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Foodstuffs loan

Thank you so much lenders, am so happy and grateful

Loan for distributing handwashing-station "Veronica buckets"

God bless you and the support

Bismark Boda-Boda (motorcycle taxi)

I will buy motorcycle spare parts for renewing some parts this will improve my work thanks for the loan.

New desks for my school

I can't fully express my happiness and gratitude to my lenders and the organisers of this platform, may God bless you.

Selling fresh maize

AM so thankful my dear lender you are are so helpful. I need this loan to help me transport maize for sell to local market, problem is that due to heavy rains the roads are so bad only bicycles are working. This will help me make some profit from my sales. God bless you.

Teaching aids for pupils

I want to thank James Tibbel, Kirk Moore, Donald Major, Maria Lawler and Varia, Julia the director and the Team for this loan.

Grocery business

Thank you all for ur good service
And thank you for the loan
I will now be able to reach the needs of my consumers

To distribute hospital supplies, and also for Christmas expenses

I'm so grateful for zidisha for continuing to support me. Thank you

Purchase shop equipment for tailoring business

I have received 2,245. I will do the purchasing of the materials tomorrow i thank you all my lenders for the good job you are doing it was not easy to get a loan of my age. It will help me expand my business in a way that the community at large will be appreciating. I take this time to thank all my lenders once more


Sewing business expansion

Hi Mary - thanks for your update and message. That's really great to hear. Success stories like the one you are creating provide great motivation for all the community on Zidisha during these challenging times. Thanks for sharing. All the best, Erik

To buy organic manure

Thank you very much to you my dear lender. How this loan helps me is by buying organic manure which I want to apply in my nursery for planting vegetables and also for general purpose. It will help my plants to grow better so I sell more and make profit.thank you indeed.

To boost my grocery business

I received ZMW 2,973 , I use it to boost my grocery business thank you for the loan

Sewing business expansion

Good morning, my lovely lenders. I hope everyone is doing well? I want to let you know that business is booming and my earnings have increased. I thank you for the support.

Cocoa farmer

Thank you for my second loan

Food retail

I received 80,173naira which enabled me to restocked my shop with foodstuffs and groceries requested by my customers.
I really appreciate my lenders for this loan.

Selling raincoats and umbrellas

Thanks a lot I received a loan of 1,443 ZMW meant for ordering raincoats and umbrellas for sale.

Selling perfumes

I thank all my lenders I received a loan amount of K2,502 which I will use to order perfumes for sale to my customers. Thank you very much.


Opening another mobile money banking booth

All the best to you & all your endeavors

Laptop computer & partial payment of university fees

Thank you very much dear Laurie, and thanks for liking my logo. i don't even know if it represents what I was trying to express very well.
The whole idea is based on how zidisha works. The opened palms represent how zidisha warmly welcomes every individual, no matter your age, colour, country, language, ethnicity, background etc. the heart represents how zidisha have every member at heart. The 2 human-like drawings represent a male and a female.......meaning zidisha support both genders.

i would like to know if there is something i should have added or something that shouldn't be there. and also if the colours used are ok.
thank you.

Loan for wholesale food distribution shop expansion

Before saying a word of gratitude to zeidisha and my lenders I would say a big thank you to God for his protection over me and my entire family through this pandemic though it was not easy last year but his mercifulness has sustained us I say a BIG thank you God. Thank you my lenders for your patience and prayers for me I appreciated what what you did for me last year and the years before, God richly each and everyone who help me with previous loan and those who are going to help me with the current loan. I promise I'm going to use this money to expand my Maggie, polythene, tomatoes, wholesale shop. Thank you in advance

Transportation of maize to the market

Thank you so very much. I am confident this loan will help me so much. It will help me for transport which will make it possible for me to deliver maize for sale at markets. God bless.

Buying gas cylinders to resell

Thank you so much zidisha and I will always remain faithful to you because you didn't turn me down. God bless you

Selling face masks in my beauty shop

I am so happy for my loan to be funded. This loan will help me to buy face masks for sale in my beauty shop. As there is demand for face masks due to covid19 I am set to make profit. Thank you.

Additional stock of face shields & masks

Thanks a lot to my lenders for this loan. IAM so delighted and this loan will help me increase my sales once I have more stock. Thank you so much.


Vegetable crop production

Good luck! Super fast repayment from last time makes me want to help again!

