total Items Purchased - 195 GHS

The items will increase efficiency and improved quantity of work. I'm waiting to see how earnings will improve after this investment.
I'm been offered to design a database application for a basic school which will earn me 1350 GHS. I'm also going to organize a free workshop for children within the community on how to code using scratch (programming language).

Oyster mushroom farm expansion

I wish you all merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. Thank you all for all your support for this year.

Purchasing rice

Dear Lenders,

Compliments of the season.

Thank you for the previous loan that I have completed repaying off.

The results are as follows;

1. I managed to service my vehicle for the Taxi business.
2. I managed to employ a driver so that he can also earn an income.

I managed to do all this because of the opportunity that you gave me.

Thank you once more.
best regards
Albert Mutoya.

Business loan

A big shout out goes to all my lenders for their kind gesture over my almost completed loan, the loan was indeed very helpful, U all shall be celebrated!
God bless you all.

Halcon express delivery

Good luck and best wishes for you and your business.

Upgrade my taxi fleet chair covers

Thank you so much for this loan. It came in at the right time. Now I'll be able to complete my car fleet seat upgrade. I appreciate your effort.

Festive period restock

Thanks to All my Lenders, My last loan helped me in restocking my Shop for the Festive Period. Looking forward to your continuous help.

Retailing electricals appliances

May the good lord bless all my lenders for their kind gesture in helping me grow my business

Photography and video service

Always grateful and thankful to all lenders for agreeing to lend to me too. Your loan to me has being helpful to me and my family.
Can't thank you enough for your kindness. God richly bless you all

Business of purchase and sale of electrical and electronics

Hey lenders, I am so excited for the loan funding. My business is going to be all set.

Printing business expansion

I will buy printing materials. The loan will help the youth in community who are not in employment and my income will increase everymonth.thanks lenders for your effort in this journey of building business

School fees

Dear Lenders,
With the Loan i received last i was able to buy a water dispenser which is used to purify water at our rural area unlike before when they used to drink water directly from the river or well thus having health issues now and then.
Thank you for your support

Repair my greenhouses

I would like to express my gratitude for your help.
I will buy tomato seeds for my garden. This will assist me to increase my production and have more to supply soon as schools reopen next year.
Thank you so much

Printing works

Thank you Paul for assisting me with the loan. I really appreciate it.

Samuel’s fashion loan project

Thanks to you all Lenders who proudly supported me when I was in need.
Although business wasn’t all that good as I expected but was ok other done doing nothing because I have learnt a lot, where the twists and turns are .
It probably because it my first annum since I started this business.

I do appreciate every penny released to push my business this month.
God bless you all in all your good ways.
Long live Zidisha!!

Selling house paints

Thanks to all my lenders for their support during the funding of my previous loan.thanks to the team that brought the idea of zidisha,helping those of us who can not get access to bank loans.l increase the supply of all types of paint in my shop which l most continue. Because the demand for it is very high as a result of the Christmas season and the new year ahead.Even though the season is short paint is always in demand.l always tell my client even if your house is small your choice of paint can make it big.thanks to my dear lenders.

Materials for restaurant expansion

thank u my esteemed lenders for your support and loan which has helped my business a lot.which I used to procure this items and machie

Selling Chinese herbal products

All these pictures I uploaded are what I purchased with the loan give to me,thanks to Zidisha and all my lenders am more than grateful

Selling Chinese herbal products

These are what I used the loan to purchase

Selling Chinese herbal products

Thanks to all my lenders for always coming to my aid.
I used the given to me to buy these products in the picture below

To buy computer set for my new shop

I am grateful for your unending support.


At Work Pinkberry


Thank You Very Much For your concern. It really means a lot to me for u having this chat with me.

Once again I humbly say Thank You...

Moses loan project

Wonderful things happening!!
Thanks to Zidisha and my Lenders

To repaint/facelift my commuter van & boost income

Hello Mary,
Thanks so much for your good advice as well as support. Be blessed.


I really enjoy your service and kind assistance lending to us in time of our need thanks so much.

Second hand clothes business

Hello lenders, I appreciate your efforts by helping me with the loan i just repay. My loan helped me to increase the number of pieces and thereby increases my profit as well. Thank you team zidisha, thank you lenders

Halcon express delivery

Good Business!

Expanding working area

This how I used the loan I borrowed. I bought a paint and white spirit to continue with the work. I am so happy at least am step ahead.. Hoping to get more funds so that I can complete the work and be paid. Then I can pay workers, pay rent and school fees for my children who are in high school one in college.

Selling clothes

Thank you for this loan it has been very helpful.
My business is doing well especially now during the festive season.

Kind regards,



Mtn warning tape production

Olayinka I can't wait to see your business grow with the help of Zidisha lenders!

Working capital requirements and restocking

One of our JAMB CBT Centre


A big thank you to everyone, God bless

Festive period restock

Thanks to my able Lenders across the Globe. Just got credited with my loan and am so happy because it comes at a time I need to restock my Goods for the Christmas Period

Bulk ingredients purchase for my bar and restaurant

The loan I just completed helped me alot like always, that even when I traveled my business could run well cause I had my bulk purchase on ground, I really appreciate this help I get on Zidisha

Improved seeds for my agribusiness

I am grateful to lenders who tirelessly have continued to help us small scale farmers to thrive.Thank you so much for the kind gesture to all.

To repaint/facelift my commuter van & boost income

Hello partners ,
I just want to thank all of you who have in the past support my business and facilitated in its growth.Though challenges are many, i have been able to boost my income.

Expand my cybercafe

Happy to help a third time.

Business loan

I Awoyale Sunday confirm the loan I received from lender. Am very happy to related with the lender who offer the loan to. God bless you all.

Loan to add float to my mpesa business and stock of clothes

Thank you so much my lender Paul Buccheit for funding my business

Loan for executive shoe business.

Thanks for supporting me. The loan will be used to support my shoe business and the profit will be uséd to support my sister's education.


Recycling business

You are doing excellent work Emmanuel! We are glad to be working alongside you in helping to clean things up all around the world.