Photo printer, camera and computers for my cybercafe

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Amount Requested: $1,665.00
Still Needed: $1,250.00
Application Expires: Apr 27, 2017
Repayment Frequency: Weekly Projected Term: 23 months
Cost of Loan: $82.66
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5% of $1,665.00 = $82.66

About Me

I am a 29 yr old Kenyan, a Graduate, and an entrepreneur. My childhood desire has been to create employment (not to seek employment). Many youths in Kenya seek employment, which creates a large gap between employers and employees. I want to bridge this gap by creating jobs for everyone who seek it. However, I cannot do it alone; Zidisha can help me build businesses that not only sustain my family and me but also offer sources of income to other employees. I challenge everyone to help create employment for the youth to uplift our society.

My Business

My current business deals with computer services. At the moment, my business offers PC games and repairs/maintenance. However, I need to upgrade it to offer other services such as photocopying, printing, design, and computer school. This is a gradual process, but I hope it shall come to pass as well as induce the youth to venture into businesses as well as create employment for them.

Loan Proposal

Firstly, may I thank the Lenders, through Zidisha for aiding me to reach this far, I am really grateful, your inspirations have been wonderful, they have made me anew, to work to create opportunities for our people. This time round I'd like to give an edge to my mini-cyber by introducing new products like photo printing ($800) and additional 3 computers ($750), and repairs ($ 130). These will enable me to attract more customers and create more opportunities for others eg. photographers who will print photos cheaply at my shop, thanks.

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  • jo     Aug 29, 2016


    Hi William, I see you are mentor to a lot of people. You are an inspiration to us all. I have organized a team to write a proposal to bring zidisha to Uganda. Part of the process is to interview zidisha staff members to better understand how zidisha p2p lending works. As a mentor are you considered a staff member? Do you know interact with any staff members ? In your opinion what is the best way to contact staff members, so we can set up an interview? Any advice you care to give would be greatly appreciated. Thx, Joe

    • William Ochieng     Aug 29, 2016

      Hello, Jo, thanks for your encouragement and inquiry. Currently, Zidisha Volunteer mentors are not considered staff members, but we can contact staff members through email to: for more info, check with Also, zidisha has a forum where we can advice them on ways of providing better services, I believe once you have contacted them through email, you can have a skype interview with them, and thanks for lending me Jo.

  • Matt B     Aug 28, 2016


    William is extremely hard working, and always does his best to make the repayments.

    • William Ochieng     Aug 28, 2016

      Thanks Matt B, I am grateful and I will keep the hard work with a view to improving on it!

  • Flipmore     Aug 27, 2016


    William is a responsible borrower.


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Photo printer, camera and computers for my cybercafe

William Ochieng
Rang'ala, Kenya

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