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October 2015

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170 installments  •  64%

About Me

My names are Patrick Tom land, a first born in a family of six, born in western Kenya, Kakamega county, educated in Musaa primary up 1994,when i did my k.c.p.e, joined Bushingala high 1995 to 1998, where I sat for my KCSE.

in the year 2000 I moved to Nairobi in search of better job, i managed to work as a casual worker in a construction company [H.young east Africa limited,] in the same year 2000 to 2001, August, I ventured into the business world. I worked as a barber for 3years , In a clothing and shoes boutique for 3years, water Vender for 2years,.
It is while I worked in this jobs that I managed to save some money and bought a motorbike . That is how I ventured into Transport industry in the year 2010.
Before purchasing my motorbike , I tell you I really struggled because I was paid very little money .I always prayed to God to give me courage and strength so that I save at least ksh500 per week. It took me up to 5years to purchase the motorbike. At some point I could sleep in the Barber shop because i had no money to rent another house.
Personally am a Luhya and my community has several cultures including bull fighting and cork fighting.This attracts so many people who enjoy this game.
My daughter want to be a pilot when she grows up. (She always tells me that she will carry me on the aeroplane.)
I like sharing with needy people.

My Business

I offer transport services to the people of Nairobi and Utawala area.
Transport is so demanding because motorbikes are liked much for their quick ,affordable and can access places where vehicles cannot access. Motorbikes are also much used by Nairobians to avade Traffic jam.
I chose this type of business because it is profitable and has alot of demand by the people. Also the capital to start the business is not much.

Typical costs
in a day i can make up to $15
fuel - $5
Maintenance- $5
total $10

I save $5 per day

how I use the profits
-school fees for my child
-Rent for my house
-initiating other businesses

Loan Proposal

the loan will help be in a stable position to
1.replace damaged parts at a cost of $100,
2.renew my insurance cover at a cost $70, mechanic and replace my helmet and jacket at a cost of $20.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Feb 10, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

32 months


Paul Buchheit

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United Kingdom

Humble Bundle Community

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United States

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  • Patrick    Sep 26, 2022

    Expiriencing no business at all, very low sale's and services..very high cost of living

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  • Patrick    Sep 16, 2022

    Currently financially struggling, still experiencing lower returns of economic opportunity after the political period.

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  • Patrick    Sep 1, 2022

    The loan facility I received was completely used for school fees for my daughters, and
    I had some balance to clear, all depending on my business which is experiencing lower returns now.thank you.

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  • Patrick    Jul 19, 2022

    Thank you so much the zidisha team members who did put funds together for my daughters school fees, I have received the cash, my school fees is paid,am so glad, May God bless you again and again.

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  • Patrick    Jul 7, 2022

    Hello zidisha team, I just opened my email and I got in My inbox the good news that My loan has been fully funded.
    From My thank you so much My fellow brothers who have worked hard to bring things together, May God bless you again and again.
    *The money will be used next week when school reopen to buy learning materials and payment of school for My daughters.. blessing And precious.

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  • Benson    Jun 30, 2022

    Your daughter will get education

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  • Patrick    Jun 10, 2019

    The previous loan that i have just completed did make a huge difference in my life, was used to replace and repair many worn out parts on my motor bike hence
    saving me from unnecessary breakdowns at work. kids did not starve,school fees was paid on time,rent was paid on time.

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  • Evans    Jan 19, 2018

    Patrick will clear the balance today 19/01/2018

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  • Patrick    May 4, 2017

    Am going through a tough financial breakdown therefore i will adjust again to a higher payment goes back to normal operations.

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  • Patrick    Feb 21, 2017

    Due to low income .Business has gone down

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  • Patrick    Feb 15, 2017

    Am sorry for the delay to respond to you after i received the loan, i beg for your pardon.
    Above all am so grateful for all your consideration accords in dispersing the
    The total amount received was 18900, i did spent it on insurance cover $100,
    while the rest on my car spares and service.God bless you.God bless Zidisha.

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  • Patrick    Feb 8, 2017

    Thank you so much for the swift funding, God replenish the work of your hands.
    The cash will help me put my motorbike in good condition for an effective service
    to my customers.
    Especially renewing my insurence cover that is already expired., and do more
    mechanical service.

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  • Patrick    Feb 7, 2017

    First may i say it is a great pleasure working with zidisha, it is indeed a God given organisation that lends you cash and allows you pay as per your ability.
    Second thank you so much for the past loan, it was my first one, and boldly to say the cash helped me alot,especially my sector being transport i managed
    to do an overhaul on my car with complete new spares,for the past one year
    i can admit that i never missed to be at work because of a breakdown accept
    may be when i was not well.
    It really helped me a lot, i served my customers on time, my family needs were met on time, my daughter never missed class i managed to pay her fee on time,
    i was less stressed, am so thankfull.
    Am optimistic if only you lend me again my business will go up, and try this round to have a more well defined repayment profile.

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  • Patrick    Jan 31, 2017

    the desire of a true christian is to be free from sin and not to sin freely...sin is a hinderence to any persons success.

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  • Patrick    Jan 19, 2017

    As i come to the almost finish of my first loan,i would like to say a big thank you for the continued support, much progress was witnessed in my bussines.
    1.i managed to keep myself always in good helmets, reflector jackets ,spare parts,and new boots.
    2.The purchases really have made me neat at work, and kept my bike always reliable at work.
    3.There was a slight increase in income approximately $3 per day being that most of time there was no mechanical breakdowns at work.
    4.The profits have helped me so much my daughter,s school fees was paid on time, my family expenses also were met on time,eg. food, and a reliable bike.
    5.other achievements include a happier healthier family, now we have a growth to two daughters,very strong GOD BLESS zidisha.also my daughter did not miss a class in 2016 .
    6.The recent december holiday was fun, long time friends, relatives,we had time of eating together,sharing with the needy, traveling to places, above all being greateful for the year that was.

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  • Evans    Sep 14, 2016

    Dear Lenders,
    I have talked to Patrick and has informed me that he is committed to repay the outstanding arrears though he is undergoing some financial difficulties.I have as well advised him to adjust the repayment amount and has agreed to do so.

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  • Evans    Jul 29, 2016

    Patrick will deposit some money today 29/07/2016

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  • Evans    Jun 24, 2016

    Dear Lenders,
    I have talked to Patrick and he has informed me that he has been sick due to the cold season that we are experiencing here in kenya and has not been able to work as normal. He has promised to make the outstanding balance within next week(latest 30/06/2016)

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  • Patrick    May 4, 2016

    Thank you so much, i received your loan disbursement, as you can see i have
    made my first installment.
    my business income has slightly gone low in the past two weeks, and am making a kind request to adjust by half my weekly payments to
    500 shillings on fridays.This is a temporary measure soon i may go back to my previous amount or even higher.
    As per the money i received it has really given a great boast in my business
    since i managed to replace many wornout parts on my car, and now it is in a very stable condition. am happy no more hard starts in the morning, no more breakups along the way as am transporting goods or passengers.
    The speed of the motor bike has also increased, no more time wasting.God bless Zidisha.

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