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Tuition for doctorate degree

And you as well Isaac. We all need a little help right now.

Tuition for doctorate degree

During this time of Economic hardship due to Corona virus outbreak , I pray for divine protections and guidance for all my lenders. May God protect you all.

Adding more stock for table water sales

I will buy packs of bottled water
It will help improve my profit margin in time like this
Thanks for helping

New laptop for online freelancing

Thank you for this. It will go a long way towards helping me purchase a new laptop.

Building interlocking block

hello lenders
through the previous loan, I managed to purchase raw materials for interlocking bricks /blocks. this made different in my business due to the demand of the block in the area by the local as a result of cost-effective building houses in the area. this has enabled me to increase my earning by 60% compared to the previous. through the percentages increase, I have managed to expand my production yard as well as hiring new types of equipment for abetter productions with fewer laborers.

Yarn for my kente weaving and payment of fees

I will first and foremost apologise to my lenders for the delays as it's partly not my fault but that of those who bought my clothes on credit .Once again thank you for your patience and continuous support, God richly bless you,keep us safe in this period of covid-19 pandemic

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

Hello dear lenders, i hope you are all protected under the strong wings of the Almighty God. We are all praying hard for your safety as our lives revive and depends on all of you. Thank you and stay safe.

Remote sales of prepaid phone credit

Thanks a lot for the loan. Am going to increase my online sales of airtime and data as well as stock my home based provision store to meet the growing demands of my clients especially in this hard times of pandemic of the virus in which we are asked to stay at home so, I will be having more sales.

Add printing services for cybercafe

Thank you very much Mary for your generous contribution and the advice.
Yes in the next loan I am planning to a second Cyber cafe.

Loan for a more efficient used car for my taxi business

Thanks so much, Mary. I have to remain very faithful and committed to my lenders so as to be able to come back to you any time I am in need. I wish all borrowers fulfill their responsibilities religiously.


Supplying masks, thermometers and gloves to healthcare organizations

Stock up while you can still get medical items to sell James. They are difficult to come by here in the USA.

Hardware plastic ware inventory

With the loan i will be able to do inventory of the assorted plastic wares, that are buckets, handwash tanks, brooms. It will help me as putting more capital to my business will increase my profits.
I thank you very much for offering to fund my loan especially during this world crisis of Covid 19. I appreciate you very much.

Supplying clothing to retailers

Getting serious in business despite the coronavirus outbreak... internet is available to increase the sales

Purchase of cereals for my business

Thats me in the shamba where i usually go to buy tomatoes.its great to have your support zidisha.From the shamba to the market,uses motorcycle by caring my tomatoes through crates.I pays $5 to transport them from the producer to the market.This time am targeting to add 3 more crates of tomatoes.They will cost $35 .Once my loan is funded i will go straight and pay those crates that i have ordered.I appreciate your support my lenders

Selling used clothing for Easter

Hi all.

Thank you all for the loans extended to me.

So far I have been able to progress my side Hustle to increase my earnings and I hope this loan is approved to further assist me procure more supplied before the lock down.

Health and personal care products

Good day, I would like to thank you for the last loan money that you helped me with. I was able to buy products for sell.I bought longrich toothpaste, longrich superbklean pads and pantyliners, longrich mosquito spray and snake oil. I was able to even able to buy an air ticket for my first international flight. Since coming back I have been able to continue providing products to my clients and started recruiting more people as my downlines in the Business. Once again, thank you

To buy more foodstuffs in my store

I will buy bags of rice, tin tomatoes spices, groundnut oil and other food items with this loan, the loan will help me to stock up my shop. Thank you all my lenders and May the Almighty God bless and enrich your pockets for this favour you did for me


The loan went a long way in helping me. I want to say thank you to my lenders.

Inventory for my beauty shop

Thanks so much my lenders for the loan that was lend to me. If not for your help, I will not have been able to stock up my shops and made profit. Am so grateful to you all

Loans to increase business capital

The government applies physical distance, enthusiastic community isolation at home to avoid corona virus outbreaks, the road looks lonely

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The government applies physical distance, enthusiastic community isolation at home to avoid corona virus outbreaks, the road looks lonely

Lockdown home stocking

Hi Nicholas,

I am grateful for your gesture. Thankfully, the grocery store in the neighborhood will open tomorrow and I will be able to stock up somewhat.

Very many thanks from me & whomever I’m able to help out of it too. Yes, I have to continue the chain!

Barbaring shop maintenance

I received GHS114 which am to pay GHS180
I acquired a deep freezer for my shop which am making the payment on installment bases
Thanks for your support

Delivering essential supplies to homes during lockdown

I have dedicated my digital marketing skills and tools to reach out to my customers during this period of crisis with partial lock down, I was still able to make sales

Seeds for farming

I have use the previous loan to buy seeds and also it has help me to develop and also improve my business.

