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About Me

I was born the sixth and the only male child amongst the eleven children to Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Plister Wamakal on 17th December 1967 in Nyiera Village, Simenya Sub-location, South Ugenya Location, Siaya County in Kenya. I went to Simenya Primary School and later proceeded to Butere Boys High School. I then joined Ndere Polytechnic where I trained as an artisan specialized in fitting. I married Ms. Addah Akech in the year 1994 and we are blessed with two daughters, Esther Perez who is a fourth year business student in Eldoret University College and Rita Lai who is form two student in Kisumu Girls High School.
I am a christian by religion and the founder of World Changers Club which is a talent wagon aimed towards nurturing talents e.g music, drama, comedy, dancing, sports etc which has already one thousand members across the country that we mentoring. Am also the founder of World Changers Foundation which is dealing with the welfare of children and the aged. As of now we are sponsoring three children in academies at a cost of not less that KShs. 24,000 per term and also feeding street children once a month.
Our plan for the aged is financial and material support and reviving their hope for those who have left lonely by their families either through death or neglect. We are also planning to put up a hospice for them in future when funds are available.

My Business

I basically use the proceeds from my business to fund these projects.
My business is called Mosestar Entrepreneurs which offers computer services, graphic designs and printing, photocopy, M-Pesa, egg supply, clearing and forwarding agency. I intend to expand my business first of all by dividing it into two different units one of which will be concerned with goods supply and another specialized in service industry. I also want to register it as limited company so that it can attract those who are interested in it as share holders and also clients from the corporate world.
Currently, Mosestar Entrepreneurs has a total of 10 staff which includes 1 manager, 1 accountant, 1 secretary cum receptionist, 2 graphic designers, 1 typist, 1 messenger, 1 technician and 2 who are based in the field.
Our assets include; 2 cars for our daily operations, 3 computers, 1 three in one photocopy machine, desktop printer, instant photo printer, digital camera.
The business is located in Busia town which is strategically located int the border of Kenya and Uganda where commercial activities thrive. With formation of county governments and the nature of our business, we see a bright future ahead of us and we hope to employ even more staff.
With time, our asset base shall also increase with plans in place to acquire a plot of land and build our own premises to cut on costs of paying rent.

Loan Proposal

I appreciate the assistance I have received from my lenders since I joined Zidisha. My poultry farm is now very industrious with both broilers and layers.
I use most of the proceeds to pay school fees for my daughter who is now joining the university for further studies and also taking care of other financial commitments.
With this loan, I would like to renovate the farm structure that I use to keep my poultry since the current structure is worn out. I will therefore use some of the money to buy timber and iron sheets for the roofing, Iron nails and roofing nails, some more timber for reinforcing the wall as it is still a temporary structure. In future I will transform it into a permanent structure with brick walls. Therefore, in addition to my savings, a loan of KShs. 48,055.00 from you will be of great help.
Thank you in anticipation.






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Classic Loan

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Oct 7, 2018

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On Time

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3 months



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