Irrigation farming for maize, sunflowers, and trees

Judith Chidzugwe

Mtwapa, Kenya

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Judith Chidzugwe


Mtwapa, Kenya

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About Me

My name is Judith Chidzugwe. I live with my family in Mtwapa. I am married with 2 children who are all boys and they are all grown ups. My last born son has just graduated with a Master's of Science, Geosciences at the Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. Due to the Corona virus, he received his Master's Certificate by mail.

I was born in a family of four, two brothers and two sisters. My parents died a long time ago. My sister died in 2015 so I have two brothers, one of whom has settled in Nairobi and the other one is Mombasa. They too, have their own children who are trying to settle down. We visit one another very often to keep the family bond.

I like making new friends, listening to inspirational music and watching movies.I love gospel music and I also like singing. I also like praying and fasting so much because I believe in prayers that move mountains. When you believe in God, there is nothing that is impossible. Just trust in Him and all will be well.

My Business

I am still doing my business of selling bedsheets from Mombasa town to Malindi town and upto Lamu town where I have gotten some customers. I am buying in bales and then sell at retail prices. One bale goes for Kshs.30,000/= (US $300) and sale at retail prices of Kshs.2,500/= (US $25) per pair of two bedsheets and 4 pillowcases In one bale, there are 20 sets of bedsheets which when all are sold, a total amount of Kshs..50,000/= (US $500) is raised. I make a profit of Kshs.20,000/= (US $200) within two weeks of selling. I am now planning to buy three bales and sell them within two weeks. Three bales will cost me Kshs.90,000/= (US $ 900) which after being sold, a total amount of Kshs.150,000/= (US $ 1500) will be raised. Out of this amount, Kshs.60,000/= (US.600) is my profit, and the rest is pumped back in the business. In a month, I will be able e to raise a profit of Kshs.120,000/= (US $1200) which will enable me to pay my bills, cater for other necessities and most importantly, service the Zidisha loan. This business has improved my standard of living . Am doing it from home.

I am and will be able to pay my loan in good time. Zidisha has always been there for me and I still believe, lenders will be able to support me. Long live Zidisha.

Loan Proposal

I wish to thank Zidisha for giving me this chance to apply for a second loan.

This loan will enable me complete the water pan (US $287) and also increase the crop acreage thus the residents of Kinango will have access to vegetables and other crops at a lower cost hence reducing cases of malnutrition. The rest of the money will enable me buy more farm inputs.

Since I started farming, some people have been motivated and have also joined the bandwagon. I am requesting lenders to support me achieve my dream of being able to supply the whole of Kinango and Kwale county as a whole with vegetables (and other crops) at a lower cost..






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

May 29, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $449.52 at 3.30% annual rate over 6 months = $8.27

Service fee: $12.54




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