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Erick Chepketen     May 13, 2018

Banana in the farm

Hole digging and manure purchase for banana plants improvem
Soymet, Kenya

Meza Delvianda     May 13, 2018

This is a grinder machine that I bought yesterday & will soon be sold to the needs of coffee shops in Jakarta. The advantage that I get from the sale of equipment like this is not too big only about 15% of the capital I spend on purchase. But I am still grateful although the benefits are not great, at least I can help others to be self-employed.

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Ini adalah mesin grinder yang kemarin saya beli & akan segera terjual untuk kebutuhan kedai kopi di jakarta. Keuntungan yang saya peroleh dari penjualan equipment seperti ini tidak terlalu besar hanya sekitar 15% dari modal yang saya keluarkan untuk pembelian. Namun saya tetap bersyukur walaupun keuntungan yang saya peroleh tidak besar, paling tidak saya bisa membantu orang lain untuk bisa berwira usaha sendiri.

Purchase equipment manual coffee brew
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

Eunice Quarshie     May 13, 2018

l used it buy soap and washing power.
It will increase my stock by 2%.
Am great for the loan.

Sunyani, Ghana

Juliana Krampah     May 13, 2018

Have also started the sale of African wear( Fugu/ Smock)

Abagya investment
Tarkwa, Ghana

George Baah     May 13, 2018

I am enjoying healthy life with my family. My children are now attending school with piece of mind because their fees are paid out of profit. God bless my lenders and entire Zidisha team.

Rice, bread and other staples for my provision shop
Berekum, Ghana

Vida Baah     May 13, 2018

Sincerely Zidisha has impacted positively in my life.Paying for my children's school fees is not my major problem. I can now pay utility fees out of profit. Thanks to Zidisha and all my lenders.

Rice,milo and milk for my shop
Berekum, Ghana

Daniel Sachie Owusu     May 13, 2018

With the profits accrued from my daily sales, I have been able to purchase the following products to increase my grocery stock:
5 bags of rice
10 loaves of bread
3 dozens of exercise books
2 boxes of bottled water
2 crates of coca cola drink
A total amount of $185 was used to purchase the products.
Great thanks to my lenders.

Rice, bread, books,bottled water and softdr for grocery shop
Berekum, Ghana

Gyamfi Collins     May 13, 2018

hello Lenders,
I am grateful for the load you grant to me. I use the load for business like buying goods and sell them. I use to buy goods like mobile phones and accessories, laptops and accessories, games and many more.
This business help me to do many things to myself like paying my bills, buying clothes, home appliances and many more. Most importance is help me to take very good care of my family.
First I use to earn less than 300 Ghana cedis in my business carer but when I met zidisha my income has increase from 300 to 400 Ghana cedis and above.
I use the increase earning to buy more goods to enlarge my business carer. And also use some to pay my bills and many more.
Thanks for this opportunity to share this with zidisha, at first I don't give my family anything at the end of every months but now that I met you zidisha I gives my family 100 Ghana cedis every months.
For my neighbors see as a business tycoon because of your help you have giving to me thank you so much. I don't enjoy holidays much.
Thank you!

Business enlargement
Kumasi, Ghana

Erick Misati     May 13, 2018

Dear lenders this is the precious balding machine tha i purchased from my second loan.Am thankful

A chair and equipment for my barber shop
Ruiru, Kenya

Erick Misati     May 13, 2018

Dear lenders i have managed to purchase the Balding machine and a fine chair for my business.am thankful.

A chair and equipment for my barber shop
Ruiru, Kenya