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Selling fabrics for making clothing

My family and I had a great Christmas and new year celebration different from what we have ever had in the past, business is good and patronage is become larger, this wouldn't have been possible without you my lenders, thank you so much Good bless you, let's keep soaring higher in 2020

Working capital requirements and restocking

Thanks always. I will continue to grow the business and the relationship.


Zidisha has really helped me and I wish to grow my business but I hope with you guys it's gonna be better than what it is now!!

Gypsum supply business

Happy new year! I have had a break in my supplies owing to the rain season that rendered roads impassable thus not able to transport the commodity. Now that it has normalized ill be raising another request to facilitate my business, the order is still in force.


Happy New Year! I hope that 2020 is a good year for you.

Making supplies to a client

I want to use this medium to thank you guys for helping me in establishing my business because the loan help me all round and my business is doing very well. Once again thank you, thank you and thank you.

Travel expenses for IT service

Hello Felix,
wish you all the best for your IT service business. May this year turn out to be a great one for you...

Training and consultancy service

I have been able to cut a niche as the go-to-guy when it comes to training and consultancy in statistics and research. Strategic publicity which was financed with Zidisha loans has largely made that possible. I set my goal on expanding my reach beyond Port Harcourt and Rivers State to other universities in the Niger Delta region.

Health diagnostic equipment

Nick Studenski from United States, flaguy999 from United States, Anne from Germany and Angus Barlow from United States thanks for your caring & support . God bless All of you in Jesus Name.l will buy products with the money. It will assist me alot Thanks.

Jommy electricals and electronics shop

I will use the loan to buy some goods of amount 9000kes of which I will top some amount, after the completion of goods I will make a profit of 4000kes.The loan will helps me alot to grow my business and earns more profit. Thank you so much for the loan. Regards

Selling new clothes

Hello Esther,
hope this new year proves to be a fruitful for you and your business prospers. Wish you all the best...

Selling prepaid mobile phone cards

First of all I want to thank zidisha company and my lenders for the support given to me from the day I had opportunity to joined the company up to date.
I will also like to state the reasons for adjusting installment amount.
1. To maintain the timely repayment.
2. To reduces pressure.
3. To see the benefit of the loan.

Finally Wachira am happy I have done it.God bless.

Zidisha is the BEST money lending platform, very patient with their clients,it really pulled me through and am so elated that I have cleared my loan even after taking so long. I feel free, and happy that someone else can access funds because I have repaid.
Just to encourage all who have taken long to pay that when things work out,its blessed to pay up. long live Zidisha, God bless Zidisha.

Second hand clothes

This loan i will buy more second hand clothes for resale.thanks a lot for helping me.

Inputs for vegetable farming

Thank you my friends for helping me this much I will buy farm inputs God bless you so much madam mary


Interlocking bricks

Wow! Those are an amazing time and labor saver. These will give you a business advantage over traditional cinder block wall builders. Thank you for showing photos. Mary

Interlocking bricks

Interlocking Blocks is the latest advancement in Wall Construction. These blocks are 'locked' against each other without the use of cement mortar, to form a structurally stable wall that reduces the cost and time of construction to almost half.

Interlocking bricks

no mortar


Inputs for vegetable farming

Look at this website Peter. It shows a way to garden which greatly reduces the need for costly fertilizers and insecticides.

One-stop grocery shop

Am buying food stuff and provision. I will add the money with the cash with me. I really appreciate your care and support.

Electronics and phone accessories

Best of luck with your business Grace.

Electronics and phone accessories

I really thanks my lender for the provision of the funds and it boosted my business as the stock now is growing. I'm happy about it. Thanks a lot

Cybercafe equipment

I would like to thank my funders first and foremost for the loan. I confirm receiving the loan and purchasing the t-shirt printer machine. The loan has been helpful to me and my business. My business profit has increased and am able to meet many of my clients needs. With my business earnings i was also able to purchase another computer today and with the purchase of the printer machine i will be able to use the profit to also further my studies by getting a little money to pay for my school fees. .Thank you so much.

Travel/ repairs

I am here confirming the receipt of 3200 from you to my account.Thanks , you are good people to be trusted.I will travel and buy items helpful to my business.