Paying my hospital bill

Thank you lenders for your support on my hospital bed

Food retail

thank you my lenders here are pictures of my crops

Groceries to sell in my shop

thank you my lenders i will truly not disappoint you people,your truly great..i thank you for believing in me

Face-masks, sanitizers & disinfectants

Health Regulations are very important for students or pupils , I propose to purchase face masks, sanitizers and disinfectants to prevent the children from contracting the deadly Corona virus. This is to ensure total fight against the pandemic, If the school will be given financial support this will the school very much to observe health regulation and keep the children in good learning environment. Thank you so much my lenders I really appreciate you.

To buy yam and agric maize

Good luck with your farm!

Buying plantains to sell

A loan of 1036 was paid to for buying two bags of onions to sell and this really helping as I am making sales. thanks to all my lenders

Maize and vegetable farming tools

I have received my loan. And I want to thank my lenders for this great support. I am grateful!
I have used the money to buy tools for my garden.

Cocoa farming

Am grateful to you all

Reagents for chemistry laboratory

I am grateful to Mike Cee, Dennis, Sooli, Kirk Moore, Harris Lin, LuThor, [email protected],Emma, MarktheMormon, Donald Major, Maria Lawler, Madam Julia and the Team.

Buying the farm

You are the best people I wish you well being

Bulk purchase of materials for making clothing

Soil, Sabrina, Ahmad, Miguel Vela, Nancy and David, Melkmom, MarktheMormon and Ursula, the team and the director, THANK YOU.

Solar lanterns for distribution to rural households

Dear Lenders,

Business has not been good especially after the Covid pandemic. However, during the period of social distancing and stay at home curfews, I managed to realize one of my lifelong ambitions of writing a novel, currently at Amazon. Please buy promote me by buying the same.

Laptop computer & partial payment of university fees

happay Val's day to you all our dear Zidisha lenders and the community as a whole. we do appreciate all the love and support. May God bless you all and keep you safe......Amen.

Laptop computer & partial payment of university fees

A simple logo i designed for the Zidisha community

Buying yams to sell

The loan really helped me as of now business is really good and I'm am making profits

Buying second-hand clothes to resell

I received 1513ghs to buy clothes to resale. Thank you so much zidisha. God bless you

Selling mobile phone credit

Thanks you all my lenders for the love and support you have for me. God richly bless you all and all your heart desires should comes true. The previous loans has been improve my business alot in terms of making buying cards, credit transfers and mobile money transactions. I really appreciate it and I will plead them to continue to support me to the highest. Thanks ones again.

Pure water business

Wishing you, your business, and your community all the best! Thank you for your work, it is so important. Uhuru!

Maize farming

I would really like to express my thanks for this loan. I have received K3,222 and I plan to buy Urea fertiliser to apply in my maize field so that it can grow better, thank you.

Drip irrigation system for my farm

Thank you very much all lenders I have received 3,270 ZMW which I will use to acquire a drip irrigation system for my farm to help me especially during dry season.

To purchase stock (rice)

Message of Appreciation

Dear lenders,
I'm very much greatfull for your support. With your support, I can buy more of my stock which will help me make profit.

Thank you

New desks for my school

I am, once again, thankful for the loan I just fully and timely repaid, my dream of giving my students better furniture is becoming a reality. Attached is a sample of the furniture.

Water tanks for agriculture

Good day dear lenders. I recieved a k3930 thank you soo much for being of assistance to my farm business

Purchase of camping tents

Hi Moses :-) Sorry my reply is so delayed, I haven't been checking Zidisha as much lately... I had a quick look, & it looks like this crowdfunding platform should be compatible:

But, I don't know much about it, so look into it yourself first, just to check its legitimacy etc... But you don't have to be a US citizen for that one apparently, so thought I'd send in case it was helpful :-)

I'm surprised it asks you to be a US citizen for GoFundMe, that's strange? I'm an Australian not US citizen, so I can't help much in that department...

I really hope things are looking up a bit... Hopefully life is getting a little easier on your end, bit by bit :-)

All the best with everything... If its feeling a bit stressful or daunting, & you need help getting dates etc updated for your payments, it might just be worth reaching out to the Zidisha team? I think this might be the place to ask for help, but I'm not 100% sure:

Really hope your world is making you smile... I hope things have gotten at least slightly easier... A lot of businesses have been doing it tough, I'm so sorry...

All the best Moses - Emma

Inventory of fabrics and accessories

I am excited that my first loan has been funded. It will help me grow my business.