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Lining materials

this loan to enable me increase my business by purchasing of all types of lining materials

Buying of biscuits for sell

I feel so blessed for coming to know zidisha, am so happy for this
Thank you


Selling GSM mobile phone accessories

Hope your business keeps prospering :D
Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.


Research into bio-gas production to generate electricity

Good luck!

Buying linen

the loan was very helpful thank you

Loan for another sewing machine

3122 received please
Will buy more fabrics and put some aside for my sowing machines
Thank you very much, God bless you

To buy more goods for my provisions store

Hello dear lenders I'm glad to have your help and I thank you for that. I will use the money to buy more goods for my provision store and I know is not enough and I will pay it on time to get a bigger loan of 3,560Ghs to vet more goods. Thank you

Money to start business

Kyei, I hope it helps to know that people in other parts of the world are in support of you. I hope you will be successful and have more financial security in time. Best wishes to you.

Clothing shop expansion

-I will buy more stock for my business.
-It will help me grow my business and add more value for me financially.
- am so happy and super excited for the good wish you have granted me thanks more and more may the lord help you so you can help others.


Loan to buy fabrics for sewing

Good luck Diana!

Expand cultivated land for growing cabbages

I wish to take this opportunity to thank my lender ,you have been of great support to my business and I personally God bless you.This cash will help me hire a land and plant my own cabbages inorder to become more productive... thanks so much Zidisha


Wow this is amazing I was very very happy this morning when I received alart from zidisha
My money got increase once
So even the food that I am about to eat I stopped because happiness and Joy have taken allover My body
So I quickly went out to near by store where I will buy Sharp cutlass for the farm tools
So the holidays was very very good one
So as I was dancing My neighborhood now asking me what is happing here that makes me to dance like these
I now told him what is amazing things that happing in My life

To buy vouchers for exams

Best wishes, man, I wish you all good in life.

Loan to buy electronic tools for repair work

I have been not been making profit lately because the laptop i bought to resell got damaged accidentally,this has put me under pressure since my main capital was invested in buying the parts i used to fix that same machine.despite this drawback,i still keep pushing slowly from the small jobs i get using my skills of repairs.i believe i will be able to make some money and repay the loan in full being all means i can

Foodstuff to sell

I thank my lender very much for giving me this loan, I'm very happy, the money will go a long way in improving my market, my good will grow to some extend, I'm very excited, I'm very grateful for the loan and I promise never to disappoint, thanks


Making African beaded accessories

Gloria, it is my pleasure to help enable you in the growth / development of your business . . . I pray for God's Blessings to be upon You . . :-)

Loan to buy fabrics for sewing

Thank you for the loan you lend to me so grateful Zidisha .

T-shirt printing machine

I want to thank my lenders for their support to my business because it has help me to reach customer needs and it has fast forward my work. I really thank you so much

University printing service

Thank you for funding my loan ,I am ready for my printing business to run !

Cake oven

Hi Daughyty,

Since April 2015 to date and your on time repayment score is still 100%, very impressive, and I love it. I wish you good luck for the days ahead.

Investing in home supplies business

Thanks to zidisha for the wonderful support

Laptop computer & partial payment of university fees

Hello dear lenders, I have been away for a while.... Dealing with some family issues but it all well. In all things, the praises and glory belongs to the most High God. I hope you are all doing amazing as well.
May our Heavenly Father keep all of you safe. Amen.

Loan for expanding my soap business

Thank you and God bless you for funding my project.

Fertilizer to improve vegetable yield

The previous has made a big difference in my life because I was optimistic that when i borrow and invest I would make more profits and improve the farming business.
Truthfully speaking I have proved the fruits of the loan and today I can harvest big and make more profits, thank you my lenders for supporting me in my business project, am grateful and may God bless you so much.

Furniture for our preschool

Thank you lenders for your continued support. I received the loan amounting to K4,014 which I will use to buy pre-school class tables and chairs, bunker beds and beddings.

