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Grace Njoki

Nairobi, Kenya

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Grace Njoki

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November 2016

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About Me

I am Grace, a mother of 1 girl who is a teenager now. I was born in Nyeri in central Kenya where I used to help my parents with household chores. I went to primary school and then proceeded to secondary school.

I later got married to my husband and relocated to Mombasa where he opened a shop business for me. I have been doing this business for the last 8 years. I relocated to Nairobi last year since there are better opportunities here.

My Business

I run a small shop (kiosk) in the city of Nairobi. My kiosk is stocked with household items such as sugar, flour, cooking oil, etc. It caters for people who do small shopping or those who do not have time to go to supermarket and malls. It is located near a residential estate and the people in the neighborhood find it very convenient to shop here.

This business provides for all my expenses like house rent, school fees for my only daughter and other necessities. I have been doing this business for the last 8years and I am glad I have kept it going despite some challenges that come along the way. I believe in honesty and hard work and I hope to diversify my business and venture in other areas like catering once I get enough capital for such investment.

Loan Proposal

Like the previous loans, I will use this one to increase my stock but this time I specifically want to store one item. There is a sharp shortage of maize flour which is the staple food in Kenya.

For this reason, I want to get it directly from the miller but they sell in large quantities. I will be able to get about 300 packets of the floor packed in 1 and 2kgs. This will last for a few weeks and I hope to make a good profit since there is a high demand of this item.

Your assistance is highly appreciated.






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Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jul 25, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

5 months



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