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Van body preparation & first paint coat

Hello my funders & thanks a lot for supporting my project.i will buy the two uninterruptible power supply (upss)&the batteries.
The profit from selling the upss will help in replenishing my working capital & pay my bills.
Thanks so much for giving me a fishing rod to catch my own fish -be blessed

Expansion of my business

I am happy to finally let you know I have completed the purchase of my trolley.Am so great to zidisha for it gives me flexibleility in my business,it might be a small business right now,but with the support of zodisha I believe it will grow

Onions farm

Thank you my for funding me. I am going to sign land lease contract this morning. My Onions farm dream is getting real by each passing day

Sugarcane land preparation

Greetings from me good people,
The funds will enable me prepare the land that I just rented, I'm preparing to plant sugarcane.
Ooh this is so wonderful and will add to my Capital and things will be so easy for me.
Getting this funds will guarantee me to prepare the land for planting the cash crop (sugarcane)
This will boost my profit at the end of harvesting.

Bee keeping shop

I received the funds yesterday night am very grateful. To everyone who supported me thank you so much for making this come through.

Buy 150 kg of fertilizer for my farm

Hello everyone.
My team and I are really grateful for the support we've received from all our backers from different parts of the world. Our farm is now profitable and we have made great impact on the lives of the team employed on the farm and the team that works very hard in the city markets selling our produce. We have also made great impact on our customers who love the quality of our produce and the fact that we deliver right to their doorsteps. We have removed the middle-men and by doing that we guarantee consistency in quality and better prices for our customer as well as good margins for us.

Last time we borrowed money to fund our seedling propagation nursery. We planted 10,000 cabbage seedlings. We have successfully transplanted these seedlings to the main farm as shown in the photos below.

We shall sell these cabbages after 3 months at a projected price of 20 shillings per cabbage (200,000 shillings in total for al the cabbages - $ 1,300).

Making school uniforms

I did receive the money, at least I bought two sewing machine for sewing school uniforms and school jerseys and the broidery machine for sewing school badges and the uniforms. Thank you so much backers for supporting my business to grow and expand.

Equipping our school computer lab

Well the funds, I bought Desktop and laptop computers our school, computer lab, the school is running smoothly now and the leaners are doing well in their computer lessons. Hence the school the investment has helped the school to enroll more pupils in the computer lessons and thereby receiving income for developing the school and also pay good wages for the school teachers.
Thank you so much my backers for your continued efforts and support.

Computer purchase for cyber

Thank you for being a blessing to me. It's a step achieved. I feel the burden lifted. As stated earlier the fund will help me add a computer that will make work easier and faster. Thank you for being there to make my dream come true

Grocery shop stock

Dear all my backers, greetings to you all, be informed the funds have been disbursed and successfully received in my MTN account. I now prepare to buy new grocery stock in my shop. Thank you very much for supporting my business project.

Website development

Hello good people, thank you so much for the funding, the funds will boost my long-term goal of owning a plumbing online company as the first batch will be used to create a website. I'll send the link for the website once it's complete.

Poultry farm

Thank you so much Mimi RothschildBe blessed for funding my project.I was in real dire need of this money to purchase my farm products for my poultry.May you be replenished.So grateful and happy for considering my request

Beans growing

Going to buy maize seeds for planting this season. The money I get from this project will help me in paying school fees for my kids and take my mom to hospital. Thanks to my bankers for supporting my project go through

Purchase of school computers & classroom desks

My school project is doing very well through your support my backers. The just ended has helped the school to implement computer lessons for all the puppils. Computers and classroom desks were bought and the learning environment is now condusive for all the children. My plan for the next is to buy more computers and increase the enrollment of pupils so the school can make more funds to expand and pay its work force like the teacher. Your support my backers will be highly appreciated, thank you so much in advance.

