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Sewing business expansion

Hi Mary - looks like you always are able to pay back your loans. Happy to help you secure this loan request to continue to grow your business. All the best, Erik

To buy shoe-making materials for making sandals and slippers

With zidisha loans, my locally made sandals and slippers are booming as i am now able to produce more quantities of locally made sandals and slippers. I have something to share with you all. I had in stock for over 100 pairs of locally made sandals and by God's grace and zidisha loans, all of them have been bought by one person and has also order additional 200 pairs of my locally made sandals. Thank you zidisha and I am going to repay all my arrears today. God bless you so much for helping me with my business.

To purchase keypad phones, pen drives, and power banks

Thank you my great lenders!

Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

My dear, thanks so much. You are indeed a wonderful friend. May God continue to bless you.

Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

Hello Manu, good to see that your loan limit has increased for this loan. All the best for your vegetables business.

Buy a deep freezer

Thank you so much my lenders God bless you


Producing bricks for construction of classrooms

Your numbers are very impressive Samwel, it is great to see your business growing at such a pace in the trying times of Covid. Thank you for keeping us all posted on your progress..

Loan for my knitting business

Dear lenders,

This is to thank each and everyone of you for trusting me with your money.

I plan to buy knitting yearns and see if I can add another person especially to assist in marketing.

This will help me to expand my business.

To complete the building to relocate the preschool

Falila, I LOVE that you're opening up a Montessori preschool!! That is so wonderful to hear, Montessori is brilliant :-)

I'd love to maybe come help out one day, when the pandemic/borders ease up... I've done some AMI training, but with 6-12 year olds, not the littlies (yet)... Obviously not anytime soon :-p One day maybe...

Anyway I'm waffling, I just got so excited seeing your loan! I've been on Zidisha for over 5yrs, & I think this is the first Montessori related loan I've seen... Great to see :-)

You mentioned you'd done some Montessori training :-) Was just wondering if it was the assistant or education facilitator training? & If it was accredited by AMI? If not, happy to help with a loan for that at some point, if you end up wanting to upgrade things so your preschool can get accredited :-)

So great to see what you're doing lovely, hope everything goes super smoothly :-)

Buying & selling vegetables

1 have received GHS145 and I used it to buy vegetables. I thank you all very much. I really appreciate it. May God richly bless you all.

To buy okra, peppers, and garden eggs (eggplants) to sell

I thank my lenders so much.

Transporting and offloading of clothing bales to customers

God bless you all zidisha and lenders. I have been able to repay all my loans and my business is fast growing with profits through speedy delivery of clothing bales through zidisha loans. Thank you

To buy shoe-making materials for making sandals and slippers

I will use the loan to buy materials for making locally sandals and slippers and it will help me to get more profits and increase my quantity of sales. Thank you

Expansion of perfume oil business

With this loan, I'll buy more big sizes of perfume oil
It will help me maintain new client base whilst getting revenue and turnover

Thanks for making it happen for me

Financial support to buy L.E.D. video light

Thank you Zidisha and my lenders for your support in helping me reach my goals

To purchase roofing sheet for my school

My immense appreciation to Director Julia, the Team and my lenders for the last loan, it was for setting up hand washing stations in my school so that we would meet up with the protocols to be compliant with the government guidelines for school reopening. GRATITUDE.

Cocoa seedlings

Thanks lenders as with this loan in can buy few couples of seeds bags to start planning then to resell to Farmers here and I know this will bring a lot change to me.

Buy furniture for business

Thank you so much lenders for the loan. I will use it to buy the much needed furniture to use in my business.

Cooking fuel distribution

hello my lovely lenders,i will buy lpg gas cylinders for my business which will be a boost for my monthly target.I pass my gratitude to all of my faithful lenders and i pray for blessings to them.

Producing bricks for construction of classrooms

hello lenders
through the previous loan, I managed to purchase raw materials for interlocking bricks /blocks. this made different in my business due to the demand of the block in the area by the local as a result of cost-effective building houses in the area. this has enabled me to increase my earning by 60% compared to the previous. through the percentages increase, I have managed to expand my production yard as well as hiring new types of equipment for abetter productions with fewer laborers.

Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

Business has been quite impressive, and am making some cool cash. That's why I want to increase my installment amount.

Food items for sale

Good morning, i received the loan yesterday thank you very much. I received k169. I have bought onions and tomatoes for my business today and am sure the loan will help grow my business.have a good day

Buying & selling clothing

I will use the loan to buy children cloths and shoes,
It will help me boost my business
Thanks to all my lender,I appreciate u all

Transporting village farm produce to market


Studio project

With this loan I will be able to purchase a new studio light for my studio , and it will go a long way to to enhance my workflow....I am very grateful for this loan and I thank you once again for the loan.

