Landon Elscott


United States


Lead Engineer for a small company with avid interest and involvement in financial markets and investment activities, such as real estate and equities. Impressed by the humanitarian lending/microfinance concepts, decided to get further involved with Zidisha on the Loan Profile Review team. Passionate about growing economies in impoverished areas through compassionate lending that encourages growth and self-sufficiency. Married to a beautiful wife with a daughter.

While debt often receives a bad reputation as a result of credit abuse, making credit abuse the focus often ignore the fact that credit is a powerful financial tool that allows for growth in both first world and third world economies.

Certainly, the United States has had its fair share of credit issues, but lending - interest growth - and the concept of faith in borrowers has also allowed the country to prosper in ways that provide the population as a whole access to clean water and other basic necessities that many nations view as luxuries.

Imagine if every small businesses owner was forced to start a business without financing and necessitated cash up front and suddenly you can see why responsible lending is a key contributor to economic development. Commercial growth and job creation would be impossibly slow - and yet, for certain areas in poverty, a lack of available credit or credit at exhorbiant fees results in just that...little to no economic growth.

That is why I joined Zidisha. I believe lending can be mutually beneficial and help small business owners grow their revenues. Zidisha shows that lending isn't just for the "sharks" of the world and that everyone can truly lend a helping hand.

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