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Welding and metal fabrication

I have used this amount of money to buy welding materials such as, cutting disc, grinding disc, welding electrodes, red oxide (color), metal cutting saws. This purchase has helped to increase the quantity of my products according to the needs of my customers. Due to this, my income has increased from 50% to 70%. Add this 20% of income, I will use 10% to increase my capital, and 5% for family needs and 5% I will save for emergencies. I am proud to be self-employed and to be free to carry out my daily duties. I use my vacation time to evaluate my businesses, where I've come from, where I'm going, and what to add, and how I can improve my work environment.

Welding and metal fabrication

I have received sh 95,000. I will use it to purchase welding equipment as I listed earlier. Thank you for this love, for adding capital to my project.

Improve internet with enhanced 5g technology in my cyber

Hello Zidisha i purchased inventory items towards my computer cyber which i keep on adding up stock to upgraded my computer to tally with the latest technology and keep the pace of customers. The purchase have attracted new customers who are ready using the machines and have improved my earnings per day from $5 to $7 dollars on walk in customers and the buying direct purchases to making it to $12 dollars. While i started working Zidisha i had no Family but by now God have blessed with 2 children and we are doing good .I have also shared some vegetable plantation towards the word of sharing on what you have this rainy season .

To expand my farm and school fees

Hello everyone today being Sunday am very very happy So I want you guys to join me cerebrate my daughters birthday party thanks goes to those who made up this platform reality once again thanks

Neisha food products

I used the money to buy lentils, wheat flour, nuts and cooking oil. My capital was rise up to 980000TZS. I also managed to increase profits from 200000-250000 per week. I used the profits to pay the children's fees and the amount I helped my elderly neighbor eat

Yogurt milk processing and packaging

First of all I would like to give my thanks to God for this chance gave me and the second one I give my grateful thanks for those who give me support by funding my project Sir God may bless you more
Am sure that through your fund I will improve packaging facilities, if possible I will buy processing machine and will shift from traditional methods to modern one methods of processing yogurt milk since I will have machines
Also through your fund I will expand my business , through this various youths and neighbors around my community will get a chance to be employed in my business hence strengthening their income for survival and other issues in their life
Am confident enough that your fund will help me more in my business as stated above.

Once more I take this chance to give my grateful thanks again

Frenkius Brasio Christian.

Buy and install water pump

Johnson, Edward and Lawal and the whole Zidisha team, I wish to sincerely thank you for helping to fund my project. I will now be able to buy a water pump and irrigate my crops easily, therefore providing food for my family and the community. I say thank you again and may the Almighty God bless you.

Tuition for medical training college

I am going to pay my tuition fee, thus helping me to concentrate on my studies and my other side hustles to repay back.Thanks so much to those who contributed towards my project and my zidisha family at large, more blessings and may you never lack.

Equipping our school computer lab

I will purchase additional desktops let say 10 of them and 5 laptops following demand in IT programs at the school.This will help the school to enrol more pupils and generate more income for the school to grow big and provide excellence in IT programs. Thank you to all you my lenders for making it possible for me to access the funding through and Zidisha platform. Am so happy and to you all may God richly bless you.

Wedding decoration service

I did receive the funds successfully in my MTN payment line and I bought the materials for wedding decorations.
Therefore this has made my work very easy and a great difference to my business because with the loan am able to buy the materials for decorating to all functions such as kitchen parties, weddings and birthday parties.
My earnings now have increased and my family is doing fine. Am able to pay house rental, shop rentals and home improvement due to increased earnings at the moment.
Thank you very much my lenders am so grateful for this great gesture through Zidisha platform. May God bless you.

Increase grocery stock

I bought a number of groceries in my retail shop and these are fast consumable goods that are highly sellable.

There is a big difference in my shop now because customers are able to make a choice of their own on goods they want to buy, since the shop well stocked up with different lines of product or goods.

