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Edexpo africa

Hi Emma. Yes Amity are one of my frequent exhibitors at EdExpo Africa. I do not recruit for any of the universities, what we do is create a platform for them to meet prospective learners at our expo. Thanks Emma, for helping fund my loan.

Oyster mushroom farm expansion

Thank you very much lenders you made it again. God bless you all.

African fabrics for dressmaking

I thank all my lenders. I thank you for having faith in me by giving me you money. I going to use this money to buy African print for my shop. This will enable me meet the demands of my customers and also the current trend of the market. This in turn will increase my revenue and also generate income for few people around who will lend a hand in producing the prints. Thank you.


Oyster mushroom farm expansion

I love Oyster mushrooms! Good luck for your business and for yourself as well :)

Network coverage expansion

Planning to add solar backup for my Internet business with very many power failure experiences here in Kiambu, Kenya

Wairimu and nyoyo beans restock

I would like to thank my lenders for the loan, I. Was able to buy the beans for my business and it's doing well.

Inventory business

I have received my loan thank You so much for the positive impact toward my business thank you so much

Cosmetics for my barbershop

Thanks so much for funding my loan God bless you

New shop

Thank you lenders !

To start a tvs tuk tuk garage with auto spares shop

Dear Lenders, I am very grateful for your generous support in funding my loan. This loan will go a long way into making my garage set up a reality. I will be able to set up and stock the garrage. I will keep you posted on progress on this project.

Thank you very much.

Muthoni farmer

Thanks my lenders you have
Changed my life.I can afford taking my children's to a better school as I continue to pay I hope to get more loans from you .Asante Sana

Loan to purchase spices and supplements

Hi Grace :-)

Good nutrition is so important, I'm sure your work is very rewarding :-) Just wondering if you obtained the spices etc locally, or if you obtained them from big businesses etc?

Wishing you all the best.
Thanks in advance, Emma.

Paying school fees for my sisters

Thank you my lenders. I am grateful for the support you give to me. my journey with you has been smooth. I am able to support my siblings from the businesses that is supported by you. I am planing to add maize into my stock from my current loan since it is in high demand at the moment.

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

We live by the special Grace of the most high God.

Refurb iphone and factory network unlock

To all my Lenders I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the last loan of $520. two reasons I struggled towards the end of the loan was 1. the screen am I was looking for initially I had to order from China because I was looking for the complete screen ( the screen, hinges and covers) I could not get locally it arrives next week so that business is still pending. 2. towards the last repayment week, I fell sick with malaria and typhoid so business went down. All in all this loan was a big boost to my business because I fixed over 6 iPhone screens, sold one laptop, and at the end of all the business i invested this funds I will have made an extra working capital of $200. Thank you

Rafa's training-items loan

The fund was useful in helping get training materials (manuals and stationery) for my Instructor-led training classes

Sale of bedsheets

Dear lenders, Its my belief that you are all fine. I am looking forward to your support in expansion of my business. Be blessed

Sewing and liquid soap makign

I will give to my wife to get some materials for her sewing business and improve on her liquid soap making.
I will improve her business.
Thank you.

Grow my online business and enroll in an online course

The previous loan was very helpful. I was able to buy stock to sell online on to supplement my online income. The business has been quite successful. Like any other business there have been challenges trying to grow it past guinea pig stage.

Business extension

Thank you Thomas, am grateful

Additional hair dryers for my saloon

I have received an amount of Ghc526 as my new loan.
I will buy new hand held hair dryer and other hair oils for my business.

Thanks to Zidisha and sincere lenders of their support to my business.
I'm very grateful

Business extension

Congratulations. I hope, your business will grow in the future. I will give you loan again.
Best Regards

Clothing business

I am making progress now things were difficult first, now I was able to settle some of my bills.

Gilgal springs academy for the vulnerable

Thanks Paul. I am very grateful for your funding. I decided not to buy desks because the children went for holiday and renovated the new school building. The floor had potholes, the doors were not coloured and lockable. I have repaired 5 classrooms and five are still undone. I have made a logo for the school for easy identification. Once again thank you for your support.

Home construction project

Dear Lenders!
I bring you greetings from Ghana and also from Conciv Engineering Limited. We are progressing steadily with our current job and I am happy to upload some photos here for you to see our progress. it has been a phenomenal journey and I am glad you guys all made it possible.

