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Fridge for my boutique to sell cold drinks

Dear lenders
Am very glad and overjoyed i purchased a fruit blender and a juice maker to make drinks for my customers who come to my clothes store and am getting some good income from my fruit juices that i make as they are fresh healthy juices

Stock of cold drinks for my shop

Many many thanks indeed for the loan that my business needed most at the correct business time. The loan helped me increase my Mpesa business float balance. This is a mobile money transfer service which Zidisha and their clients from use most in sending loans and repayment of the same through a pay bill number.
Gladly the business has increased my income by ksh 2500 on average and it is going on well. Thanks again helping me to get here.
Here is another most needed loan to again better my life and that of my family.
I wish to take stationary stock that is exercise books biro pens pencils, rubbers, geometrical sets and rulers as schools prepare to open in the first week of January. This business will run effectively up to June when most syllabus will have been done.
I hope to pay this loan within three months time. I had challenges my last loan including the passing of my beloved mum. in August which contributed in my late payment due to expenses we incurred as we struggled to save her life. that is now behind us since we as a family accepted that in was Gods will.

Logistics to assist in business

as christmas comes, il still put in the giving heart.
i believe the little i have, i can share with the few people who are needy.
i will donate a couple of clothes and toy to the rescue centre around me...
There are orphans and vulnerable children who are in a child rescue center so the little i have i will share and i believe that's the best way.
i will wind up by sharing a meal with family.
it will be great here the whole clan will be converging at one place here in vipingo coast kenya.
Expecting like a minimum of 100 people..
we shall share drinks, foods, any other things and do a Christmas Santa.
i wish my zidisha family could join me..
welcome all


dear lenders , i hope all is well to all of you. happy xmas and new year which is approachingwith me am okey fine and well doing . am enjoying my holiday here in nakuru town in nakuru county. my business is doing well this season without any problem.may you have a worderful x mas.i wish you were near, i would invite you to our nyama choma lunch. roasted meat which is very sweat. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Fish and meat for my cold store

Its Monday morning! Working hard. I love business

Drugs for a pharmaceutical shop

to all who trusted me with their hard earned cash, am very grateful, i was able to add more inventory to my chemist shop
it has provided a source of self employment to my dear wife who just completed her studies as a nurse as she awaits to be absorbed into the national health system.
she is greatly benefiting from the family investment

To build a new classroom which is permanent

Dear lenders,am very happy for your funds.The funds you have lend unto me have helped me a lot . I have managed to buy text book for class 7 and class 8.i decided to major with this two classes first, the the next loan i will buy the text books for the lest of classes. I have bought 30 text books which have helped the pupils a lot.The pupils are able to have access of text books which they never had and 3 pupils are sharing one text book. There before one book was been shared between four pupils.Lenders that is a impressive start and God bless you very much. I encourage you to continue with that spirit and you are changing many lives.i wish you a happy holiday .Enjoy it,thanks.

Buying a deepfreezer

Merry chrismass lenders!!!! Thank you for the support you give us to see our lives better and our businesses grow.

Establishing new laboratory centre in a remote village

I need to establish a new Laboratory Centre at village

Buy new incubator

these are my two weeks old chicks waiting to be sold

Buy new incubator

Thank you Holly can have a look of my business my lenders.

Seedlings for red-pepper,tomatoes and capsicum & goggetes

Hi johnhudson,
Thank you very much for your kind comments and for the support you have given me.I have actually already bought the seedlings, prepared the land where i have been planting the seedlings before i break for Christmas.Hope that when i return after Christmas the seedlings will have germinated and almost for trans-planting.I am wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas and happy new year.Long live johnhudson.

Purchase garments/materials for making clothes

to all my esteemed lenders
may you and your families have a very blessed Christmas season as well as the happiest and successful new year. your continued life changing acts will never be forgotten, thank you all.

Being a back to school season, half of the money will be used to buy school uniforms as my additional stock comprising of;pairs of trousers, shirts & dresses . the rest will buy two bales of clothes

dear lenders
i wish you all the happiest Christmas holiday of all times. i have to report this December has been filled by increased proceeds since people have and are increasingly purchasing clothes in preparation for the festive season. my sales has increased by 34% since January this year. thank you be blessed.

dear lenders
i would like to wish you the happiest Christmas holiday along with your families. my business has been great and i have purchased enough stock (books, pencils, pens, files, exercise books and text books )in preparation for the back to school January season. i than you for your continued support. may God bless you all.

Fabrics for my tailor shop

Thank you all lenders because you have really changed my life in a way i did not believe before.

