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Buying an overlocking machine

Thank you, Mark Weir

Buying farm inputs and fertilizers

God is good, business is bouncing back


Buying an overlocking machine

Good luck with your new machine and business Hildah.

Wholesale & retail grocery items and supplies

My heart is filled with joy this morning, as I login and see that my loan has been funded by my lovingly lenders, for this act of kindness alone, God will reward you all with long life, enrich your pockets and keep blessing all of you daily for me. This loan will be used to buy bags of rice and other foodstuffs items, I will supply some of the rice and stock some in my store. Thank you so very much for this help, am grateful.

Sales of African shirts

Please I have received the loan 1149 GHS, this loan has helped add more stock of my African wear to my business and this has boost up my business again.I want to thank all my lenders for this great opportunity given me.

Purchase land & help improve food security

Still pushing on. I need to take my Masters degree in cybersecurity to be well positioned in the market

Purchase land & help improve food security

Roasting peanuts at my new place @$160 p.m from $60 p.m. God is the provider.

Purchase land & help improve food security

Hello everyone. Still pushing on with business. There is a little bit life improvement. Decent living. I realized my loan is 70% repaid. I will be closing it this year despite the challenges here and there.

Electrical components and wiring to sell in my shop

Thank you very much for your support.You won't regret helping me out with this loan for my business

Adding selling beauty products in my salon

Dear Lenders, I am overwhelmed by your support, I am very very grateful and happy.
I will use the funds to buy hair products for the beauty shop that am settibg up alongside the salon.
Thank you so much, everyone.

Vegetable nursery and garden

From the last loan we managed to buy seedlings, and fertiliser for our vegetable nursery and expanded on the hectares. We expect an increased yield.

Buying and reselling affordable solar lights and kits

Congratulations on your new loan and how quickly it was funded. No surprise there, you have earned a lot of happy lenders!

Loan to acquire used motorbike to teach kids in their homes

Actually Zidisha has been great in my life, as a young teacher who is also an entrepreneur I feel honored to be bless. This time around I, need to buy a used motor bike for going to some selected kids or pupils homes to teach them due to covid19 . I organized home tution for my pupils ,, This is just an innovative business. Usually parent must incur cost of teaching, on weekly basis . Therefore if lenders fund this loan application, I'm gonna add some funds to buy a used or second hand motor to aid my movement to and fro.

Water tank & poly pipes for vegetable farming

Dear Lenders,

My loan is fully funded! Thank you very much. The loan will help me to buy the water tank and poly pipes to water my vegetable field. Thank you.

African-print material to resell

With this loan I'm going to buy more clothes for sales. Thank you all lenders for this opportunity.

Rice farming

I would like to express my gratitude to my lenders for fully funding my loan application,I intend to use the funding in facilitating my rice farming project in mwea. The loan will help me to buy farm inputs and settle labour & other operational costs.
May God bless you all my lenders & expand your territories as you continue to empower needy entrepreneurs.

Business selling jewellery & watches

Thank you lenders for your support

Music website

Zidisha loan changes my life.

Buying and reselling affordable solar lights and kits

Thank you all so much!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Buying and reselling affordable solar lights and kits

Thank you, Jochen, regards from Ghana. Stay safe too...thank you for believing in my business.

Buying some equipment for my salon

Thanks much sir, I will take this into consideration


I Finally Have A Stable Job now and Hope to Pay the said instalment amount.

Thank you all for your patience
Am very Grateful

Developing my teaching career

Stay blessed and I repeat stay blessed!!!!

Buying some equipment for my salon

Dear Victoria,

I wish best of luck with the expanstion of your business.

Would you thinks it's possible that you sell sanitary products needed to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, e. g. liquid soap, community masks or hand sanitizers? Maybe there are local manufacturers that you can use as wholesalers.

This way, you could play a part in keeping your community safe - and expand your business into this niche.

Kind regards from Switzerland,


Barbershop expansion

Thank you so much for you lending me the money and helping me buy good products to help my business

Buying and reselling affordable solar lights and kits

Dear Patricia,

this sounds like a really good business.

Good luck to you and stay< safe!

Kind regards from Switzerland,


Desktop computer for my accounting and printing businesses

All the best Bernice!