I promise to do my best in order to deliver my services to the satisfactory of my clients.

I am deeply grateful for your support up to this stage. God bless you all.

Boosting my cybercafe

Hi, Funmilayo, I like the picture of Microlight or Trike on the left. One of my friend's brother is a Microlight pilot in Indonesia.

Best wishes for your cybercafe!

Acquiring food items for my cereals retail outlet

To my Lenders,

I cannot possibly thank you enough, because words seem so inadequate. Please register my sincere gratitude. I am now ready to improve my business and raise the living standards of my family and my community.

Again, i am truly grateful.

Wairimu Gathii.

Business expansion

You have been good people God bless you

Business loan

Thank you so much, you'll make my dreams come true.

Well & tank to provide clean water to rural community

I just successfully made loan repayment today. I'm happy and thankful to all my lenders for their love, care and patience. Your support brings relieve and smile on the face of me and my family, as well as my neighbors and the community.
We are grateful and thankful to you all and God richly bless you all

Buy a midi keyboard

I am so grateful to the Zidisha family for helping me achieve this milestone. I have tested and fallen in love with the midi piano. I get to create and add beats to tracks. It’s so amazing. I am not able to even explain half if my joy to the lenders and Zidisha family. May you be more than blessed

To start a tvs tuk tuk garage with auto spares shop

Thank you to all my generous lenders so far. You always help build many dreams!

Pay as you go solar

Thanks for supporting our PAY AS YOU GO SOLAR

Vertical bags for small scale farmers

I had a great opportunity to visit Meru county in eastern region of Kenya, Meru county is famous for growing khat( Miraa). Khat happens to be the cash crop of 60% population in the region, Kenyans in Meru speak Kimeru language, Other crops grown in Meru county include Tea,coffee,potatoes etc, Meru is a good market for green products

Internet cafe

My generous lenders thank you for your confidence in me. I will surely pay back. And I ask and pray for more support in future. God bless you all.

Funds to open a beauty parlour

business is currently slow due to lack of staff, thankfully i just hired a new person so i hope to see an increase in my income. sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Training of micro sme practitioners

Facilitation of training undertaken with previous funds. This enabled new markets to open up.The trainings were in Business Operations, Licensing, Tax Computations & BookKeeping.

These trainings were conducted over a period of 3 days, with 25 business persons or their reps in attendance.

Inventory booster

Thank you all and I really appreciate your support. I wish I could thank you more. My plan for the loan is to add inventory yo my business which include photocopy papers, photo papers, printer inks, and a few stock for my cyber cafe business. I promise to do my best to make the loan help me and to pay it back in good time. Once again thank you all.

Small business loan

I want to sincerely thank my lenders for being there for me and helping me out to grow my business, am grateful to you. I promise to be paying my loan back on time.

Executive shoes and sandals

First very big thank you to Margaret and Rdcmole for funding my loan for me. Second big thank to you to team Zidisha for creating this platform. This loan will be used for buying shoes and sandals and the profit I'll make will be reinvested into my business.

To buy solar light and kit for resale

Thank you Tom for your faith in my business.

African fabrics for dressmaking

I am going to buy new local prints. This will help me meet the demands of my customers. This will help increase my revenue and not only me but those who sell local print fabrics are going to earn through me. This is amazing. I really thank the lenders who chose to help me.

Beauty & cloths shop.

Thanks to you lenders, I look forward to becoming friends

To buy solar light and kit for resale

Congratulations on your repayment milestone, 2/3! I am sure your business will pick up soon. Best wishes.

Purchase of books to sell

My faithful lenders, l appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you.

New building and computers & UPS back-up, for my training centre

Thank you, Awudu! (and ditto)
Also, belated Happy Easter!! :-)

Add screening services to my pharmacy

I received 352 after all necessary deductions were made from 488. I bought first aid kits to assist in supporting emergency cases like asthma attacks, injuries and many other related first aid issues. Thanks so much for the loan

Expand land

To all my lenders i say thank you so much for funding my new loan and i promise to use this loan to expand my business land. May God bless you all

I still want to pay my brother college fees.

Halo and good evening to all my leaders, you have stood by me for all this time and I want to appreciate you all because all you have done to me financially and also the good advice that gave me.
My God richly bless you all.
Thank you.

Final payment to acquire a generator.

I used the last loan fully settled now to buy laptop for my freelance writing business.