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Child education costs

Thank you for funding my child's education. May your goodness be rewarded by God with better goodness

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Terima kasih telah mendanai pendidikan anak saya. Semoga kebaikan anda dibalas oleh Tuhan dengan kebaikan yang lebih baik


Child education costs

I am a teacher. Please let your sons enjoy school.

Coffee shop and vehicle repair

Thank you very much Mr/Mrs Anonymous United Stated and Joseph Wambua Tala, Kenya for the Funding I will buy the warkop needs that I run with my family in the form of coffee sachets, milk sachets, mineral water, glass tea and many other beverage products as well as the main menu ingredients for our warkop Gado-gado and many other cakes, some of which I will use for the repair/service of motorbikes which I use daily to make money with online motorcycle taxis when I haven't got a new job Regards, Joko Setyono

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Terimakasih Banyak Mr/Mrs
United Stated
Joseph Wambua
Tala, Kenya

Atas Pendanaannya
Saya akan membelikan kebutuhan warkop yang saya jalankan dengan keluarga berupa Kopi sachet, susu sachet, air mineral, teh gelas dan masih banyak produk beverage lainnya serta bahan menu utama warkop kami Gado-gado dan masih banyak kue yg lainnya sebagian akan saya gunakan untuk perbaikan/service kendaraan motor yg saya gunakan sehari-hari untuk mencari uang dengan ojek online di saat saya belum mendapatkan pekerjaan baru

Joko Setyono

Stock for school supply shop

A big thank you for funding my Zidisha loan, now i got to roll my sleeves and get down to business. Going to purchase stationery awaiting schools re-opening, at this moment when demand is still not high, prices are affordable

Nyaisa farm

The project i started has really helped me to grow. I have offered employment to four people who are working on my farm. I earned good interest that i paid college fee to my children and one of the orphan child i adopted.

Hiring truck for garbage collection

My last conclude loan I used in starting garbage collection. I have managed to bring more landlords on board. To give them services in garbage collection in my area. This have made me to create jobs me and others 4 guys. Hiring truck a truck is still a bit challenging because the owner eats 65% income. But I still believe that I will own my truck.

Electronics and mitumba shop

I received the funds and am really happy because i added stock to my business. Am very happy because now i can see growth of it day by day. Thanks alot to my bankers and God bless you

Butcher shop

Best wishes from a fellow small business owner of 25 years. Keep on keepin' on! My wife and I would like to support other Zambian men and women in business, so please tell all your friends and colleagues about Zidisha.

Mushroom processed snacks

I have been running a white oyster mushroom farming business for three years now. Right now I need to develop a business in the field of processing mushrooms to make snacks because the snacks business is very promising, so I'm trying to be able to increase my capital.

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Saya sudah menjalani usaha pertanian jamur tiram putih selama tiga tahun berjalan. Saat ini saya membutuhkan pengembangan usaha dalam bidang pengolahan jamur untuk dijadikan makanan ringan atau snacks oleh karena usaha snacks sangat menjanjikan maka saya berusaha untuk bisa menambah permodalan.

Dairy farming

Dear all,
The just concluded dairy farming project has greatly improve milk production to 12-15ltrs per day. This has increased sales and looking forward to purchase additional dairy cow for t scale up the project.

Carmel fashions

The funds really assisted in kickstarting my business back then.
I was able to get ladies wear with the amount and start my online business.
My business has since expanded to footwear,bags and human hair wigs

To buy school shoes and slippers

Thank you Zidisha for the loan.I used the loan to pay school fees for my child who was not allowed to do exam before paying fees.The loan as assisted me alot.Regards

Buy stock spearpart motor

Sorry in advance to my supporters, I just got updated, yesterday I was just shopping for my workshop needs. Thank God, funds from supporters and added from the profits of my motorcycle repair shop, I was able to shop for stock spare parts, which were in short supply at my motorcycle repair shop. I would like to thank the supporters in the zidisha community, who have helped me and other members a lot. Greetings zidisha

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Mohon maaf sebelumnya kepada pendukung saya baru bisa perbaruhi, kemarin saya baru belanja keperluan bengkel saya. Alhamdulilah dana dari pendukung dan ditambah dari keuntungan bengkel motor saya, saya dapat belanja stok Spare Parts yang tinggal sedikit persediaanya di bengkel motor saya. Saya ucapkan banyak terima kasih kepada pendukung dalam komunitas zidisha, yang telah banyak mebantu kepada saya dan anggota lain. Salam zidisha

Çereal shop

Funds is going to assist me purchase different Cereals to have good stuff and sell during this Holiday Season.
The sale will help me be able to save money for other stock while save some profit for my daughter personal effects as she goes back to school next year, 2023.
I sincerely thank project team who was able to make me move other steps in this my small Cereal business. Thanks again as am now sure my daughter will have some of her personal needs.
Thanks again and may God Bless you all in Christ name.

