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Buying of materials for my smock sewing business

Hi lenders I received an orders from my customers who are in demand of the smocks. Thank you for your support.

Researching biogas production

I thank you so much for the loan I received, I'm glad it will go a long way in my school project to a certain stage

Buy more stock for my furniture business

I Minnie Muthoni am grateful for the money. I will use it to pay for my online adverts and printing more bronchures. This will help in building my business. Thankyou God bless you.

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

Hello dear lenders, it another wonderful week. I pray for your safety and well-being. May this week be fruitful to you all.

Mobile money merchant

Am very grateful for your support , if all people on this planet very like you, poverty will have no place to settle , I thank you very much for this loan and I promise to make payment on time and will never disappoint you

Materials for fashion designer

I really appreciate my lendersfor the loan, the loan of #8106 has been disbursed and have received the loan, as have promised, I'll use the loan to get newstock and meet customer demands, thereby increasing my sales and profit, I promise to pay back on time. Thanks

Sales of hair products

Greatings to all zidisha team members and lenders. special thanks goes Andreas Holmstrom for lending his money to me, may God richly bless you.

Phones and accessories

I will like to still take this opportunity to thank my lenders for pushing to this level. The pandemic is still a hard thing to overcome which have slow down the economic but still our lenders, my lenders is still working hard to change others life as far as the zidisha team is concern.

Add watermelon cultivation to my farm

The loan has helped me to achieve my goal,I want to improve my inputs so that my outputs will bring in more gains and make me to be establish very well.

Loan to purchase and supply health products

I am joyfully happy for your rapid responses.
With this loan l will go ahead to buy the Digital thermometer. Hand sanitizers, face masks, and Liquid soaps to supply to my customers.
From there l also make my profits and live up to my basic responsibilities.
I am very grateful for your support.


Loan to purchase and supply health products

Good luck Paul, go for it!

Establish a hand washing center

Thanks very much and God bless you for helping me finance my project

Materials for making clothing

Dear Rita,

good luck with your business!

Kind regards from Switzerland,

Add computers to my cybercafe

Best of luck with your business!

Loan to help acquire a driving licence

thank you very much dear lenders for funding my loan. God bless you all. this loan would be very helpful to me.

Inventory of phone accessories

Am really grateful for the loan and I promise to make the very best out of it. I will use the loan to restock my phone business.


Inventory of phone accessories

Looking forward to your success!

New accessories & equipment for my photography business

A very big thank you to a lenders for your continued support for my business. God bless you

DSRL camera for my photography studio

Thanks very much for this loan!
Thanks to all my lenders and Zidisha team.
I will use this loan to buy a new camera for my studio. I almost lost hope when the best camera in my studio got stolen.
But Thanks to you all, now I can bring my studio back to life again.
God bless you.

Purchase of equipment for my gym center

Thank you for this loan and I will used to pay for the hands sanitizer purchase for the sale

Add computers to my cybercafe

Hello. Thank you very much for extending a helping hand to me. I will be able to buy stock for the cyber once I receive the money.

Crop production expansion loan

I got #41,336 disbursement in my account. Thank you. I will use it well

For buying farm inputs

Am in my farm

Buying of farm inputs and fertilizers

I will the loan to buy fertilizers for my vegetable farm and it will help me to produce more of my vegetables. Thank you so much

Add refurbished computers to my cybercafe

Currently i do cyber and agribusiness but because of the cureent situation of covid 19 i have decided to buy more fertilizer and other related materials for agribusiness. this is because people need something to eat even at such hard times as this. But am sure after this pandemic i will be able to buy more printers and other computer accessories for my business.
To my lenders i am so greatful and happy to get lending heart that are ready to fund someone they dont know and within short span of time. I just want to say thank you all and may God bless you so much. I promise to repay the loan within the specified time limits in my repayment schedule.

