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Delivery of clients goods

Thanks you very much my lender for the money helped me to supplement a cost for supplying a client's order and made profit. Thanks alot

To complete client order

The first loan i got was to introduce me to zidisha i am greatful that i joined and an hopeful that i will be able to grow my business and be aninspiration to my lenders here.

Business travel

Thanks alot to Zidisha Lenders, I used my last loan to purchase more stock of Irish potatoes for my business, this has really made my business to increase in terms of profit, my profit has increased from Ksh 2000 to Ksh2700 per day, the earnings has helped me pay for school balance..My family is also happy of this.

To buy shirts for sale in my shop

I received 64ghs
And the money will be used to buy shirts for my shirts

Marie clothing

The last loan I added some cash and bought a fluffy carpet which one of my customers had requested and I made a 30% profit on it. It had attracted more customers who have requested the same.

Loan for purchase second screen mil size two (2)

Many thanks to all my renders for your good support to my business i see my business grow even bigger with your continues support from the previous loan i managed to buy quality screen mil which i was lacking previously and this has made the huge difference most customers use to complain about how bad was the damaged screen mil but with the new replacement screen mil customers are now happy my earnings has been increased by 15% and part of realized profit have reinvest to the business

Rabbit farming

I wish to sincerely thank you my lenders for the loan you have given me. I will use my loan to purchase materials for expanding my rabbit project which is doing well.

Potato farm project

I purchased potato seed and planted them last weekend. I am glad to engage my family with the planting particularly with the aim to instill a work ethic in my daughter.
I am upbeat the potatoes will do well due to the onset of short rains season. I plan to bolster the production of the plot by adding organic manure as well Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer.
The potato harvest will go a long way in boosting my income streams for reinvestment as well as provide food for my family thus help me save on food expenses during the family's consumption of part of the potato harvest.

Green grocery

My previous loan was ksh 500 ,I bought tomatoes Worth sh 500 added my previous stock.the additional stock generated aprofit of dh 200.the 200 was used to add onions.

Green grocery

I used sh500 to buy earning was increased with sh200.the profit I got I bought onions.

Equipment for repairing cars

To all my lenders, i say thank you so much for helping us through zidisha organisation please continue with your good heart of supporting us through out the continent, my business is doing very well and the previous loan i got i bought the small tools box for my garage and i hope to buy the big one next time, while it has made a difference because i use to hire when ever am working on the big engine and my savings has been increased by 15% and have used this money by reinvesting to grow my business

Rent farm and buy fertilizer & insecticide

Hi zidisha family, am very happy and luky to be associated with you. You have hold my hand when my business was in problem and i when i neeed help,you were there at the wright time to help my business to grow to onother level.I put smels to my family faces thanks to zidisha gamily.I can transport my produse to the market easily,faster and cheapest using my bike by not paying transport cost,I just need to fuel the bike. Thanks Zidisha for helpping my business grow to a high level and i know that my business will grow and grow to big company.

Oppening a window glases hardware shop.

It's now almost two years since I used the last loan to buy a pulley machine. It changed the whole business life. Income has also increased. I use the increase amount to do farming and cattle rearing. I also do some little savings. I'm planning to start a new project for i want to register as a construction company. It is a new law in our country for any one with a construction business to be registered. My family is doing well. I'm planning to take my childrens for a tour during this holidays. We shall visit Thomson falls at a place called nyahururu. Thank you lenders.

To enlarge my business for a future life

I'm much thankful for the zidisha team, for the 8286 loan that they borrow for me to boost my business,and this loan I used to buy the balding clipper machine, and now the work is very smooth and there is no complaints from my clients.thank you for the far you have brought me.

Entrance fee for form one

The pawpaws,survived the dry weather,but still kept their fruits intact

Providing facilities

The loan will help me provide classroom to the school pupils to enhance teaching and learning in my community Abease in Sunyani West District , Ghana.

Entrance fee for form one

The kids had a large helping of the readily available pawpaws

Poultry upgrade facility

thanks my dear lenders; Dan, Lynden, WA, Seppo, Vantaa, Bileiro and Mandaluyong for the support you have offered me make a payment for purchasing my automatic generator for my poultry farm unit and upgrade facility. am proud of you. I'm now able to run my incubator without fear of power black out. thanks again

Nyaisa farm

Hello Lenders

Please note that from my increased earnings I have managed to start poultry farming. I purchased 10 Birds as shown in the picture attached. I want to increase my income and be a supplier of animal products in future. Thank you very much

Farm mechanization

Hi dear Zidisha lenders. I am so excited and humbled to join this unique family. I got my loan yesterday and have ordered for chicken nipple drinkers. Using waterers is hectic because its hot season in kakamega and ave to keep refilling after afew hours. AlsoWater contamination and spread of diseases with waterers. My next loan will be to buy pipes and a tank to fully automate the water system. I will update you as soon as the nipples arrive from nairobi. Am excited- I believe the kukus(chicken) are too.. Thanks so much for believing in me and your timely support. Am so grateful.


Dear lenders,i am very grateful for the loan i received of 49 GHS after deductions and i used it to frame an artwork.
Thank you for the loan and i am still counting on you.

Increase of my stocks of bananas and pumpkin.

It has helped me with this

Loan to buy new inventory and pay school fees.