Computers for children's digital literacy program

I received the funds and I really appreciate. We are praying that this issue of coronavirus will end so that we resume back to our calling of teaching the young children.

Business development

I had earlier gotten my loan since last week

I also make a procurement of new laptop to reach more customers online for my business development

Thanks so much for helping my business to grow

Gob bless my lenders
God bless Julia
God bless zidisha

Loan for a more efficient used car for my taxi business

Hi Christian Golo,
Thanks for the compliment. But the responsibility lies on every borrower to reward our cherished lenders by being faithful and committed in repayments of loans to the benefit of all.

Supplying masks, thermometers and gloves to healthcare organizations

Thanks so much for loan. I used it to buy BP monitors , glucometer and one touch select trips

Studio & wi-fi purchase

Thanks so much cause now we can start organizing the colors we will paint and formation of the studio. I am grateful to Zidisha lender for the helping hand. As for a link if my mixes here it is

Cybercafe and mobile phone repair

Thank you very much lenders. I introduced new services to my business with the previous Loan. I now have a section for Mobile phones and accessories sale and repair. I also introduced instant digital Passport photo production.

Purchase of a projector and another tv screen

I am going to buy a projector and a tv screen. Thank so much lenders. God bless you.

Purchase of a projector and another tv screen

Hello thank you very much dear lenders! The Ioan just paid back really helped me to get the TV screen I needed. I am so excited. Long live zidisha.

Purchase of laptops for resale

well i would like the thank all those that helped me i am happy to say the business is grownig and sam am closing in on the ultimate goal i have thanks and GOD bless all of you with the wilingness to improve other peoples lifes

Remote sales of prepaid phone credit

Hello, good day. Thanks for the loan I was given. I was able to complete the payment and it helped a lot. The loan boosted my business even in this trying times of Corona virus pandemic. Since my business is situated at home and we also have a partial lockdown, as a result of the pandemic, my neighbors still come in to buy what they need and i still sell my data and airtime online and money is still coming in. Thanks a lot!

Tomatoes and onions to supply during this crisis

A big thanks for funding my loan it will be of great help in my business and during this crisis. Thank you so much for.

Making wigs and handbags

I used the last loan to make purchases and also sold office attires,handbags,oil perfumes e.t.c
I really appreciate

Selling ladies' wear

I really appreciate all my Lenders, I receive the loan successfully and it was used for buying ladies wears and today the business is moving well.. Thank you all and God bless.

Solar lanterns for harvest for women & girls

Dear Lender,

With our Solar For Harvest Program, we are enabling people like Fatima to access our solar lamps on loan and pay when she harvests her maize! We reach last-mile customers when they need us the most. Together we make it possible for women like Fatima to transition from dirty and expensive sources of lighting to quality, clean, environmentally friendly and affordable solar lighting.

I thank you all for your continued support!


Little repairs

My lenders are very wonderful and very helpful. Thank u and God bless u mightily

Supplying clothing to retailers

Thank you Mr.paul, I am great ful doing business with you... I am using this money judiciously to support my existing clothing business and I promise not to disappoint you guys... My regards from bright.

Second hand clothes business

Hello lenders business is okay despite the world challenges of the covid 19.all is well and I thank you for the support

Tomatoes and onions to supply during this crisis

Thank you so much for the support, the loan helped get tomatoes which I sold and it has boosted my income

Selling second-hand clothing

Thank You because since I joined zidisha loan Platform my Profit has increased by 5%

Plantain production

I am extremely excited to have known zidisha. This is because, the fund I have accessed so far helped me to purchase enough suckers. I believe with zidisha, I woul be able to expand production.

Rent a shop to sell cassava and vegetables

I will used this loan to pay part of my Rent and I hope my landlord will accept it thank you for your loan

Computers for children's digital literacy program

I am grateful for you prompt response to my request. I will be able to increase the number of computers in my school for digital literacy which will help in ensuring that we are implementing the new curriculum as expected of us by the government. Once again I say thank you.

Computers for children's digital literacy program

What a great project! Good luck to you!!

Improving my provision/store business

Thanks for the loan I will use the loan to improve my business and it will really help in my business thanks for the loan

Producing hand sanitizer labels

Thanks my lenders for granting me this loan. I will use the loan to buy raw t shirt and re design them for sale to get profit. With this loan and my own capital i am expecting weekly profit not less than Ghc 200.00.

Computers for children's digital literacy program

Products of the new curriculum as made by grade 3 pupils