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To Expand Cherry-Tomato Garden

I thank Zidisha community for my first loan which has gone a long way in establishign me as a cherry tomato supplier. I have happy clients and the demand for freshly picked cherries is giving me the opportunity for expansion.


Inventory of Canned and Bottled Foods for My Provision Store

my dear lenders I will use the money to purchase more canned and bottle foods into my provision store .after purchasing this products it Will increase my profit marging every week. thank you my dear lenders for accepting my proposal.

More business boost

Hi Zidisha.
I received the loan of Ksh 9,952 which will go towards improving my coffee farming by buying supplements like manure, fertilizers and also cater for farming labour. I am looking forward to increased yields.

Thanks to zidisha for disbursing the loan.

Ladies' dresses and jackets

I once more thank you my lenders for believing in me and helping me and financing me to boost my business. I will forever be greatful to you. With the amount you funded me with I was able to buy more stock for my shop I.e ladies wear n girls wear. I bought a total of 14 dresses for ladies which coated 1300 each and am selling each at 2000 hence getting a profit of 700 per dress. So far I have sold 10pcs which have given me a profit of 7000. With the profit I got I bought some kids clothes 10pcs at 700ksh each which I am selling at 1000ksh Making a profit of 300 per dress. So far I have sold 5pcs of the kids dresses. How I plan to grow is I plan on buying a good phone with the profits I will get so that I can market myself online n get a larger customer base. I have a vision of supplying at least 30pcs per week which I strongly beleive is possible with proper marketing and that's why a good phone is an asset to me now. I also intend to save up some money because in the longrun I want to be shipping in the dresses myself which will be a big plus for me because I will be getting a bigger profit plus I will be able to reduce the selling price to my clients since my expenses will have reduced too. To all my lenders I just want you to know that I value you and I promise to make something out of ur funds. I won't let you down even for a moment. Attached are photos of what I bought

High-volume cooking utensils for my catering business

Make orders donut

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Membuat pesanan kue donat

High-volume cooking utensils for my catering business

Production activities make orders sweets from basic ingredients carica fruit

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Production activities make orders sweets from basic ingredients carica fruit

High-volume cooking utensils for my catering business

Production activities make orders sweets from basic ingredients carica fruit

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Production activities make orders sweets from basic ingredients carica fruit

Overlock sewing machine

Hi Michael,
I am so greatful for the support you gave..It used to be difficult to get time off from my work studio but now I'm able to do so by hiring a seamstress occasionally.
You are doing a great job...and thanks to Zidisha!

Buy wi-fi gadget and router for supplying Internet service

It was a wonderful week,doing orientation to my new job assistant,am happy the business has grown as result have created job employment to a young beautiful lady to serve as customer relations officer,this could not have happened were it not the Zidisha loan intervention, congrats,you are wonderful organization to partner with.

Purchase of core i5 machine

I almost forgot that its time to go and stay with my lovely family. I think im in love with my Job especially because i have my machines working at least to the expectations. My 2 printers that i have so far purchased and the scanner as well as are a great source of my income today. I'm happy because Rooney my son will expect bread when i get home. Im happy because i can comfortably afford to pay rent to a house that my family fits in comfortably something i initially couldn't. Thank you Zidisha and my lenders GOD bless you, were it not for you, may be my family and i could be languishing in dire poverty of not even providing common basic needs. bye, closing my office.

Buying of leather to make male shoes and sandals

Hello zidisha community. Posting after sometime to say that i am impressed with the progress *(a 15% increase in turnover) that the additional funding from this community has provided. This has allowed me to buy extra leather types that have allowed me to create new exciting designs of sandals for ladies. This has gotten several clients interested in these new designs. Thanks once again.

Mobile phone payment service center

hallo zidisha community. just wanted to thank my lenders once again for the loan especially Mr. Paul Graham. my earnings increased by 10% and I used that extra earnings to travel upcountry to visit my parents. thanks alot

Add M-Pesa and expand stock in my household products shop

To My Lenders,
Let me take this opportunity to thank you once again. I must appreciate your good effort of lending me your resources so that I can also improve my standard of living and also be financially independent at long run. I have managed to complete my second stock cycle and I expect my third cycle stock from your funding next week. My net returns are commendable from your investment on me. I see myself turning my retail shop to a mini wholesale before 2018 as I planned.
May you all be blessed abundantly as you keep on keeping on changing lives of many day by day.
Victor Mogoi Mose.

