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Phibianah Mwasi

Mombasa, Kenya

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Phibianah Mwasi

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January 2015

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About Me

My name is Phibi, a mother of two - children aged 8 and 1 year old. I was born in the coast region of Kenya. I was born and bred in Taita county near the coast of Kenya. I was educated up to secondary level and then went to the city of Mombasa for college education.

While in Mombasa, I did a course in hospitality and computerized secretary. I later got a job in a transport firm and I worked there until 2010 when I quit to start livestock farming. I decided to quit my formal employment to break the monotony of doing routine work day in out.

I am a hard working woman with a sharp focus of raising my kids well by providing them with quality education as well as securing their future.

My Business

I started livestock business some five years ago. I do this activity on my acre piece of land which I bought with my savings when I was employed. I started this activity since I realized there was a need to supply fresh milk to my neighbors who used to rely on processed milk which is expensive and treated with preserving chemicals.

I have managed to increase my herd of cows to 4 heads and they produce milk which fetch around $650 per month. The monthly expenses go up to around $350 thus leaving me with a profit of $300. I use this money for my supporting my family.

Loan Proposal

My farming is going on well and I am glad my customers are equally growing exponentially. Demand farm, dairy and poultry produce has gone up in recent times due to high growth of population in my area.

To address this demand, I want to lease more land and put it under cultivation. I have identified one acre of land which is not far from my place and this will cost me around USD 600 for three years. I need to use the remaining balance to prepare the land, buy fertilizer and seeds.

I want to continue with my horticulture farming since I am well established in this area and there is a high demand for the same.





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Sep 19, 2017

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On Time

Projected term

19 months

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Service fee: $34.54



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