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My name is Priscovia Mengo a teacher by profession and am 27 years old. I started my primary school in Kabwe town and completed my secondary education at Kabwe Secondary School. Having completed my secondary course with excellent grades or points, I was awarded a scholarship to study a bachelors degree at Nkwame Nkuruma University in both primary and secondary education. My ambition as a girl child is to empower my community with education which is the key to success and unlock both local and international doors. Therefore, my passion is to set up my business in the education sector to develop many people in our country especially in IT programs like computers to enhance development for the country and in the lives of our people. Zambia is a beautiful country rich in natural resources like the famous Victorious Falls in Livingstone town, Mambilima Falls and Musonda falls, traditional ceremonies like Ncwala in Eastern Province of Zambia, Mutomboko ceremony of the Luapula people and many other cultural dances practiced by our people make our land really unique and attracts foreign investments in the country. My hobby is cooking, travelling and watching various sports activities.

My Business

Am involved in the education services, I have a school in our community which has class rooms arranging from pre-grades, necessary, primary and secondary level. The learners at the school are provided with the quality education services to prepare them and equip with life skills. Therefore, the people in the community are impacted with knowledge for them to improve their lives and become better people in society. Due the poor education standards in the country I saw an opportunity to set the school in our community of high standard and to provide quality education to all the learners and able to learn in a good environment . To do this education project in our community over ZMW 500,000.00 was provided to build class room blocks from pre-grades, necessary, primary and secondary. The demand is very high for enrolment and the school has over 200 pupils of which the income level in terms of school fees per quarter the school is able to receive over ZMW 150,000.00, therefore the money is used to buy class room desks, computers, school bus and maintenance and buy books for the pupils.

Project Proposal

With the funds raised in my project I would like to buy and add more computers in the computer lab as a number of pupils at the school is increasing daily. There will be more benefit from pupils as most of them do not know how to operate a computer. Hence the IT program at the school is being encouraged by all pupils so that they are impacted with skills and knowledge. Therefore the school per day will making ZMW 25,000.00 as profit from the computer lab. The library will also have more educational materials or books for the pupils to do their research and prepare for their examinations adequately.





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