Buying of materials for my smock sewing business

Hello wonderful lenders I received an amount of 1,430 ghs and I have started sewing new smocks that my customers have requested and it will help me to weave them on time. Thank you so much for your support

Loan for art

Thanks so much to all my lenders. I'll be able to buy a canvas and some paintings today to kickstart my art project.

Bottles and sachets water seller

As we still in the era of corona, I will use this loan to buy more local nose masks, sanitizer , water dispenser ,bottle and sachets water to sell to schools and individuals.
This loan really helping my business to grow faster
Thank you

Purchase of concrete mixer machine

Despite the pademic , this loan have been helping me to move fast in my business. Beside the pademic do not really affect my business. God bless all my lenders and l will not disappoint them.

Seedlings and fertilizer

I will soon clear with large amount of loan repayment, since I will be selling my farm crop harvest.

Loan for art

I was able to finish a painting for a client and she bought it. She was happy about the work.

Photography and video business

I have successfully completed repayment for my loan. I take this opportunity to once again thank all my lenders for their support always. God bless you all.

Studio set up light box

Thank leaders for support me all throughout the Covid-19 period, I say Asante Sana

Solar energy kiosks

Dear Paul,

Hi. I just made a repayment towards my loan. Business is doing great! Thanks so much and stay safe!


DSRL camera for my photography studio

Richard - very sorry to hear about your camera. Thank you for the prompt repayment of the last loan. Hope the new loan allows you to cover a new camera and more. All the best

Retail shop

I would like to thank you for funding my loan, i will use this loan to expand my retail shop.

Driving school truck repair

Thanks for loan. It has helped me advertising for the driving school and am hoping to one day qualify for a loan that may even enable me to purchase a vehicle for the school.

To buy 7-seater minibus for public transport

Thank you to all my generous lenders. I really appreciate the speed in getting this loan fully funded. I am grateful.
As per my loan proposal, I am buying a Suzuki Every microbus for public transport and will share photos once done.

To finance my university education

There is hope, wake up strong and healthy this morning and glad and thankful to all lenders on the Zidisha platform who trusted and believe in me to lend to support my dream and aspiration. God bless and protect you all

Buying of materials for my smock sewing business

I received an amount of of 1,430 ghs and it will be use to buy materials needed for my smock sewing. Thank you so much lenders. You are wonderful.

Supplying face masks and hand sanitizers

I would like to Thank you for the opportunity that you gave me.. I managed to get more swimming accessories which i have already distributed..
Given the chance to get another.. I will complete the order and also start a new order on masks and sanitizers now that we have a crisison convid 19..

Bulk sale of peanuts

Thank u so much for the loan I received.I have earned profit of k140 so far.

Buying of fertilizers and pesticides for my vegetable farm

Hello wonderful lenders I must confess significant changes in my business when I joined zidisha. Thank you and God bless you all

Sales of hair products

Greatings family, the good news and success story is that; I have sold out all the hair products I bought lately, now I can pay off my loan

Establish a hand washing center

Here is my hand washing center and my people are very happy with it

Selling local fabrics

Thank you dear lenders u’ve always been a great support system for me whenever I need funds to meet an urgent and pressing needs. So thank you again for giving me the opportunity and thank you zidisha for trusting me to always keep my word and make timely repayment

Hospital fees for my father

Thanks to zidisha gradually my dad's house is looking nice

Laptop sales

The loan will be used to clear the goods that I have buy from Lagos for me to be able to resell it here in Ilorin,the loan will really help me improve my sales of good because of the availability of it and will fetch me good profit ,I really thank all the lender on zidisha for there wiliness to help people ,I pray to God to continues bless u all.

Melon farming

I wish to do some farming for commercial purposes with a vision to grown atleast two acres of water melons.For now this amount will assist top up what have raised so far ..
Thank you for the facility

Buying of materials for my smock sewing business

Thank you Mirko and that's my dream. I hope with your help, I can achieve my aim and to also help others.. Thank you so much for your support.