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Farm inputs for pre-trained urban farmers

Thanks Birte and Florence.

Your generosity shall be a huge blessing to our venture.

Be blessed

Purchase accessories (jewelry)

I received 887gh cedis

Will use it to purchase accessories thats jewelry

Thanks to those that supported me

To purchase supplies for my construction work

I received an amount of 1482 GHS and I bought cements which has helped me complete project I started thank you lenders for supporting my project

To repair commuter van gear box & boost my income

I hope you're all fine and safe. I would like to thank my past financial supporters so much for helping me to grow.Too, I would like to thank the entire Zidisha team for this platform has help me so much from the first time I joined till now. The of Kshs 68,341 that was given to me through ZIDISHA helped me to repair the engine of my van at a cost of Ksh 55, 000, 10, 000 was used for the labour and the remaining kshs 3,341 was used to buy engine oil the van. To me this was a huge boost since I had no alternative and without the help of ZIDISHA team, I would have been stuck.

Online freelancing on "Fiverr" and other similar websites

Beyata Mulenga and Deh Susana, greetings! I'd would like to express my gratitude for your help as a fellow entrepreneur. With this loan, I'll be able to reactivate my bank account, allowing me to connect it to internet platforms like and PayPal. Furthermore, by repaying this Pay it Forward loan, I will be able to have a positive impact on the community by assisting other entrepreneurs in the same way that you have assisted me, as well as having the potential to invite new members. Thank you very much.

Purchase sewing materials

Hello my dear lenders,
I want to keep update as to the reasons why I have not made my two previous repayments, as you maybe aware that, zambia as country we hold general elections on August 12, 2021. The election was peaceful despite some few challenges in some parts of the especially northwestern province where we lost one life from the patriotic front part.
From Thursday to date we have not been working and shops in town are closed where we can buy some other essentials in order to wind the work so that we can be paid by our customers and because of enteruption we are not able to make repayments. Apologize for the encoveninces this may have caused on part. We promise to continue making repayments as soon as the situation is calm and business is back to normal.

Jeff Banda.

Commercial snail farming project

We are making alot of progress with the little we have in our disposal, it is getting greater and better.
Thanks to my Backers, the likes of JOSHI United States and others , the Entire Zidisha Team, You are all Amazing.

Inventory of spare parts for motorbike service shop

Dear lenders and the zidisha management, I would like to inform you that the business is still going on well although very down due to COVID-19 and mostly curfews are affecting the business so much but I will adjust my repayment amount to the level of which I could be able to pay until the stuation improves.

Farm inputs for pre-trained urban farmers

We recently received funds from ZIDISHA to conduct a 4hour Pre-Training brief for 50 urban farmers on Agricity foods.

The exercise was a huge success (56 participants attended) and about 19 participants wish to start immediately.

About 26 participants wish to start in a months’ time while 11 participants said they shall be ready within 2months.

We remain indebted to our funders for the success.

Be blessed

Purchasing electronics to sell

Thank you so much everyone who funded my project. This fund will be used to purchase some electronic parts that are in high demand in my area at the moment. I am certain of fast turnover and hope to pay back my loan as quickly as possible. Thanks zidisha.

Loan to pay my rent (for two years)

Loan repayment done successfully today August 15, 2021. I use this opportunity to say thank you to lenders. I'm grateful.

Supply building materials, sand & gravel stones

Dear all, the Lord has made it again, this is to update you that,l am gradually receiving outstanding earns from the loan which l just finished payment.l am grateful because it has added something to my new contract, while waiting founds from great Zidisha lenders and support team.You have always been the pillar and support of my business.Both physical and financially,you have been there as a guardiance.may the Lord God mighty continue bless you all for your great work to this platform.

Cassava, okra and pepper farm

Many thanks to all the lovely people who have funded the project. God bless you all

To buy home supplies and more foodstuffs to fill my new shelves

My Dear lenders,
Good afternoon to you all I forgot to inform you that I made a payment three days ago and business is moving well but I can't meet my customers demand and they are worry me a lot because they are asking a lot of items which I don't have because no one sell food stuffs and provisions items in our area accept me but when they come they don't get their needs and I am losing a lot of profit and customer's and my only hope which they can help me to fill up my shop is zidisha and I trust you because you have done same before.