Purchase of school computers & classroom desks

I did purchase computers for schopl lab and some class room desks. These school equipment have helped me in a different way because now enrollment at school has very overwhelming and parents in the community are very happy about the development at school. In addition to that the school is generating more funds and this April the school will be going for a tour to the Victoria Falls, to take the school children and my children too.
Your support had been so helpful my backers, your effort is indeed changing our lives and improving the living standard of my family.Thank you so much

Making school uniforms

The result of the just ended loan was so beneficial because I managed to buy the sewing machines and some materiala for making school uniforms and business is getting recognition around the community. Thank you so much my lenders for your support am so grateful, your efforts is helping me to even extra harder grow and expand the business to become self sustainable.

To buy pipes for irrigation

Hi my Leander and zidisha, I have all the purpose to celebrate, My last loan made me different,I bought the maize and sell it at a high profit so I made a three times profile as per now, my family are well enjoyed and also My neighbor.thank you so much for your support.

Equipping our school computer lab

As a school, we bought the computers in the school lab and the result of these computers to the learners is now paying off. Most pupils have enrolled for computer lessons and the school is benefiting a lot on tution fees now. All this has been made possible by you the backers by supporting the school to have these facilities at the school. Thank you so much on behalf the teachers and the pupils and on my behalf.

Animal feeds

Hallo zidisha team, I'm grateful for last funding. It enabled me in meeting my project target. I used the funds in cultivating fodder crops. I saved cost of buying animal fodder. From the savings I was able l to by a breeding heifer which I'm expecting to be served in about 3 months to come. Thank you.


Purchase of school computers & classroom desks

Hi Moses, I am really excited about your project, especially since education is (one of) the main keys for development!
I would be glad if you keep updating on your progress, and I wish you, your colleagues and students the very best!
:) Rune

Purchase of school computers & classroom desks

I have received the funds my backers in MTN payment line, am so grateful to you and I will buy the school computers and the classroom desks to facilitate for more enrolment subsequently start generating more income for the school. Thank you my backers for supporting me in this project am so happy for making progress in this way, thank for your efforts.

Material procurement

A big and sincere thank you to the member who funded my project. You have made my day because now I will be able to buy a tank, pipes , water nipples and fic a better water system for my birds. This system will enable me to have extra time on my hands to do other chores and also reduce infections within the coup which inceases my profits. I can now plan for other work because life in Kenya has become harder and one needs to work smart inorder to pave through. I am so gratedul to you for believing in me. I will not let you down. Thanks again and more blessings.

Tomato business

Hello, thanks alot for supporting my project and enabling me to move a step closer to fulfilling it, it's not easy to find people who believe in helping others achieve their dreams, life might be tough due the unstable economy but with you guys around giving me a hand, I'm already a winner. Happy Valentine's day everyone, much love from me.

Material procurement

Hello Zidisha family. I am so glad to be part of this great family. You have been good to me and my project is on course. I am also excited because I got a second grandchild-z beautiful baby girl. She is baby sister to our amazing grandson. This is me holding the sweet princess-a Zidisha grandgirl.she looks like me

Restaurant business

I have received the funds in my MTN payment line successfully and I bought the serving pans and serving pots and in additional to that I also bought tables and chairs to increase customer sitting arrange ments and generate more revenue. Thank you my backers of the loan so happy because your efforts wont be in vain but will improve the growth of the business.

Text books project

Hello zidisha family, i am so glad to receive the finances from my funding family, i thank each and every one who participated with the whole heart to see my project successful. I am moving forward to see the children learning. B blessed, Amen

Egg and smokie selling business

The project has changed my life. I have expanded my poultry farm. I have more layers chickens and broilers that earns more income by selling eggs and the broilers

Purchase of school computers & classroom desks

Thank my backers for supporting me, your support for business is yielding results. The school is doing fine and attracting good attention from the community around the school. Most parents now are bringing their children to enroll them for computer lessons and so far the response is very overwhelming. In my new loan proposal am requesting that for support and effort once that I can purchase more computers and classroom desks and enroll more pupils for more income generation at the school.. Thank you for awesome support in advance.