My earnings now have increased by per week from ZMW 2500.00 to ZMW 4000.00 per week, indicating that the business is growing steadily, because the profits made are able to improve the standard of living at home and also school fees for the children.
Thank you so much my lenders for your support for making it possible for the business to be doing very well today and improve the living standard of my family.

Buy and install water pump

Water is life and it helps protect women and children from long distances and gender based abuses. This is a great initiave

Increase stock for my food retail shop

Being more than 10years old with Zidisha, I can proudly say I have benefitted greatly from this project. I am running a medium enterprise business courtesy of Zidisha. Thank you all and let's keep helping each other in this community

Equipping our school computer lab

To all my lenders of my previous projects. Am so grateful to you. My school is growing and the enrolment of learners is very overwhelming and the school is doing very well in the area of IT or computer programs. You have all made it possible for all this success and as the school headteacher on behalf of the learners, I wish to extend my gratitude to you all for your continued support . We shall also keep working hard and update your on the successes and achievement of the school. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Pilot shop

My business is growing steadily.Since i started working from home i can now comfortably add my stock and not worry about extra rental costs.The profit margin is growing by day.All these are made possible because of your support as Zidisha family,thanks alot!

Improve medical product inventory

Thank you for making this project come through,
The fund will be fully utilized in making sure I purchase some of the item that are in hight demand in my shop like:
1) malaria drugs( Artemether Lumefantrine.
2). Typhoid drugs.
3). Baby Diapers.

The fund fund will help me to purchase some of this drug to sell in my shop.

I want to use the opportunity to thank all the members who find it pleased in their heart to support my project, I want say that I will never disappoint them . Thank you all Zidisha family.

Stock of medicines

Hello Everyone,

It is a great opportunity to be on the platform and raise money for my pharmacy business. I was able to add on inventory which did well for the shop. We are now a trusted dispensing chemist in the area as we have a good inventory.

In the next project, I will be raising money for more inventory as well as employ an attendant who will help when I am not around. This will help in having the place operating even when I am unavailable

Equipping our school computer lab

I purchased desktops and laptops at the schoop lab. The impact of this equipment has made a very big difference. The enrolment for IT programs has increased for learners and the school is now generating good income to pay utility bills and school workers and also improving the learning environment of school.
Thank you all my lenders for this gesture you have shown to support our school because this will our school institution to grow and being known to be the best school that provides equality and excellence in IT programs. Thank you so much, as the headteacher of the school I look forward for more support from you because own our own as the school we cannot do it.


Purchase of an electric motorcycle for delivery business

I love the direction that you are taking your delivery business. I am in Canada in computer repairs. I got an eBike and used it a lot last summer for anyone close to my home. I avoided driving 2200km, and saved about $350 in gas. All the exercise made me feel awesome.

I hope that your eBike is everything that you dream it to be!

Purchase of an electric motorcycle for delivery business

Hello, I'm delighted to post that I have cleared the loan. The funds helped me establish my farm by adding more pawpaw trees. I have also joined a community of fruit farmers and took part in seminars to improve farming where I learnt about conservation farming where we grow crops and at the same time take care of our environment. I would not have experienced all this were it not for zidisha. So far so good and the sky is the limit. I look forward to a bumper harvest of healthy organic fruits.

Don't give up

As a pharmacist that run a not small nor big shop the money will help me alot to buy more add more goods to my shop and so on.
Thank you guys for making my project possible thank you so much.


Naomi sweet cakes

I look forward to hearing how it goes. I spent a few days in Moshi in 2017. We stayed at a hotel a little outside the town on the grounds of a school for orphans. Everyone there was so good to us, and we had such a wonderful time.

Fashioning a brighter future, empowering communities

Please stay true to your dreams and keep us posted how everything goes. Best of luck.

Hair cutting machine

I Will buy a new pedicure and manicure machine's due to high demand of customers. It will help to create another job opportunities and many customers will be served with perfect time no more waiting at all .I appreciate you all for making my spa and Barber glow and making it possible through your support.

