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Loan to buy an able laptop for my editing works.

My company was fortunate to have been awarded by the British Council of Ghana for entrepreneurship and innovation.
We have our laptop bought but not fully repaid.
We are currently looking for investors to go into our other entrepreneurship businesses.

Bakery equipment

Thank you for the loan, I am truly grateful. This will help me a lot. I will use this money to buy my equipment. Thanks again.

Cabbage and onion farming

thank you for funding me

Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

Thank you all lenders for your kind gestures towards my previous loan. God bless you all for your support and thoughtfulness. Another big thanks Goes to Tom for your daily encouragement. God bless you all.

I will expand my vegetable growing and selling business.

Thanks for the loan of Ksh. 13800 I receipt on 17/10/2019. I used the loan in boosting and expanding my vegetable business to include more varieties of vegetables and hiring of a worker to help in maintaining the garden. This will help the worker/s meet their daily needs.

Equipment for laundry service

Hi Emma, thanks very much for the suggestion! It's not a service that is provided for free over here but I am glad you mentioned it! Usually, people just bring in their stuff, go back and come for it at a different date. But I am happy you mentioned it and I will implement it! It will not cost much to offer that service as an incentive to customers and it may give me more customers. I may also decide to have a free Wi-Fi connection available for customers! Thanks so much for the input, really appreciate it. God bless you

Equipment for laundry service

Hi Edem,
It all looks great, well done with everything!! If business happens to be slower than expected, I have an idea that might help?

I noticed there is a lot of spare space in the building, & you mentioned you were already planning on recruiting a worker... An idea may be to have 1 or 2 computers (& possibly a printer/scanner), so that it may give people an extra incentive to come... as they can possibly attend to business/study matters while they wait for their laundry?

I'm not sure if that's a service that's needed or not, just thought I'd mention it as a possible addition to draw people in :-)

What you've done really does look great Eden! I hope everything goes nice & smoothly for you :-)
Wishing you the very best with it all :-) Emma.

Mattresses for my homestay business

Wishing you all the best with everything Serah :-)

Sending love from Australia, Emma.

Oyster mushroom farm expansion

The good people of zidisha am so grateful for your contribution towards the success of my business.

Purchase of goods

Happy to help a third time. Good luck again.

Equipment for laundry service

We just completed branding on our shop. The laundry is ready for use!

Making furniture

Thank you so much for the loan I received it came just at the point when I thought I was going to fail in the delivery of a job zidisha thank you so much for this platform and for the individuals who put this money together may God bless you all

I.c.t equipment procurement

I have received my loan and I have gotten the accessories which the loan was applied for ,thank you my lender

Selling prepaid mobile phone credit and SIM cards

Thank you for supporting me and I will make good use of this loan.

Baking training and purchase of baking equipment

I used the four previous loans to expand the capacity of my catering business.I have since bought commercial kitchen equipment such as an oven juicer and kitchen gadgets. I have also began serving lunches to offices during weekends in addition to the weekend catering. My income has doubled in the last two months thanks to the funds I have received from my lenders. I am currently beginning to bake cakes to diversify my income as we approach the peak season.Thank you for your assistance

Bicycle for transporting milk from farms

iam very much happier than anybody else seeing my business growing, my previous loan helped me for boosting my sales volume because I added stock to the business

Employ workers in my business.

Thanks lenders am so happy all times you pushing me to the top.

Equipment for laundry service

Dear lenders, I have just received my applied loan in my mobile money account. I am very grateful for this kind gesture once more!

I will use this loan to buy supplies for my new venture, the laundry, and also use part for branding and advertising.

I will also reserve any amount that will remain in the bank in order to use to pay salaries upfront as the business picks up!

This a great boost for my new venture and I am optimistic to perform well in it as I will do aggressive marketing in the Coming days.

I will also keep you informed about how the business is moving from time to time.

Thank you once again. God bless you all.

Tuition for doctorate degree

Hi Isaac - it has been awhile. How are you doing?

Bulk purchase of food for restaurant

The loan I just finished repaying has help me a lot in bulk buying, it lessoned frequency to market, and has added a little more profit to me on a wkly basis as a result of cut down from d cost of market transport overhead

Supply of equipments

The loan granted me was uplifting for me cause I made progress and I really appreciate the lenders.thank you.