Refreshment,photocopyand mpesa services,

inancing a business has been one of the most challenging objectives that has to be met, but with Zidisha i was able to borrow without many preconditions like securities,
I was able to buy polythene bags at wholesale price and also increased the variety of refreshments that have seen my margin go up and hence able to boost the morale.
i have been able to pay fees for my siblings as i have been able to make good extra earnings.
I thank the zidisha team for the good work

Larger space for cybercafe

Wow!!! Thanks very much to Zidisha you people have enabled me to secure a spacious business room for more computers. Looking forward to a blooming business now. Thanks to Zidisha.

Acquiring food items for my cereals retail outlet


Loan for new stock of mobile-phone accessories

today i replaced the scleen of an was challenging but i did it

Adding inventory for mobile phone business

ini proses pembuatan pondasi buat konter baru saya nanti....
semoga berhasil

Expand barbershop and potato farm

Hi Ronald,right now am using industrial fertilizer reason being at the moment i dont have enough cows to produce manure for my 3 acre piece of land but i plan to do so in future.if you have some advice i will be glad for it will be helpful to me and the community around me.Thank you so much for your concern may God bless you.

New tapes and camera hire to shoot a wedding

Thank you so much lenders for funding my loan. This will go a long way in boosting my business. I received the money yesterday and my heart was overjoyed, i am now ready for the shoot next week.

Inventory of environmentally friendly cooking fuel

I am planning to move to a bigger space due to rapid business expansion. There is a next-door neighbor who has decided to retire at the end of this year and I am hoping to take up his space as part of my business-expansion plans. I need more cash to undertake this transition. For this reason, I have decided to use my savings to clear this loan so that I can take a bigger one to enable me acquire the new place.

Time is of the essence, hence the decision to clear the loan sooner because I am afraid the space will be taken by another investor if I don't act fast.

Project final phase upgrade

photos of the new machine, and me in the cyber

Project final phase upgrade

I managed to purchase a new faster machine Pentium 4, 1gb rum, the computer has brought changed in that customers want to use the machine, and that the computer can accommodate complicated and heavy software. thus it has increased my earnings by 6% , i am saving my earning to purchase new machines to join in the pool of the new machine, so as customers can have a variety of computer to browse on. last week my son was baptised. my neighborhood has very closed up people who only join other in time of community activities.

Cultivating oyster mushrooms

On this occasion, allow me to say a big thank accepted the funders and zidisha. It had been much help to the turnaround and growth of our business. Had at one time there funders and zidisha team who came to Indonesia we would be very pleased if taking the time to visit our efforts in South Sulawesi. In January 2015 we plan to develop to increase production in view of the market demand is quite high, so we will submit a proposal again to need more funds to assist in the construction of a new mushroom house and the cost of making mushroom growing media. Thank you very much

Used computers for data-processing and sales centre

Thanks for the support of Zidisha, my business has been growing. Your loan facility was timely. I was able to buy materials for my typesetting business. This has also increased my income level and I know with your help I will be able to grow the business. Thank you all.

Inventory of more phones and laptops in my shop

i have already sold all of the first purchase and made a profit of 1300ksh. 500ksh i repaid my loan . bought a big hen which was eaten on jamuhuri day celebrations for 600ksh. the remaining 200ksh is in my capital. thanks alot

Inventory of more phones and laptops in my shop

hae guys. dont know what to say. but God is good all the time. i purchased earphones , laptop and phone casings. keyboards and replaced a broken display window glass.infact those little things i used to broker from other shops am selling them at my own counter now. big salute to zidisha family. thanks big

Raising cattle

merci encore une fois les prêteurs c'est grâce a vous que je puisse obtenir mon champion de rêve voir il est mignon

Mini-pharmacy for my community

Hi to the entire family at Zidisha..., i have just received my loan disbursement. I am but so happy . words alone cant even describe my gratitude. all i will say is that i am so grateful for such kind gesture. i am going for my inventory right away. From today onwards , i will be able to serve more people in my community. it is said that close to creating a life is to help save one and as i am in the health sector ,i am so happy that through my little effort i am been able to help and contribute towards providing health care in my community and country at large.....I am young and my dream is to be able to reach out to more people in the near future by opening more shops and branches nationwide and later continent wide. however, i see myself learning my small beginnings. To all the lenders on this platform and to those that lent to me in particular, i want to say thank u and i am very grateful. however, you are staring at one of the greatest social entrepreneur to evolve from Africa in the near future . starting point was yesterday but today, your help and loan has giving me grounds to dream big. thank you and God bless you so much.Ones again, i have receive the loan that all of you lenders funded for me......

Mini-pharmacy for my community

Hey Edward, I see you received your loan today - just in time for Christmas, eh? :) I'm glad, and hope that things work out well for you. No, not hope - I KNOW things will work out well for you. Go make it happen.

Merry Christmas,

House roofing materials (timber & iron sheets)

Hi lender.
I did attend a wedding on 6th Dec and attached find a photo taken by the Camera i bought from the loan received.
Thanks for the smile.

