Shiloh Hoisington


United States


Hi guys and gals!
My name is Shiloh, I am someone who wants to help by lending and communicating with people who are growing or starting in business. I am not 100% on everything there is to know about owning a business however I do have an associates in business management so I can try my best to answer any questions you have. I am trying to start up my own business and help repair/upgrade my mothers house while working so I may not get back to you on here in a timely fashion but if you are on social media you can find me on Facebook messenger or you can email me for a quicker response! Just make sure to put in the header “A business question/update.” So I know it’s from one of the people I have had the opportunity to be a lender too!. I also would like to be able to keep in touch and see how you’ve grown over time! So let’s get in contact with each other and grow together!
If you wish to contact me by email or if you are one of the people I am or have been a lender to please email me at [email protected] (if you are sending me a message for advise, general questions or updates on your business). If you are in need of business related answers to your business questions, want to talk about repayment statuses, or anything majorly related to helping you further in you adventure into business please send me an email at [email protected]). Thanks guys and if you are one of my borrower please send me updates I do care and wish to see pictures of your progress or stories from you or anything you’ve heard about your business and how it’s changed your life or others!

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