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Tutorial centre

Procurement of standing fan and HP DESKJET PRINTER

Office furniture

Am always proud to be a member of zidisha, through zidisha i was able to furnish my business room. i used my current loan i got from zidisha to buy furniture and refurbish the room. by then i use to write articles but due to the market demand on typing and printing within my locality i shifted and now i do largely on printing as i secured contracts with surrounding schools to type and print for them examination questions as well as surrounding companies which i do print for them labeling stickers. through zidisha i can have a smiling face as my family way of life has changed, i can get them their basic needs with ease. Thank you zidisha


Fuel for transportation of solar products to wholesalers

Happy to loan again - hope it all goes well for you!

To purchase bales of 2nd hand clothing and water for sale

Day and night I'm always grateful and thankful to all my lenders for their love and support. God bless you all.

Importing car dash cameras for selling

Hi is the stock of dash cameras that I ordered.

Loan to buy inventory for my jewellery business venture

I'm very grateful for your support once again. I hope to establish a new phase to my business with this loan. I'll purchase new inventory for my retail jewelry collection. Thank you very much.

Buying cereals for small hotel

hi lenders thank so much God bless you abundantly, you have helped me alot, i feel proud of you, my business now are going well, thank you alot, i would like to borrow again from you

I need financial support to expand my food business

Thanks very much for your quick response to my loan request. I am grateful you, lenders, God richly bless you all.

To boost my milk shop and garbage collection service

Hi,lenders. Just feeling good to inform you that I'm on the right track. Saying this is because I have managed to pay my loan in full and business is still standing. This business of garbage collection is feeding my family and also able to pay hired truck and two turnboy. Hope when I will come to you will still help me? Thank you my lenders

Loan to buy wood

I will use this loan to buy wood and also pay the carpenters .Thank you so much Paul for having faith in me am giving me all the support i need ..I will make sure that i pay in time .. God bless you

I need the loan to buy coconut seedings

I will used it to paid for 100 coconut seedings I collected from the Agricultural officer. May the Almighty God bless all the lenders

Business expansion by acquiring machine

I have make lot significant improvement from my previous transacting business. There is an increase in my profit margin by 20%

I need financial support to expand my food business

Dear Precious lenders, thank you very much for your continous financial support, my business is gradually growing.

New display counter

Remain blessed lender Paul Buchheit for fully funding my loan. Asante

Rent a bigger shop

I thank my lenders for the kind gesture. I will use the money to buy more goods and equipment for my shop. (Photo copy machine). This will make my business grow with more profit.

Fuel for transportation of solar products to wholesalers

Thank you all so much. just finished paying off my loan. God bless you all.

New display counter

Thank you lenders for making me to be a serious business lady in my locality.Truly most of my customers are now coming back to my shop since I started re-stocking their favourite goods for beauty.
Thanks so much for lending your hands.
Kind regards.

To buy a bigger power generating plant

Wao, I am a happy user of this platform. The lenders here are just so wonderful. Especially, the speedy approval of loans and disbursement to my bank. I can say, zidisha is a reliable platform. Keep it up.

Rent a bigger shop

Good luck and many greetings from Germany

Tuition for university degree in development studies

I take this opportunity to thank all my lenders for their generosity and being patient with me as i slowly repaid the loan. The loan was very helpful in offsetting my School fees and boosting my business. My family and I are so happy for i am advancing in education as well as helping in settling bills at home. Thank you for being part of this success!

Stock addition

To all past & future Lenders,

Thank you for believing & trusting in our endeavours. Your funds make a difference to every borrower you lend to. You're a glimpse of financial hope to many.

Half of my borrowed funds go to my campaign while the rest I re-invest into my shop.

May every project that you touch prosper. God Bless!

Stock addition

Thank you very much for funding my loans. God bless! Kindly visit to learn about my story.

Poultry farming

Jambo zidisha.
I would like to thank you for your support. I received the loan and I have been able to increase my stock and my services has really improved a lot. Thank you so much.


To boost my milk shop and garbage collection service

Wonderful! So glad to hear your business is doing well!


More stock for my wholesale/retail shop

This is great news Kalinda! Keep up the good work.

New display counter

Hello dear lenders,
I would like to give you an update concerning my business.As at now,I have good number of existing and new customers which has been made possible through your prayers and financial assistance.
I fully count you for my success and asks God to remember you always in your times of need.Be blessed and have peace in your hearts.
Love you lenders from my bottom of my heart.


Will buy seeds to plant, in order to sell the vegetables on my grocery. Thanks so much for the loan.

Mpesa float top up

A big thank you for what you have contributed. It is well appreciated.

