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Loan for executive shoe business

Thanks for your support and trust u have in me. Keep supporting me by contributing to help me achieve my dream.

Producing labels for hand sanitizer manufacturers

Dear Lender, i have received the money i applied for. I am going to use it to re brand T shirts. I thank you helping me always. Long life ZIDISHA! Long life lenders.

Distributing handwashing stations in communities that lack running water

Thank you for fund of my loan am grateful

Purchase of a smartphone for my m-pesa agent

Very thankful and delighted by your previous loan.Thsnks alot

Wigs and weavons business

Thanks to you all who has entrusted me with your money, may God bless you all. I have received 1298ghc of which am going to use it to purchase wigs and weavons. Thank you

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

my gradution pic

Working capital

To all my lenders,I love you all.thanks so much,I can't trade you Guys for anything

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

Hello lovely lenders, i hope each and everyone of you is doing very good. Once again,thank you for still being with me in my hard times.
It my prayer that the Almighty God keep you and your family safe. Love you all.

Loan to buy tricycle or motor bike for pick up and delivery

Thanks Chris

Loan to buy tricycle or motor bike for pick up and delivery

Wish you all the est as always with your Project! Stay save and healthy! Regards from Switzerland!

To buy large format printer for my designing firm

Thank you all so much. Zidisha and her good people have done it again. God bless you all. Love you !!!

Buying of sneakers which moves fast on market

I want to say thank you to all my lenders for lifting my business up.
Thanks so much for your help and trust.
I also thank Zidisha for the wonderful work.
Thank You

Installing irrigation in my farm

I wish to take this opportunity to thank my lenders so much funding my loan and even doing it within a very short time. As I had indicated earlier, this time I am investing on farming. I have been doing this for some time but experiencing some challenges involving un reliable rainfall patterns. I wish to do irrigation water connectivity so that I do a reliable farming. This money will help me do a phase one of the connectivity and may be I will continue doing the rest in future.
I intend to use the money as follows:
Pipes 45000
labor 35000
Connection fee 15000
Total 95000
Once the water is connected, I will be able to plant at whatever time of the year and this will end up increasing the income that I normally make per year from this Pease of land. Once again I say thank you very much for funding my loan.

Selling prepaid mobile phone credit

Business has been good so far even though the coronovirus has had impact on our sale. I will keep up to my promise by repaying the remaining amount on time

Muthama's cybercafe

That is the first laptop I bought for the money you gave me to equip my cybercafe.....just on my start of extending my business thus I highly appreciate all my lenders.

Loans to increase business capital

here is a new market for small and medium micro businesses in the city of Semarang, various handicrafts, various foods for sale in this city

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here is a new market for small and medium micro businesses in the city of Semarang, various handicrafts, various foods for sale in this city

Inventory financing

Thank You Paul. Much appreciated. Proceeds will help sustain my small business

To buy large format printer for my designing firm

Thank you Matt B.

Amaranth & carrot seeds

I was lucky to acquire the new crates for transporting the farm produce to the market.Thanking you in advance for supporting me.

To buy large format printer for my designing firm

Good luck :)

Seeds for our backyard vegetable farm

We are preparing the lands for this year's main planting season. Looking forward to your gracious support

Loan to buy tricycle or motor bike for pick up and delivery

Dear Lenders, thank you very much for your confidence in me!

I have fully paid my loan.

I have seen much improvement in the laundry business I invested into and have opened a new collection point as well where we can reach a lot of people. I am hoping to take over the laundry business in Ghana in some time to come.

I am confident that when I put up a new loan application, I will get the needed funds. Thank you all.

Distributing food during pandemic lockdown

Thanks so much sir for funding my loan, I really appreciate you. Looking forward to make good use of the money and pay back on due date

Pay my university fees

I will use the money to pay for my school fees, this will advance my career in accounting, thank you so much and may God bless you abundantly.

Installing irrigation in my farm

I wish to let my lenders know that the loan that I just concluded made much impact in my life and that of my family. I was able to buy all the commodities as I had mentioned in my former posting. The stock that I bought was in line with the customers demand hence this made the profit to increase. As a result, I have been able to pay for my daughter's school fees who is now completing high school and also for my college fees. As per now I am in my final year.
As a result of increased income, I have also been able to engage in other income generating project which is farming. This has also been able to add to what I earn. Moving forward I also want to improve on this project so that both with the former business, I will be financially stable to be able to do more investments in future. Below is a photo of my peace of land.

Sanitizer & anti bacterial hand liquid wash, masks

I have had a busy time doing some repairs on broken phone screens. Which has really boosted my funds kitty after paying school fees for my kids. Thank you so much zidisha and thank you to all that funded my loan.

Selling local foods and spices

The loan enabled me to boost production of my food spices,procure other raw materials. With this my profit has improved. Thank you Zidisha

Selling beauty products

Honestly this platform had helped make things easier for me in my business. So far we have successfully delivered 15 of our products with the help of the loan I took. I am glad I met Zidisha

Selling children's clothing

Already through your kind support I was able to add new stock of kids wear that are still getting new customers within the locality. God richly bless all dear lenders for entrusting me with the business loan.
Asante sana.


