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About Me

I am Tobias Lengo a Kenyan, who consider himself or known for his integrity and passion to succeed and motivate others in life. Honesty is the key principle in all of my business and personal engagement. I am a Christian who is also passionate about my faith which I practice what I believe in at all times. In addition, I believe in family values providing for and taking good care of my family being there and sacrificing for them. Besides, I have a soft spot for those who are in needy in the society and would go an extra mile to help them come of their situation and realize their God given potential of being independent and not depending on others to survive. I am not in business not only to make profit but mentor young people to get into income generating activities and avoid getting into crime related activities so as to survive. I have set and registered a self help group known as YIE BER SELF HELP GROUP to enable me reach out to such young people that are talented but jobless.

Zidisha has become part of my life and have seen my business grow over the years. My pledge is to support Zidisha family by being honest and sensitizing other to join and honor their credit payment obligations since I have seen Zidisha changing lives.

My Business

Executive Summary
I am a research worker who deals in academic research consultancy. Besides, I am a pharmacist who currently run one pharmacy outlet Mtwapa, Mombasa. after selling Thika branch so as to consolidate running capital and ensure a focused management. The pharmacy has two units; Medicine sales and Mpesa money transfer services. MPESA is money transfer business using mobile phones that is used to pay bills, shopping, send and receive money.

Other Business Units
Apart from the Pharmacy, Still in Academic Research business that I established with the help of Zidisha and Property Business that I have invested in a Land Buying and Selling company owned by young Kenyans with a vision to generate income. . This fifth loan will assist increasing my Mpesa business float that is low and cannot meet high demand of Mpesa services. With this business I will be able to comfortable pay back the loan.

My Need;

Currently my MPESA business have a float of US dollars 500 against a daily demand of 1500US dollars. In this kind of business the more float you have the more you earn. My monthly commission stands at $130 an increase in float will lead to 100% increase in commission, I plan to repay the loan monthly with 50% of my commission, Thus, I will be able to repay the loan within 6 months. '

I, therefore, need this loan of $920 to increase my float in my MPESA business which is ongoing and need to meet high demand from my clients. This will increase more traffic to my business and make more people aware of the Pharmacy products that I also sell.

Loan Proposal

I would like to appreciate for the 1st Venture, my business on and I am still focused to succeed. I am coming back again to seek for finance to help me expand my venture. The current need is to set up my own website, thus, what most of my clients are craving. For quite some time I have been getting clients through agencies that acts as middle men. However, I am moving to the next level, where I want to have my own agency going by the name Simbi Digital Logistics, have its own website so that client can post work directly and the virtual writers that some are working for me and others that I will hire due to the viability of the project are able to access the site and get the job. Kindly look into my posted business plan( proposal) below thanks:





Simbi Digital Logistics is a proposed venture that is meant to invest in Academic Online Consultancy field. Currently, there are high demand in this niche, with more people opting for graduate programs and due to time constraints they have limited time to do assigned research work. This niche currently has approximate annual revenue of 55,823,540 across the globe. However, it is important to note that the niche has potential annual revenue of 137,765,415. Thus, only 40.5% of the opportunity is exploited.

To close the gap, our venture seeks to set up firm that offer high quality and ethical services to both under graduate and post graduate students. This firm is being set up a after a wide and in depth research and such analysis was realized.

The firm technical services shall be headed by experienced team of Academic consultants. The firm shall hire graduate research writes that will offer expertise services to their clients. Also, the firm will require having an effective website that will be accessed by virtual writers. In this effect the firm will need to raise a budget of $2,352 for this particular venture.

Products and services

The business shall deal in the following products:

1). High School Research Program Support
2). College Investigative and Argumentative Essay
3). Undergraduate Academic Papers Writing
4). Masters Programs Research Proposal Writing and Consultancy
5). PhD. Dissertation and Thesis

The services shall be specialized and assigned to research writers based on their qualifications and competency. The business products and services availed to the clients are of high quality and are meant to ensure customer satisfaction.

• The business is in the process of expanding from its current state to meet the increased clientele needs.

• The focus of this business plan is to provide a detailed outlook of the enterprise currently, its future expansion plans, its financial needs to ensure business stability hence profitability.

Business summary

The business shall be registered both in the US and Kenya. The business shall be operated as a service delivery outlet. The business forecast to operate virtually; however, they will be a need to set up a content production center in Kenya. The center will ensure that there is connection between the clients and writers. Also, the center shall offer quality control services that includes, editing, plagiarism check and dispatch.


The business is sole owned under the name of:

1. Mr. Tobias Lengo

The proprietor Mr. Tobias Lengo is an experienced Academic Research Consultant, Also has a vast experience in Clinical research, proposal and business plan writing


1.To penetrate the wide market of and capture potential customers across the divide. We focus to capture 1.2% of the current market share within one year and subsequently in two years time we foresee the business attaining a 2% control of the market share.

2.To ensure quality service delivery and quality product sales. The business shall ensure at all times retain competent staff with good communication skills. The management shall ensure a continuous professional training of its staff and entrench acceptable human resource policies.

3.Increase monthly revenues from the projected USD 5,450 to USD 16,350 within six.

4.To ensure annual sales increase of 25%; as we stabilize in a year’s time from the expansion commencement date we foresee an annual increase turnover of 25% annually as a result of increased transaction activity, increased marketing, improved internal operational systems and stabilized financial system.


