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Painting service

Grace and peace you in abundance. May the Father lavishly display His love to you

To help support my siblings' education

The loan to support my parents to purchase school uniforms, books and bags for my siblings. It will release my parents from pressure. Thanks

To restock my shop with fabrics materials

Big family and friends thank you so much for everything you are doing

To purchase pencils to supply to schools

Thank you for funding my project quickly. I will be using the fund to purchase notebooks to sell to schools. It will help increase my capital.

Maintain our shop

Thanks for helping me do my business . I run a provision shop and this has been of a very good help to me

Raising chickens

I bought the feed for the 500birds of chicken and it helped me to fill the gap of the feed management of my broilers,out of my sales I reserved some money for the school feels for my chicken which is opening on 24th January,2022,iam grateful to the lenders for the assistance financially and the same have improved the business

To put toward buying stock of phones to sell (also farm business)

The previous loan helped me to pay my school fees. I really appreciate for your kind help Zidisha.

Construction materials for school building to rent out

I have hired a Mason to do the lay out for the new school building project.God bless you, thank you so much

Organic crop farming

I have completed my second fund I received and it has helped me thank you lenders for the support on my second loan it really good

Notebooks for my kids

Good people of zidisha I say thank you for the great service

To purchase school uniforms for my children

I love you all God bless you and happy happy Christmas to all members

House roofing materials (timber & iron sheets)

Hi lenders and the Zidisha team.
I'll like to return together with my family many thanks for all the support and trust we have received since we joined the zidisha family in 2014 and with over six loans that have seen us move from rental house to our own.

Yes, we have had several challenges including losing our relatives due to covid-19 but we're greatful we managed to clear our loan at the end of it all. Without Zidisha and our lenders our story would be a difficult one to share.

Our business faced several challenges but we had a house to settle and a small poultry which started with our 6th Loan and all this thanks to Zidisha and our lenders.

We're happy and all smile that finally we cleared our loan as promised so another family can receive and smile.

thank you again and be blessed.


To buy sculptures to resell

I received the money for my project . I will order sculptures and start my business as soon as possible. Above all so grateful for the loan it's going to go a long way for me.

To put toward buying an electric sewing machine for business

I hope you will buy a good machine.
Best wishes.

Gina's Bakery Shop

I also thank you and wish a glorious happy New Year too.

For canned tuna to sell

Thanks to zid members. I received an amount of 1146 Ghs and I'm using it to stock up...thank you all for your support.

Crop farming business

This fund will be used to add to the money I have saved to purchase seedlings for cultivation and is it will help me so I would like to thank you all the lenders

To buy oil to sell in my provisions shop

I've received an amount of 446 from Zidisha Loans.
I thank everyone who supported me. This amount will be added to what I have to pay my wards fees.

To help fund my automobile insurance (Uber driver)

Hi Guys, I appreciate your support for my business. This loan will assist me to protect the asset I have ie my car with a comprehensive insurance. I will top up to cover the car for this year. I am very grateful once again for contributing to help my business. In the long term, I hope to be able to raise money to acquire another car to grow the business exponentially. Hoping that you will be a part of the journey to the top with this initial big step. Have a blessed day.

Crop farming business

I am grateful to my esteemed zidisha family. Am much grateful to Sir Mathew Heyward for funding my poultry project. Good will from my lenders has enabled me expand my small scale business. Thanks so much coz I received about 25 US dollars to from Sir Mathew Heyward to fund my project. God bless. Happy new year

To expand business of selling mineral water

I have been able to increase my stock.Thank you very much

To help support my siblings' education

I will purchase fertilizer for farming. It will help to grow crops with out any problem. You are the best of all

Livestock farming (dairy business)

Thank you for accepting to fund my dairy farming project. I will use the funds to purchase hay and mineral salts for my 3 cows. This will really help me maintain constant production through this dry spell.

