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Nairobi, Kenya

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March 2015

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About Me

My name is Monica and I 'm a Kenyan citizen living in the city of Nairobi.I went to school in a remote area in my village, the school was called Lwak Girls primary School. The thing i loved about my school was the fact that we were given the chance once in a while to visit the less fortunate and the elderly .We used to do some shopping for them,cook for them and do all the cleaning in the house.that was the best experience i ever had during my childhood .

I later moved to the city of Nairobi to search for a job and luckily enough i found one sooner than i expected.I got a job in a call center and that is where i learned the entrepreneurial skills that i currently use .

I worked in the call center for 2 years and then i felt that i had mustered all the necessary skills to start my own business,that's when i started transcription .
The unique thing about the land where i live in is that you can never run short of opportunities, whether in business or jobs.

My eldest daughter would like to be a doctor when she grows up where as my youngest son would love to be a pilot.

During my past time i love to read a lot because every time i chose an article to read, i always get useful information that leaves an impact or change s something in my life,for the better.i also enjoy watching movies , especially the religious ones.

My Business

I'm a business woman who makes snacks called chin chin from home and sell in wholesale and retail.these snacks can be taken in all occasions with any beverage of your choice ,either hot or cold.They are made using wheat flour,sugar,nutmeg,milk and eggs.

My current business is very interesting because this is a new snack that is usually common in the west African countries and I'm the first person to introduce it to is a great way to supplement the usual snacks like crisps,popcorn and is also very tasty and crunchy.

The reason why i chose this kind of business is because i wanted diversity and uniqueness in my source of income,to introduce something new to the market that i cook and package on my own,creating my own brand.

Finally and above all, i chose this business because i become my own boss and i can do it for as long as i live,no issues of late salary or retrenchment or even being sacked. And there is always room for growth and expansion of the business.

My costs are a average and revenue is average. I generate average revenue and the costs i incur are average due to the fact that I work from home and then sell to individuals,or women groups ,or during events like birthdays and weddings.I also do the deliveries on my own.

I use part of my profit to reinvest in the business. I also use some of the profit to cater for my children's needs, like education food and clothing,and to support my parents in the village.

I'm looking forward to see my profits grow with the acquisition of enough stock of ingredients used for making the snacks,the containers and labels used for packaging the products,and also pay for the printing of the labels.This will enable me to be able to employ one or two people,that can assist me with the deliveries and cooking once i have many customers,and then pay them on commission.this will indeed increase my profits in the business.

Loan Proposal

Once I get the loan I will use 82$ to rent a space for my clothes nd shoes business, and the remaining 100$ to buy more stock.

I have been selling from home but once I have a shop I will be able to accommodate more clients,get variety of clothes and shoes,and also for easy access on the side of the clients.

And for my clients who are far, i will be able to display for them all the products in store with ease so that they can choose.

My business will now be able to expand with ease and speed. This expansion will aid in the growth of my business and therefore increase in profits by up to 20%, since i will have more clients.

When my business grows i will be able to cater for my needs and take care of my family and even offer employment to one or two people.





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Classic Loan

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Jul 29, 2016

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On Time

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16 months




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  • Monica    Apr 17, 2024

    Dear members,
    I'm so greatful for your support in funding my project.
    The funds I receive will go a long way in my business.I will use half of the money to rent a bigger shop for my inventory .
    This is because i started this business at a very small stock and I want to enlarge it,and this can only be possible if I move to a bigger shop.
    I will then use the remaining money to buy more stock at the shop.So I believe that once I do that,my business will begin to grow.
    Thank you very much for making my project possible.

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  • Monica    Apr 14, 2024

    Dear all.
    I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support in the loan that I just finished paying.

    The loan helped me so much,i was able to buy a new sewing machine,then employed one person to help me in the business.This has led to more that 50%profit increase.

    I have used part of the profit to support my famiy,and part of the profit i also used to start a small provision shop
    The shop is already picking up and i know it grow
    So I'm greatful and I'm looking forward to more support from you.

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  • Monica    Mar 25, 2024

    Good morning my dear lenders,
    I wish to reduce my installment amount to 697, for the next two intallments.Kindly bear with me.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Monica    Mar 12, 2024

    I hereby wish to adjust my installment amount.
    Thanks in advance

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  • Monica    Feb 26, 2024

    Dear lenders.
    I wish to change my installment ,to be able to cater for other household expenses from the business.

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  • Monica    Feb 13, 2024

    Dear lenders,
    I'm changing my installment amount to be able to meet my other personal needs from my business proceeds.

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  • Monica    Jan 27, 2024

    I would like to reduce my installment amount,to allow my business grow gradually.

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  • Monica    Jan 18, 2024

    I wish to change my installment amount,kindly to allow me settle some family issues i have currently.

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  • Monica    Dec 29, 2023

    I would like to reduce my intalment amount,to allow my business time to grow .
    Thanks in advance

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  • Monica    Dec 13, 2023

    Good afternoon.
    I'm changing my installment amount,because I have been sick and used alot of money on treatment.
    But I will resume my installment amount once I get better.

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  • Monica    Nov 29, 2023

    Dear lenders.
    I wish to adjust my installment from ksh 1810 to 1197,this is because i want to give my business time to grow and expand,and also to be able to settle other bills.
    Thanks in advance for understanding.

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  • Monica    Nov 21, 2023

    Dear lenders.
    I hope you are all doing fine.
    I wish to thank you all for your support,I received the funds that I applied for,and I'm really greatful.
    I used the money to purchase a new sewing machine for my tailoring shop,so now I'm able to meet my customer needs.
    This is already boosting my business,and I'm looking forward to greater profits.
    Thanks to all of you.
    Be blessed.

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  • Monica    Nov 17, 2023

    Dear lenders,
    I wish to thank you all for supporting my project,I really appreciate.I will use it to buy a new sewing machine for my tailoring shop.this will really boost my business.

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  • Monica    Nov 17, 2023

    Once I receive the funds I will the money to buy a new sewing machine,then the remaining to buy some thread and needles,to use in my tailoring shop.
    This will in turn increase the amount of jobs I do because i will employ one person to assist me at the shop.
    This will in turn increase my profits and help me support my family.
    Thank you very much for funding my project,I'm so greatful to all of you.

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  • Jack Sonntag    Nov 17, 2023

    I wish you Peace and prosperity !

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  • Ahmad    Nov 16, 2023

    adds funds for your business. success..!!!

    Translated by Google     Show original

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  • Monica    Jan 12, 2019

    Dear Lenders,

    I'm grateful for your continuous support to me and my business.The loans you have been giving me have gone a long way in boosting my businesses,and improving the lives of my family members,because of better income.

    The last loan I received from you was used to expand my business and I was able to extend some assistance to my parents back in the village.
    I look forward to a positive response even as I put up a new loan application.
    Thanks in advance.

    Monica Dimbia

    Nairobi ,Kenya

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  • Dora    Jun 7, 2018

    I contacted her and she promised to pay her dues immediately. Sorry for the inconveniences caused to lenders.

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  • Monica    Jun 5, 2018

    Dear Lenders,
    Thank you for your continuous support .I would like to reduce my installment amount from 301 to 201,due domestic issues i have that have distabilised my business,once i clear them i will be able to increase my installment amount again.
    Thanks in advance
    Monica A Dimbia

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  • Monica    Apr 17, 2018

    I 'm reducing my instalment amount because of the issues i have in my business,but once i sort things out i will continue with my normal repayment plan.
    Thanks in advance.

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