Simbi Digital Logistics shall be driven by a principle of high quality services and products sales to maximizing profits.

The enterprise is to avail services and products that will ensure our clients benefits from our services and accept them in our system with a view of capturing their loyalty.

Keys to success

Appropriate technical services:

Our expertise service to the clients is a key point in our business success as it ensures high quality service delivery. What clients look for are not vague services but specific, productive and cost effective services that is what we offer and intend to expand its capacity.

Prompt Service Delivery

We shall ensure that the services are delivered on time without inconveniencing our clients. In addition, the work done will be of high quality. This will, therefore, ensure minimal revisions of the projects proofing the client from waste of time and money.

Total quality management

This will ensure the business is professionally managed; proper financial disciplines procedures and systems are put in place to promote efficiency and profitability.

Interactive marketing approach:

Acceptable and friendly marketing approaches to capture our market segment ensure proper information is disseminated to our potential client about our products and services. Our marketing core principle shall enhance trust and a firm relationship with our potential clients not a clandestine competition with our competitors but passing out of true facts on what services and products we offer.

Pricing Advantage

This is a key element in this venture, we shall ensure we offer reasonable fees without compromising on quality; this will work us to our advantage and compete for major projects that have good returns.

Our projection is that this business as it reach out to its market target and stabilize, it will be fully profitable in six months from its inception that is from June 2014

Business physical location

Our physical location shall be based in Nairobi. However, our operations will be web based. It also essential to have an office in the US to source for work and dispatch to Nairobi office for action. The website server needs to be located in the US.

We will need to strengthen our technical team to ensure high quality delivery. Also, we intend to partner with our clients to assist them through the operations process by availing to them technical and professional advice and other relevant cost effective services, this will ensure an interactive approach that will create a firm bond between the business and the clients’ hence deeper penetration into the existing market.


Market segmentation

To achieve our marketing goals we have the following market segments.

1. US Market: Currently, a major percentage of Academic work comes from the US. The projects range from high school to PhD projects.

2. Canada: Also, a big chunk of academic research work comes from Canada.

3.United Kingdom and Australia: The UK and Australian projects are major revenue earners, as the clients from UK tends to pay well compared to the rest of the segments. However, the projects are not easy to source, they require intense marketing.


Our services are designed, formulated, based on sound and ethical principles both locally and international acceptable clinical veterinary and agricultural practices.

• Our services are meant to automatically revert themselves.

•At all times we ensure quality and professional approach in our business transaction to admiration of our clients hence a win and maintain them.

Market needs

The market needs are:-

1. Reliable and prompt service delivery
2. Profession and technical support
3. Cost effective and customized services

Reliable service delivery; uninterrupted 7 day service delivery including emergency services that are sustained at the same level with only improvements.

Professional and technical services; there is a great demand for professionalism by our clients and prospective clients.

Market analysis summary

We shall set an interactive marketing approach to capture, maintain and sustain our clientele to ensure market stability hence profitability.

Main Competitors

Our main competitors are well established agencies, currently locally there is only one agency based in Kenya that outsource work directly from clients in the US and UK.

Business expansion implementation strategy

Currently we are in the process to have an in depth continuous consumer research relevant to our business line.

• The business name will be a driving force to enhance acceptability by our target market

•We intend to increase our staff level from the four full time employees to seven within six months to ensure prompt service delivery.

•We will have a consultant in place to ensure no deviation from the business plan by evaluating from time to time so as to ensure the business achieve its objective. The consultant will also ensure ethical and professional practices are adhered to in all our operations.

Competitive edge:

• The business intends to remain competitive by seeking to create conducive business environment by increasing the level of client contact and provision of services that are not provided by other service provider.

• In our earlier mentioned consumer research the business shall use the findings to promote customer satisfaction that is to meet the needs of clients that are not met by our competitors.

• The above mentioned all together will ensure high quality service and products will facilitate our marketing process as our clientele will definitely promote word of mouth marketing and social – contact marketing to other students.

Financial plan

• Currently the business operates on cash transaction in all our operations.

• Our policy is to discourage credit and debit engagement in our transaction. This is to ensure stability is realized.

• Our profit and loss principle is governed by the principal of minimized expenditure and maximized sales.

• Increased revenue as forecasted above will eventually result to profitability.

• Various general and administrative expenses are projected based on present actual expenses.

Outlined below is a summarized profit and loss account for the next three financial years
Figures in US Dollars

Profit/loss account for the business period 2014 – 2015

SALES 108,320








• It is important to note as the business expands its sales will increase as a result of increase sales activity

• Administrative and operating costs will also steadily increase due to increased transactions.

Profit and loss projections summary

As in an investment we expect to attain good profit margin through price advantage mechanism and intense marketing strategy to achieve such a projection which shall be fortified by adequate assigned projects hence products availability and field sales.

Due to viability of this particular venture we are quite optimistic and committed that the business will be able to recover initial investment within the First Three months of operations.


This business type is viable and highly profitable. What it requires in proper online marketing and efficient website that can be easily accessed by both clients and writers. Also, it is imperative to note that the operation costs are minimal whereas the revenue can be maximized throughout the high peak season.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

May 13, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

22 months




Stockholm, Sweden



Austin, United States



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Nieuwegein, Netherlands


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Chichester, United Kingdom






United States




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