Mpesa float top up

Tim my best friend thanks a million times for your contribution, on my kneels to pray for God to grant you more and more Amen.


Mpesa float top up

Dear Joscah,
sorry I can not give you more this time, but have recently put money in another loan project.
Good luck to you and god bless you


Money transactions and credit cards

I received 919 ghana cedis.I used the loan to buy cell phone credit cards and also used the money to do money transactions. Thank you all God bless you

Loan to make my rented room good for goods

O purchased African print cloths,men sandals, women shoes and dresses. The cloths buying is moving fast and it have help my profit to move to 30% and that have help me pay the fees of me step brother who is at the high school. My step brother and I will be going to my uncle in Accra and we will use that money to travel. I thank all my lenders for giving me such an opportunity

Connecting power to computers

I am so glad about the support from Zidisha. I am almost clearing my current loan and it has really helped my freelancing online work.

I am now more financially stable, courtesy of Zidisha!

Purchase of equipment

this part of what I have been doing

Vegetable project

Thanks for the loan ,it will help to better my vegetable business buying seeds and fertiliser for the vegetables

Shop restructuring

Let me start by thanking zidisha and all my lenders for standing with me, i completed repaying my loan sometimes back and i took some time to think of what to do with my next loan. my previous loan was very helpful to my business since i never lacked the small first moving spares in the shop and this give confidence to my client very time they come to shop. i now want to add another stand in my shop that can hold more stock since I have started stocking vehicle tyres. Thank you for your support.

New accessories & equipment for my photography business

Thanks so much all lenders for the help once again.
Am grateful

More stock for my wholesale/retail shop

Helloo.. I was able to receive my stock yesterday from the suppliers.. There were delays due to high demand of the products.. Amazingly! i was aslo able to supply 3/4 of the stock in one day.. i had so many pending orders and all of them are sorted now.. i'm also able to repay 80% of the loan today at once today.. This has really help my business.. thanks so much guys and all blessings to you.. cheers

Buy a public address sound system and speakers for hire

Thank you lenders to mention with glad Joost,Robert hammer,melkom, Joseph Hwang, Miguel Vela,Chritelle, Alex memo, Moursund,Bileiro, Eric ayers, Margaret, Kate& tom, Maggie& Morwenna feel appreciated wherever you are for the support with funds. I will Buy a public address items in order to boost my vision work on events covering everything in one package not only what i have been doing previous on video shooting and photography and but engage more with sound . see the picture below of one of the item sample
Best regards

Youth computer training center

Thanks so much for all the support ladies and gentlemen. I'm deeply grateful for your aid. Onward and forward. Will continue posting our progress. Thanks again. You guys rock!!!

Business expansion

Zidisha Loan has helped me with expansion of my business. Due to this more clients are giving me feedback on positive customer satisfaction.
The market is not static as every business person will attest to that fact but I'm happy with the way business is going.
More thanks to all our wonderful lenders. You are doing more than you know.


Loan to buy inventory for my jewellery business venture

Good luck Gloria. Happy to lend to you again.

Assist in medical cover for a loved one

In 5 months, my life has improved from just a simple merchant to a busy business man. What can i say I am truly greatful for zidisha and mostly my lenderers. God Bless you all

Pineapple farming

Hello Lenders, I have received my loan. The total amount i received was $824 dollars. The money would be used to rent a land and start the cultivation of pineapples. Thank you so much for lending. The dream is possible because of you. I am most grateful

Expand land under vegetable cultivation

Thank you God bless you.

Transportation crates.

Dear zidisha team.Thank you so much for your endless effort in ensuring my farm is fully equipped with healthy crops as well as other farm inputs.Surely I have a place to call home which is Zidisha Microfinance.

My daughter's education

Hi Jan, thanks for your support and encouragement. I am grateful, may God richly bless you

Adding inventory.

Hello lenders, first things first thank you all for the undivided support on my just repaid loan, It really expanded my business boundaries as well as I have learnt a lot of business information in the retail and wholesale trades. With the loan I multiplied my stock and also spent on marketing and means of delivery to my clients, all went well up to a certain point I had to reduce my installment limit for two installments then I came back to normalcy after a small business inconvenience. But as per now I was able to get the cash back, I re-invested in the business three times before my time for repaying the loan elapsed and trust me it was worthwhile, as per now my clients have increased and I have a heavy burden of having to supply to them more goods and am not able to sustain due to limited funds. I am hereby applying to get another chance to withhold the state of my business and if possible progress it.


Growing vegetables in recycled bags to support children's home

That looks amazing Clint, great work!

Avocado supply

On my way transporting avocados to keitt complex.may God grant me wisdom.