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New building and computers & UPS back-up, for my training centre

Dear Zidisha Team and Lenders,
I have successfully received my loan just right now and I also wish to give you update right now. Thank you for everything that you did to assist me in obtained a loan for my business. I will never be able to repay you for all of the sacrifices all of you made and the time all of you spent on getting my loan approved. I pray that God gives all of you a miracle in this year and reward you in double of the money you use to lends me. I will forever be grateful dear Lenders. Also I will not let just one day past before to make repayment. May God bless you all and give you a longer life with strength. Amen!!

Loan to increase inventory for my shop

I want to thank the Zidisha community for the far they have boosted my living standards. I am now able to pay my bills on my own and yet am in school. This is after using the money advanced to me by the generous Zidisha lenders to buy a laptop that i use for my online writing. Be blessed

Locally improved poultry feeds support

Thank you lenders for your support in my local chicks feeding programme. I can now clear the remaining loan without any strain!!!
I am planning to hatch my own eggs and add more chicks once i clear the remaining loan!
Its true with Zidisha loan, i can achieve my goal to keep as many as possible local chicken breeds and convert my farm to a big commercial poultry farm within my county/locality.
Thank you lenders for your continued support!

Purchase items for my cafe business

I want to use this opportunity to thank the investors for trusting in my enterprise and funding the project of "Printing purchase " i recently presented on board .It took me little time to give the updates for i wanted to see the outcomes before ,now i may testify that there is a obvious growth in my income which not only will help me to raise my life standard to certain extend but also to plan for more growth , and also satisfy my customers as in the area where i am operating there is no printing machine ,initially before doing any printing people have to commute a long distance before they can do so .I am so grateful to you lenders ,you made it possible to improve lives of people .

Loan for building materials to build a house

I take this opportunity to thank zidisha team for establishing such organization that is mend to change the life of the underprivileged in the society especially those people who has untapped potential such people are always forgotten.
Before i joined zidisha about one year ago, i used to borrow money from commercial banks and i realized that it used to be very expensive in terms of interest rate, because i could work had to make profit as i pay the loan at the same time but i realized that before finishing the loan, i had already paid back all the money i will have worked for all that time and i needed to borrow and start again afresh, and about 15 years i have been in business i could start business every year because of high interest rate of commercial banks.
However by last year when i borrowed the first amount of money from zidisha my business has grown more than two times what i had for a long time, and this has encouraged me even to invite more members also to benefit especial those with potential and seemed to be honest.
I sale second hand house holds eg television, radio,chairs,kitchen cooker etc and of late i started to sale also second hand vehicles and is doing very well, i am very much proud to be a member of zidisha.

Buy color printer and add more stock to cybercafe

Thankyou very much lenders and the zidisha community for the loan i have received and purchased the epson color printer and photocopy papers.With this loan i will be able to boost my business and increase the profit margin to over 30%.This will enable me to pay my zidisha loan on time and cater for my bills .

Cybercafe, food store agent banking sevices and mpesa

thank you for the loan, the little money I got helped me a lot. As you can see from the picture, I bought maize and here I am selling it to my customer. it is now my responsibility to pay, long life zidisha! long life lenders!

Improving my stock by adding men's ware to the stock

Thanks to my lenders and the zidisha community at large.I have been able to grow my business to a better level courtesy to your generous support. With the money i got i was able to purchase more stocks to my business and out of good business that has prevailed this year I have decided to diversify from selling bedsheets and curtains and sell different things altogether.As a result I have managed to create employment opportunity to one person who now assist me to sell the goods to our clients. In my boutique i now sell shoes both ladies and gentlemen , ladies tops jeans for both men and ladies as well as hand bags. I will forever be grateful to you my lenders for this far I have gone. Thank you.

Spare parts for repairing computers

I use the loan to buy brower, set of screw drivers an a few accessories. This has help me to increase my returns to about 35%. I use the profit to increase my working capital. Thanks to zidisha, life is getting better. Things are moving on well for both business and the family. During the Easter holidays, we had some fun, playing of football etc.