Smart phones and accessories shop

My phone business and Accessories is really doing fine because it is main source of livelihood and makes a lot money. Your support and efforts my lenders was awesome and without your support my business was going to be lagging behind. My the business is now growing and I want this 2024 through your support to start buying in bulk and supplying them smart phones and the phone accessories because the demand here is growing. Your support will make me and my family improve the standard of living and have my children get educated by paying their school fees. Thank you so much for support in advance in my next new loan profile.

Purchase of school computers & classroom desks

I did receive the funds, I bought the school with computers in the school lab for the learners for 2024 and also the classroom desks. Hence the learners are all happy at the school and the enrolment is very overwhelming. I would like to thank you my lenders for helping me push the school to another level.

Rearing layers for eggs

in the beginning, I didn't think so much about chicken rearing, and with time I have grown a passion for rearing birds, in the process I have learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. I have also learned how to go about business challenges and have grown to a place of no limitations. I want to do more and this time I want to start rearing layers because in the process of selling the capons, the demand for eggs grew, which has challenged me into rearing layers. I expanded my chicken house and think I have enough space to rear the layers. Thank you very much for the support and I look forward to more.

Calamansi orange plantation and provision of organic fertilizer

Thank you Zidisha and also friends from Indonesia and all over the world, our plan is to increase the amount of fertilizer stock and expand our orange plantations. Hopefully our business will continue to progress and blessings will be abundant as will our friends who help finance our project and also friends in the Zidisha community, amen.

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Terima kasih zidisha Dan juga teman-teman dari Indonesia Dan seluruh Dunia, perencanaan kami adalah menambah jumlah stok pupuk Dan memperluas perkebunan jeruk kami. Semoga usaha kami semakin maju Dan berkah berkelimpaham begitu juga dengan teman2 yang mbantu membiayai proyek kami Dan juga teman-teman dikomunitas zidisha, aamiin

Pilot shop

My business is doing great and i can confidently say i have started to make some profits.I stocked enough and i am planning to add more specific stock.Thank you very much for your help zidisha family!

School uniform and clothing inventory

Hope my funds will help you achieve your dream. I also got funded by other members and that enabled me achieve my business goal. All the best


I've purchased a printer, which has enabled me to provide better service to my customers. Through this, I've attracted new clients and made my business more sustainable. Indeed, my income has increased significantly since making this important investment.
The funds that helped me purchase the printer have provided me with the opportunity to grow my business and also support my day-to-day needs. Currently, I can meet my daily needs without heavily relying on business income.
Additionally, I'd like to inform you that along with these achievements, my family and I have accomplished other successes too. My children are doing well in school, and we continue to enjoy life together.
Regarding our community, it's delightful to see how our neighbors enjoy watching sports together. This has fostered a culture of unity and collaboration during such events, further strengthening our community bonds. Also, in our area, we take pride in our traditional holidays and other interesting events that make our neighborhood a great place to live.

Small business

To all members who funded my project, i appreciate your contribution, from the bottom of my heart. May you be blessed. I will use the funds to buy some fabrics to make dresses for sale at the market. This will increase my income hence I will be able to sustain my family's daily budget
Thank you for making my project possible

Purchase of school computers & classroom desks

I will buy some computers for the school lab and class room desks, It will help me and the learners to sit properly and have more time to learn about computers lessons. Thank you so much my lenders for your awesome support and effort.

School fees for my children

I will pay school fees for my children.
It will be of great help since they won't be sent away from school, meaning there will no interruptions in their studies. Thank you for backing my project.

Study dream come true

Hi everyone,

Here comes double celebrations. A pass on the most difficult exam I have ever seen before, and CEI accredited. I am now a Certified EC-COUNCIL Instructor on the following courses which I passed with great scores a while back; CEH, CHFI and CCISO. All my exams are taken from Person Vue or on online proctoring which proves authenticity.

I am now on track to my further studies. I regret this has taken longer time than expected due to my work responsibilities and nature.