Bale of blankets, ladies jackets & cold season clothing

I need receive the funds and I bought the bales of summer time clothing, ladies jackets and dresses. My business is growing steadily and am so happy with the Zidisha platform. It is indeed changing lives for the better and indeed investing for the future.

School fees

Thank you so much for funding my project. I'm a young women with dreams of completing my education and you all are making it possible. May God bless you

Kitchen gardens for vegetable farming

Hello Zidisha family. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to the members who supported my project. This is a major milestone for my business which I intend to optimize in making progress in my business. It will definitely have a great impact on my family, business, and the community.

Below is an outline of how I intend to utilize the funds.
Item / Quantity / Price / Amount
Kitchen gardens / 6 / 2500 / 15000
Fertilizer / 3 / 100 / 300
Organic pesticide/foliar feed / 1 / 700 / 700
Chicks / 20 / 100 / 2000
Chicken feed / 10 / 70 / 700
Chicken feeders/drinkers / 2 / 500 / 1000
Charcoal / 2 / 1200 / 2400
Phone / 1 / 3000 / 3000
Zidisha contribution / 1000
Total / 26100

By investing the funds, as above-listed, I look forward to:
1) better vend for my family
2) Accomplish my farming goals
3) Expand my culinary business
4) Achieve my marketing goals for
a) my products
b) the kitchen gardens at a commission
c) organic fertilizer, foliar feed, and pesticide at a commission.

Yes, six months down the line I trust to be way ahead in my journey.

Thanks once again to the participant members and the Zidisha family at large. God bless you all abundantly.

Tailoring business: school uniforms to sale

To all the seven funders to my project, I would like to express my appreciation and heart felt thanks.

The funds will help me purchase sewing materials so that I can design school uniforms and later sale to different schools.

The funds will help me to employ a helper and move into a bigger shop.

Again, thanks for funding my project. may your generosity motive me and others to fund other projects.

Expansion of my chicken project

My project doing fine with a hope of making it commercial . Thanks lenders for being part of my story

Expanding my farm

Good people, thanks for the support. Continue supporting others. Up coming entrepreneurs need support. I can conformable move around with the bike and supply goods to the customers without challenges. I really appreciate your support and continue supporting each other within the network.

Multistory gardens for rural women

This is the inside of the solar drier showing where the vegetables are placed for drying. We are looking forward to repackage the surplus vegetables for future use and sale.

Multistory gardens for rural women

This is the solar drier that I have installed in the farm.

Inventory for clothing and shoe shop

I want to return my gratitude to all.the members who funded my project.
This funds will add more stock to my business thus enabling me to be able to expand my business.
The funds will also help me buy furniture for my shop so that when my clients visit they are able to sit comfortably as they are being served rather than standing waiting for their turn.
I want thank all those that funded so very much may your pockets never lack.


The last project was about repairing my broken printer
I experienced a big challenge since I couldn't do bulk printing but after getting funding from Zidisha, I can now bulk printing with ease

Printing machine for cybercafe

Thanks so much my project funding members. I am very grateful for your funding. I am happy now because I will be able to buy a T-shirt printing machine for my business. This will help me realize more profit. Thank you so much for making my project realistic.

Handmade crochet clothes

Thank you so much for your support. I purchased yarns, stitch makers and crochet hooks.

That purchase helps a lot, because now I have accessories to teach my neighbors and hire 2 neighbors who are interested in crocheting.

My earnings now have increased by 15%.

I will use my increased income to pay wages and save.

I'm so excited for the next achievement.

Moringa leaf powder production

Hello. Thank you a lot for the funding. I will use it to buy a bigger machine for grinding moringa leaves. The machine will help increase productivity by 25%. I am so grateful . Thank you once again.