Poultry rearing

thanks alot , you really made my project possible..this will help me fund my project and in return help other members too

Distributing educational textbooks

We have been able to buy inventory for books and cleaning materials.
We have also been pre-qualified as supplier for World Vision Zambia.
Our clientele is steadily increasing.

Buy stock spearpart motor

Thank you to my supporters who have funded the purchase of my child's school uniform..once again I thank you very much

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Terima kasih saya ucapkan pendukung saya yang telah mendanai untuk keperluan pembelian seragam sekolah anak saya..sekali lagi saya ucapkan banyak terima kasih


Trees and flower planting

Hi Evans.
This sound really exciting!
When you get settled, could you tell a little bit about how you're doing?
I guess hiring a new worker is quite expensive, but at the same time it shows that your business is growing, so i wish you the best luck!
:) Rune


Watermelon farming

Keep up the great work! If everyone put as much effort into their lives as you do, the world would be a much better place. Hope your 2023 is filled with success!

Purchase of cereal

I would like to take this precious opportunity to thank all members who funded my project.This will help me buy maize and other cereals which will boost my business.This will also help me make more profit and hence help me cater for my basic needs.

Thank you once again Zidisha for the financial support that you have given me and my business.
God bless Zidisha.

Building rental homes

Greetings Members, I am so much humbled by the immense support you have given to me on this project. I am planning to purchase pawpaw fruits and mango fruits to be added to my growing forest. It will help grow my fruit tree cover in the forest. Once again I say thank you for the overwhelming support. May everyone of us be blessed

Cost of labour along with farm inputs for maize farming

Gid bless. I managed to pay for my son's tution fee, he did his exams and passed well.

Cow comfort

Hallo, I will use the fund to by silage paper, molasses and in cutting, transporting and chopping maize fodder. By this I will be fodder secure. Thanks for the gracious funding.

Hardware shop

Thank you for accepting to led to my project. My husband and I are going to use the funds in starting a hardware shop business through combined efforts within the outskirts of Nairobi as we continue on working on improving the family income. This will definitely take us as a family a step ahead, because increased income means better lives for not only us as a family but also those we are going to employ in helping to run the business as well the community around us.

Publishing educational books and videos

Jambo guys, the paperbook version of the first book has been approved. the illustrations for this one are much better. Go to the link

Building a home for my family

Thank you all for accepting to fund my project. I need this loan to enable me connect electricity to my residential house and also do the kitchen cupboards and bedrooms wardrobes fittings. My intention is to complete the house soonest possible so as we can do away with paying rent which is consuming most of the family income. After moving into the house the amount we have been paying as rent will be released to grow the family business which will intern generate more income to the family helping us plan for a family vacation at least once or twice in a year.

New computer for my shop

Thanks a lot.

I will purchase the materials needed for my pen house and also buy some inventories for my business.

Thanks again once more for making my dream comes true.

Kuku tayari farm

hello backers!
my kuku tayari farm is doing well and as we approach the festive season am fully geared on stocking my small farm with more chickens to have a good sale this coming month to be able to pay school fees for my two kids when January comes.

Electrical tools

Am going to purchase a drilling machine which will help me in drilling holes in concrete that will help me in piping and conduit placement.thank you every one for making this project a success.

School fees

Thank you very much I will now be able to clear my school fees and sit for my exam.

Fridge for my juice bar

I'm so grateful for everyone's continued support and how immensely that I have been able to grow from my previous loans, im at ease and my business is doing okay, breaking even, feeding my family and able to pay for my niece fee, I have been able to continue expanding it in my own small way

Purchase of cereal

Hello my backers,
Am very much grateful for the financial support that you gave me in my last project that have already completed.It really helped me because out of the profits made,I was able to pay for my children fees.
It also boosted my business by boosting my stock.As a result of this,customer satisfaction was met.
May God bless you all.

Solar-powered clean water purifier & books for Hope School

Hello JOOST,

Greetings from Hope School. How are doing? Our school has not resumed yet but we are hopefull, we will resume in January, 2023. Kindly keep us in your thoughts.

