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Loan to buy computer accessories for resale

I will add the loan to my capital to buy computer accessories for resale to help increase my stock and profit. I thank all my lenders for funding my loan.

Health products

Thank you so much to my two lenders for trusting me with this loan. This will help boost my business.

Loan to buy used clothes to resell

I will used clothing for resale with the loan and it will me increase my profit and stock. I thank all my lenders for funding my loan.


Making protective motorcycle riding gear

Thank you for helping riders stay protected. All the best with your business :)

Loan for purchasing photo frames and photo-display stands

As i told you yesterday i was working on a funeral brochure for a client and due to the pressure on the job i purchased the white print on credit, while the i rented the black one so as i can finish it early before time because the funeral is this Saturday 1st May, 2020.

Loan for purchasing photo frames and photo-display stands

These are are the new type of frames i have added to the wooden frames.
The picture is mounted on a board and then laminated and then ring at the edge.

Loan for purchasing photo frames and photo-display stands

Laminated frame

To buy more phone accessories to sell in my shop

I have received the loan amount of ghc1094 and I'm going to use it to buy phone accessories such as chargers, screen protectors, headphones, memory cards and more to stock my shop with. This will improve on my sales. Thank you so much for the loan.

Stock purchase for Elli's Perfumery

I will buy stock for my business with the loan. The loan will help me buy stock for my business. Thank you for the loan.

Buying a new moterbike

Zidisha is really my business partner. I used the loan got by opening a new business. It is doing well. Now I get an additional 40% profit. I'm saving little money for future projects. I'm grateful to you lenders. Thank you.

Thrift clothing

thank you my lenders i am very grateful

Toward tuition for master's degree

Thank you lenders the money will help me pay for my school fees.
It will help me clear the balance I have.
Thank you lenders am grateful.

Stock purchase for Elli's Perfumery

I purchased stock to keep my business ticking over. The new purchase didn't increase my income by a significant amount, but I can meet demand at least. Ideally, I'd like to raise a larger amount so I can get a decent amount of stock.

To buy the provisions that are out of stock in my shop

I will re-stock my Provision shop with this loan to meet the demands of my clients. Thanks soo much my lenders for this loan


Toward buying a motorbike for transportation to work

Best of luck with the motorcycle and your businesses


I want to buy a sewing machine

The best of luck, I will pray for you and your business

Buying jewelries to resell

I'm really grateful

Hospital beds and medicines for health clinic

Amen. Thank you very much Patricio & may the good God bless you abundantly for your biggest support towards my success I love you guys with all of my heart.

To repair my commuter van engine & boost income

I hope you're all fine and safe. I would like to thank you so much for helping me to grow. I have been able to pay the loan i took early January 2021 and it has been a huge boost to me. Thank you so much for the support and I look forward to working in partnership with you to help me in advancing my business…May you all be blessed and May God expand your territories many folds..

Purchase of a squeegee for wallpaper installation

This loan will be used to purchase squeegee to aid my work.

Thank you Alexandre and Rembrandt for the loan. I'll repay in no time.

Pay school fees for my lastborn

Thanks to my lenders for showing me much love because I love you too

To buy sewing materials and sew for a customer

I have received the loan and I will use it to buy sewing materials to help me sew for a customer who ordered for a dress to be sewed for her. I am very grateful to my lenders for this loan. God bless you all


Dustbins for collecting rubbish

Great work you are doing. May God bless your life.

Invest in my online writing business

Thanks a lot for funding my loan
I will ensure that it is used properly to build my business

To buy dresses & ladies' bags and supply to customers

I have received the loan amount of ghc1682 and I will use it to buy dresses into my shop especially the new designs. This will help me boost my sales and also satisfy my customers on time. Im very grateful to my lenders for this loan. Thank you so much.

Repairing my taxi

I will continue extending my gratitude to the lenders.
The previous loan money was taken to the services of the car that has been on repare for some time. Am now reaching in the last stages of its completion.


Planting of trees seedlings and flowers

Best of luck with your trees and your medical work. Stay safe and well.

Investing in my painting business

Thank you very much Paul for helping me with this loan I am going to use it to invest into my paint business. God bless you

Reagents for chemistry laboratory

I thank that make this funding possible, my lenders, Director Julia and her team.


Metal materials for my wedding work

Add some pictures of your work Samuel. Lenders like to see creative work!

Loan to pay off my children's school fees and buy textbooks

Please I will use the loan pay off my children school fees and use the rest for their textbooks.

Thank you very much!
May the Lord God save all my lenders from Fowler's snare and from deadly pestilence.

Reagents for chemistry laboratory

Dear Glory,

good luck with your laboratory! Science education is very important and often overlooked (I'm a chemist myself).

Kind Regards from Switzerland,


Paying for my sister's school fees

Very grateful for my lenders

Buy paint to renovate my shop, where I sell clothing & food

Dear lenders I thank you very much for helping me in everything,The loan has been helpful to me.I Know I can't thank you enough for what you are doing upon my life But I know you understand how important this is to me.

To buy pumping machine for irrigation farming

I have received GHC 16,089. Am digging manhole and doing the irrigation

Transporting my shoes from Onitsha to Aba Abia State

I thanking GOD for his mercy in life and business.I'm saying big thanks to my lenders.the loan make difference in my business Almighty GOD bless you all.

School exercise books and reading books for kids

I thank you all my lenders for this help. I will use the loan to get school exercise books and reading books for kids. This loan will help me make some good profit.

Aoshin Enterprises loan for cybercafe expansion

Thanks zidisha lenders will keep you posted

Nakonde rice

Thank you soo much dear lenders this loan will help me to buy a cashier register and till. God bless

Livestock farming

When the loan is disbursed into my MTN mobile money account, I will invest into farming and buy some items needed. When time come for harvest things goes well. Thanks to my lenders may God richly bless you.

Irrigation equipment for my vegetable garden

Dear lenders the loan has made great changes in my business project, the irrigation method is really working properly and my vegetables are growing on very well. Very my crop will ready for sale and I will huge profits which will make my business grow and improve the living standard of my family, thank you so much may God bless you.

Farm equipments

Thank you my lenders for the loan. It will indeed be helpful to my business

Selling mosquito repellents and nets

I have received k343.Many thanks to my lenders. I want to use this money to buy mosquito repellent and nets for selling.

Organic fertilizer for my bananas

Thank you to my lenders for funding my loan. I have received K705 and am thankful. I will use it to buy organic fertiliser to apply in my bananas

Shop location for mobile phone payment center

Online advert can't really do much has your customer are mainly within your walking distance to take advantage of the distance to bank , but will definitely try to see if it will increase visibility.2-5% margin for all my services.Thanks


Loan for foodstuff business

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob shine His face upon you and make you prosperous. May you experience His peace.

Selling second-hand clothing

I am grateful to zidisha for the support given to me. Business is really doing well. Thank you

To buy more phone accessories to sell in my shop

I used the previous loan i took to buy phone accessories such as chargers, screen protectors, headphones etc and sold to my customers. Now they are ordering for more accessories and that's keeping me busy and incredibly increasing my sales hence profits

Business loan for equipment

Thank you so much for the loan. I am so grateful .

Binoculars and telescope sales

Massive thanks to everyone for your support. I’ll be collecting a package this week and deliver some pending orders.