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Elikana Etyanga     Feb 18, 2018

My Leander,here I am collecting maize that I bought from my neighbor to my store.

Maize business
Aruba, Kenya

Elikana Etyanga     Feb 18, 2018

Hello my Leander, I would like to inform you that I have used my increase money to buy (grade) goat for milking at( ksh 5000)as (50 US dollars) I am happy now.

Maize business
Aruba, Kenya

John Thiaro     Feb 18, 2018

After cleaning the chicken house, I take the dropping (manure) to the farm.

Poultry products supply & buying a business vehicle
Nakuru, Kenya

Joscah Nyaata     Feb 18, 2018

Hello my blessed lenders, i hereby confirm that i received 6916KES from the Zidisha family with a lot of thanks. May the Lord bless, Mr. MC, Mr. Ahmed, Mr. Carl, Mr. Ryan , Mr. Ray and Mr. Malte for your good heart of contributing for me get the loan.
The money received was partially added to my capital 3916KES and 3000KES i used to clear the debt i had after buying i second hand computer.
Now at least i have a computer of my own to use with my clients.
Attached is a photo of a computer that i own as per now

Computer for my photocopy center
Mbotela, Kenya

Siti Aisah Hamdani     Feb 18, 2018

This money I will use to increase my merchandise Dagangan that I buy will get a profit, and its profits can increase income sy n can pay my installment ,, Thank you very much ntk good loyal borrowers have been willing to help me and trust his loan his to me for the smoothness of my efforts ,,

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Uang ini akan saya gunakan untuk menambah modal dagangan saya
Dagangan yang saya beli akan mendapatkan untung ,dan keuntungan nya bisa menambah penghasilan sy n bisa membayar cicilan saya,,
Terima kasih banyak ntk para peminjam yg baik baik hati telah bersedia membantu saya dan mempercayai pinjaman nya nya ke saya untuk kelancaran usaha saya,,

Mineral water supplies gallon n bottle packing
Bandung Barat, Indonesia

George Mrihe     Feb 18, 2018

I want to thank zidisha community for funding me the money. I was able to buy an umbrella and a motorcycle cover. Thanks very much.

Buy motorbike umbrella and a motorbike cover
Kahawa Wendani, Kenya

Noah Ngeny     Feb 18, 2018

Thank you for helping me out, I received ksh 2301 yesterday. I have used the money with the addition I had to purchase water tank

Water tank for my dairy farm
Kericho, Kenya

Jotham Mokoi     Feb 18, 2018

Hallo my lenders. I received my loan amount of 20 dollars. I have bought a modem for my Cyber cafe business.
Thank you for the loan.

Modem for my cybercafe
Karatina, Kenya

Joyce Orembe     Feb 18, 2018

Hello Zidisha lender, I have received 3607 KES. I intend to use my loan in the following way: $ 15.00 women clothes, $ 10.00 Children clothes and $ 11.00 men clothes. Thanks once more for continued support of my enterprise.

Joyce Orembe

Myjoyce clothe sales and bountique
Ritembu, Kenya

Kelvin Asante     Feb 18, 2018

Max Power am Humbled ! Very grateful also for funding a portion of my loan project. This tick of support is of great importance to me and it is my prayers that before the expiration's of this loan i will have lenders of your kind on board to support Africa entrepreneurs. Praying for your continue support and also my commitment to quick repayment of this loan is rest assured.
God bless each and every one of you all !


Tv decoders and accessories
Akwatia, Ghana