Electrical tools

Am happy to be part of these community because it has been so helpful to me and other people has improved my life in a big way and thus giving thanks very much.

To buy more goods to top up my stock

Hi Elizabeth. All the best as you so your business. Keep soaring!

Rental premises for my cereals business

Hello guys,

Thank you most sincerely. What a good way to start my day. These funds will get me rented premises to cater for security deposit and a few months rent.

Thank you very much.


Trees and flower planting

I will buy more plastic bags and employ another worker who will help in this project. This funds will make me improve my project. I want to take this opportunity again to thank my lenders and Zidisha for making it happen .God bless

Hardware shop

Dear lenders,

I take this opportunity to thank you for lending my last project of expanding my beauty products and second hand clothing shop. Your funding has enable my shop to grow whereby am able to make sales of about Kshs. 50,000/= per week, with the profits averaging at about 30% of the sales amount. I have reinvested some of this extra profits in expanding the business as well as helping in footing the family bills. We are now doing well as a family, thanks to you, and have managed to take our kids to even better schools.

My passion,my dream,farming

Thank you for all the my last loan,I was able to increase and buy another batch of my chickens.i increased to 300 chickens and this will be giving me a 6 weeks income income of over K20,000.
If I manage to keep monthly,like if I can buy at intervals of 4 weeks apart,I will create my income monthly and be able to increase my earnings and continue to contribute to my society by means of workers ..
My venture is becoming a reality and my dream of becoming a bigger Poultry farmer is going to be realized.
I plan to pay a deposit towards a plot of which my desire is to start building my house next year.
Please I will be glad and appreciate if my loan is funded.
Thank you my funders .

My passion,my dream,farming

Thank you my backers,Zidisha family for the loan I got.
I managed to buy another batch of chickens that is at 2 weeks now.
My project is becoming a really grateful because I can see myself growing as time goes on.i will continue to work with you.
.The loan has made a difference in that I used some of my earnings to pay for my son s University son is doing MBA in Economics..

My business investment has increased because now I was able to increase on the number of chickens and also able to pay my worker without any challenge.Im also doing some chillie field which I see as having a future in agriculture.
With my earnings,I intend to pay a deposit fr a plot.Im tired of paying rentals

One of my achievements,my second born has now finished his College.
Find and see the photos of my son's..
Thank you Zidisha backers.we will continue this journey together..It is a blessing to be part of this journey.

Feeds for my young stock

Hello my good family of Zidisha, am grateful for having you as my family. I don't know how to thank you for adding a heifer in my herd. You also created employment for my assistant who helps me when I am not available.

Raising more capital to boost my smokie selli

I am very pleased for support guys. Through the funds I received I was able to purchase a smokie trolley and my business is now running well. I no longer need to higher a trolley.
I am looking foward for your continuous support. May God bless you.

Rain fed planting

I was able to expand my irrigation farm thanks to you guys for always supporting

Rent a new kiosk in a strategic location

with zidisha's loan capital I will move to a new, bigger shop and have a strategic location in the city center hopefully my business can get bigger and make my family's economy increase always be enthusiastic for my child's better future

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dengan modal pinjaman zidisha saya akan pindah ke toko baru yang lebih besar dan memiliki lokasi strategisdi pusat kota

semoga usaha ku bisa semakin besar dan membuat ekonomi keluarga ku meningkat

selalu semangat demi masa depan anak ku yang lebih baik

Water project

The amout raised helped me to clear my child hospital bill. Thanks aĺl for the suport

Beauty salon expansion

You seem to have a great business already going and I am happy to help you expand it. Good luck.

Children's wear stock

New business through the grace of Lord, the bread supply on motorbike has now given birth to a retail shop and running an MPESA outlet. I hope to begin a hotel soon.

Chicken replenishment

I started a bird business with only 10 birds, now I am at 150 birds. Out of those, 50 are mature already. I am going to increase the number of the birds using this loan. The increase enables me manage their capacity and monitor them closely as I become a fully fledged bird farmer. Thank you so much for your support

Spare parts funding

Funds have been used to purchase cartridges and ink so that customer printer repairs are smooth and successful. Thank you for the help

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Dana telah digunakan untuk pembelian catridge dan tinta sehingga perbaikan printer customer menjadi lancar dan sukses. Terima kasih atas bantuannya

School fees for my daughter

May she go to school and win