Importation of rice from Cameroon

I am so grateful for the great work you are doing here, I appreciate

To get a hairdressing shop

Thanks for the alert, I wanted to open hair accessories and hair products sales business beside my hairdressing shop so that I don't have to buy from somewhere else before I work but I have a garden behind my house where I grow vegetables and crops for consumption but because of pressure at work I couldn't go to the farm myself that's why I decided to use the loan to pay some workers òr labourers to harvest the vegetables for me. Thank you

Public transport

Thanks so much lenders for your support. I know we're all experiencing hard times with this pandemic but together we are better by helping each other.
The funds are going to help me gat back on my feet by doing the necessary repairs on my business vehicle and getting back into business.
Thanks once again and may the Lord bless you all.

Cassava, okra and pepper farm

Good luck in your business

To purchase foodstuffs and other assorted items

Re: "God bless whoever got this vision to support us; am happy to [have] joined Zidisha."

Welcome to Zidisha! :)

Julia Kurnia is the Founder & Director (and C.T.O.) of Zidisha.

You can read about what led to her creating Zidisha, here: [why-i-founded-zidisha_b_4885629]

Demountable $5,000 tiny house

You're welcome, David. I'm a *huge* fan of the 'Tiny Home" movement across the globe, and I'm so glad to see someone on Zidisha doing this work.

Very best wishes for every success with this great project!

Business loan support for buying & selling clothes

I want to take my money from customers I supply my products so that I can make bigger instalment repayment.
Thank you my lenders for always supporting me. And I promise I will not fail any of my weekly installment.
God bless you

Purchase a welding machine

In this loan I want to purchase a new welding machine so that I can enhance my services and add more values to my works. Thank you very much for funding my business.

To increase my farm

I will use the fund to buy weedicide this wi help me kill weeds on my farmland. I am very grateful to my lenders, words can not express my gratefulness. Thank you

Demountable $5,000 tiny house

USD 62 (KES 7,066) helps buy a Cordless Drill.

It will speed up drilling and (screw)driving tasks during fabrication of the tiny house.

Thank you so much Jim Vandegriff and Laurie for making this purchase possible...

Business loan for my provisions shop (food and other supplies)

Hello Sarah,
Hope you get the loan and restock/renovate your shop. Keep up the regular updates. Wish you all the best.

Demountable $5,000 tiny house

Revised Design View 11

Demountable $5,000 tiny house

Revised Design View 9

Demountable $5,000 tiny house

Revised Design View 8

Demountable $5,000 tiny house

Revised Design View 2

Supplying snacks to schools

May the blessings of God the Father rest on you and all the community here


Thrift clothing

May all your dreams come true!

Sending you lots of encouragement!

Farming fruits & vegetables

Thank you very much for making my project possible.

To buy materials for sewing

I will use the fund to buy materials for sewing and it will help me in improving my sewing and also bring profit, thanks to my lenders

Cassava, okra and pepper farm

All the best brother

Transportation of my produce from my farm to town to sell

Iam so thankful to you for deciding to help me.. So so greatfull

Supplying snacks to schools

You all are doing great in this community, am happy to be a proud member here

Sales of food provisions

My lenders,what would I have done without your support,May God bless you

Supply building materials, sand & gravel stones

Thank you sir, God bless you and all.

Purchase electrical tools and materials

I used my project fund to purchase this cables and the earth wire thank you lenders of zidisha loan


Supply building materials, sand & gravel stones

May your business go well!

To put toward opening new mobile money business

May good God be with you all amen

Shoemaking business

Thank you for everything zidisha

To purchase building materials for building my own house

This is to inform all supporters and all lenders and also to the Zidisha team, that I'm successfully in my loan repayment today. I'm always grateful and I appreciate your effort and support.
God richly bless you all.

Commercial snail farming project

Thanks for the fully Funded project, By God's grace We are looking forward to having the roofing project done.

Although I'm having some technical issues in my dashboard in getting the project confirm to have the cash disbursed into my local account.
I will need the technical team assistance.

As soon as we have done enough SENSITIZATION the training will commence

Microscope for health clinic lab

Thanks all my lenders for your good heart and may God bless you .
The loan will be used is buy pipette for the laboratory department.

Loan to expand my jewelry business

Thank you for your support!

My passion & dream: livestock farming

Vitamins for my chickens

Heat-press machine for printing service

I want to take this opportunity to thank my Lenders for their support towards my business. This huge support will help my business grow. This money will help me buy a heat press machine which will add more revenue to my work. Thanks very much for you support

To invest in food retail business

Florence for the support you show on my project that's why am funding you I wish you well

To purchase a laptop computer

Thank you for the continued support to grow my business. I managed to top up and buy a new laptop for a team member. I’m progressing to recruit another person to add capacity to the current team.