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Making & selling clothing

This is the result of a loan zidisha I earn and I will be growing bigger as I expected. and I will finish it later .. The proof of the results of the loan ..

Another greenhouse for my farm

Watering my farm ,courtesy of the loan.Thanks lenders

Another greenhouse for my farm

I can now spray my farm to keep diseases at bay

A new motorbike to boost my courier business

Got my first Zidisha loan today. I am very elated!!! Thank you for this opportunity. Let the work begin.

Computer project worth $300

hi zidisha ,
thanks to your support,i have been able to buy another camera and recruted another person to help me in my job

For direct sales of second-hand clothes in an open market

Anther one,my excitement has no end.

For direct sales of second-hand clothes in an open market

Hi to all my zidisha family and to my lenders,Ifact i cant regret having joined this institution i have been having a successful repayment of my loan without difficulties because i choose a reasonable amount to pay and appropriate duration and i can clear all my bills and afford meals with my lovely daughter at the same time saving a little as i pay my loan.I cant wait to see my business grow to a big multi-profit zone.All this is thanks to my lenders and zidisha family at large.Two more installments and my loan will be cleared.I hope to increase my income tremendously next time.Happy to be linked with zidisha family.

Expansion of my home supplies shop

my neighbors are asking me what is actually putting smiles on my face everyday and i tell them zidisha and her wonderful lenders make my dreams come through, even my dad has started asking of how to even join this platform to service his broken down taxi cab and i tell him to join us at anytime thank you lenders am highly grateful

Buy a toolbox for my repair work

I am now approaching the end of my loan repayment and I must say it has been a good experience. I was given this loan towards the end of March this year and it has been of great help to me. I had no prior experience of borrowing credit due to strict and hard to meet conditions set by local lenders. Initially I was a bit sceptical about Zidisha because I thought it was a hoax or maybe they have other hidden charges. I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong. Not only did I get my money within a very short time, but I realized there were no hidden charges.

I have paid my loan faithfully for the last 6 months and I am now planning to apply for a second loan as soon I finish the current one. I will remain faithful to my lenders and I believe with your support, I will move my business to great heights.

Help me teach and sell my transcription service

I would like to reschedule my loan. I'm expanding my business by opening a training college and due to the expansion I will take a short break as funds will be channeled to the expansion phase and once I've finished setting up the training center I will proceed with the repayments. The training center I am opening will be operational in three weeks time and will help educate and empower youths to be able to do transcription jobs from home and be able to earn some income.

Goats for the Christmas festivals

Hello everyone, I am very much greatful to the great zidisha flaternity for the great wonderful things you have done mostly changing the lives of many around the world and mostly here in Kenya. I am one of the beneficiarys of these loans having received my second loan on mid June this year ,this has made my business to climb another level on terms of profits and by this I have been able to get approximately 20% more profits making it possible for me to pay my bills and take care of my family without any problems, I have also identified other areas that I am willing to invest and I am making the plans to add more income. Below is a photo of some of the simcards that I purchased with my last loan and keep on repurchasing since they have very good profits.
Iam a very happy man thanks to Ms Julia kurnia for this great platform the technical team that makes sure that the system is smooth and working ,the staff who volunteer their precious time for the success of this platform, Zidisha lenders who trust us with their money to see us succeed in our projects, the zidisha VMS who volunteer their time for the success of this great platform and also all the trustworthy borrowers who make sure they honour their agreements.
I love you more dear friends.

Rabbit and strawberry business expansion

Here are some of my farm's photo's.

Rabbit and strawberry business expansion

Here are some of the photos of the business, so far; both the strawberries and rabbit farm. The last photo is the weighing scale that I recently bought.


Accounting degree tuition fee

Helping others creates a legacy that will never fade!

Boost my salon business

my salon , situated at Shabab, just next to Bells

Repainting my "matatu" bus

Hello my Zidisha family thank you very much again for standing with me and trusting me. Business is still doing great and I am very sure by the help of you lenders and the whole Zidisha family I will be able to achieve my dreams. God bless you so much for what you are doing. Attached kindly find the kind of seats I installed to one of my matatu by using my first loan.

Venturing into farm inputs: cereals and vegetables

I appreciate Zidisha community once more for the previous loan. Actually, my business is growing day by day. Through this, am able to improve the family life-style. I want to expand my business and have my own stall in the market where i can able to store my cereals. Your help is highly appreciated.God bless you.

Inventory of pudding dishes, forks, glasses, and a cooler

thanks djkmoran for your support lam so much grateful,lam happy to hear your children love watermelon that's good because watermelon are of nutrition value to our body,watermelon are always available to me in the months of October to December during this period l normally go to purchase them in Loitoktok a distance of 450km from Nakuru town,in the month of January to March l fetch them in Baringo a distance of 150km from Nakuru town sometimes we fetch them in Uganda depending on the climatic condition l will be very happy if one day you and your family visit Kenya so that l take you around and eat watermelon freshly from the farm and enjoy our beautiful terrain as well

Loan to work out faults in my taxi

I have received the loan and my faulty car is now working . I thank zidisha lenders for helping me out

Capital for clothing business & paying kids' school fees

Secondly i bought 8 pairs of Khanga commonly known as "leso" here in Mombasa used by women to wrap around when at home. Later i will post a photo of me in khanga but there are so many uses of khanga eg. carrying baby,stitch clothes,curtains,pillow case nd many more...
Buying price: 3,600.00 Kenya Shillings ( 450.00 Kenya shillings each pair)
Selling price: 4,400.00 Kenya Shilling ( 550.00 Kenya shilling each pair)
Profit: 800

Supply of medicines for my pharmacy

At Dawalane Chemists we are very greatful to the Lenders who have pledged on this course and still urge other Lenders that we can make this to actualize tonight. My previous loan has increased daily sales output to over USD 150 from slightly above USD 100 before part of this proceeds have enabled me employ one additional staff and clear my wife's college fees and awaiting for her graduation end year while helping us in the pharmacy management.Re-stock and computerized sales will position us to efficiently offer services in Migosi in Kondele of Kisumu city.

House roofing materials (timber & iron sheets)

Hallo zidisha family and my Lenders. Today am here to share a funny moment we shared with my family. From some saving from my profits of the new computer i brought from the loan. I brought my daughter a small guitar today. (she has been asking for it for sometime) so when my wife took the guitar home, my daughter tried to play it then she asked when is the music now. she made us laugh and felt very happy that cause of zidisha have managed to not only boost my income but buy my child something she wanted so badly. i hope she'll learn soon enough how to use it. Thanks to zidisha and my lenders.

Working capital for my slim-fit suit clothing shop

Hi Christy!
Thank you for your message. I trust you are well. Yes, things are getting better. We haven't had any more insecurity incidents. Considering the clients we received last month, business is picking up and we are optimistic. Moreover, UK has lifted it's travel advisory and that will really help to boost international arrivals to Kenya. We really hope for the best! Thank you.