Hello dear lenders,
I am super- excited as I post this. I received a loan of KES 10,601 and I have used it for inventory purposes and the purchase of some equipment for my business. Thanks a lot.

Installing irrigation in my farm

I wish to state to my lenders that the loan that I just completed paying had really made great impact in the business and eventually increasing the profit. I had increased my stock as I had mentioned when I received the loan. These were items in line with the customers demand which ended up uplifting my life economically.
As a result I was able to increase my income to approximately 5000 shillings per week. I am able to pay for my daughter's school fees and also my college fees. By now I am in my final year and my daughter also is in her final year of high school. I have also been able to engage in farming as another income generating project. Moving forward I wish to grow this project also so that it can support the current business in generating more income.

Selling beauty products

In just two weeks of joining zidisha. Am already looking forward to a long lasting relationship. I must say I am amazed. My volunteer mentors and the man who referred me has been a lot helpful.

Selling rice

I purchased cartons of tin tomatoes, carton of groundnut oils, packets of maggi cubes and spices with the last loan given to me by my lenders. And buying of all this products especially in carton brought more customers and I made more sales because I started selling them cheaper and that attracted more customers. My revenue has increased with 20% since I was given the loan, and I used the 20% earning to add and buy more bags of rice also. Thank so so much my lenders, thank you zidisha team, you guys are wonderful, God bless my lenders and zidisha team.

Open another outlet of agency banking

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you my good lenders who have extended their hand to contribute towards my loan.
Am very much humbled for you all. Receive much blessings from God wherever you are.
Thanks alot!

Crop production expansion loan

#6295 received. I used it to buy more vegetable seeds to improve my business.
I thank You so much for the privilege

Purchase of a projector and another tv screen

The loan will be very helpful in boosting my business. Thanks a lot lenders.

Manual ballast production

To my lenders, I have no better words to thank you enough for supporting my course, thank you. To Zidisha team, your constant advice and support to me has been great, thank you.

My last loan repayment lasted longer than I wished for. During the last 24 months until December 2019, My grandmother had become old (95yrs) and sick and taking care of her become my responsibility. The hospital bills slowed my business financially but to me, taking care of my grandma the best way possible was the only thing I could do to her in her sunset days. She finally passed away in December 2019.

I have refocused fully on my business and I humbly request my lenders to consider giving financial support to my business endeavors.

Once more, I thank all my lenders.


IThe last loan boosted my skincare business in that I used to get more of organic soaps for my customers,I was able to meet their demands to a reasonable extent,thanks so much for the opportunity given to me and looking forward to more business with you

Manual ballast production

May I take this opportunity to thank all my lenders for their support and patience in regard to my loan. To the Zidisha team who made it possible for me to acquire loans through Zidisha platform, thank you.

Piano for my music studio

Thanks to all my loan funders you are the best

Making clothing and pig raising

Am buying some fabrics for resell and it will help me for prompt delivery to my customer. Thank you lenders.

Buy a new shaving machine

Thank you for support.

Provision shop

I will get goods for my shop, it will help in expanding my shop and put More goods in it. Thank you so much for your support am very grateful

Create a school management app

That's a cool project! Happy to support!

Simple power machines

Through Zidisha lenders, my business experienced about 14% increase in sales in the last 3 months.
This loan is purposed towards sustaining the continues growth by acquiring more working machines that will enhance quality of the work and timely delivery.
Thank you Paul Buchheit and Daniel Kalla for being supportive via the loan.

Solar lanterns for harvest for women & girls

Hello my lenders,

First and foremost i want to thank you for your continued support towards the growth of Kukula Solar. Your continued lending to my social business enables me to continue transforming lives of families in rural and slum communities of Eastern Province. Alot has happened since December 2019.

We have distributed 175 solar home systems in rural communities of Chipata and Katete.

We opened our second office in Katete District and employed our first Area Manager. Works in Katete is going on well and sales are increasing each day.

We have continued to empower women to take up leadership positions in my social business and ensuring that they continue to earn an acceptable income.

Children's study time has continued to increase, helping them to improve their grades so that they can achieve their dreams.

Women continue to save upto $70 annually for switching to our solar products and men can now work at night molding blocks or doing gardening.

All this amazing things are happening because you decided to believe in what we are building. Together we are disrupting the way products reach people living at the Base of the Pyramid.

Thank you so very much for making this possible and i continue to look forward to your support in my next round of loan application.

Thankyou so very much! ZIKOMO KWAMBIRI

Seedlings and fertilizer

Much humbled to your great lenders for being helpful in my farming venture. Remain blessed zidisha team.

Kale and onion farming

I will buy cabbage seedlings for planting during this rainy season,this will help me increase my yield hence high profit.
Thank you alot my lenders for the assistance

Enlargement of raw material base

Waoh,got funded in less than 24hiurs,waoh. Thanks Mr. John Minges for your kindness,may the good Lord be kind to you too. The loan will move me forward in getting more materials for my customers thereby increasing my customer base and profit.

Simple power machines

Zidisha loans through my LENDERS has really helped the growth of my business, having acquired some tools & machines which has really enhanced our production, quality of finishes and timely delivery. Our sales in the last 3 months indicates about 14% increase in sales. There is no stopping now, with more machines, I am optimistic that more can be achieved.