Money to stock my hutch with hybrid new zealand rabbits

sometimes in life we do things to bring us income but somehow end up achieving more saw this lil girl admiring my rabbits and playing with them and it was just amazing

Inventory of wool and knitting needles for knitting business

This is a girls bolero $2.2 and i will sell it at $4.4

Repair roasting machine and legal permits for peanut butter production

Hallo Flaguy999,
Thank you so much once again for you continued support and concern. Concerning the business, i have been doing it alone because i was still not in a position to employ someone. But now that my business has started flourishing i will have to employ one or two people to assist me. When i will start getting big orders, the work will be too much for me and i will need assistance. But the advantage i have is that all my machines are electric and therefore not tiring. Now am back in business though still weak but okay now. I will be updating you of any other developments in my business.
God bless you and have a good time.

Poultry farming

here i am as i feed my small chicks

Poultry/green house

Recceived8948ksh,the money was my second project which is poultry which are local many clients prefer them for sweetness,delicious nature,also construction of the houses for poultry.personally i take this opportunity thank you for facilitating me as my lenders and having faith in me and quick disbursement. big thank you.

Glass door refridgerator for my shop

Lenders! thank you so much,with your support, I bought the gas cooker; am now efficient,no more loses as a prepare food by order for only 45 mins. I also use gas cooker/oven for baking cakes of different designs and shapes. Thank you Zidisha.

Irrigation plumbing materials for my farm and family

Using the loan and with the onset of the planting season, I have been able to lay manure in the ditches, bought 150 passion seedlings and already starting to put down them one by one. The loan was a welcome supplement to my project.

On our farm we have an average water well about 30feet deep. Soon I intend to upgrade an already dying boreholewell pump to facilitate irrigation during dry weather breaks. This will cost about 18000 Ksh. And thanks to Zidisha I have my dreams rolling.

This is just the beginning later i will have to buy pesticides and sprayer pump, foliage fertilizers so that my plants are healthy and productive. These will cost not less than 5000 Ksh, but a step at a time and I wont crumble.

My parents are happy with the progress much as Iam to see that which we missed(finacial access without collateral) has been coupled with my finding a beginners job. I hope to do the best and God bless the wrk of my hands.

Expansion of goods for mini shop

Big thanks to my supportive lenders. Without your support many of us would be in one spot in business. Upon receiving the loan, have been able to restock my shop to meet customers demand and able retain them. Profit has also increase by 50% and has led in sustaining the family.

Addition of stock for my boutique

Thanks to zidisha i was able to start small in my business and have now grown it to alevel that only God knows i never though was possible. With the money i got here i was able to purchase more stocks to my business and out of good business that has prevailed this year i have decided to diversify and sell different things. In my boutique i now sell shoes both ladies and gentlemen , ladies tops jeans for both men and ladies as well as hand bags.
I am and will forever be greatful to zidisha for this far i have gone.
Below are some of the photos of some of my stock.

Supply of bottled drinking water and cleaning detergents

these are the sizes fit for offices and home use they are from sizes 5ltrs to 20ltr dipoposable (i.e the 20ltrs btls is not returnable)

Storing and distributing maize for local farmers

Hi Lenders,
I sincerely thank you for lending me money. For sure you are great people, with the money I recieved i.e. Ksh. 9,000 I was able to restock my store. Currently, we have received rains and farmers are back on their farms it is a planting season. I am telling you I am making money, the beans which I bought at Ksh. 4,500 I am selling at Ksh. 6,000. I had stocked enough with your assistance I was able to buy two sacks (180kg). Everyone is rushing to my store to buy beans for planting.
I had also stocked enough maize, I am sure in May I will also be selling maize at a higher price.
You have made me proud! repaying my loan is not hard. I promise to work with you people to reach my dream land. Thanks and May God bless you.

Purchase photocopier machine

Posing in my business.

Machine for knitting handbags, wallets and accessories

Dear Lenders,

Allow me to inform you that i received the loan already with amount 1.295.000,- thank you so much.
Now i could buy some material for my crochet handbag product.. and hope i could buy one more sewing machine soon.
Thank you for your kind & attention.

Best Regards
Jantie K.

