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To educate people in order to help prevent teenage pregnancies

I will use the money to promote the program am trying to under go to help the mcomminiyy
Am much greatfil and thank you so much for assisting me. Am very gkad

To put toward buying a laptop computer for work

Am contributing gradually towards the buying of a laptop which I will in turn use it at work to deliver work easily
Thank you for lending me the money

To help pay my mother's hospital bill

It will help pay my mother's hospital bill. My mother will be back to normal. Thank you zidisha community for supporting my projects

Buy rubber tree seedlings

Am so glad for lending me the loan because we were able to buy some seedlings for the project that k you all

To help me purchase school uniform, bags, sandals

I am very much impressed with your service. The loan will be used help me purchase school uniform, bags, sandals.

Transportation of my cocoa

Well God bless you and more to my backers this will help me to get some fertilizer

To help buy blocks, sand & cement for construction project

I shall forever be grateful to zidisha. God bless your heart desires


To help purchase barbering machine

Good luck!

Purchase of inventory

I want to use this opportunity to thank you for all the support you have given me and am really happy to be working with you. I used the money to purchase inventory for my shop and it has made a difference with how things are done in my shop.I have reinvested my earnings back into the business.I have increased my earnings by 5% even though things are very slow after the covid 19 pandemic. I have been involving in social intervention in my neighbourhood and am glad i want to help.I also want to use this opportunity to thank you very much for all you have been doing for me.

To send my mother to the hospital

Members who contribute to support my projects God bless you dearly. I will help me send my mother to the hospital for treatment.

Business expansion

i received 2477 and purchased more photocopying papers

To expand my electrical supplies & hardware store

Dear Lenders,
So far things are going well and business picking as well.
Grateful for your support.

Building house

Hi zidisha,
Thank you so much for accepting to fund my loan. As I stated when requesting for this loan, the funds will help complete the house am building for orphans who have no place to call home. Thank you for being part of the family.

Clothing & mobile money businesses

I will buy a new bale of second hand clothing and reinvest in mobile money business.

Therefore I will make a lot of money and expand my business.

Thank you my lenders for your support and may God bless you.

To buy more fuel for my taxi

Thanks so much for your help and this loan will help me a lot to buy more fuel for my taxi business.

To add branding and design services to my office-supply business

I was able to venture in the branding business by partnering with a Graphics designer. We have so far designed logos, online brochures and adverts, business cards, tshirts etc. Following this, I have since registered a limited company to help move this business further. We are hoping to get more orders on tshirts printing and printing campaign merchandise as it is an election year here in Kenya. I am grateful that Zidisha helped me kickstart this business. I am trying to attach photos to no avail...

To sew more nice African clothes

I say a very big thank you to the lenders for funding my loan to use for the intended purpose. God bless you all

School-meal and book-fund program

Dear zidisha team and all my leanders,thank you very much for having trust in me and funding my loan once more,I luck words to give you thanks.I promise to use the loan honestly and grow my business by adding enough food stuffs to boost our feedi g program as well us buy more reader books to improve reading aloud program in our institution this will automatically bring us more customers due to quality improvement and finally grow the business.I promise to repay back on weekly basis honestly and finally take abigger one.

Educate people on the COVID-19 vaccination

Alright Mr thank you so much. Actually is not a small job
But I really thank you for supporting project and pray we do well in our field

To help buy blocks, sand & cement for construction project

I shall forever be grateful to zidisha. God bless your heart desires

To help renovate my fish store

It will help to renovate my fish store and also purchase different types of fish to sell. I really appreciate your efforts


To sew more nice African clothes

Good luck Akpe!
Best wishes from Germany

To help purchase drugs for my husband in the hospital

Thank you for making my dream possible by supporting my small business to grow

To help purchase school bags and travel bags

May our God of mercy bless and visit your business Amen ooo

Clothing & mobile money businesses

With the loan i managed to reinvest in mobile money business and my clothing business. The business is now doing fine and am able to generate good profits and expand the business in future.Thank you for supporting me .