Hero fast account

I'm going to buy router for internet access that will help us design online accounting software which will include management as well as modifying our offline accounting software so as to reach many people remotely and for different projects such as petrol station, hospital, Phamacy and many other. Access of internet help us to study different techniques of simplifying system so as our clients rejoice to use it. But also help us to understand what other do so as to do more and more in order to compete. We study online because, technology change every day. Many thanks to you all for making my project possible and to develop. you are the good person, the person with positive mindset. wishing you all the prosperity to your house, project and life in general.

Purchase of school computers & classroom desks

I never thought this not real not until tried it. So thankful my backers for supporting me in this project. My school project is now progressing after helping me to buy classroom desks and requirements the school needed. In my second loan I hope you will help me the way you did with my first loan. Zidisha is the way to go in Zambia and some parts of African to help the vulnerables in entrepreneurship today. May Zidisha live long. Thank you so much in advance my backers

Calamansi orange plantation and provision of organic fertilizer

Alhamdulillaah, thank you Zidisha and all my colleagues, the business of planting orange seeds and organic fertilizer has provided quite satisfactory orange harvests, every week we harvest oranges and the results are directly processed into orange drink. Then we also sell the fertilizer that we use for orange plantations in our plant shop, many new customers and customers are always loyal to buy from us, hopefully in the future our business will grow and be successful in achieving our cherished goals as well as all of our friends who join the zidisha company. . Aamiin Best wishes Hadi

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Alhamdulillaah, terima kasih zidisha Dan rekan-rekan semuanya, usaha penanaman bibit jeruk Dan pupuk organik telah memberikan hasil panen jeruk yang cukup memuaskan, setiap pekan kami panen jeruk yang hasilnya langsung di olah dijadikan minuman jeruk. Kemudian pupuk yang kami gunakan utk perkebungan jeruk juga kami jual di toko tanaman kami, banyak pelanggan baru Dan pelanggalama yang selalu setia membeli ditempat kami, semoga kedepannya bisnis kami semin berkembang Dan berhasil dlm mencapai cita2 yang didinginkan begitu juga teman2 semuanya yang bergabung di kominyas zidisha. Aamiin
Salam sukses

Enhancement of my chicken rearing project

I am m grateful for your support in anabling me establish a chicken rearing farm

Grocery shop stock

Dear lenders your support was very successful to my previous loan or the just ended loan project. I did not have enough stocks and the funds you helped me was able to stock up and customers were very happy to buy their groceries within the neighborhood rather going out into town. Thank you very much and I hope I will once again support me in my new project. Thank so much for your efforts in advance.

Purchase an incubator

My previous loan helped to buy 200 eggs and right now am incubating them so that I can produce 200 chickens. Am so grateful so far for the support you given my backer for my first loan.
Thank you so much and I hope you will support me in my next loan.


Thank you. I received the funds and paid my University fees and did my exams successfully. God bless you all abundantly.

Small grocery stall for my mom

Thank you everyone for making my dream a reality,this funds will go towards a small stall for my mom ,which she will run with my small sister and this way they will be able to depend on themselves and this would be one extra burden free from my shoulders,iam so grateful ,may God bless you.

Barbershop equipment

The funds I received I bought some new shaving machines, One heater jug for boiling water in order to give my customers a good service, one rechargeable shaving machine in order to use it when the power get lost lost while shaving a customer, one rechargeable machine specifically for cutting and drawing lines while shaving a special style. Since I bought new machines, my business is running smoothly and my customers are enjoying my service.

School fee for our boy

I am greatful and thankful for your funding, your funding has really helped my,I have got all I need in my welding job now I don't wive is doing well as she can support our family while I am away working on site, through small business he has began by the funding of zindisha.
Thanks alot and God bless you.

Bale of blankets, ladies jackets & cold season clothing

The just ended loan was a great success in my business project. I bought a bale of blankets, ladies jacks and the summer time time clothing. I earned good profits in this project especially in 2023 during the festival season, I generated good incomes and the business is growing and expanding steadily since joining Zidisha online loans, the platform has been very supportive and this year I wish to work very hard so that my can expand and I can buy or build a shop were I can stock up different types clothing goods. Thank you my lenders I hope and pray that you will give me more support in the next project of 2024.