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Invest in my tyre shop

Hello I wise to inform you that my business is moving on we and am very glad that am now part of you family. Thank you lenders

Selling local cereals

I do appreciate the lenders and alot of thanks for their effort
obviously i do acknowledge their noble act that i'm certain it will improve all about my affairs ,ie business and personal activities


My last loan really helped me because I use it to add more stock to the ones I have and I was able to make more profit from it

Retailing maize, beans and rick

I'm very grateful to my lenders. Through their help, I have been able to expand my business by increasing the stock.
I have even started supplying cereals to the nearby small scale cereals retailers.
By the grace of God, I have dream that my shop will soon turn into a wholesale shop.
If it were not for your assistance, my business wouldn't have been the way it is today.
Thanks a lot.

Tuition for university degree in humanity

Just to let my lenders know that I benefited in a big way with the loan advanced to me. I could not have graduated on time were it not for your intervention. This has enabled me to get into my career and which was then a dream for me.Always thankful for your support

Paying my children's school fees

I really appreciate the opportunity to use your platform to make my business easy for me and I know I will always make use of your kind provisions positively. Thank you

Buy laptop for editing my videos and pictures of clients

Thank you very much Nancy Hull for the awesome insight . You are an awesome person and i love the advise .

Home construction project

Thanks Chris. I am always striving to do the best I can! And you've been very helpful to me.

Home construction project

This is why you have my trust. Working hard and communicate fair! Thats how it should be! Thank you, Edem and just the best with the business!

Selling prepaid phone cards to pay for my education

Thanks you people for your support and love. Business is moving on normal and hope to finish repaying the loan that will enable me to source for another one.

Computer networking service

I wish to use this medium to say a very big thank you to my lenders. This will assist me as a working capital for my business.

Children school fees

I want to use the money to pay my daughter school fees.I really thank my lender...more Blessings and I promise not to fail my payment.

Tuition for university degree in humanity

This change has come as a result of having been unable to repay my loan since 2017 which I had borrowed to cater for my degree program. After I graduated, I was not lucky enough to secure a good job immediately and so I relied on the small business I was operating and online academic writing. I feel really sorry for failing to honour my obligations in the loan repayment as agreed and I wish to now continue with my repayments.
Zidisha had been of great help to me and I felt so bad that I could not keep up with my repayment as scheduled.
I wish to get back on my obligation to the end of the repayment period now that I have a back up source of income.
Thank you and my apologies for the inconveniences caused.

Enlarging our school building

Second day of resumption, teaching and learning activities ongoing in earnest.Thanks great partners.

Loan for buy mobile phones accessories.

Thanks to all those who have believe and support me since the beginning of this loan. May the Lord Bless you all

Mixer installation

Hallo my lenders, am doing fine, and I installed the branch bakery . it's one week now operating .it's still not funded enough to my plan , but am trying to put all it need to it's fullness. I would also like to tell you that my instalment for now is big and I wanted to service it with the profit from the same I stalled branch. Here it image.

Buying of cooking utensils like bige pots

I want to use this opportunity to thank all those who contributed to the Eighty-Seven, Eight Hundred and sixty-Seven ThousandNaira Loan I received to build a website to enhance our catering business. It hasn't been concluded as the web designer is yet to come up with an acceptable design for us. There is also the issue of hosting the website for a year in the first instance for which we might seek further assistance

Selling laptops

I acknowledge receipt of the funds as follows NIA4HLYENK Confirmed.You have received Ksh24,534.00 from ZIDISHA NOG SUPPORT COMPANY 321511 on 10/9/19 at 9:00 AM New M-PESA balance is Ksh24,534.00. Buy goods with M-PESA. thank you very much to all who funded my loan.

Selling materials for making clothing

Am Grateful for this brand new day , my lenders am so happy to get my loan funded once again by you . Am going to buy goods with my loan to improve my business and gain profit so to pay my loan on time . I thank my lenders and zidisha once again . I love you . Have a nice day

Selling laptops

John, you are back and so am I again to help fund your request. I hope things turn out well. Best of luck.

Book printing and publishing

I will use the money to continue with my books printing and publishing. The loan will help the books printing faster and source of income easier. Thanks to my lender. I am really grateful

Setting up a small shop

I received my current loan with much appreciation. It is part of the funds I have raised to set up a small shop to sell my natural products. I have identified a shop space and we're working on the shelving. Unfortunately, the price of wood is very high and putting up this shop is becoming quite a stretch. I however trust and believe that I will be able to do it to completion.
Thank you very much for facilitating this loan.

Stock of cereals to sell at my store

Thanks so much zidisha family and lenders for your support. I'll use this loan to add cereals in my business. Looking forward to increased profits

Buying more stock

thankyou for funding my loan brother

My daughter's school fees

I use the loan to pay painter of this my new hair salon. I really can't wait to have higher limit so I can do something more bigger.