Purchasing bulk fertilizers to sell to farmers

I never thought that I would face this kind of
situation ever in my life but when I encountered
the hard times in my business, I tested the true
relations. All those who used to call themselves
my well wishers were turned their back to me
but ZIDISHA team, you were the one who hold me and took me
out of that hell of stress. The
help that you did cleared the obstructions that
have held up the progress of my business. I will try my best to return your amount at my earliest possible as in my repayment reschedule .
Once again thank you so much.
God bless you my dear lenders and zidisha team.....

Looking for loan..

Dear lenders,
I do take this golden opportunity to sincerely thank you for positively contributing to my success in poultry farming. I am proud own of 200 hens and they are hatching eggs. My profit has double and right now my kid goes to school comfortably and we have more proteins in our diet.

House construction

Hi lenders, with the just completed loan i was able to purchase the PVC ceiling fixing meterials which has made contract in this area go smoothly. I have increased m clients and am able to make a profit of about 50%. Am using the to buy useful tools for the work, to educate my two doughter who are performing very well. Am also saving to buy land to build my own house.

Loan for education

Good evening Team Zidisha,
Let me once more thank the lenders whose action has made it possible for me to change my life for the better,to show respect for this generosity and to push the initiative forward my obligation is to service the loan promptly so that others can benefit too,thanks lenders and may God shower you all with his abundance blessings...."THE HAND THAT GIVES RECEIVES MORE FROM THE LORD",THANKS...gideon.

Completion of my permanent house

Dear Lenders,
I am grateful to you people, you have made me proud and more so uplifted my life standard. I bought the incubator which I hatched 34 chicks although it was not 100% due to the power breakdown. As for now the chicks are 2 months old and already the second batch is to be hatched in 18days to come. I look forward to utilizing my incubator well until I reach 500 chicks. My neighbors have come to request me with a fee but I just want to reach to my target number before I do for them.
After, I will charge them Ksh. 60 per egg for 21 days because I will have to pay for electricity bill which I have realized it goes up to Ksh. 1500 per month. I used some money to buy 8 bags of chick mash and growers mash (4each) which has helped me in feeding them. Also I engaged a Veterinary Officer who has been coming once or twice in two weeks .
My whole family has been part of the beneficiaries and are grateful to you people.
Thank you and will keep you informed of every step I take.
Kind regards

Clothing sale

Am very graceful to my Lenders for the previous loans you have offered. I purchased uniform and supplied to a nearby school. I used the profit to bay school fees. One of my child graduated from primary school to secondary school due to the funding of zidisha. Thanks and God Bless am looking forward for positive response on this loan that i have applied.

Expanding the Top Ten Cafe

Hi Zidisha
I am once again very grateful for your continuous financial support. This has really boosted me in developing myself economically. I am happy to inform you that my business is moving positively and it has really helped my family's life comfortable. Thanks to God, thanks to Zidisha team. God bless you!
Yours faithfully

Buy solar powered lighting products to supply poor household

Hello lenders, I want to heartily thank you the support you accorded to me. I have managed to buy everything I needed to buy and now we have a tank where people can fetch water without walking for very long distances.

I have also added some stock to my existing business. It's really exciting to see these things happening in a way I only ever imagined.

Thank you.

Fabric for making hand-designed clothes

Thank you so much for the funding...The fabric and other materials I got has really help me and iv made a lot of profit. Its made a difference in my life, from the profit I made I was able to make and donate 24uniforms to a community school on the 9th sept. Thank you once again!

Loan to buy new inventory and pay school fees

Hello dear lenders, I am so grateful for being able to finish up paying my 2nd loan, I thank my lenders so much for helping me expand my business which has now grown by 40%. I now have more stock and my income is improving.I still need your assistance as i apply for my third loan. Thank you so much for your kindness,

Tuition for degree in nursing

I am very grateful for your support. I am doing wonderful and my daughter to is doing great and studying hard to become nurse. We thank you and we know with your help she will achieve her vision.

Farming and business expansion

Thank you lenders for your funding.Am very grateful may God bless you ,now am ready to buy one more cow it will take me to the next .I have dream that your sopport will accerellate my mhy income and be a lender in the future. Thank you very much.

Additional sound instruments for my sound system

I am very muck thankful to my lenders for the loan given me.In fact without it the position of my business will be precarious.This loan will be used to buy a generator that will serve as a power substitute whenever there is power outage during programmes.There are other areas too where thee are no electricity so with the help of the generator,I will have no power problems during programmes.I will do everything possible to pay the loan on time so that the confidence you have in me will not be in vain.Thank you very much,I am so grateful.