Regards Joshua

Sale of bedsheets

Dear lenders, i am so happy, thrilled and well I have no words. You have funded my loan within a day, I still don't believe this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you all. I promise to repay the loan in time as I have always done. I wish you all a merry merry xmas and a happy new year. May God grant you all the desires of your heart. Thank you Zidisha - you are great and keep up the good work.


Expand barbershop and potato farm

Hi Leonhard,
do you use organic fertilizer from your cow or industrial fertilizers?
All the best

Rabbit farming

the business is growing steadily day by day having increased my stock from 10 rabbits to 20 within a short period.Again i must say thank you lenders for this worthy course.

Add stock for my clothes shop

Hello jane! Let me assure you that you are at the right place. in my life, I have never me human beings with such kindness as I have seen here at zindisha. Am sure you wish shall be fulfilled in time so that you can invest the funds and repay back in time. All the best.

Residential house construction

Dear Lenders,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting me with your money. I have managed to improve the stoke of goods in my shop by introducing varieties of goods. This is slowly attracting more customer to my shop as well as boosting my income. If things continues this way i can surely predict a brighter future for my business, and my family. Please continue with the same spirit.
God bless you!

Kind regards,

Paul Mutie

Buying indegenous chickens for re-sell during christmas

my kids mellisa and spencer

Seeds, fertilizer,fungicides and pestcides for my farm

New capsicum plants have not yet installed a complete drip system.

Seeds, fertilizer,fungicides and pestcides for my farm

Hi guys thank you for the loan i secured from you.It has pushed me a step further.I was able to install a drip system for my farm which cut my labor expense by half from $43.76 to$25.68 and also increased production from my crops due to continuous supply water .

I.T. service and training center

Thank you so much the Zidisha Team. I am elated to have fully paid the third loan today. This has been enabled by the sustainable rates that you give us. Increased earnings from the investment has continued helping me with my farming and BPO processes. I have also gone back to school for my PhD in Project Management. I am contributing positively to my poor neighborhood as a beacon of hope and a motivator to the young generation. I have been able to hold informal sessions with the youths where we discuss various matters of life and how they can positively channel their energy. Finding Zidisha was one of my engagements in the past few years. May you keep the good work up!!! I will be filling in a form for the fourth loan once the last installment for this one has been credited.

New building and computers & UPS back-up, for my training centre

Thanks for your support! :)


Help mother buy stock merchandise

A neighbor stops by to shop during the evening. Ismail is helping her:


Help mother buy stock merchandise

Here is a view of the corridor where Ismail's family lives, and a view of his home business from the outside:

Deposit for farmland purchase

Happy Holidays!!!


Help mother buy stock merchandise

Dear Lenders,

I’m Peter, an intern with Zidisha currently working in Indonesia. This month I made a trip to Surabaya, East Java, to visit our borrowers. Surabaya is a city of over 2.5 million people, but thankfully it’s much easier to navigate than Jakarta. While I was there I got to meet Rachmat Ismail (he goes by “Ismail”), who is one of Zidisha’s earliest clients in Surabaya. He found us independently through online research, and soon began recommending Zidisha to his friends after his own positive experience.

Ismail lives with his relatives in a traditional Indonesian semi-enclosed neighborhood (“kampung”) in the Petemon area of Surabaya. For the past year, Ismail has been working as a dental technician. For seven years before this, however, he worked as a photocopy machine technician, gaining valuable experience that allowed him to start a side business as a photocopy machine salesman and repairman. Ismail used Zidisha loans to support this business, and even named his shop after Zidisha!

Ismail is shopping for a new location for his photocopy machine business – one that is closer to his home than the previous space. Although his shop is currently closed, he continues to service and sell photocopy machines on his own – sometimes even delivering machines to other cities in Java. Like many Indonesians, Ismail also helps with a family enterprise. He and his mother run a shop out of their house that supplies the neighborhood with snacks, water, toiletries, and other daily goods. Neighbors stroll by throughout the day, stopping at the door to make purchases. It’s much easier to visit a neighbor than to venture out of the kampung in search of a grocery store. The income from this business is supporting Ismail’s mother, and also helping Ismail save money in anticipation of reopening his photocopy machine shop.

Visiting Ismail’s family was a great experience. While eating snacks generously provided by his mother, we watched Indonesian soap operas and talked about his business and experience with Zidisha. Ismail is very knowledgeable about Zidisha, and gives his time as a Volunteer Mentor to help other borrowers use the service and recruit responsible new borrowers. He is a wonderful resource for the borrowers around him, and a model Zidisha client.

Below are some pictures of Ismail's home business:

Buying a photocopy machine for computer repair business

with my students

Build a new compound for my cassava business

Siaka, I'm very glad there was a solution. I certainly hope that your life goes more smoothly from this point on. Hoping all is well for you and your family, Jim Vandegriff