To purchase medicine prescribed by my mother's doctor

My fund will be used to buy medicine for my mother. My mother will feel better and be happy. May Allah bless you all

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Interlocking bricks production

Hello lenders
Below the progress of my renovated classroom almost to the completions

To buy school sandals for my children

I will buy school sandals for my children. It will help my children get new uniform. God bless you for making my project possible

Rental premises for my cereal business

Hello Zidisha,

It was amazing to receive the requested funding and very refreshing to see my funders also include my country people through the pay it forward option. My heart is full you guys. Thank you, everybody!

Wairimu Gathii

To purchase latex examination gloves

This is my business certificate

Art exhibition

Thank you Matthew, Andreas, Sanfransec and Andreas. This will definitely facilitate buying of my art materials including mounts I need for framing my clients pencil portraits. I appreciate!

Drinkers, feeders, etc., for livestock business (poultry)

I just cant imagine how my life could have been without you aweome people. Am so greatful for your continous support.

I will keep you posterd with my progress.

May God bless you all.


I received 11,993 naira.I bought more seeds and fertilisers.I thank everyone who supported my project.a big thanks to you guys

To purchase mobile phone chargers to sell

I will use my fund to purchase mobile phone chargers to sell. I will increase my profit. Thank you for making my project possible

To put toward my perfume business

These are some the refill perfumes I got with my last loan

To put toward my perfume business

Hello lenders I'm excited to let you know that with my previous loan I managed to order perfumes because I started a clothes business(boutique) I get them from China, South Africa and other countries. I topped up to my loan with the money I had in my savings and managed to order I'm now looking forward to higher amounts. Thank you so much for funding my project

To buy overlock machine to sew clothes

It will be using to purchase materials for sewing clothes. It will help me to get more materials to sewed clothes to sell. Thanks for your great support

To purchase hair creams

I bought medicine for my mother this morning and she was happy for your support

Drinkers, feeders, etc., for livestock business (poultry)

Thank you so much to all great people just have choosen to journey with me my poultry life.

You have been a reason am able to take care of my family ie my aged parent, my daughter in a good school and my niece in a nursing school. it has been possible because of you and i always pray for your families to never lack so that you continue touching nations.

May God bless all you.

Will keep you posted with my projects.


To help stock my home supplies store

Good luck with the new store and happy new year

To purchase hair creams

I will use my loan to purchase medicine for my sick mother. It help my mother feel better. Thank for the loan


I received an amount of GHS 1377 and I thank you for the loan

Crop farming business

Am so much greatful to my donors, much more to Mathew He years from the united States, thanks. Am planning to invest the money in poultry farming business especially in the supply of white chicken meat and eggs in addition to my vegetables production business. This will utmostly help me manage my bills apart from supporting my siblings and parents. Am happy to have good-hearted friends around the globe. God bless you, looking forward to a bright future due to your unwavering support. Thumbs up Sir Mathew Heyward from United States.

To purchase school uniforms for my children

I Will purchase school books for my children. My children will be happy when going to school. Thank you for making my project possible

For expansion of mobile phone payment center

Wao, what can I say but thank you, I really appreciate everyone who funded my just gave my business a new lease of life.i promise to make you proud


For expansion of mobile phone payment center

Best of luck in all ur ventures!

To help buy textbooks

Thank you for your support.I received today.

Construction materials for school building to rent out

I have been able to add some amount to purchased a river sand one trip for my school project.Thank you

Expansion of my clothing business

Thank you, Mary Jo Ondrechen. Happy new year to you too.

Art exhibition

The loan I just completed paying came through in such an amazing way as I was able to purchase the items I needed to complete 7 pencil portraits that were commissioned. I made good profit and i believe one day I will expand my business. Hopefully one day I can get a higher loan limit to purchase other equipments to make frames for the portraits instead of outsourcing them,

To buy reading books for my children

I will use it to pay my wife hospital bills. It will help me to discharge my wife from the hospital. I am really happy for the support

Metallic gate business (and school fees for my grandchildren)

Hi Zidisha Family, its been long since I communicated. It is my trust and hope that you are doing good. I just wanted to let you know that doing well with my family and business. The business is resuming gradually after a very tough encounters with Covid 19 and it's effects to human activities. Thank you once more for your continued support