Beadwork and leather

the loan help me buy beads .the bead and leather help to stock my shop and have more goods to earning have increased by 60%.I was able to buy more tools for making ornaments and I was able to employ 2 more maasai women to help make more goods .my family member at helping me look for more orders and also help my small sister with her school fees ,my niece that helps me has just gone to a Law school i will also help pay fee.
About my neighborhood we have a new church every time a visitor come I will be the one giving those maasai ornament.

Running a cyber café

Yesterday, the help to the poor of my neighborhood organization asked me to support and I gave $ 10 by explaining to them that it is through Zidisha and partners that I was able to do because they have funded my loan, allowing me to make a profit. This has greatly affected and some of them want to join Zidisha. It"s a new experience for me and I intend to renew my loan when you finance, thank you for your help

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Hier, l'association d'aide aux pauvres de mon quartier m'a sollicité pour un soutien et je leur ai donné $10 en leur expliquant que c'est à travers Zidisha et ses partenaires que j'ai pu le faire car ils ont financé mon prêt, me permettant de réaliser un bénéfice. Cela leur a beaucoup touché et certains veulent adhérer à Zidisha. C'est une nouvelle expérience pour moi et je compte la renouveler quand vous financerez mon prêt, merci de votre aide

Additional stock of mobile phones

Wow! Thanks so much lenders for doing it again. My business has grown by leaps and bounds and this is attributable to your timely support. May God bless you abundantly and grant you long life.

Additional stock of mobile phones

Wow! Thanks so much lenders for doing it again. My business has grown by leaps and bounds and this is attributable to your timely support. May God bless you abundantly and grant you long life.

Pig rearing

Hello Zidisha Team.
I would like to inform you that, my pig rearing business have been fairing well. I bought piglets which are doing well.
I have been buying and selling mature pigs at a profit with the accumulated profits.
My living standards rising high.
God bless Zidisha for great support.
Thank you.

Repurchase of a printer for electrical drawings

I take this opportunity to to say thanks to you all am overwhelmed with your kindness.
It is a surprise for me to see my loan fully funded on time am so over joyed.
am lacking words to express my joy.
The TRUST you have shown me I'll not betray you, I'll rise to your expectations. I wish all my lenders are here I would have given you a WARM HUG to each one of you.

Modern cyber cafe in area of jurisdiction

Now Zidisha team has helped my business to grow rapidly by 50% the profit I accrue I will use it to repay back my loan thanks once again Zidisha team.

Modern cyber cafe in area of jurisdiction

Now no more worries for my customers cause the money Zidisha has given I have bought a spiral machine which is of much important to university and collect students because this is the time they are submitting their projects.I use that machine to bind their project.

New building and computers & UPS back-up, for my training centre

Happy Thanksgiving to Zidisha and ALL Lenders,

Dear Zidisha and ALL Lenders,

I am so grateful to be experiencing the impact of the first P2P micro-lending platform (Zidisha), building direct connections between borrowers and Lenders across the globe.

Many thanks for being with me since September 10, 2014. Thank you for helping me through many tough times in life. Thank you for making me laugh, and pushing me but not letting me fall. May God richly, abundantly bless you and be with you ALL.

In the early days of my business, there were only five (5) computers, but thanks to ZIDISHA, my business now has fourteen (14) computers! ZIDISHA also has helped me pay for my siblings' school fees, and has helped me to help my family financially. And, now, ZIDISHA is helping me get my own building for the school. ZIDISHA truly is making my life easier! May God richly bless you ALL!

Attached is a card entitled "My One Year at Zidisha" expressing appreciation for my first year on this P2P platform.

Thank you so much.

Awudu Yahaya

To add more goods into my shop

Thank be to you all lenders for what did for me, in fact the the loan you help me with has help to place my business to a different level, since now customers always get the wthat they ask for in my shop. Thank again and my God bless you all hope to see you in this my new loan.

Large-format printer for my photography studio

Zidisha Lenders,

Have finished repaying my loan and i cant wait to make a new application. The studio photography Kit is a really Good investment for me. since it came i have been renting it out to journalists and photographers and it has been doing really good.

