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Purchase blackboards

Greetings from australia

To buy pipe materials for pipe-borne water to my house

My backers I greet you all,
The fund you funded me has helped me to buy the pipe materials but it couldn't complete all the materials but I hope my next offer will help me to buy the rest of the materials.

Loan for ice-block business (& for online course tuition fees)

Hi my dear lenders and supporters I have received the amount you helped fund for me. I say I thank you very much for your perpetual unfailing support.

With this amount I have been able to buy the fridge I said I would buy. Also this money has enable me pay for my online tuition fees.

I once again say than you for your time and help.


Am very grateful for zidisha love

To buy school materials

You have become one of my Greatest defenders of my business keep it and assist more and I hope our creator of universe will bless you forever.
Stay safe!!!!

To buy school materials

Best wishes for your children's education.

Supplying herbal products to shops

That's great and good news for my herbal business, more than 25 herbal shops are in demand of Large quantities of my herbal product, as am waiting for the pending cash to produce more and supply..

Inventory of electrical items, plastic wares & protective equipment

Hello my Dear Lenders,
Am doing just fine here in Central Kenya region. The weather is quite hot as we await the rain season to begin later this month. Avocado trees have already flowered and many farmers are expecting a good harvest come next year.
Business is good and am happy to have completed my loan repayment. Am really looking forward for your funding as I prepare to apply for my next loan. I thank you all for this far my business has come.
Thank you in advance.

To buy farm inputs, such as high-quality seeds

I thank you all very much

JimTech phones & accessories (and mobile money)

Am moving on well with zidisha

To get a new sewing machine

Thank you so much my lenders for helping me with this, i will be able to buy a new machine.

To buy medicine for my son

May God touch and heal your son

Barbershop (and mobile money transfer business)

I want to buy the Barbershop materisls such as;
1. The dressing mirror
2. New chairs to accommodate more customers
3. a Zinc , a blower and three barbershop machine.

4. In addition I also need to reinvest more capital in my mobile money business to allow me to have customers and do more transactions per day.

Thank you to you all my lenders for support and effort to fundraise my loan today, I will work hard to grow my business through your support.

To buy medicine for my son

May God bless you for choosing to help me...

Equipment for installing electricity in homes

Thank you all the members that have funded my project. The funds will be used according to the project plan. You people make this world better and enjoyable to live in.

Purchase farm inputs for crop farming

Thank you my good lenders for always supporting us

Buy 43" TV for my video hall

Just very very grateful for the funding, Zidisha is making me soar high and giving me energy to do great business. I am going to buy a TV 43 inches for my new business and fix electricity in my rural home, something that was just a dream Zidisha is making it come true. This is a my new project in my rural area apart from assisting me its going to create job opportunity to 2 new individuals and put bread in their table

Distributing safe birthing kits

Thank you for your support. This Loan will mean that I will have a new branded booth, and stock for that booth. Not only will my business be expanding, it also means that more pregnant mothers will have access to our affordable clean delivery Kits.

To buy school materials

Hello my Great defenders I have just completed my loan and it was not easy because every thing has been increase but I don't understand that in every week increasement take place in Ghana but I thank God for being helped me to repaid my loan and I didn't lose and I used my income to repaid my loan.
Thank you so much for your help.

Cow for dairy business

Dear Nikko, thanks for this message on behalf of the other lenders. It's very unfortunate for me, not my expectation to be in such a position of unpaid debts.
When you lent me the money I knew that I'll pay it quickly, unfortunately the unfolding of unexpected events have beat me severely down, but am optimistic, and as you said I purpose to remain positive.

1.Covid 19 did strike, tough economic times came

2. One of my workers plundered me and ran away with some money and stock.

3. I had to lay down workers for lack of enough pay...

These basically, besides other happenings have rendered me down.

Thank you so much for understanding, though am very, very sorry for these happenings.

But hopefully I will make by the help of God...

Best regards...



