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Dorothy Oluoch

Kisumu, Kenya

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Dorothy Oluoch

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February 2016

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About Me

Im Dorothy Akinyi Oluoch, Kenyan citizen , who grew up in a remote area in Mbita. I did my primary school in Kadika Primary, went to Dede girls high school in Migori county.

The most hardship i ever encountered was when my Dad passed on, and he was our soul breadwinner, life was not so easy afterwards, my mum started a small scale business such that she could raise food for the family and God saw us through. This motivated me so much such that immediately after school, through my brothers support i managed to purchase goods, came and sold them and got my interest continued with the business. My husband was very motivated, and he has been very positive and surportive, through my hard work he even started his own business which is doing very well. I like socialising, weaving, singing and making new friends.

What I like so much is helping needy people around me more so the old and the young, I don't like seeing people going without food and clothes to put on, so what I do is to provide some food for them, clothes and shoes. They are not in an orphanage but I just reach them at their homesteads. I have around three older women and two families who are very poor that I take care of.
This makes me work extra hard, and I even learned to share the little I have with them. Since my childhood i liked being near these people who cannot help themselves helping them with what I have.

I am a christian and like singing that's gospel music since I was younger.

My Business

I do sell second hand clothes where i buy in bales, i normally sell bedsheets, duvets, jumpers, jackets, T-shirts, shirts, baby blankets, ladies tops and skirts and sell to retailers, these clothes are in demand since in Daraja Mbili where i stay its too cold most of the times and few people bring these commodities to the market. I like this business because in Daraja Mbili these goods are in demand due to its climate, which is very cold, and to add on that due to high demand, these clothes are easy to sell hence i get good profit and that is why am still moving on.

Since I joined this zidisha family, I am capable of buying these bales without straining. And am fairing on well because with the first loan I managed to expand my business and introduced new stock in, I decided to buy new shoes and ladies handbags because customers were asking for them.

I buy stock every week a bale of Bedsheet costs $190, a bale of duvets costs $170 and abale of jacket I buy at $90. In total I make a profit a bout 50%.

The profit I get from second hand clothes I use part of it to take care of my family, pay school fee for my daughter who have joined kindergarten, buying food, clothes and also taking care of my needy people and the rest I use to add stock on a weekly basis.

Project Proposal

The loan you will give me I will use to add more stock for my second hand clothing business. And part of it add more stock for my grocery.





Project Info

Project Type

Pay It Forward

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Sep 2, 2022

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $14.27

Pay It Forward contribution: $42.80



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