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Floor buffer for my cleaning company

I was able to settle my payment for the steam cleaner and post paid advert on the various social media pages.
This has help me in reaching new customers.
Thank you very much, very much appreciated.

New desks for my school

I am sure God will bless you for the generosity with which you give your time and energy to the children you teach, and for the courage it took to reach out your hand and ask for help in the name of those same children. I wish you good fortune for your endeavour and your own wellbeing as well as that of the children you teach.

Expanding and buying food provisions for my store

I thank you all for your sincere and good heart support, the loan that I am getting from you is really helping me in my business a lot I therefore thank for the support

Selling second-hand clothing

All is well. Thank you zidisha

Cover for water well

I wish to thank all lenders for being supportive, this loan will go a long way to help put cover for a well so that animals or children dont fall inside. i will have water for drinking and water my tomatoes and this will help increase my earnings.

Increase inventory of clothes

I want to appreciate all lenders for supporting me in my business. I need to buy new outfits for sell these are on demand especially on traditional occasions and it will bring profit to my business .

Art studio

This loan will help me buy timber and boarda for our studio carpentry.

Am so excited that a new department of carpentry is about to take off.

Thank you so much for your kindness,I am forever grateful!

Children school fees

May God bless you

Building a large wholesale shop

Dear lenders I have received the total amount successfully in MTN payment account and it has reflect today 23rd February, 2021.The amount received is 18,764 ZMW.
I will now make a budget to buy building materials to construct a large wholesale shop to restocking more goods in the shop thereby increasing income revenue on sales.Thank you so much Zidisha is really improving my business, lifestyle and in short my business has tremendously improved through your support.Thank you to all my renders for supporting me.

To buy shoe-making materials

I thank you so much zidisha for your kind in support for my work. I appreciate your kindness and support. Thank you

Building clothing shop

thanks to my lenders this loan will help me start building a clothing sales shop instead of selling from a stand. My buisness will grow because of your support.God bless you.

Credit cards

I really thank you

Renovation of student housing

Welcome and thanks for trusting me

Renovation of student housing

That is wonderful. Thank you for the pictures.

Buy a laptop computer for freelance writing

Thank you very much for agreeing to fund my loan. I promise to repay your faith and generosity in kind.

The loan will help me buy the laptop I have been planning to buy so I can now invest my free time in online work.
Thank you so much.

Selling second-hand U.K. laptops and shirts

Good Morning All,

Thank you for assisting with the previous loan extended to me. I was able to meet my running costs for December and part of January 2021. I was also able to make good margins as with additional funds I am able to get better quality products which are in turn bringing in clients.

I am also looking to bring in additional funding so that I can expand to laptops in my quest to attain financial independence

Soccer goal posts for my school

Mac Mckiva, Jen Davies, roark22, madam Julia and the Staff, gratitude to you all for this loan. My students will be glad.

Agriculture business and farm expansion

Thank you lenders be blessed
You change life

New machine and materials for my printing business

Hello my dear lenders, thank you for supporting my business and making it grow. My loan helped me to increase my job speed and am also able to get a new machine for my office, I have been able to renovate my office to a modern day standard and I am very happy for your support

Stock increase for clothing business

my 5th born son graduation at st paul university

Stock increase for clothing business

my son graduation during this covid 19 season

Add inventory of ladies' dresses

Good morning lenders, it yet another beautiful day in Accra - Ghana. I want say thanks so much for accepting my video and also approving of my funds God bless you so much. I will never disappoint you, thanks so mcuh.


Vergetable sales

Good luck with your project!

Investment in selling beauty products

Am proud to join zidisha, thank you for the support.

Additional stock of face shields & masks

I received an amount of K1,384.00 to buy additional stock of face shield masks for sell.I thank you most sincerely.


Buying restaurant equipment

Hi Violet,
How far along are you in your university program ?
When do you anticipate to graduate ?
How do you manage to balance your time between completing your studies and running your restaurant ?

To buy cocoa seedlings

I have received an amount of 60 cedis from my lenders.This amount has been used to buy cocoa seedlings for my farm. I thank my lenders for granting me the loan. I promise to pay on time without delay.Thank you


Welding tools

Hello young Mr. Waluki,

1st, I want to acknowledge your grief, over such tragic loss of your parents to Covid-19.. Please remember always your life is precious & we are here encouraging you to keep reaching for your dreams Prince.

Purchase equipment for my I.T. shop

Thanks to you all my lenders for the support,I appreciate it

Restocking hardware business

Good luck with your plans

Catering loan

My great lenders, my lenders with a kind and generous heart, I say a very big thank you to you all
God has a special place for you all....

School fees for my late brother's son

I will use it to pay school fees for my late brother's son, and it will help me to look after my children thank you for the loan.

To further my education, studying science & technology

Good luck with you education Adom!
Take care,
Alex and Ryan

Computer hardware for my school

MarktheMormon, Tues A, madam director and the Team, I am immensely glad and grateful for this loan. THANK YOU ALL.


Lenders once again thank you

Buying restaurant equipment

I want to thank my lenders, because of their continue zidisha support, I have completed most of the renovation, like plastering, floor and I can say my restaurant has a kitchen.. thanks to zidisha I don’t have to cook outside anymore.

Immunity boosters for sale

I sell cell gevity from max international.

To buy immunity boosters for sale

I sell pure and broken and refined a product from BF Suma.

To buy books

thanks for the money, i promise not to let the lenders down

Supplying yams to schools and homes

I will use the loan to buy more yam to sell ,it will help my have enough stock ,thank you so much for the loan

Loan to expand my business

I purchased 5x4 boxes headphones, 6 box of phone chargers, 1 box of phone covers and screen protector, and it has made a difference in even the earning is increased from 30% to 70% . and i will all my lenders to continue funding me.

To buy shoe-making materials

Sales are good and I am so grateful to zidisha team. Thank you

Laptop computer & partial payment of university fees

It's not just that you learned things in your I.T. course, Joseph; it's obviously also that you have wonderful, artistic talent.

Others could study the same as you, but wouldn't necessarily be able to create such a beautiful design. That's a God-given talent. :)

Loan to fabrics for sewing

I will buy electric sewing machine
Its going to help me to produce more nose mask
Which will help me to get more profit
Am so thankful for everything

New goods for a new shop

Thank you so much, this loan will help me this week to buy tools for work.

Additional capital for mobile money business

Hello Lenders,
Firstly, may I say thank you so much for your trust in me. You have transformed my life because am able to increase my capital by loan service you always provide to my small business. Once more ,thank you

Loan to boost my photography business

So thankful

Loan to boost my photography business

Thank You Zidisha

Loan to boost my photography business

Hello i was able to buy two camera batteries and 18-105 zoom lens thank you Zidisha.

Speedlights for photography service

I bought one speedlight for my work and getting speedlight has improve the quality of pictures I took