Buying African fabric for making clothing

I am so greatful to all of you.
I was able to make a living with the money raised

School expenses for my brother

Wow! I'm thrilled to discover my loan is 100% funded. I will spend the money on the following school items:
1. Chop box
2. Trank
3. Student Matress
4. Uniform
5. Food items

I wish to thank my Lenders for this great and timely help, I really appreciate. God bless the source of your income. Amen

Business loan

thank you Mary. I appreciate your kindness

Equipment for laundry service

Best of luck with your ventures, Edem! :)

Selling prepaid mobile phone credit and SIM cards

Business has been successful. Thanks to you all for your support.

Loan for buying two more calves to increase my incime

Hi my Lenders Thank you for the loans ,few instalments remaining am so grateful this loans have improved my life and my family so much. God bless Zidisha.

To pay my sister's school fees

You're very welcome!
Best wishes to you and your sister. :-)

Finishing construction of my own shop

hello lenders, it has been a long journry for my business but there is a new hop, working hard to see it performing. i decided to change business to selling of ladies shoes. its working , its picking , a new hop and a new grace.

To pay my sister's school fees

Thank you so much. I'm really happy and I appreciate your efforts to support me this loan. With no time to waste I'll send the money for the school fees. Thank you once again, God bless you

Equipment for laundry service

Thank you very much for the support. Forever will be grateful


Equipment for laundry service

Dear Edem,
Thanks for sharing all the nice pictures.
You can be proud. I wish you the best for your future business & projects.

To finance my university education

I have successfully made repayment today October 17, 2018 and wish to express my earnest appreciation to lenders for their support. God richly bless all of you.

Open a second branch in my printing service

Hello my dear lenders
I thank you so much for your support towards my work. I really appreciate your support. This will help me buy new items for my new office and help me to employ new workers. Thank you so much

To pay my sister's school fees

Good heart caring for your sister.

Add electrical wires, pipes, bulbs etc to my hardware shop

Good luck with the electronic shop, Betty!

Computer repair service

I'd like to say a huge thank you to my lenders for this loan.


Computer repair service

Hi Ebimobowei

I wish you well in growth of your business venture, computers always need fixing. Mark

Cassava farming

I am so grateful for the positive impact and support I have benefited... This loan will enable me to hire labourers to cultivate my cassava stem cuttings. Thanks

Equipment for laundry service

Dear Lenders, I am optimistic that you are all doing well. I have been able to pay off my current loan and I am glad I did!

In my last post here, I made mentioned of a laundry I am setting up in my community and these are some of the pictures. The set up is almost complete and we shall have the interview on Friday to recruit workers!

I am happy to be providing jobs to others in my community and I am hoping to do more.

I am forever grateful for your believe in my ability even though I have not met any of you and none of you know me but was willing to support my business! Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you all.

Loan for buy mobile phones accessories.

The money will be used to purchase phone accessories and the profit will be reinvested in my business. Thanks for your support.

Equipment for music studio

Hi Lender,I've been able to purchase my microphone, Thanks so much, people like you are so hard to find, really do appreciate.

Cabbage and onion farming

The loan i completed helped me to pay school fees for my kids. The next loan am raising is to complete my farming project.

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

I have successfully made my 1st loan repayment today.
To you lenders, once again, I say BIG thank you, for your love and desire to support my dream by lending to me. God richly bless you all, I wish all of you more happiness than your heart can hold.
Be blessed!

Clothing sales

Thank you my lenders for all you have be doing to see me succeed in my business I have just completed my repayment and it has done great in my business although I had some challenges but to all am grateful . Thank once again .

I need it to purchase printers for sale

I have being able to buy new computer sets.thanks for being there

I will expand my vegetable growing and selling business.

I will expand my business by planting more varieties like cow peas, garden peas, Tomatoes potatoes. The profit I will get I will use to employ workers who will tend the garden and this will make support the community.I hereby thank you for the loan. I will continue helping others with my business.


I will use this new loan to hire a few more hands to increase efficiency in production. I will also buy oven to substitute the locally made one.

The hired labour will reduce the stress exerted on me, while the industrial oven will help me produce at least 3-5 pans of cake at a time

I need this loan to expand my shop

I received an amount of 59GHC and I bought gas to complete an AC work when my gas got finished and am very happy with the loan I received hoping to get a bigger amount. Thank you all for your help

Live management skills

Thank you my lender for the loan which l have just asking for this new loan to enable me keep my business.
I'll pay faithfully as did before