"Sema Hapana" ("Say 'No' To Drugs") - illustrated kids' book


Kiambu, Kenya

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About Me

I was born in Nairobi. As a child I enjoyed learning and doing experiments. Attended the local public schools and studied up to degree level at at th Jomo Kenyatta University of agricultre and Technology where I studied electrical engineering and graduated.
After graduation I worked as a technician for three years. My interest in e-learning led me to start a business developing local content for schools called Gwiji software. The business was featured on Business Daily April 4 2008.

Challenges in schools compelled me to work as a part time lecturer in one of the local colleges.
In the year 2016 I registered Takajua multimedia Developers to develop multimedia content.
Where I live there is a tree with birds of which give interesting melodies and the land is beautiful especially on sunny days.

My Business

Takajua Multimedia main work is to telling stories online.

The business involves content development and illustration, scripting - posting or uploading of the story. The illustrations are appealing and help in learning.

The schools are closed and many are looking for online solutions. So far I have the website takajua.com and the youtube channel takajua and registered the business Takajua Multimedia. Content development takes time and requires a pc with stable internet connection.

I chose this business because I saw the need for illustrative learning in understanding concepts in stories and also because I like working and helping children to learn. I am also good in illustration.

To develop a single video lasting an average of 3 min takes about a week to create. If they are good with time they will attract audience. The paltform can then be used to market other related products.

The proceeds can be used to get a stable income or even take the business to another level. .

Now because of the pandemic I am online to tell stories and make small documentaries for children and young people. You can see the site takajua.com.

Project Proposal

As a continuation of the project 'Sema Hapana' Say no to Drugs book for children.
The first time the loan from Zidisha a first version of the book was developed - learned my audience(the children and their parents and teachers). It was successful.
Ten copies of the book were printed at 5,000 shillings because of the small quantity. When printed in bulk(100 and above) the price per copy would drop significantly.
With the story line complete the intention is to have it launched(at the library this month) and 100 copies to be sold in 3 months(am modest here).
First time there was no profit as no sales were made. The money had to be paid back to maintain trust.
The illustrated story book will help children in tackling the drug menace by empowering them to say no whenever they see these drugs. It will also help me to become an author of children's books.
If a 100 copies are printed at 100 shillings per copy this is equal to 10,000 shillings and sold at 200 shillings to meet costs of editing and illustration. Profit will depend on the number of copies printed.

My Videos

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