Sustainable dairy farming

Dickson Wafula

Bungoma Netima Village, Kenya

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Dickson Wafula

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August 2015

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284 installments  •  77%

About Me

An upcoming commercial agribusinesses entrepreneur with a passion for the less fortunate in the society.
having registered Lowell investments limited.with a vision of being one of the most sustainable agribusiness in Africa. its mission is to empower and eradicate poverty in the rural areas
Having being brought up in a poor family ,where we struggled to get to school or even a meal in a day.i feel for the vulnerable in the society especially the children and mothers.. hence the project to assist in employment and health.

My Business

The last Loan i took improved food production for the cow through use of Hydroponic Feeding.
It increased the level of milk from 4 litres to 6 litres per day which led to the increase of sales hence faster loan repayment.

Covid pandemic came with so many challenges with money disposal in peoples pockets was less.
The cost of raw materials also shoot and cost of labor too hence sales volumes decreased and repayment levels also went down
We thank God the Economy has started picking and now sales are picking up

We produced clean hygienic milk that every member of the society would literally compete for the 6 litres
We as a family the milk improved our diet hence good health to the family

The Next loan i still need to scale up on production of feeds/forage and silage.
Drought is very key challenge hence more food production is required to cater for the dry spell
plus Covid Effects still being felt

Summary on How cash/loan will be used
Repairs of Hydroponic stalls-$50
Buying of barley/wheat/sorghum seeds -$200
Buying of Chemicals- $ 50
Labour-$ 50
Miscellaneous Expenses-$20
Veterinary cost $ 50
Dairy Equipments-$50
Dairy Meal-$-120

Loan Proposal

To buy dairy feeds and practice hydroponics feeding
1.dairy meal -$25
4,vet costs$30
6. Buy barley/wheat seeds for hydroponic -$40
This will increase production of milk hence increase of sales and increase of generated revenue and ourselves as a family and community shall be of good health and help in the immunity against any diseases
We will also take advantage of the government Incentive on tax relief on Food for animals





  • mabo    Apr 28, 2018

    Thanks Dickson Wafula, and good luck for all your future projects!

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Classic Loan

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Jul 3, 2018

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On Time

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13 months

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Service fee: $12.46

Credit risk payment: $49.83



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