T-shirts for my cybercafe / branding business

Morine Mwangi

Nairobi, Kenya

26% repaid



Morine Mwangi


Nairobi, Kenya

On-time repayments

163 weekly installments  •  85%

About Me

I was born and raised in a small village in the slopes of mount Kenya. In my childhood days, I always dreamt of being a writer and I started writing as early as when I was 10 years.

I used to write short stories for my friends to read and they would really appreciate. My English teacher especially encouraged me that I was a good writer and this was a great motivation for me.

By the time I had joined high school, I knew I wanted to write, focusing on educating children on issues affecting our community day by day. So far, I have been able to write and publish two books that are already in the market. Book one is titled Disability is not Inability, that encourages all children that no matter the challeges they face, they can make it in life.

Book 2 in a short story that teaches children between the age of 6 - 7 about HIV/AIDs, how it is spread as well as the care of those who are affected and those that are infected.

Through the money that I have raised by selling my books, I have been able to open up a small printing and photocopy shop. I would like to expand my business to become a cyber cafe with several computers. I would also like to start selling printing materials and stationery to maximize on the space that I have in my shop as well as to generate more income.

The extra income will also facilitate me to hold talks to reach out to more children to educate and encourage them that they can also make it in life.

My Business

In my shop, I also offer graphic design, branding, typing and printing, document lamination, document binding document scanning, printing and photocopy services. I chose this business because I am able to meet and interact with many people.

Through offering all the stated services, and having expanded my business with the last zidisha loan, I am able to make about Ksh. 7,000 per day. This amount minus the cost of the day which includes, toner for the photocopier, ink for my ink jet printer, printing and photocopying papers, lamination papers and electricity leaves me with about Ksh. 3,500 per day as the profit.

Loan Proposal

I plan to purchase t-shirts as stock for my branding business. With the last zidisha loan I was able to buy a tshirt branding machine and now I need to bring in some T-shirts stock to noost the business flow.

Income Source

True, doing business during this period of covid-19 has been tough but I have learnt that being consistent despite the situation has helped me to earn myself regular clients. This way, I will be able to repay this loan and even future loans as I seek to grow my business more.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jul 11, 2021

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: 5% of $539.90 = $26.99

Credit risk payment: $107.98



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  • Morine Mwangi    Oct 19, 2021

    Slow business returns

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  • Morine Mwangi    Sep 14, 2021

    Business is still down so far. Thanks #teamzidisha for your support.

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  • Morine Mwangi    Aug 16, 2021

    business is still slow

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  • Morine Mwangi    Jul 19, 2021

    Hello team Zidisha. I request to reduce my installment amount since I just managed to bring in the tshirts I purchased with the loan this week. Thanks for understanding.

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  • Morine Mwangi    Jul 11, 2021

    Thank you so much team zidisha. This loan will go a long way in boosting my business.

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  • nikko    Jun 26, 2021

    Hello Morine,

    Congratulations on your incredible business success. I just saw your current loan request & took some time to read everything & learn more about you and your amazing business.
    First, your childrens books are wonderful! I live my life from a wheelchair, and your books caught my attention.
    It is clear, you are a woman of strong spirit, harnessed by a sharp intellect and driven by healthy dose of motivation.

    Im honoured to be among your supporters,

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    • Morine Mwangi    Jun 27, 2021

      @Nikko, thank you so much for your positive words and support. Zidisha loans have been part of the growth journey for my business.
      Do feel free to check out more about my writing and community development work at www.literatureafricafoundat...

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  • Morine Mwangi    Jun 26, 2021

    Thank you team zidisha for the last loan, my business has grown and I have been able to diversify my services.

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  • Morine Mwangi    May 24, 2021

    Business is still operating on the low at this time.

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  • Morine Mwangi    Apr 10, 2021

    Business has gone down due to lock down in my country Kenya as a result of a third wave of COVID-19 being experienced in the country. More specifically Nairobi County where my business is located is among the 5 counties that have been put on lock down. Additionally, there are mandatory curfews which begin from 8pm to 4am which has reduced the number of business hours. This in turn has reflected on reduced flow of clients but I am hopeful things will improve once the lock down and curfews are lifted.

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  • Morine Mwangi    Feb 23, 2021

    I would like to request to adjust my installments to 1128, citing unforeseen circumstances at the business which has led to the business incurring some unforeseen expenditure this month. One of the printers developed a problem that required replacement of one of it's part that is quite expensive. Thank you for your understanding and I hope to get back on track in terms of the pre-agreed installments soonest.

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  • Morine Mwangi    Feb 11, 2021

    The heatpress t-shirt branding machine I purchased with the last zidisha loan.

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  • Morine Mwangi    Feb 11, 2021

    With the loan, I was able to purchase a heatpress t-shirt branding machine. Thank you for the loan Zidisha. Now my business is more profitable.

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  • Morine Mwangi    Jan 24, 2021

    Thank you for the loan team zidisha. It will go a long wa y in boosting my business. I will keep you updated on the progress.

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  • Morine Mwangi    Dec 13, 2017

    thanks team zidisha!

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  • Morine Mwangi    Dec 12, 2017

    I live in Nairobi, a very busy city and this being the holiday season, I hope to take my family on holiday at the coast as we usher in the new year. I have two wonderful kids and they look forward to spending time on the sandy beaches of Mombasa

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  • Morine Mwangi    Dec 12, 2017

    Thank you team zidisha for believing in entrepreneurs like me.

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  • Morine Mwangi    Dec 12, 2017

    At my cyber cafe

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  • Morine Mwangi    Dec 12, 2017

    Thank you #teamzidisha!

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  • Morine Mwangi    Dec 12, 2017

    I am glad that my business profits especially in the last months. I was able to buy computers with my last zidisha loan which increased the customer flow at my cbyer cafe.

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  • Morine Mwangi    Dec 11, 2017

    I would like to increase my installment amount from the current 500 to 10,000, this is due to my monthly income/profit having changed for the better. Thank you team zidisha, your loan has really propelled my business upwards.

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