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Moving my business to higher level

Hey Margaret,
Thanks alot for your positive comments and also your support.l appreciate a lot.
Kind Regards ,


Moving my business to higher level

Hi Martin,
I really admire your business skills, you are obviously very good at seeing opportunity and making it work for you. Best of luck to you with your new loan! Regards, Margaret

To pay my son's school fees

Zidisha system of borrowing where the borrower is not require to provide asset as a collateral is a game changer, and has helped and still helping people like me for a good reason. I'm always grateful and thankful to all lenders on the platform.

Buy more rice and tomatoes for my retail shop

Thanks so much Lenders for funding my loan for me, I appreciate your efforts to support my business. I am also going to use the loan to work harder in order to expand my business, God richly bless you you all.

Code academy setup

Hi, Thank you so far for the support.
I have secured some appliances for ventilation, and the premises is taking shape.
People are beginning to take interest in what am doing and are also getting ready to enrol in the program.
Thank you very much.

Loan for the expansion of my shoe business.

Thank you very much I appreciate all that you are doing am very greatful.the has been disbursed to me am very happy I promise to buy more variety of shoe for sales to attract my customers. To increase my profit margin .
Thank you.

Printing and embossed papers

Thank you Simon for the kind words.

Inventory of bananas for market stall

My dear lenders: I received my loan on 1st of February, 2019 amounting to kshs 62,640 ($626.4). Thank you so much for the loan. I bought 85 bananas @ kshs 660 ($6.6) per a banana costing me in total, kshs 56,100( $56.1)

Buying and selling

i want to really thank zidisha team for this loan opportunity. i will buy more accessories to stock my ICT stores. so i could make more profits by selling them.

Irrigation farming

This loan will help me to expand my farm. I am planting more peppers and garden eggs. I need more fertilizer and insecticide to spray to young plants and also the old ones. I want to acquire a farm laborer to help. I would like to thank you for the loan. Thank you.

Solar units for homes

Glad to see you are catching up with payments. With regard to shopping bags, the best (imho) is cloth or net bag that the customer brings themselves and uses over and over. Even heavy plastic is good if it is used many many times and finally properly recycled. I believe paper can go to biodegradable, or green waste to be turned into compost for garden fertilizer. I suppose there are machines for cutting, folding and gluing paper together to make bags. The ones in the US are probably expensive, complicated and make tons of bags quickly.
btw, what do think of the various types of solar cookers: evacuated tube, box, panel, parabolic? Best wishes.

Buy toners and new printers

Good luck Alice!

To buy security equipments to build and secure my business

Already i have ordered building materials for security renovation. With God in my business am sure what am going to renovate as a security is going to protect my business as much as possible. This will help me learn the business smoothly without fear as my business has also grown bigger. The remaining amount am going to add more float to my Mpesa. After the renovation is through i promise to post a very good photo of renovated business. Thank you my good lenders for your fully fund that you have given me. Am very happy member of this group. everything is running smoothly in partnership with you! God bless each and everyone of you Amen.

Examination papers printing and typing.

hello. I hope this finds you well. Am grateful for the loan. it helped me improve my very small business. It also helped me treat my baby. He got very sick over that period and this loan really assisted me to treat him. Am applying for another loan to help me continue with my small business which I stopped after my son got sick. I appreciate your help so much and request for another loan. God bless you

Business expansion

I would love to use this opportunity to say A very big thanks to my lenders who helped me get the loan on time... Words can't express everything this loan has done for me... God bless my lenders, God bless Zidisha and long live ZIDISHA

Online food business (vic foods)

Thank you very much, i am so grateful. The loan will be used in depositing part payment for the purchase of bikes to be used for my deliveries, as this would help in reducing transportation cost and it will be paid back on time, as usual. Thanks once again.

Fabrics & accessories for dressmaking

Hello Miriam,
just received your latest payment. Keep working and you will get over the rough patch. As I said earlier, I keep you in my prayers. Now, I am not too sure if my prayers are worth much but I pray for sure! Take care...