Cow for dairy business

Hello Nebart,

I want to let you know 2 important things.

1. Try to stay positive. I have read all your messages here, and see you mention several times you are "down, down".

We understand its tough economic times for everyone now. Certainly I am not angry with you and surely other lenders feel same way.

Having a positive attitude, is very helpful. Try to hold on to hope, this will get better.

2. Your communication with us is critical.

I have lent money to some others who also have not paid their loans fully yet.
But they have not said anything here.

If someone takes a loan, and has troubles, difficulty to pay on time, the worst thing to do, is to stay silent here.

We are patient,
We are understanding, and we have compassion for others.
I say "we" because I belive most of us are this way.

We came to join Zidisha as lenders, because we care about our "brothers & sisters" around the world, who also struggle to build a better future, the same as all of us.

When someone stops payments, and then stays quiet, not answering the phone etc. that shows a lack of respect for Zidisha, and their lenders.

Nebart, you are doing this the right way. Communicate with us to let us know you are having difficulties.

I have much respect for your honesty, please keep positive for the future as this will pass and better business days is coming.


To continue building my provisions shop

Thanks to my Backers even though the estimated cost of the project is 4,000ghc but the amount given has really helped with the starting of it. I hope my next trip will be able to quench the remain cost. Thanks once again.

Loan to order 12 boxes of tomatoes

I received ZMW 6,042 thank you for funding my project

New bale of kids' clothing

Thank you so my lenders... I really appreciate

Buying 3D wallpapers & stickers for my shop

Thanks a lot

Buying 3D wallpapers & stickers for my shop

Thanks to my lenders for your support. I've been able to get some stock for my shop.

Distributing safe birthing kits

Before raising a Loan on Zidisha, I was selling 3-5 Mama's Moments Maternity Kits per week. Right now, after the loans I have raised, I am able to resell 10+ Kits per week. My team has increased to two Customer Service Representatives who also help me with assembling these Kits on a Saturday. During the week, they help me with manning the Spaza (Booth) in Chawama and Kanyama West and also with extra deliveries to the community health volunteers who sell our Kits for income generation. So, there is a positive change not just in my life but also the lives of others. I believe that my Mama's Moments Maternity Kits are fulfilling their motto of (i) creating behavioural change for the pregnant mother by encouraging early antenatal booking
(ii) increasing male participation in ante natal and post natal services
(iii) ensuring a livelihood opportunity for the marginalized in society,
(iv) ensuring a flow of health information to the pregnant woman and provide for a safe delivery.

Acquiring food items for my cereals retail outlet

I appreciate your resilience. Covid has strongly affected each of us. Thanks for the update. You have my best, Jim

Acquiring food items for my cereals retail outlet

Hello Zidisha,

So, I have finally completed this loan. I am so excited because with its completion comes the opportunity to begin/expand something.

I have taken a really long time with this loan. We all know what happened. Just after I had invested the funds and I was yet to realize a tangible return, Corona started, and with it, a wave of uncertainty and fear.

To contain it, we had to close shop and stay home, and the requirement for technology to step in so that customers could order remotely and delivery streamlined.

This was not possible for me as I did not have the resources and had to completely close shop for an extended period. Fearing difficult times ahead, prudence dictated that i reduce my expenses, forcing me to close my shop to save on rent and instead, opt for selling my wares on foot from door to door.

Of course, things have eased up and the economy is picking up pace. The blow was huge, but we soldier on. I am ready to puck up the pieces and rebuild again.

The funds will therefore be used to source for rental premises pay a deposit and several months of rent, and for building up the premise with shelves and other fixtures.

Wairimu Gathii

Equipment for installing electricity in homes

Previous loan was for completion of the house so that we can start renting it. The house was completed in November 2018 and its under rent. My parents are the ones manging it and collecting rentals. The rentals are being used to support themselves and the rest of the family. Am currently not in the same city with them.