Hello dear lenders, I will forever be grateful for you. I am so excited to have completed paying my last loan of $1,555. The loan helped me so much to open a new branch and the new business is improving by the day. I am also happy to mention that I have been able to offer employment to one person who is at the new shop. By mid next year my prediction is for the business to grow to accommodate more employment as I progress. Below are photos of the new business.

Laikipian contents 2

the loans have helped me to start making scripts and contents for my anti-poaching campaigns in laikipia. the small amounts that i get from you guys help me to go along way in my script and content production business. i thank everyone that is lending me online through zidisha. it means alot to me and my crew. may the good lord bless you

Loan to relocate my pig farm to a safe and hygienic place

I will be buying cement for the reconstruction of my pig home at their news location, which will help me raise more profits for they will be healthiest. Thank you so much for kindness, with you my life has changed completely. Thank you very very much!

Camera purchase

The loan that i last applied purchased a mifi for internet. this has enhance my marketing through online platforms. profits realy increased. thanks to zidisha. this increased my sales by ksh 95 per day. Zidisha has motivated me to stay put in my business.

Loan for homemade solar water-heaters

Thank you Samuel. My business is going on well. The new idea is to put water filter on top of the hot water storage tank. This way only clean water gets into the tank. Thank again for all your support.

Livestock and poultry products

I thank you my lenders for giving me this opportunity of borrowing money from you.. the loan I got has really helped my business and it has change my lifestyle.. my business went down and I had no hope that it will recover but after getting a loan from you, my business has boosted.. therefore I thank you because without your help I wouldn't have bought everything which were missing in my shop.

Soap production

I will used the loan to support my soap production by buying a kernel oil. This loan will help to increase the the number of drums I use to buy, which is from two to three drums. I am very thankful for the loan.

Poultry farming

The loan has really help me to expand my farm.


I used the money to purchase pieces of sewing thread, which enabled me to complete client's orders in time. As a result, I have gained three more clients.

Oppening a window glases hardware shop.

With the last loan, I bought a pulley machine for expansion for my construction business. This has been of much help to my business. I used to pull materials with ropes up in buildings. This used to be Soo tiresome. I'm hoping to do more projects in future. For now I want to register as a construction company as required by the country law. Thanks to the lenders.

Add a computer to my cybercafe

Yes you gave last time helped in boosting the business and made to improve my cybercafe business in that it the best one in this area of ours,customers now prefers this cyber than others and therefore the profit has also increased by 20% in the past only that I had a patient in the hospital for long that is why I have not really invested all the money I have earned from the business,

Cyber cafe expansion

I will buy an ink jet printer to increase the quality of services in my cyber cafe. It will really help me in extension of my business services. Thanks a lot for funding my loan.

Printer loan

At my place of work.

Printer loan

my zidisha loan has enabled me to purchase some furniture for my office. I am now comfortable in my office.

Oppening a window glases hardware shop.

With the last loan I bought a pulley machine for expansion of my construction business. This made a big difference in life because I now get time to do other things like farming, looking after my cows and play games at free time. I used to get Soo tired before and could just go and rest. My cows also produce more milk for i take much care to them.

Dental outreach

Reaching out to schools and communities with oral health or dental services

Adding sheep

The loan you gave me I used to purchase a sheep(male black mouth) with more now passionate that I will be having better breeding in future.I am now very happy and am building new and a better structure for shadding ... your parnership is promising and am planning to use the loan you will give me in future to buy some more sheep as I have the male sheep for crossbreeding

Home based care

Just finished buying a blood pressure machine and indeed this has added value to the business and love it.....the flow of clients has increased so has sales.

Re-gassing gauge

Hi Lenders,

Thank you to all my lenders for helping my business grow faster than expected i didn't have hope before i joined zidisha organisation now am focused to grow my business even bigger

From the previous loan which i received in total ZMW 517.00 i purchased refrigeration gauge which the company was lacking in terms of equipment and this has made a difference because we use to hire every time we have a contract in industry yard and this has increased the earnings of 35% of the total income per month

Poultry farming

I borrowed the loan to expand my poultry farm and it has really helped me a lot.

Adding sheep

I used my previous loan to apply for a male Suffolk/black mouth sheep that will enable a change of breed/improve my breeding in sheep

Buying advanced sugarcane juicing machine

Your loans fund had helped me to change my life from selling of sugarcane to sweet potatoes entrepreneur also have built a house of mine at home. Athough i have not done finishing to my house,The photos are as follows;

Buying a computer for my business records

With my loan I completed servicing I was able to buy The blow dry and wives .
That has really made people to love this my salon and business premise though there has been economic difficulties in this nation but I have been getting the profit in this very business. .
And the income I have use to take my brothers to School who were left with me as orphans
I have also used this money to paint this business premise and it now look good and attractive to my customers and the .income has really increased in the
recent days.

To enlarge my business for a future life

I'm much thankful for the zidisha organization for the loan of 5637/=that they borrow,this money I used to buy a spring chair for my barber shop,and this will make my clients to sit comfortable without problem.

Expand business

I have used the loan to buy more inventories

Farming inventory

This loan has been helpful since have been able to carry on my task timely. Thank you zidisha

Buy farming equipment

my clothes business in eastleigh

Clothes and shoes

Thank you lenders for your support.My last loan was plus to my business and life
I managed to buy a take my daughter to a
new school closer home. I also purchased a
television and for my family and we are more
Comfortable now. I have managed to sufficiently
Restock my order without borrowing for sometime