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Edith Tumaini     Aug 17, 2018

more photos

Agricultural chemicals
Machakos County -syokimau, Kenya

Edith Tumaini     Aug 17, 2018

Thank you to Zidisha family for lending me the loan,i am about to finish the loan in the next 2weeks.
Below find various photos for my watermelom farm

Agricultural chemicals
Machakos County -syokimau, Kenya

Samuel Antwi     Aug 17, 2018

I am in constant touch with my mentees advising them on how to take advantage of the numerous opportunities offered to them by zidisha to sustain and explain their businesses.
They are doing well with their repayments.
I am proud of my mentees.
I also thank zidisha for making me a mentor.
I will use the little experience I have acquired since joining zidisha to help grow the community in order to raise more entrepreneurs with expanded businesses in every community across the globe to reduce the ever increasing cancer of unemployment in every hamlet, village, developing as well as developed countries across the whole wide world.

Expand my furniture workshop
Sunyani, Ghana

Melsy Ratnasari     Aug 17, 2018

My shop provides staple food and snacks, because the staple food is certainly needed by the community every day, the benefits I get are used for daily living needs. The loan funds I got to add to my merchandise so that my business was more developed.

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Warung saya menyediakan makanan pokok dan makanan ringan, karena makanan pokok tentu dibutuhkan masyarakat setiap hari, keuntungan yang saya dapatkan digunakan untuk keperluan hidup sehari hari. Dana pinjaman yang saya dapatkan untuk menambah barang dagangan saya supaya usaha saya lebih berkembang.

Food supply
Ciamis, Indonesia

Joyce Orembe     Aug 17, 2018

Hello zidisha lenders,the vest have became a fashion due to climate change and it as been cold weather throughout the day. With my previous loan i bought more vests as required by customer of which i was buying at KES.75.00 and sell at KES. 120.00. The difference is great. The school opens next month the demand of vests for mostly boys is great!!!!!!The price of petrol mostly increase used in our country is hiked and therefore life is becoming expensive. The answer is business.

Joyce's Clothing Boutique
Ritembu, Kenya

Willy Ambani     Aug 17, 2018

Thanks a lot my lenders i managed to buy and fix the ball joints and steering rod for my car.

Buy new ball joints and steering rod for my taxi
Nairobi, Kenya

Felix Owusu Nyamekye     Aug 16, 2018

Good and passionate lenders am very very grateful for your loan. I will use this money to buy more other materials for the plumbers to fix a water supply to my school. Once again am thankful and appreciate your good heart may God Almighty bless you.

A loan to buy materials to repair water supply to my school
Nsuta, Ghana

Christian Golo     Aug 16, 2018

6, 643 Ghana Cedis received, I'm grateful and thankful to all my lenders, to the Zidisha staffs for their sacrifice and to Director Julia for the great opportunity, I can't thank you enough. All I can pray for is God give you all long life and good and healthy life. We would start work on our water project as soon as possible and then post pictures here.
Still promising that I will be faithful in my all my repayment, so help me God.

Well & tank to provide clean water to rural community
Accra, Ghana

William Banda     Aug 16, 2018

Dear lenders my loan was a success because of you ,Zidisha is one of best lending institutions in the world, if Zidisha can reach out to all nations of the world poverty would be eradicated because most people would engage themselves in entrepreneurship and help their families the way i do.May God almighty bless Zidisha and its staff for this wonderful work they are doing to liberate us.

Capital to increase raw materials and construct more blocks
Lusaka, Zambia

Hagan Golo     Aug 15, 2018

I have successfully made another repayment today August 15, 2018. Let me use this opportunity to say thank you to my lenders. Your continuous commitment to this project is second to none. Your support always has made me a stronger person and I will forever be grateful. May I also thank the hardworking Zidisha Team and Director Julia for your dedication to this community. May God bless you all.

Loan to help finance my university education
Teshie - Accra, Ghana