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Supply building materials, sand and gravel stones

Good evening to my great lenders and the entirely Zidisha team. This is to inform you that, the Lord has made it again this week,for me to be able to settle my second week Loan structure. It has been a success week of material supply Sand and Gravels to my client's.The problem l face this week a termination of a contract which l couldn't carry it up due to lack of money for refunding. However, God has still made it possible for me to meet up my target through hard work to settle my second loan. lenders,without your money and guidance, l couldn't have made.God bless you all.

Gypsum supply to Erdemann Gypsum, Ltd. (Mwingi, Kenya)

With the previous facility I paid my gypsum supplier. A ton of gypsum is going at KES 1,100 and transported at KES 1,300 thus a total of KES 2,400. A 30 ton truck of gypsum would cost KES 72,000. This Loan paid halfway the cost of a truck.

Each ton makes KES 400 at the factory thus making a total of KES 15,000 half of which is KES 7,500 done twice within the borrowing period

Restocking my grocery store

I received 1,381 in my account, with this money i used it to buy a bag of rice. Dear lenders i want to thank you so much for the help you have been giving me because with your help am able to buy what I want in my shop thank so much dear lenders.

Using the loan to buy rice to cook for my customers

I received a loan of Ghc 208 and I have invested into my food business and I am very thankful to my lenders for this offer

School fees for my younger brother

I am very happy for the loan granted to me by my lenders. Will pay my brothers fee on monday. Thanks once again lenders

Buying building materials for my shop

I am so happy to get the loan opportunity to use it to buy building materials for my shop,I really appreciate all efforts given by the lenders.
Thank you to zidisha

Buying provisions & consumable items to resell

May the good Lord bless you all for fund my I will use it will so to repaid on time thank you

Catering service

Thank you lenders for the loan I received I have bought items for my business


School fees for my younger brother

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you and your brother, and shine His face upon you, and make you both prosperous. Shalom.


School fees for my younger brother

Good luck to your brother with his education. God bless you


Second-hand clothing shop

Dear Scholastica - always impressed you make your loan payments on time and obviously manage your business well. Happy to help support your new loan request. All the best, Erik

Medical treatment for my mother

The loan was very helpful for to buy medicine for my mother and she is getting better by the grace of Almighty God

To buy phone accessories

I used it to buy some of the accessories I will need for now

Business loan for stationery shop

Thank you Tina

Business loan for stationery shop

I wish for successful business for you!

Sewing studio

Zidisha is the best loan app I have ever come across they are just the best in everything I will forever be grateful to them

Tuition to become a nurse

Dear lenders am so grateful for the support you have given me, am progressing well in my education and this has been made possible for me because of you may God bless you for supporting me. Thank you very much.


To buy drip pipes and organic fertilizer for my vegetables

Dear Beatrice - love it that you are focused on healthy soil for your garden. I'm the same. Glad to be able to fully support you loan request. Looks like you've always paid you loans off before so hope you can keep the great track record up and build more confidence in you for future loans on Zidisha. Best, Erik

To buy drip pipes and organic fertilizer for my vegetables

Dear am so grateful for the support you have given me, my business is doing quiet well because of your support, I bought the organic fertilizer for my crop farming and my vegetable Gardens is doing very well. Thank you so much and God bless you

Selling second-hand clothing

I'm grateful and really appreciate your kindness. Thank you

School renovation

Dear leanders I appreciate the offer of loan, which will go a long way to help me with the school renovation process, thank you very much may the Lord continue to bless you and empower you more

Restocking shop with plumbing materials for sale

Thank you zidisha

To buy food items to prepare food to retail

God bless zidisha

School renovation

I'm very much grateful, to my lenders for the last loan,it was used for the school renovation in progress, the renovation is still on going that is why I'm asking for a new loan to help continue the work

Renovating & renting apartments

The loan am about to take will be used to renovate some apartment to a standard and rent them out to prospective clients.
The loan would also be used to embark on online promotion of my business to get more potential clients.
I thank Zidisha family for being there always. Infact ZIDISHA is the best financial support.

