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Agnes Ontuga     May 19, 2018

Thank you, my loan was used for purchase of cloth materials, buttons, zips, sewing machine oil among others. It has became a centre for evening gathering of mostly grandsons. It has attracted more customer not necessarily my related grandsons. It has increased my income. The surrounding has more floods and has caused havoc to the communities.
Agnes Kwamboka

Kwabo Dressmaking and Tailoring
Magena, Kenya

Christian Snr Ababio     May 19, 2018

I have received GHS 283 equivalent to $62 from Zidisha lenders and this has helped me to purchase crates of eggs and milk for the shop.. I say a big thank you to all lenders for the support

To buy more stock for my shop: rice, vegetable oil, etc.
Accra, Ghana

James Okumu     May 19, 2018

Thanks so much for another disbursement ,of another loan. I will increase my stock, by baying spades, plumbing Bob,hacksaws, wheelbarrow, all at a cost of 4000. Also with the loan, it will increase my standard of living, lastly it will provide school fees,clothing, food for my children. Last I thank all zidisha family for improving living standard for all people..... Good Iuck

Purchase of masonry materials
Seme Kadinga, Kenya

Antony Mwendia     May 18, 2018

Hey zidisha it's Antony mwendia kigotho of I'd number 33976294... Am writing this note as as a thank you note to show you how far am going and how far I have come from due to you r loans.. So far immediately I got my loan I used it to buy poultry feed for my young chick's an d my ducks... My chick's feeds on chick mash while my duck s feed s on mashungo which is a kienyeji feed derived from a mixture of maize.. Sunflower and other ingredients.. The maize used is crushed localy and sometimes it is the remains that come from a n unga mill that are used.. So far I have, twenty seven 27,young chick's.. By feeding them for one week it means each week they add like an estimation of fourty Bob per week as they grow... This is 27 multiplied by fourty shilling go to see the money I will have earned this week.. And to get the total monthly you multiply earnings per week four times .. Per week it's 1080 Kenyan shillings from the young chicks

Mwendia poultry farm limited
Nairobi, Kenya

Amponsah Frank     May 18, 2018

I will purchase A4 sheets for print out documentations . One A4 sheet cost at most $5 , i will buy A4 sheet $25 for now .
I saved money because of availability of print out materials. i can keep proper records as travel and tour is concerned .
It has increased profit earn by 10 percent.
it will help me get enough profit to cater for myself and family .

Setup office
Accra-adenta, Ghana

Frimpong Francis     May 18, 2018

This is great opportunity to tell my lenders for a great support you have help me in my life. The loan you gave to me help me and my family more,i use it to buy fertilizer to apply by cocoa farm and i get more cocoa Bean's some time i get 3 bags, but this time the loan you gave to me let me get 5 bags.I thanks all my lenders for helping me to get loan to support my business and let me get better in my life. Please my lenders this loan too help my to get this loan too to but more fertilizer so that i can get more cocoa beans and get more than 5 bags dis year.

To buy a cocoa spring machine and more fertilizer
Berekum, Ghana

Richard Bipom     May 18, 2018

My dear lender, I wish to happily tell you that I have received an amount GHS 1,739.00 today 18th May, 2018. I have used the loan to pay for the heifer I am in the picture with and I am sincerely glad indeed.
My lender/s I thank you very much and say may Almighty God bless you.

Buy heifer for rearing.
Tasundo, Ghana

John Okoth     May 18, 2018

You changed my life without even trying, and I don’t think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me lenders. I can’t imagine what things would be like if I hadn’t met you.

Pay school fees for my cousin
Siaya , Kenya

Nicholas Saddari     May 18, 2018

The amount obtained from the loan was used to purchase bond papers for my printing. This addition was very instrumental in the increase of the bond papers as well as the number of books printed. The addition was almost 1000 copies of Questions and Answers books. This has increased my profit margin by almost 10% during the time the loan was granted.
Part of the profit has been deposited as a part payment of a taxis to help facilitate the movement and sale of my books to the various school or campuses.
I hope my next loan will be considered within the soonest time as schools have been opened so that I can print more books before vacation. I will use this opportunity to thank my lenders ones again for the support. Thanks very much my lenders.

Papers for printing books
Sunyani, Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana

Felix N Appiah     May 18, 2018

I was able to use the loan to get a professional photo license for my work . So gradually i am becoming a pro and very soon international....lol...very soon i might land an international photo shoot deal .
Thanks lenders , thanks Zidisha .

Loan to buy more photo and video equipment for my shop
Kumasi, Ghana