Thank you all for ,making my business Grow in a way i didnt expect

Additional sound instruments for my sound system

I am very much grateful to my lenders for the loan granted me.In fact I appreciate it so much.I will use the money to buy generator to give me power because due to frequent power outages in Ghana,I have to always hire a generator as power substitute when there is a power outage which is at a cost.when I am able to buy the generator,I will be able to save that money that should have been used to hire a generator.Not that alone,I will be able to move to other areas where there is no light to play programmes with the help of the generator.I want to express my profound gratitude to my lenders for this loan and I promise to be very faithful and loyal to you by paying the loan on time to help maintain the trust you have also had in me.God richly bless you abundantly.

Refrigerator to sell ice blocks, cold water, etc.

My Dear Lenders,
I have come to believe that zidisha really works. I have received the loan that by your effort you funded for me. I have gone to buy the products that I said I will buy.

On the other hand business has started booming and more customers are coming in to buy my products and I have started seeing increment in my profits. As I have said earlier on that where am doing my business is a new site new customers have started coming in and some are asking for products that I am not selling so I wish and hope that after finishing paying this loan I will be considered another loan to purchase those products and add them up to my provision shop.

Ones again, I thank you all, God richly bless you for what you have done for me. Lenders, this loan has really add up to my provision shop.

Loan to set up a football watching auditorium

The loan I collected have been invested into my business and right now I have much stock to display to customers. Income has also greatly maximized. I am really grateful.

New sewing machine to hire another trainee for my tailoring business

Good bless all Zidisha lenders for their support and now since i got the loan , i have employed more workers that they are learning and others are working so that i pay them so i am really appreciate what zidisha lenders has done for me
God bless you all and now i am income has been raise 50% and i am soo much happy that more people are enjoying your institution

Richie's Foundation

The loan has been helping my project to raise more income which some of the money can be used to pay my loan repayments and and still get more income. Loan has helped me alot to generate more income

To continue adding more stocks of fabrics

Dear Lenders, I would liketo appreciate the loan amount of Kshs 8858/- I have bought yet another roll of white fabric which is widely used to decorate and drape in functions . Immediately after I had a job in one of our exhibitions in the city and I recovered the same amount I spent to purchase the fabric. My clients were so happy and I have gained their loyalty for future jobs to imrove their brand image.
I am looking forward to continue adding m ore stock. and have as many fabrics and a variety of colours as possible. to satisfy the market in mky event business.
I really appreciate the Zidisha group for your support.

Inventory of building materials

Dear lenders and Zidisha team, I am glad that I have cleared my first loan. I managed to do quite a bit with the money. I used the loan money to buy the cistern pipes and used the profits to stock my hardware shop with more items.

Computer, desk, and chair for new employee

Two years ago I was a jobless, hopeless university graduate walking around the city of Nairobi with my academic papers in hand looking for a job. Any kind of low-paying job would have been welcome, for I was extremely desperate and feeling alone in the world. Then I heard of Zidisha. I posted to members my business idea and they showed faith in me and advanced me my first loan. My business has grown in leaps and bounds and so has my social and family life. In April 2015 I finally had the courage and the resources to promise my childhood sweetheart a future she can be proud of. And thanks to the support, we finally got married on 7th August. Bless you Zidisha family for walking by my side and lifting me up to glory. May all of you be blessed abundantly and help other aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dreams

Buy barbershop equipment

I bought dozens of wool,knitting needles and crochet. I got an order to make 8 cream and white ponchos which am able to deliver thanks to Zidisha .

Jeans trousers for resale

Hi lenders,let me use this opportunity to thank you my kind lenders for using this platform to help me to be who i am today.My life have changed abruptly since i embraced your services to me with your first loan.Today am a proud owner of a 'ladies shoes kiosk' that i started with zidisha loan.Reflecting on my first loan,am proud to say that my daily sales have gone up from $10 to $ 30 which have help me in bringing more stock to the kiosk plus repaying my loan without any problem.Once again am proud of your good work.
Thank you,

To open up my shop

Thanks lenders for using this platform to help us. Since I got this loan my life has really changed. I use the loan to buy more stocks of clothes. Due to this demand is on high due to my location and I'm doing well than my competitors now. My daily sales is now about $70 from $30. My income is really on high and paying of my repayment schedule wasn't much of a problem.


Selling prepaid phone cards from my home

I already bought SIM cards directly from the distributor so that the benefits I get bigger , namely RP 1800 per card

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I already bought SIM cards directly from the distributor so that the benefits I get bigger , namely RP 1800 per card