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Evans Okoyo

Nairrobi, Kenya

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Evans Okoyo

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November 2014

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About Me

I am the sixth born in the family of 9, I was born in the year 1980, I went to school at Indangalasia primary school, I joined class one in the year 1991 and did my K.C.P.E in 1999. From there I joined form one at Bukolwe secondary school of which due to lack of school fees i dropped out of school in the same year (2000). from there I went back home and helped parents in farming for a period of one year. In the year 2002, I came to Nairobi in search of any job, it is here that i landed in the good hands of my friends whom we trained together in doing arts, mainly painting, curving and moulding.
It took me two years to learn and to begin doing what could at least attract my buyers, this is now what took me into business aspect. I got married in the year 2008 to a lady named, Peninah Anyango we have two children, Mary Jenipher and Eniola Cecilia aged 4 and 1 and half years respectively, All my wife's and my two children's needs, I am the one taking care of.

My Business

My business is situated in Huruma, I began doing this work on my own in the year 2004, from there I have been going through all the challenges that come together with it, I have also learnt a lot in the process of doing this business the major challenges that I've gone through are as follows, introducing new items in the market especially when you know the product is good for the market at that season, you have to persist until the buyers perceive and get attracted with the products, the other challenge is the middle men who get our items at a cheaper price and sell them at a price three times what they've given us, lastly financial challenge, sometimes i receive orders and i do not have money to buy raw materials to do the work hence giving middle men an advantage to cash for this shortcoming. Despite all these challenges from this job, i manage to pay my House rent, buy food and also one of my kids i pay for her school fees, my earning is currently less than Kshs 10000, which is approximately $112 per month. I therefore believe that given chance by zidisha to grow my business, I will do my best to improve in my production.

Loan Proposal

Thanks to you Zidisha once again for this opportunity.This time around i have decided to bring to my market new products besides the ones i have been dealing with. I just identified good markets for some items i have not been dealing with for quite a long time but unfortunately it came at a time when i was facing shortage of funds so that's why i call on you now. This loan is going to enable me purchase materials for making the items like the holders themselves, filler, paint ,certain wires ,painting brushes,varnish,thinner and superglue and also pay my co-workers. This will increase my income hopefully depending on the market's response which i truly believe in especially currently.Moreover, my co-workers are going to get some cash to improve their standards of living.





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Classic Loan

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Feb 28, 2015

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On Time

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2 months

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