Computers to start an IT training center

thank so much zidisha team, the laptop i bought from the funded to me just made my work very easy. now there no bunch of work left behind for my customers moreover, my business now is making a bigger profit than before. God bless you lenders from zidisha.


Je tiens a vous remercier pour le prêt que vous m'aviez donné. Cela m'aide beaucoup dans mon activité.

I want to thank you for the loan that you've given me. It has helped me a lot in my business.

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Je tiens a vous remercier pour le prêt que vous m'aviez donné. Cela m'aide beaucoup dans mon activité.

Distributing barrels for water storage

Thank you lenders, i have acquired enough stockof drums and i hope it will go well. Loan received and i say a big thank you

Capital to buy more sheep

I wish to thank my previous and current lenders for their support. I am very much grateful. God bless you all. I was able to purchase two more ewes with the loan you gave me last time.
This week only, 5 of my ewes gave birth – one sired twins – but one of the six lambs died. I am expecting three more lambs by the end of this week.

Loan to purchase computer accessories

Hi Lenders. i appreciate for the Loan you disbursed to me of Ksh 4565. I have been able to boost my business by purchasing 3 new computer keyboards. My business is now booming because of improved service delivery. The daily profit has increased significantly that has contributed to the repayment of the loan. I thank you for the hard effort you have done in ensuring that am successful in my business and also for assisting other potential entrepreneurs realize their dreams . Thanks Zidisha Team.

Loan to add on my stock

Hi Lenders, am very grateful because i have been able to add on my stock. i was able to buy all kind of perfumes, weaves and few jewelry. i also expanded my business and bought women shoes. the business is really coming up and customers are happy. i was able to add a stock worth 110$ and the profit has increased by 20%. i say a big thank you.

Urgent request for home renovation (fallen house)

Hallow my lenders .Am very thankful for the loan you gave me. It has made me build confidence with the local schools around.. For on time deliveries of school uniforms.. More so I sponsored a needy child to school.. She is very happy because she never expected such an opportunity to come her way.. She has a reason to smile. Many thanks to all lenders

Paper for printing holiday cards at my cybercafe

Through the previous loan, I was able to raise and save Ksh. 15,000. With this amount, am intending to buy another printer now that this is time for holidays. Based on past experience, this is the time when most people are likely to be printing holiday cards and undertake various ceremonies and festivals as well. So am expecting that my business will be really very busy.

Purchasing of plastic chairs and desks for computer

first of all i would like to thank all the zidisha team to keeping me informed and such a wonderfull concern,more and even to the lenders ,you really helped me alot and am currently doing good i managed to buy some plastic chairs and make a small partitioning of the the play station base, i highly appreciate you all God bless you all.
I'll keep-on giving you my progress!


Funds to add three more computers to my business (cybercafe)

After buying a high speed CPU through your support, this helped my business for I was able to serve my customers within a short period of time. This helped my business to raise its income by 13% and it helped me so much to help my family especially my parents who need my help and also pay fees for my siblings. This brought peace to my family for they were able to consume what they needed and harmony was with us. Remembers me again.

Boutique cyber mix

Thank you so much to all who funded me. I did bought the Epson printer and its real made a big difference in my cyber business. I real repaid my loan on time due to the one hundred percent profit I made due to the availability of the new Epson printer. I have applied for another one and its my hope that you will not hesitate to fund me. I would like to buy a laptop so that I may be able to work at home at night when the work is more.

Seeking loan to buy indigenous chicken (broillers) for sale

In my business, I do like the lending terms of ZIDISHA. With my 1st loan, I managed to increase my stock of chicken and my income has greatly improved. With my 2nd loan of KES 21,000, I will be able to expand and build a very nice structure for the poultry.


Buying a car buffing machine

the car buffing machine i bought is of much help to me as now am not hiring from other places as before and this helps me save on that

Renovating of the rabbit housing

I sincerely thank you for your loan that has enabled me to renovate the house of my rabbits thus this has boosted the increment of the rabbits due to well up house keeping.I again say thank you.