Sewing business expansion

I am very pleased to let my lovely lenders that I have just received 4750GHS this morning. This money is going to be used to make installment payment in the acquisition of modern sewing machines.
Thanks for your support and may God bless you all.

New bale of kids' clothing

Thank you once more my lenders...

To buy a new bale of clothing to sell

Iam so so greatfull

Pump to irrigate my farm

I will use the money to purchase a pumping machine, which will facilitate the irrigation of my vegetable farm and also boost the harvest for the season, thank you.

Sewing business expansion

This loan is going to help me to make installment payment in the acquisition of modern sewing machines to enable me create entrepreneurial centre to train young girls in sewing.
I thank you for your support.

Planting trees and flowers

I wish you the best in your project brother.

Water purification service

Hello Lenders,
Thanks you so much for investing your trust in me,I will use the funds to purchase water bottles 18.9lts which will enable me Excute the tender without difficult.may the almighty God bless you all.

Water purification service

I'm sure it is a great business venture
All the best .Wishing u well.

My passion & dream: livestock farming

Thank you Lenders for the loan that I got last time.
I managed to buy the feed as well as vitamins for my chickens.
This time round,we a starting to sell and I'm so excited about it.
This has really increased my numbers and I intend increasing the number.
This has really made a difference in that I will manage and are saving some money to pay for my son who is going to college in January to do Bio Medical Sciences.
Without the help I'm getting ,I would not be able to have this opportunity..
I can see my son going to college.
My earnings have increased from K3,500 weekly to K5000+ weekly wen I'm selling and with the help I'm getting,I would like to make sure I have chickens regularly to improve with my sales as well as my workers also.
To mention,I would like to buy a bigger deep freezer for storage next time .
My desire is to open a relish shop by end of this year or early next year where I will be selling my full, half, quarter chickens.
I'm training to smoke chickens and this will be an added advantage to make sure that I add value and sell my products with better returns.
My achievements will be my son going to college.

Thank you my lenders and please continue helping me so that our lives and those of our families and workers improve.
Thank you

Connecting my home with electricity

Good evening my able Lenders,
This is to let you know that I have received an amount of Ghc 4,499 after a service fee of ghs 236.
I will use this money to do electricity connection to my house, I will update you with anything I will purchase.
Thank you so much for your support.

Loan to sell phone accessories

Many thanks to lenders for the loan

Loan to increase stock for my provisions shop

Thank you lenders for funding my loan. I will use the money to increase stock for my shop and in the long run make more profit. Thank you big

Satellite-dish installations

I first all thank Zidisha Loan Organization for making my life totally different than before,it about my dad condition and I with him, because of that I was not working and things were difficult, infact now he has totally recovered, and am now working, I sell satellite decoders and the also do installations,I wish Zidisha Loan Organization should give me larger loan to bring plenty goods in my shop,if the goods are plenty in the shop,it attract customers to come and buy the goods.Thank you

To help me buy more eggplant and tomato inputs to grow & sell

Thank for the support

To increase my stock of household goods to sell

I am going to buy additional stock for my online business of selling household goods. Getting the loan and paying it on time will help me build a great credit profile that will help me in the long run. Thank you for your support, I appreciate it.

Water purification service

wish you all the best

To purchase quality farming inputs, such as certified seeds

Thank you for the support

Retail shop selling food and other home supplies

Hi Zidisha
Let me take this opportunity to thank all those who funded me in this project and pray that may God bless them more.
The money that I have received as I said in my application is going to be used to increase the stock in my kiosk so that I can serve the people in my locality well without them going far.
The most important items are the food items like the maize flour, wheat flour, cooking oil and money others.
Wilfred Okoth

To buy roofing sheet to sell

Ooooooo wow my love ones are plenty. Thanks for helping me. Buy roofing sheets

Mobile phone payment centre

Dear lenders, I would like to inform you that the loan, you helped me has really transformed my mobile money business.
The loan really grown the business am to transact with million of kwacha now than before, representing 90% growth of my business.

Thank you very much may God bless you.