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Leah Njoki

Nairobi, Kenya

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Leah Njoki

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September 2014

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About Me

I was born in September 1987 in a remote village on the Eastern part of my home country Kenya.Mukuria village is in Embu County About 200Km from Nairobi which is the Capital City Of Kenya
I schooled there up to My Secondary Level where I later relocated to Nairobi in search of a job
I managed to secure some classes in Information Technology but was not lucky enough to get through the whole course due to financial contains
I had to find an alternative source of income since I realized I was becoming a burden to my hosts who were my distant cousins
I Joined a former schoolmate who introduced me to selling of second hand clothes.I have been working for her until 3 months ago when I decided to try it on my own
With the little I had saved,I bought some second hand clothes usually refereed to as "Mitumba" locally
I joined Zisidha following some advice from a friend and through it,I have managed to increase my Capital and am looking foward to even more

My Business

Just I have indicated above, my business was initially about buying and selling of second hand clothes from wholesalers of the same but through the help of Zidisha , I have managed to access my products from importers which has been a tremendous step in my bussiness

My Monthly sales usually ranged from USD100 to USD150 but have risen to about USD250 and I believe a further boost to my stocks and the introduction of new clothes and ladies shoes will be a great deal in my business
The main costs that I usually incur are city county levies which we pay twice a week and a shared store where we store our stocks overnight since we do our sales in an open place where stalls have been made
These costs may add up to USD39 in a month
This is my dream and my vision
I request all well wishers to join me in actualizing ,my dream
Thank you all in advance

Loan Proposal

Thank you for having time to read my proposal
As you might have read in my profile, My business is about selling second hand clothes which through the help of zidisha, i have been able to access the directly from importers as opposed to my previous sources which were eating into my profit margins
Following demands and suggestions from my royal customers I have decided to take a bold move and introduce brand new clothes.The fact that there are very very few other stalls which have dared to combine the two gives me hope and the courage to join them after a close followup I have realized they are making a fortune out of it
Am therefore requesting this loan for the above stated reason
I would really appreciate.






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Classic Loan

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Jan 13, 2015

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On Time

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6 weeks

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Lender interest: $197.30 at 4.14% annual rate over 1 month = $1.05

Service fee: $0.89



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