Retail license and cooking materials for groundnuts business

First of all, I wish to thank you for giving me the loan. The money came when I needed to do expansion of my snacks business and it has helped me cover about 80% of my budget. My budget went up significantly after the government increased the cost of licenses. For this reason, I am working very hard to raise the balance so that I can embark on the work that I intended to do. I am directing almost all my income in raising this money and I am requesting you to allow me to pay KES 150 per week until I solve this issue.

Thank you.

Increase my stock in food retail supply

Thank you for this opportunity you have given me again.My previous loan was so successful such that i managed to expand my business.I also managed to get extra income that enabled me to take my daughter to school.I have managed to increase my stock by 40% and also i was able to venture into new market.Actually, as a result i was able to take my family for a retreat during this Easter holiday.
Than you Zidisha for your support

Buying more layer chickens and enlarging poultry house

My new calf and my daughter

Buying more layer chickens and enlarging poultry house


New industrial overlock machine

Hi Zidisha and Lenders,
hope are feeling great wherever you are. i am pleased to share that the cutting machine you helped me purchase has made production to be very smooth and my customers are getting there orders in good time.
i have improved financially and i am even paying school fees and rent in time.
every one is exited at the workshop and here is an pictorial i did.

Warm Regards
Derrick Otieno.

Recycling materials

To my lenders. I am now at the tail end of my loan repayment. This is my first loan ever and I must say that I was a bit apprehensive when I applied for this loan. I am glad my fears were unfounded since I have found Zidisha's terms to be very friendly.

The money has been of much help to my business since I was able to buy a few cartridges which I then sold at a tidy profit.

I hope to keep a clean record as I prepare to apply for another loan soon.

Laptop to complete online freelancing at home

It is good to let you know that I received the loan, which I bought one heifer. The heifer is almost calving in the next three month to come. The family will benefit with the milk and after selling the surplus i will be able to educate my children.

Thanks to the lenders.

Kimson boutique

Dear Zidisha am grateful for the shoe business that is currently going on since you funded me.During this period i have started to see increase in my customers especially in the area of children's shoes.Parents are buying shoes for their children both for going back to school on May and for home use.I have even purchased belts to combine with my shoe business and am even planning to include handbags with the profits i get after paying the loan.Thank you Zidisha for your continued support.

Caranda wines and spirits-kilifi

I must say this is the best micro-finance and most reliable sourcde of small finances to boost businesses.
I have established the car wash and now looking foward to improving its status by purchasing a bigger machine.
Loan repayment has not been a problem as i did this promptly from my small business. Furthermore my small car has a new battery, the car has been of great help running small errands and ding small businesses.
I look forward to a brighter future with Zidisha.
Thanks so much.

Additonal stock of used text books

Dear lenders, I am delighted to inform you that you that my business is doing well and the injection of the money from the Zidisha loan has accelerated it's growth.

I managed to stock more wall posters and even introduced sale of text book with very promising results.

Mobile-phone accessories

Dear really grateful for the first loan that you granted me. This changed my life as in it increased my stock of photocopy services which in turn changed my living standard. The first loan that you granted me increased my sales by 20%. Due to high demand in sales and photocopy would like to apply for another loan. Thank you lenders and may God bless you abundantly.

Purchase of charcoal briquettes machine

Thank you so much lenders for availing funds to ensure the loaning facility is successful. With the previous loan, we managed to purchase more biomass material and also employed one more additional person, by the name Joseph to join our fast growing Charcoal briquette firm.

Projector for teaching classes at my school of ministry

Hi Zidisha and my lenders.
I am pleased to accept that I am one of the great beneficiaries of the Zidisha program.
I have the students already using the materials and the computer I have bought now is making my work easier by far. I am making the records required by the headquarters of the school of ministry and I am able to access information required easily. Communication now is easier and faster. I am able to record the results as they come forth for the purpose of delivery on daily basis.
Thanks to Zidisha and all the lenders who are like a closely knit family with a goal of lifting the lives of people everywhere.
God bless you so much.

License, equipment, snacks & fast foods

My daughter Myrla turned one year last month and here she is trying out one of our new products. She is now employed in the family business as a marketing assistant.