Cocoa farming

Thank you and God bless you for supporting me

"Alex's Grocery" convenience store

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Late payment on my past due installment
admin Jun 1

Dear Alex,

Thank you for your kind words! If you would like the lenders to see your message please post it as a comment in the discussion section of your loan profile.

Kind regards,

Julia Kurnia
Zidisha team

Hello lenders

I have just paid my final installment on 1st June, 2021.
I am so grateful for the patience and frexibility on the installments. The quick responses in the errors that i have encountered from the zidisha team has shown that this is a passion driven gesture . I really am so greatful to have the privilege of being part of this program . Never stop with this spirit. Many are the disciplined but luck capital to just kick start and you have shown a good relationship to this cause.

My regards
Alex Katete

Buying vegetables and nose masks to resell

Thank you zidisha

Acquiring stock of sneakers, sandals & slippers

Dear lenders,
I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for believing in me.
Thanks to you and Zidisha, my business has grown to a bigger heights than before.
My business is at a point i feel so proud off and you guys made this possible.
Once again i say thank you my lenders, and thank you Zidisha.

Distributing clean drinking water

Thank you zidisha lenders for the loan. I've received it to use for proposed purpose

Seasonal farming

I will use the loan to buy farm inputs such as organic fertilizer and pesticides.

These inputs will help me improve my pepper yield during the farming season.

I really appreciate the efforts of the lenders at Zidisha for their constant support to help us grow our businesses. God bless you all


Seasonal farming

Best of luck to you and your business!


Cocoa farming

All the best with your cocoa farming! Provide delicious fruits to many people, or for chocolate! With love :)

Paying my hospital bill

Thank you Zidisha for the support

Plumbing works

Everyone here are so kind and generous, May God reward you

Loan for my sewing business

thank you my lenders my sister now in school and my moblie money job is also going on well ,i will still update you all about my work progress, god give you abondant money help us every day.

Buying more chairs for classrooms

The good lord that I serve will surely reward you all mightily

Loan to sell hand sanitizer, liquid soaps & more nose masks

Thank you so much for the loan am so thankful very well ...
The loan has help me to sell the hands sanitizer nose mask and more in my school campus .

Tess's Food Shop

I want to thank all my lenders and to tell them I received the loan given to me and am using it judiciously inorder to meet up with my payment.

Loan for buying food to sell

I have received 34941
I purchased bag of beans maize rice

Thank you very much

Buy a taxi

hello leaders ,am very happy for this far.due to my increased profits and lessons learnt during this pandemic, i have decided to look for something essential to do. Am now selling koko cookers and koko fuel hence making more profits.Thanks so much for your kind support that has made me prosper in business.

To buy a sewing machine

thanks to all my lenders May the good Lord continue to bless you

To buy a sewing machine

Good luck Gifty!

Renovating our school restrooms

Thanks very much Joy to the world and may God also bless you as well for your massive support and I wish to get a better education for those in my village


Renovating our school restrooms

Thanks for making education a priority. God bless you

Loan to buy gas cylinders abd rice cooker


Please I used my previous loan to buy gas cylinder and rice cooker infact it has helped me a lot, although it couldn't buy what I was expected buy it helped me a lot, thank you very much

Fashion design and mobile money business

I just received GHS 386 from zidisha association today (30 May,2021).
I would be buying my materials tomorrow for my design.
May God richly bless all my lenders for funding my loan so quick.

Drip-irrigation kit for my farm

Am planning to buy irrigation system for my farm that will help my farm with enough water all through the dry season. Am really grateful for the unwavering support from My lenders

Purchase reflectors for my cameras

My loan has fully been funded thanks to all my lenders who supported me.

Thanks once again and stay safe.

Expanding business

The loan was use to buy cabbages, bananas, etc and it has improved my business thank you