Small-scale farming to provide stock for my food retail shop

Wairimu Gathii

Nakuru Rhonda Estate, Kenya

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Wairimu Gathii

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October 2014

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About Me

I am Wairimu Gathii, a second born in a family of 4.I am now 31 years old, and my son is 9 years old.

I graduated from University in the year 2014, and enrolled for a series of short courses to prepare me for life as a business lady.

Having completed schooling, I now have more time to focus on my business, which thanks to Zidisha, I was able to start, and grow to the successful enterprise it now is. For that, I shall remain forever grateful.

My story is that of inspiration and hope that one can rise from nothing and make something out of themselves with determination and selfless help from a few individuals, such as Zidisha did, and has continued assisting me with finances and encouragement.

I hail from a single parent background and it is my mother who has single handedly worked to bring up my siblings and i and give us an education. She recently acquired a diploma in community service.

I have continuously striven to raise my son with the values that my mother and indeed my donors in Zidisha have inculcated in me. That selflessly assisting each other in our own small ways can help make this world a better place, by assisting one determined and driven individual at a time. Thank you Zidisha for helping this one girl from a remote part of the world make a difference for herself and her community.

The idea to get into business is in order to raise my family's living standards having been brought up in an environment of apparent lack though not permanent lack.

In order to start my business in the formative stages, i had to approach a local community leader to give me a boost for a start up small scale business, and food being a basic need, was the most viable kind of business for me. The community
leader therefore gave me a few kilograms of cereals to start with, before i could figure out a way to get on my feet. I remain grateful for the kindness of that particular community leader.

What is unique about the land where i live is the fact that the land is fertile and arable and the landscape is simply breathtaking.

I love nature and taking in the Beauty of God's handiwork is simply phenomenal. I take long walks just to appreciate the beauty in almost everything I see. I love doing retreats with friends and take lots of pictures. I also love interacting with people and i do not pass by an opportunity to make new friends. I love dancing, am not a good dancer though, and dance moves especially the new and upcoming, which i am forever trying to nail, have proved quite elusive. I am also quite recently trying to learn a new language.

Did i also mention that i love books?, a good book can keep me hooked all day long, a hobby i like to believe significantly alters my vocabulary for the better. My current read is 'The river between' by Ngugi wa Thiong'o.

I always strive to encourage my son and indeed my younger siblings to apply their best efforts to any task they set their minds to, and to claim success against all odds. My son claims he wants to be a pilot when he grows up, i told him he can be anything he wants to be, but he gotta keep his grades up. I got him a kite, just to keep his goals and aspirations in sight, i mean, gotta start with a kite before graduating to a pilot, right?

I am a bubbly person, highly motivated and self driven.

My Business

I am a medium scale cereals trader(though not so medium now, thanks to zidisha) mostly selling to the ultimate consumer as my business has not expanded enough to make me a supplier.

I mostly trade in dry grains namely maize, rice, beans, green grams, lentils, to name but a few.

I conducted market research and did due diligence whereby I discovered that food products are very unlikely to lack a market because they are basic necessities.

The target group for such kind of commodities is virtually everyone. Another motivation is that I wanted to contribute to food security (albeit in a small way), and ensure it`s done by ensuring that my customers are always well supplied.

As previously explained in my former applications, operating costs of this business comes with the fact that I have to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar by paying what is due from me to the local government authorities(you know what they say, the only thing as sure as death are taxes). I also need to operate with a license and the backing of the health sector, seeing as the handling of food items is a matter of public concern.

My monthly revenue has stagnated at an average of $ 175 and comes purely from selling the grains. My monthly costs go up to averagely $100 or more given the current Covid Situation, leaving me with a profit around the neighborhood of $ 75-80 per month. The profits I get to glean from my business go my son's education, and towards meeting my family's expenses.

I am grateful that through my small business I have been able to uplift both myself and those around me.

Loan Proposal

With the loan that I just completed paying, I had applied the funds to farming, and the produce utilised as stock for my small scale food retail outlet.

I intend to continue the same, as it seemed more viable as I was able to cut costs of having to buy the same for resale from large-scale suppliers.

The instant funds will therefore be used to lease a small portion of land for a year, and farm maize and beans for the next planting season.

I will also need to purchase seed, ferterlizers and to engage labour to assist me in the undertaking. My family will also assist in the tilling, planting and also the harvesting.






Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Nov 13, 2018

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 months

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Service fee: $28.42

Credit risk payment: $142.10



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