Loan to buy paint in bulk

Thank you very much lenders.I will buy additional stock for a bigger profit this christmas

Freezer and kitchenware for my restaurant

Words cannot express how grateful I am to all my lenders for your kindness, generosity and immense contribution in getting my loan funded.
You never fail to make me smile. I appreciate your positive influence you've had on my life and my business. Thanks so much for your support and I will forever be grateful.
This loan will help me purchase a giant freezer which will enable me store most of my foods for my restaurant, it will again help me replace some of my kitchen wares which are worn out and the rest will be used to buy more stock for my eatery as Christmas approaching.
Once again , your kindness is immensely appreciated.

To buy materials for sofa project

Below are pictures of what I used the loan for.

Boost stock

Thanks a lot!Now I will use the money to add more cosmetics stock, and so avoid losing clients to competitors due to lack of enough of these items. I am sure this will go a long way in boosting my business


Loan to buy paint in bulk

Hey there Emmanuel,

good to see, that you are doing well with your business. I was an entrepreneur myself a few years ago and am very happy to support you with restocking.

Wish you all the best and a great success!


Water pump for my vegetable field

Well done. Wish you success with your new waterpump! Greetings Aneta


Loan for my knitting business

Good Luck Jane with your new loan, I am so happy to hear that the last loan really helped you to grow and to employ two others, that is excellent news!

Buying of clothing bales to sells

Sales are increasing and looking forward to repay the loan in full. Thank you

Restocking plumbing materials to sell

Plumbing sales are doing great and I thank you so much for your support.

New cloth materials for making clothes

Hope that you are fine so far. My fingers are closed as we are almost fighting fully this enemy called Coronavirus disease that soon we will have the medicine to treat all the affected persons and become a world fully healed.
Be blessed and continue washing hands,wearing masks & keeping distance.
Kind regards to all.

Selling provisions

Hello team. It is my prayer that all of the lenders and team zidisha and my fellow responsible borrower you are doing good and keeping safe this challenging times.
Back here,I am fine together with my family and my small business,doing fine and keeping safe against this Coronavirus pandemic.
Hoping to hear from you soon as I continue paying my loan responsibly.

To purchase keypad phones, pen drives, and power banks

I hope my next loan would help me to rent a store to purchase more items for wholesale too.

Thank you, ZIDISHA TEAM!

Thank you My great LENDERS!


Tabletop refrigerator for selling water and soft drinks

Thanks to all my lenders as stated already in my proposal am buying a table top fridge to sell water and soft drinks , I know it will help me increase the request of my customers and the business as a whole

Thanks very much


Have received my loan and thanx so much to my lenders as it has helped me so much as it has really helped me to settle my transportation cost...

Provision of alumunium windows for our school

Wonderful director and lenders, thank you, as we resumed last week, the whole school has been enjoying our source and reserve if the pipe-borne water, the experience is out of this world. We even have a school garden now where we are growing Irish potatoes, lettuce etc, we have planted flowers and all this are watered regularly, they are doing well, the students are excited. Thanks to you.
I made another payment today.

Sell village-produced food in the capital city

Thank you all my lenders. This too shall pass.

Buying & selling clothing

Thank you very much for funding my loan. I will add to my capital so I can buy more clothes for sale.

T-shirt printing

I will put it into the T Shirt am printing for my workers

T shirts printing

Thanks to my lenders as I have received my first loan successfully and the good news is that tomorrow Tuesday is a market day here which I can purchase couples of t shirts to brand and resell instantly at the market and make some profit then pay back.
It wasn't enough though it's the beginning do I am hoping to qualify for big loan in the future.

Mother's hospital fees

I will be able to cater for my mother's hospital bills and also pay for her medication during the coming weeks without worry. I have high hopes that this loan will facilitate her treatment. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

Stock add-up of lubricants for my shop

I will be always greatful for your kind hearted of lending me this loan.Am using this loan to add up my stock in my lubricant shop,am really greatful for this offer . thank u a lot

Loan for clothes sales

Thank you my lenders... you are God sent to really grateful.

Financing my education and coffee shop

I am happy to receive the loan fund.
The funds will help boost mostly my coffee shop especially in inventory, marketing and benchmarking expenses.
The rest will boost my studies and any basic expenses.
I really appreciate and thank you for the heart and hand of support you have lent me.Thank you once again.

Studio project

Firstly with this loan , I will buy a ring light for my studio, to enhance it in terms of my photography and also studio presentation .
This light will also go a long way o help me and to sum it all up I will like to thank the funder's of the loan.
I really appreciate it..Thank you

Mobile phone repair and accessories selling

897 Ghana cedis is the amount I received and I will be using it to buy phone parts to repair damage phones
Thanks to all my lenders