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My name is Nelius Mariga i come from Kenya and lives in a town called Naivasha. I come from a nuclear family of three children, am the first born in my family. I joined pre- school when i was 4 years of age and later did my primary education; afterwards i proceeded to secondary education. I joined college and did a diploma in medical laboratory sciences.

My wish was to continue with my education and acquire a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory sciences and at least be in position to get a better job within my society but due to financial crisis that could not happen. I did not continue with my education because I have been brought up by a single mum and she was concentrating on my younger siblings who needed education also. I started hustling up and down looking for a job and without success I decided to do voluntary work at the nearest health facility near our home. Within that period I was able to gain the experience.
Luckily my uncle who saw the interest I had in my career and the patients funded me with some amount of money which I used to open up a small laboratory within our home are which i operate to date.
I love my profession because at makes fill fulfilled whenever I see that my clients have received satisfactory results and they become well. My prayer and my wish is to see my business expand, when my children grow up i want them to be great business people that why i am working so hard to lay a good foundation for them.
My hobbies are reading on both fact s and fiction and traveling during leisure i spend time with my family.

My Business

I love my business, it is doing well. I have a laboratory department whereby i run routine tests for my clients. I personally concentrate on routine tests because they do not demand a lot and they are done routinely for the management of the patients. I chose this business because foremost I have a passion for the patients and one thing i put in my mind is that I can give them quality services and confidence to my clients because of what i am providing to them.
My target is to expand laboratory and at least be in a position to run also specialized tests also for the clients with chronic illnesses. From my income am able to cater for my daily needs i.e. food, transport and rent for my business i make around 600KES daily. I believe if i increase the stocks of my reagents and at least get glucometer for monitoring diabetic clients and the timer at least to improve on quality of the results. This way i will be in a position of increasing my daily income.

Project Proposal

It's with so much appreciation that i wish to appreciate zidisha team for the support you have accorded me in my previous projects. This time my project is on getting a laptop for preparation of daily, weekly and monthly report for my business.
The laptop will be programmed in a way that will make my work easier in my business and will also improve on accountability. On the other hand the storage of the report will be made much easier and make it easily accessible.
It's my trust that zidisha team will support my project.





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