Online and personal sales

Thanks to you all for helping in funding my loan. Received an amount of 1204 Ghana cedis and intend to use that to get more stock for business to go on. Thank you all once again for always coming through.

To put towards building my house (lay the foundation)

¢1,896.00 has been sent to my account successful and thank you so much for your support.

Buy firewood to fry groundnuts (peanuts)

I have received the money successfully and use it for what it supposed to be used for.
Thank you for supporting me

Educate people on the COVID-19 vaccination

Dear Florence,

good luck with your vaccination program!

Best Regards from Switzerland,


To help pay small personal bills

Get well and be well my friend May God be with you in every moment of the day. Namaste, Romuald

To help purchase liquid soap & utensils for my restaurant

I will be able to purchase food items to cook in my restaurant. It will help me cook more food and increase my income. Thank you

Expansion of cosmetics shop

Very big thanks to all my lenders and backers, this loan when receive will be use to buy more cosmetics and hair products to add the my existing stock. I hope it will boost my sales and make more profits. Pray for blessings, favor, good health, wealth and peace to embarrass you all.


Painting service

Best wishes

To put towards buying a smart television

Thank you my business is now doing better and great by day

To learn hairdressing

By supporting my projects you are helping a sister to learn hairdressing so that I can be independent to support my child. God bless every contribution you support me

Musukwa chickens

The loan helped me complete my Teaching methodology post graduate diploma with TVTC. I am very thankful to you all my lenders

Repairing my photocopy machine

May God bless you so much for your kind. The money given to me helped me so much to purchase chicken feed which made me got more eggs for sale. I really appreciate your help, thanks.

To help purchase a new laptop computer for my cybercafe

Thank you all. Now I can buy my domain and host to run my website efficiently. Thank you all

To pay off my sister's school fees

I received some money from my customers and use some to pay for the loan. GOD BLESS YOU ALL MY DEAR LENDERS AND MADAM JULIA. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


Expansion of cosmetics shop

God Bless You!

To help settle payment of my two kids' school fees

It will help towards renewal of my driver's license. It will make me avoid police problem. God bless zidisha backers

To help purchase drugs for my husband in the hospital

Thank you for making my dream possible by supporting my small business to grow

To help buy classroom desks

I will buy more classroom desks as the demand for enrolment is very high for pupils in our community, therefore it will benefit more pupils and delight their parents as the children will be learning in a good environment.

Thank you my lender for supporting me once again and may God richly bless you.

To help cater for my school supplies

I would wish to thank my previous lenders, your extended hands made a huge difference in my life. I had to sleep well the following night having no problem with my urgent need.
To any lender who wishes to do the same, you'll be well appreciated.

To put towards building my house (lay the foundation)

Great thanks to you all my amazing lenders for the greater support you have done for me to fulfill my project to start laying the foundation of my house.


Expanding my work

I can't wait to see all of your success!

To help buy classroom desks

I would like to thank my lenders who supported me in my previous loan, am so grateful to you, the loan you supported me helped me to buy some desks in the class room for the children to be learning comfortably. Thank you so much, I will be so grateful for your support once again.

To help settle payment of my two kids' school fees

Zidisha is a full of blessings and happiness. I have paid my loan and fund other members

To improve my business

These are pictures I took at the office with the goods.


Restocking cybercafe business

It's tough to start over with small steps, but we know you can do it - Hope you haven't given up (on you), because we haven't! Pandemic or not, your area of business continues to be in high demand. I know you probably need a physical presence due to security and making you business known, but it could be physically smaller (starting with one wifi-router) and still have a big spread (a neighbourhood), selling access to the Internet (to customers with phones+computers at home) per coupons in SMS etc. Actually thought we had read about this concept in your comments here, but cannot find it now... Anyway, till we hear from again, all the best!