Business support

Thank you very much for the support, I used the loan I secured to purchase raw materials.


Power supply for my cybercafe

Your generator looks AMAZING!

Equip my garage

Haloo my great people and lenders, its so good being in support of you am back fully in business, and everything is well. I wish you a fabulous stay as you continue supporting us in everyway possible.

Aquireing sneakers for my shop

I want to thank my lenders for believing in me. With the previous loan given to me, i was able to buy one hundred pairs of slippers and this has made a great and a positive impact on my business. I am looking forward to getting a bigger loan so i can get for my business extra sneakers for my shop so my business can be expanded. Thank you Zidisha; and thanks to all my lenders for getting my business to this great heights.

Loan to buy inventory for my jewellery business venture

Thank you once again for your support towards my business venture... with this loan I was able to add new categories jewelry products to my current stock... Thank you so much.

Tomato farming

Hy Emma, I hope you are doing well , plastic bags were ban in Kenya so it illegal to sell ,that why I dicided to start faming and for now am planting tomato ,you can help me if possible

Samuel’s fashion loan project

Best of luck for your business!

Sewing machine purchase

Thank you very much Paul for your support

Tomato farming

First of all I want to thank you very much my lender's for funding my project. I will buy tomato quality seed ,pestside and other farm equipments ,which Will help my tomato faming


Zidisha loan helps me boost my business

Restocking my shop

Thank you my lenders, my business is doing well

Hi. i need to upgrade my kitchen for the catering business

Thank you for the funds. I will purchase a larger oven, large scale juicing machine, and utensils. This will allow me to serve more customers since my business is steadily growing.Once again many thanks


Kindly allow me to use this platform to record my appreciation. A while ago one of my lenders posted here he was ready to help me with some small bench tools to use in my repairs workshop. (I buy and re-sell walkie talkies and if repairs are necessary, I do have a regular technical guy who takes care of this area)

Don macDonald has indeed come to my aid and sent a box of tools all the way from Canada to Nairobi Kenya- I acknowledge having received these very handy tools, all intact and now in use. Having 'met' him on this Zidisha platform, I do feel it's appropriate for me to record this here - And being able to do the work better because of this kind of generosity is one thing I do not take lightly and I am really grateful...I could keep repeating this because it is so very true...
But Thank you again and again Don, thank you all my Lenders, thank you Zidisha pioneers. May we continue to uphold one another in this 'small' globe.
Keep well and may God watch over you all!

Increase student capacity of our school

I quite appreciate you all for funding this loan. It will go a long way in getting materials needed ready for the take off of the academic session come September 16.

Buying a motorcycle

After receiving my last loan I invested it in the business as I had intended to do and the proceeds have not only enabled me to pay back in time but I have managed to buy a motorcycle that does boda boda (motorcycle taxi) thus becoming a second source of income to me all courtesy of Zidisha thanks lenders for your support.

Design & tailoring

Thank you once more for fully funding my loan. I will repay and on time. I'm going to buy a second hand sewing machine to add up to five. This will help me employ another worker in my business.

Graphic design and publishing service

expecting my 5th loan. just finished this job",

To repaint/facelift my commuter van & boost income

Hello Friends,
I lack words enough to thank all of you who have in the past supported my loan application.Your support has helped me continue doing business.I was able to buy 2 spare tyres at a cost of kshs 10,000,kshs10,765 was used to buy sponge and fabric that covered the seats while the remaining kshs 6000 was used to pay labour.Through your support,my daily earnings have increased by kshs 500

Design & tailoring

I am overwhelmed by the support I receive from my lenders, hope for tomorrow is sure. Jehovah multiply all your sources of income for you have sustained me and my family in this hard time.

100 people sitting capacity tent to rent out during events

Hello Lenders.I would like to thank you all for going out of your way and standing with me by lending the loan.I will use the loan to buy a second 100 capacity sitting tent .This will boost my income and thus improving standard of living.I will also employ additional workers thus changing their standard indirectly.
I have no words to express my feeling but please all accept my thanks

Liberty icons shoes store

Thank you so much my lenders for your kindness in funding my loan. May you be blessed abundantly. This new loan will help me buy more stock for my store which in turn will enable the business to have a stable supply of shoes for the customers.

Increase my business

I am very very happy for loan from really help me and making my business growing . thanks to zidisha

Business upgrade

Thank you so much for funding my loan God bless you real good sir Zidisha rocks grateful heart here stay blessed sir


Hi my lender,
i have used my loan to buy power cables and repaired my audio mixer that is now functional. Thanks my lenders for your cooperation. I appreciate working with you and hope for the best from you in the future.