Agrovet inputs

With the money I received I managed to buy animal feeds, fertilizer and agrochemical products.
Since then my sales have increased and even doubled than the previous months.
I no longer struggle with having to rush and get goods for customers from other shops.
With the profits I made this month have been able to stock in other products such as maize storage bags and maize hybrid.
Thanks to zidisha and group members for your support. No regrets.

Mbugani farm

drip irrigation that I bought and the location when it was closed
we are continuing with the planting of tomatoes and we are continuing to make many seeds for the preparation of other areas. Thank you very much


The results of the previous project was a great boost to my confidence in making it in the business world.My business had expanded beyond my imagination .Thank you for making my project possible.

The Ephesians Chemist

Hello good people. My project was of restocking drugs in my chemist premise was successful after receiving funds from friends on this platform. My kind regards to you all.

Salama clinic

Thank you SO MUCH for your generous contribution to support my clinic initiative! It is donors like you that help our community get access to better health care.

With this help, I will be able to acquire a digital sphygmomanometer, glucometer with Gluco strips, also I will be able to stock various antigen tests available for the mini laboratory. Priority on diagnostic equipment it is to aid in the treatment process. So your donation is actually helping to impact the lives of a lot of people! Because of you, these individuals will have access to treatment conveniently.

My longevity goal is focused on making basic health care accessible for those who need it. We as Salama fraternity aim to reach over 50,000 people each year and your contribution helps us get even closer to that goal.
So sure – I still have some design flaws to work through but I'm making good progress. The birth of my little clinic is starting to become a reality. The foundations are set and it sits comfortably on a small village with easy access for all our members of our community.

I will keep you posted about my progress and be diligent in my repayment…

With all my gratitude.

Second hand clothing business

Thank you so much my backers, funds were received successfully, I bought new bale of second hand clothing and my business is improving steadily now.
Your support for me was awesome and am progressing well.
Thank you very much for the support you have given me, am so grateful.

Equipping our school computer lab

With the funds raised in my project I would like to buy and add more computers in the computer lab as a number of pupils at the school is increasing daily. There will be more benefit from pupils as most of them do not know how to operate a computer. Hence the IT program at the school is being encouraged by all pupils so that they are impacted with skills and knowledge. Therefore the school per day will making ZMW 15,000.00 as profit from the computer lab. The library will also have more educational materials or books for the pupils to do their research and prepare for their examinations adequately.
Thank you very much to you all my lenders, am really humbled for your awesome support for our school project. May God really bless each one of you and your families.

Multistory gardens for rural women

Last month, we set up this two gardens right outside our shop in Oyugis. Farmers from all over gather around these gardens and that provides us with an opportunity to teach about climate-smart farming and how they can produce their vegetables for both home consumption and for sale to obtain income. Your support will go a long way! Thank you!

We are also thinking of helping them set up solar dehydrators to help them preserve excess vegetables.

Distributing milk and local grains

Am very grateful to you sirs for going out of your way to colour my life. Because this is all i have to cater for family and medication for my illing wife. I will make use of it by increasing the stock of both milk and cereals to meet the demands of the market. Once again am very thankful to you Sirs.

Cucumber and onion farming

We started our cucumber harvest from the first portion of the farm. Extremely happy with the quality of cucumbers we produced. Thank you for your support.

Equipping our school computer lab

Am very delighted to you my backers, your financial support has really helped to change the educational standards of the school. Enrollment at the school is very whelming the school is now growing and plans are now being put in place to expand the school blocks.
Thank you so much I really appreciate you. I hope and pray that you will support me again in my next project about to post. Thanking in advance.

Mini cafe

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who funded my project. I really appreciate your generosity. These funds will assist me purchase some tables, chairs , utensils and some equipments for my mini cafe. This will assist me run my business smoothly and in a larger space, hence moving it from my house. Thank you for making my dream come true. To all my funders may the Lord bless you and enlarge your territories. Blessed sabbath

Cucumber and onion farming

So excited to be fundraising for my new project. Cucumber farming! Please your support will be greatly appreciated! Thank you