Clothing & shoes

Good morning my leders. I received my loan of ksh. 100,653. I bought men's shoes, ladies sports shoes and kids shoes worth the amount. I'm thanking you alot for your support. Good bless you.

Stocking black beans and rice

Hi, I received the money you sent me and instead of 25kgs of rice I said, I have decided to buy 30 kgs of yellow beans. Regards

Footwear production

A special acknowledgement to my lenders for willingly extending a hand of kindness to me by funding my loan application, may God continue to bless your endeavors.
This facility is aimed at adding up to my working capital in order to upscale production. Thank you so much team Zidisha, God bless you all.

Buying a better tricycle

I thank you so much fo the loan and I hope that gradually I will get money to buy a better tricycle for a business

Buying and reselling affordable solar lights and kits

Happy to help a 4th time.

Stocking black beans and rice

I take this opportunity to thank you for lending me the money. I will use the money to buy 25kg of rice and that will help me a lot in my business. Thank you again

Domestic electrical installation and maintenance services

Thank you Zidisha and all my lenders indeed you guys are wonderful. Helping out when it matters most, I appreciate you guys.

To enhance my vegetable production

I will buy fertilizers and pay my workers. It will help me to let the crops do well. I thank zidisha lenders so much. God bless them

Solar-energy kiosks

Dear Lenders,

Thank you for your amazing support and trust!

I have made a repayment towards my loan and I am on course to repaying my loan in full!

I would like to inform you that today I have been assigned as a Volunteer Mentor! This is truly great news!

To become a Zidisha Volunteer Mentor is a great responsibility, which I pledge to carry out faithfully and diligently.

Thank you and stay healthy and safe!

Selling second-hand clothes

God bless you lenders

Boosting my business selling cloth materials

With this convid things are hard ,thank God I was introduce to zidisha ,with their help I must say business is booming ,with the loan I had from them ,it has helped in my bussiness

Rice farming

Thank you Erik, I really appreciate your support.

Need to retrieve machine from layaway

My new machine

Mobile-money merchant

I'm much grateful for this opportunity. With this loan, I will buy enough recharge cards and I will be able to send and withdraw cash to my Momo customers. I'm so grateful to all my zidisha lenders. Thanks so much.


Rice farming

Thanks for taking the time to explain your project/plan in detail. Really like your social impact approach as well. All the best...

Purchasing laptops for our freight-forwarding business

Hello good morning my honorable lenders, then loan was used to purchase a part for a car, which has been fixed and has started working as hiring car.we are able to raise gh 300.00 a week which enabled me to pay for my first installment earlier and I believe I could pay off before the date.
I intend to open another business in future with my profit generated in the cause of my business because I have found the source to grow my business and to employ more people to help my community in the near future.

To buy more equipments for my mechanics repairs

I thank my lenders so much for the money has helped me to buy some tools that helped me in my work

Printing business

I really appreciate your efforts towards the success of this loan. This loan will make positive impact in my life because o will use it to buy more equipment in order to expand my business.
Thank you so much.

Purchasing salon equipment

Thank you so much for accepting my request, I will use this money buy hair dryer for my business

Restocking clothes

Hello lenders! I really thank you all for your quick response in my loan application. This has come at a time when there is a financial crisis and my business needed a boost. I therefore intend to add more stock to my clothing business and mobility into other markets or regions. I am therefore looking forward to doing more interactions with you in terms of business. Thanks for your kindness!

Transportation business

An amount of Gh 1,264.00 cedis have been received and am once again grateful for your financial assistance to my business.
The amount would be used in carrying out the continuous routine maintenance of my transport vehicle to keep to it in operation without frequently breaking down.
Thank you all once again for the financial support

Buying assorted groceries goods

I will buy assorted groceries goods that sell very fast in my shop, business is doing very fine.This loan will help my business to be well established.Thank you very much for supporting me and may God richly you all.

Provisions for my shop

I will use the loan to buy more boxes of indomie, spaghetti, tomatoes past, batteries,miksi chocho and milk.This loan will help me to increase my stock and also get more customers which also lead to increasing of my income. I will like to thank my lenders and staff of Zidisha for the loan most especially the director for creating a platform like this.