To repair my generator which has broken down.

Thank you so much Margaret for lending the loan.I am humbled and really grateful for your kindness.Thank you so much and may God bless you.

On going capital

Am always grateful for the team for their unfailing support. Always.

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

Hello dear lenders,I sincerely thank you all for the patience and understanding.

Solar light and kit for sale

God bless you all..

Customs duty cost of my imported goods.

I will use this loan to pay for customs duty cost of my imported goods.
I have a shop which which I sell clothings, motorcycle accessories etc. I mostly import these items, though I have some locally made clothes and shoes in stock.

This loan will help me clear the incoming goods from the port.
I am so much grateful to all my lenders and Zidisha team to approving this loan on time.

Human hair wigs import

Dear Lenders,

Thank you for once again coming through for me on my business growth strategy.

I will bring in human hair wigs, bundles and hand bags. from China & Dubai.

I will keep updating you as soon as the stock is received.

Yours Faithfully,

Joan Ngugi

Solar units for homes

I see, thank you for that insight Liz. My friends and I are looking for ways to encourage the use of biodegradable paper bags and later also find affordable ways of making Biodigesters to produce biogas for cooking purposes.


Business loan

Hi Shaibu,
I hope your loan gets funded. Sometimes it takes several tries which is especially true as your loans get larger. Unfortunately there are more borrowers than lenders on Zidisha. Perhaps you could add more information in your discussion section of Zidisha telling what improvements the previous loan helped you with in your growing business. Lenders like to hear about progress because this is what Zidisha is all about. Best of luck to you! Regards, Margaret


Barber shop renovation

Greetings Rashid. This is James, one of the lenders. I wrote a long letter to you on December 22. Please read it.

Solar lanterns for harvest time

Greetings to all my lenders!

At Kukula Solar we have been growing our distributing networks of solarpreneurs so we can reach more people in need of life changing solar products. In the picture is Milesi a Solarprenuer who is passionate about displacing kerosene lamps with solar products. Through her, we are distributing Sun King Home 60 units and the rural villages are so happy with the product.

To all of you i say thank you for been part of this life transforming enteprise. Together we have managed to distribute a total of 3,015 solar products since 2016, impacting over 15,000 lives!

I invite all of you my lenders to consider funding my next loan application which i will be launching soon so that we impact more lives of women and children in last mile communities.

I thank you so much for your support!


To buy printer(konica minolta bizhub c360)forcyber expansion

Thank you lenders, my business has really grown. I now have three printers.

I already bought the Konica Minolta Bizhub and business is taking a great new shape and path.

See attached photos.

Restocking beauty products for my shop

Hi Margaret, Malcolm and all my lenders, I'm overwhelmed by your great love and trust in me to the extent of lending me your money to grow my business. I'm making purchases of the beauty products I need right this coming week, and this will help me fund my business operations better as well.

I'll dedicate my effort to repay the amount and forever be grateful to you for your great deeds!

Cookwares and transportation

A very big thanks to all my lenders for their help always, I always appreciate, God bless you.

Tuition for my daughter

God bless lenders and zidisha.
Thank you.

Loan for the expansion of my shoe business.

Thank you madam Margaret for always encouraging me.


Loan for the expansion of my shoe business.

Good Luck Stephen with your new loan. Keep up the good work on your education and business.


Human hair wigs import

Good luck!

Sewing accessory

Thank you very much Zidisha for your support

Nail polish, chemical conditioners for my salon business

I give thanks to all the lenders who funded my last loan my business has remained steady and the funds have helped in increased profits by alarge margin. I look forward to clearing the loan very soon. God bless all the lenders and zidisha family

The buying and selling of laptop computers

My apologies to zidisha and my lender the zinc team for not being able to repay the loan for this last long period of time...I promise to be repaying starting from 22 February 2019... thank you

Cookwares and transportation

A very big thanks to all my lenders for the support and help. God bless each and everyone for the life transformation through zidisha. Thank you zidisha

Inventory of fruits for healthy living.

