Fruit trees and inputs for my farm

Simon Munyua

Nakuru, Kenya

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Simon Munyua

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October 2015

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315 installments  •  84%

About Me

During my childhood within school holidays I would work for our neighbours, I would cut grass and weed there shambas. Slowly I would keep aside 10 percent of my earnings into a cash box as I was to young to open a bank account. I saved the money untill I was 18 which I had saved enough for me to purchase my first computer and would start working from the house typing assignments for my classmates. I continued the same routine of saving 10 percent of total income which enables me to buy another computer and start the bureau.

Currently I have had three Zidisha loans. The first one managed to inject in more stock to the my cyber business. I was able to buy more computers and a printer. The second loan I took I used it to inject into my farming business.

So far with Zidisha things have been looking up good. I am very great full and thus would request for funding to continue with the farimng business as we head to the rainy season. At the moment the money shall be used to buy potatoes seed and prepare the grounds. I have some photos of the work in progress and would share in a moment.

My hobbies including swimming and watching motorsports

My Business

Sell of photocopy services, cyber, computer repairs and sell of stationery items at section 58 nakuru town
The main reason for cyber services is to enable a common mwanainchi access goverment servcies since all goverment services have been taken online by the goverment.

Computer repairs and sell of stationery to the local schools in order to save for them time to go to town to access the same services.

Typical cost: Water and electricity bill., internet cost, salary , and rent.

Revenue : cyber , sale of stationery, computer repairs and sales, sales of sodas and ice cream
Thansk to Zidisha the cyber business is doing good, with this loan application I shall be able to split the money 50:50 Which I shall split and pump into the cyber business for the purchase of furniture and fittings. The balance of the amount I will use it in the farming business.

The profits I make i shall give 10 percent donation as charity donation for a church ministry in my local church. The rest of the profit I shall reinvest back to the business.
I know with zidisha I shall be able to complete the two projects with a success story

With the help of zidisha lenders I have also expanded my farming business of planting potatoes upto 2 acres. Thanks and be blessed zidisha lenders

Loan Proposal

Dear Zidisha Lenders
Iam happy and glad for this loan facility.

So far all my projects have been a success. With this loan iam applying I should be able to double my farming business to 2 acres.
The following is breakdown of my loan :
Additional seed cost in USD 250 .
Ferterlizer cost in USD 150.
Labour USD 100
Land preparation USD 100
Fruit trees: 120 Usd.
Balance of the cash shall be kept to run the project as spraying and top dressing shall be done as the project is on going.
Direct benefit to me is increase in revenue since the land size has increased. TO the community there shall be increase in cash flow as I shall have to add more staff during planting and harvesting.
Increase in proift by 70 %






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jul 11, 2018

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

16 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $90.85

Credit risk payment: $454.26




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