Pre-training brief for 50 urban farmers on Agricity foods

Thank you Ulf of Germany for funding us 100%.Your generosity is going to allow us buy a WiFi Internet Equipment and Set up Bulk SMS services so as to be to communicate to our upstream and downstream customers.

This funding shall cut our traditional communication methods and help us save upto 70% communication expense.

Buy a taxi

I wish you best of luck enjoy your day with peace and love.!

Loan to buy clothing to sell

My dearest lenders, your help is everything to me please continue supporting me.

University printing service

Thank you for having funded my loan , with the printer I get to raise money for my school and this is a relieved burden from my parents

Inputs for vegetable crop farming

The previous loan has helped me to expand the my gardening and buying all the farming inputs to improve the production of crops.
The loan also to pesticides, herbicides and organic fertilizer which did improve the soil fertility on my Garden.
To great support I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to you all my lenders may God bless you.

New stock for my clothing store

Thank you zidisha I confirm i have received Kes 50156.I will be going tomorrow to buy the warm clothing to stock my shop, I prefer buying unisex bundles to cater to all my customers wants.
Thank you again to my lenders for making this possible.

Snacks supply

May God never let this platform to fall because they are creating an impact in the world, thank you

For painting my shop & introducing shoes into my stock

Hello lenders. Today was. A busy day.....I bought 40 pairs of shoes. Attached below are photos. Thank you so much good people for making this possible. Tomorrow we are doing the shop painting will give more updates. Zidisha is truly changing live


Thanks so much for letting God use you to make my project possible. I'm going to use the money to buy my accessories for resale. God bless you all, amen.

Make-up business

Thank you all so much for funding this project for me. I'm very grateful. With this, I will be able to buy some stuff for my makeup business. This will help me furnish my shop.
Thanks once again

Adding more grocery stock in my provision shop

The result of my loan so good I made good profits and have also increased more stock especially on goods selling out very fast. I really appreciate you my lenders for supporting me and my business project to move forward today, without your I should have been not like this today, God bless you.

To purchase building materials for building my own house

I will buy bags of cement, building blocks, gravel, sand, iron rod and other building materials. This would help me towards the completion of my residential house. Surely very soon I will be free from the payment of expensive two years rent advances.
To you lenders/supporters I can’t thank you enough for the care, kindness, love and support. God Almighty richly bless and reward you in thousand fold.

Buy a maize-sheller machine & transport maize to market

Dear all my lenders who supported at the time I joined Zidisha, I would like to appreciate you for your patience with the loan you lend me, am so grateful.The last past months was very ill at the point of death but by Gods grace am very much fit and health.I have resumed working and plan to start repaying my from were I left, thank you and God bless you so much.

For painting my shop & introducing shoes into my stock

Wow am so excited my lenders, thank you thank you so much. This loan will bring a great impact to me. Will paint my shop and buy shoes for resale..will update each and every detail. Much thanks

To pay off my sister's school fees

Thank you very much for your love!

To buy picture frames for my artwork

Thank you my lenders

To buy drip pipes and organic fertilizer for my vegetables

I am happy to support this next loan and business improvement

Money to purchase phones and accessories

912 GHS is the total amount I received
This loan will added to my money for buying phone accessories thank you my lender and backers for you support

Food provisions

To all my very good lenders, I say thank you so much

Photocopier ink for cybercafe business

I want to say a big thank you to all my lenders that contributed to my previous loan, i say God bless you

Handwoven baskets

I would like to express my gratitude for the loan. I really appreciate your help so much during these uncertain times.

Restock physics laboratory

I want to thank Olalekan, Jochen, Melkmom, Julian, Julia the director and the Team for this fund.

Buying cement and sand for my new contact

I have received 1519gh and am so grateful to all my lenders...l am use this amount of money to buy cements

Cake oven

This is the picture of the one deck oven

Money to purchase phones and accessories

I received 912 GHS I will buy phone batteries and resell it to the customers
Thank you for helping me to boost my business may God bless everyone