Interlocking bricks

hello, team,
the below photos are the updated progress from my site at the moment, we realize there's much demand on the currently attached interlocking blocks which is 70% cost-effective in the construction industry


The purpose of the application is to buy inventory to buy cleaning products. The cleaning products that i require can only be bought in bulk at specific hardware stores that stock them.

Supply school uniformsi want

The loan helped me a lot, I bought another second hand sewing machine. This time around I want to buy a new one and other materials to use in my business

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

Hello dear lenders, it another wonderful day. I thank God for your lives. It 3:47am here, am really thinking about sooo many things and want to thank you all for still being with me. For the past few years,have been going through the most difficult phase of my life but am still keeping on. I was rob somewhere along the line, lost my mom, defer my IT course and a whole lot but by the Grace of the Almighty God. Am still very hopeful in life.
One thing that keep me going is i have Zidisha with me.
If i want to put everything out here, i would keep on and on and on.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all, i do really appreciate the support am getting here. God bless you all. The future is still very bright.

Thank you all. Love, peace and healthy living.

Raw materials for my spice production business

The loan was helpful. With it I was able to purchase some raw materials I used for the production of these spices.

Working capital for mobile money business

I remain appreciative to the Lenders and Zidisha staff for helping me to grow and expand my business. The previous loan helped me with all business operation expenses

Beauty salon and accessories sales

Thanks team zidisha and lender, i really appreciate since the last loan help to add stock which help my business to grow and attract new client.The profit realize i utilize to grow business and help my family to live well.

Loan to add stock to my business

Hi Lenders, I take this chance to thank you for the previous loan that I was funded. I was able to use it for transport and added some stock to my business which increased cash flow and hence was able to pay it on time.

Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

Thank you all so much, I pray this new year also go on successfully as the previous year. The good people of zidisha who put smiles on me God richly bless you all.

Inventory for my beauty shop

Am grateful for this loan you gave me my lenders. am so so happy for this support. this loan will be very helpful to me in adding an additional makeover studio in my beauty shop. thanks so much and God bless you all.

Mobile phone payment service center

I run a mini mobile money agency from the comfort of home ,it is a business that requires lot of money to sustain has people are constantly withdrawing cash ,the competition is high and you loose customers if you can't provide services required when necessary. The loan I will get is to keep my business alive thanks!


thank u Emma


Welcome to Zidisha Irene :-)
Wishing you all the best with your produce business...

If you celebrate the holidays, I hope they made you smile...

Warm regards, Emma.

Power connection to my residential house

Happy New year to you my glad to say that my life is getting better just because of .thank you for your support.


Thank you all
I didn't expect the loan to be funded this fast.
I will work to repay in time as always in order to maintain this relationship



My previous loan serve the purpose very well. I really appreciate you . thank you very much

Tuition for doctorate degree

Hello Darrell, happy new year to you. Hope you are doing well. My holiday was great. My regards to every body.

Loan for art

The loan I reaceived earlier was able to assist in buying new painting materials and I was able to paint an abract art and sell. Thanks for the assistance

Rafa's online class project

Thank you for funding this loan it will go a long way in helping my purchase audio and video equipments for my online courses/classes. I really appreciate your help.

Sale of airtime

This loan will help me start up the new year well , as I will be buying more recharge cards for sale.
Am very grateful and thankful for the assistance rendered thanks and God bless

Stock of new smartphones

With all humility I want to thank all dear lenders at zidisha microfinance for making a mileage to my business. The loan you continually lend me are more useful in expansion of my mobile phone business.
Thank you so much.

Loan to expand my costimetic business

Am very grateful for the swift funding of my loan, this loan will help me expand my business.
Am hoping that this new year will be a great one to all of us, may the good Lord bless all my honourable lenders.
Once again I said prosperous new year.

Production of training manual & facilitation materials

We were able to execute two trainings for four different groups on;
1.Business Planning
2.Tax returns
3.Changing Business Landscape & How to adapt for SME

food for all

I have had increased profit in my business and i think i can afford to repay my loan at the next installment.

Inventory for purchasing earrings and watches

thanks lenders for your continued support always the loan is helping me progressing and will be looking forward for your continued support