Hi Richard,
Some of the fruits cannot grow naturally here too. Like apple,strawberry and berries are imported. Not by but other importers, which we buy from them and sell. Thanks for the support.

Recharge cards and phone accessories

I intend to use the loan to obtain more stock to improve sales and maximise profit.
Am very grateful for this (lenders),I really appreciate this.thank you

Payments of school fees and purchase of working materials.

Thanks so much for the financial aid offered to me by ZIDISHA platform. If this loan is disbursed to me,i will pay school fees for the three children who are in secondary school form one, two and form four respectively at a cost of KES 120,000 for the all year, secondly buying building materials for the job like 40 small bags of white cement at a cost of KES 9,000, 20 litres of turpentine at a cost of KES 8,000, red oxide paints at a cost of KES 5,000, 2 packets of wood screws at a cost of KES 800, 20 bags of bamburi cement at a cost of KES 15,000 other constructural work piece of materials all at a cost of KES 3,000. All these purchases if duly bought and noted for work, it will improve my family living standard and relieve financial stress,clothes for the family bought , all work and other house hold bills will be paid in full, school fees for the children will be also paid in prior,weakly savings will be used to repay Zidisha loan and other school requirements catered. My profit margin will increase gradually thus aid me to pay disbursed loan effectively without declining.Thanks so much my dear lenders and entire Zidisha platform for funding my account and this improve positive state of mind and body physique eventually good life instead of following gready Kenyan politicians for less cash. Thank you in advance. Good God the creator of universe bless you people abundantly.

Distributing local grains

Am very greatfull for zidisha for having changed my life all along by granting me this great opportunity to get funding in a flexible way. This will enable me to increase my stock such that I maximise my profit. I promise to be commited in repaying this loan afterwards ni

Inventory of fruits for healthy living.

It's so great that you are helping people live a healthy life by selling fruits to them. Fruits like pineapple cannot grow naturally where I live, I'm jealous! Good luck! Richard

Buy more stock in my agrovet shop

First and fore most thing to say that I'm so grateful for your continued support as l grow my business.I used my last loan to buy a motorcycle that helped me alot to reach many farmers in remote areas where road infrastructure is a challenge.This resulted in profit rise by approximately 10%.I was able to compete well with other businesses as I had an advantage of accessing many farmers who they have not been reached before.Thanks you once again and May God bless you abundantly.


With my previous loan I was able to do some changes in the vehicle like refueling without stress and also I managed to clear my kids schoolfees without stress. I thank you my lenders and tell you that the sky is the limit

Help me raise aloan to open mpesa business in my cybercafe.

It's sometime since i communicated, but i would like to assure you that i will be committed to repaying my loan. I was sick for some time but now am well and back to business

Grocery shop

Thanks be to God Almighty, my Lenders and entire Zidisha Team for this Loan. I am very glad for your help, the loan will help boost my daily sales as well as my daily profit.
I will use the money wisely by adding it to my trade capital, i will purchase items like Tomatoes puree, Bags of rice, Cooking oil, soft Drinks, and most especially wines what my customers have been asking for.
Repayment is my number one priority.
Thank you all.

To buy security equipments to build and secure my business

Hello my good lenders of God, i hereby on a very special way to thank each and every lender who have shown their love to lend me. Let God bless you in whatever you are doing to multiply to double Amen.


Hi lenders!am very thankful for the support that you have shown.the previous loan has really helped me, because I have managed to grow my business by more than 20 looking forward to grow even bigger.thank you.

Loan to print more books and continue marketing my brand

Good day,

Thank you for the opportunity I had with ZIDISHA.

My business has done well and I no longer need to be a borrower.

I am exploring the possibility of becoming a lender.