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Alex Kioko

Kangemi, Kenya

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Alex Kioko

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February 2015

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About Me

I was born and raised in Makueni County, Mwisini Village.
Let me first help you understand the nature of my region.
It's hot and dry, and the people who live in this area are
poverty-stricken. All the rivers source are seasonal. Growing up, I didn't have even the privilege of nature favoring me. I walked to school for kilometers barefoot and the ground was ever so hot. In my family, we only had two meals each day. Education was a challenge. As a child, my dream was to learn and know how to read and write in Swahili and in English. Because I didn't have any materials to read, I would borrow old newspapers from a neighbor to practice my reading and to try to memorize new vocabulary. I learned a lot through the old newspapers.
I learned about the world, and about the country's political environment. And whenever I read it, I felt connected with the world.
My wife and I have a son.

My Business

My business is a mini koisk where I retail consumables to the people who live around Hinga Road. My shop retails sugar, rice, salt, baking flour, ugali flour, and packed milk. This kiosk has everything a client would need for breakfast, lunch, and supper. I have created a great clientele base. They rely on my services and products, on a daily basis.
I sell to over 200 people. I open at 5a.m. and I close shop at 11p.m.
This is what earns me a living. I take care of my family's needs from the income that is generated from this kiosk. I pay for rent and food, and I also am in school and get my school fees from my business.

Loan Proposal

The loan is going to help boost my current business because of the need to have the cooking oil sold in small quantities, in the informal areas where I run my business in kangemi people are moving towards using liquid cooking oil, and I have noticed how inefficient I am when I measure with a measuring cup a lot of it spills over, I want to purchase a vending machine that measure the quantities of the cooking oil from a s low as 10kshs all the was to 100 kshs, and the job of the machine is to measure and bring the exact amount of the values of the money inserted in the machine, the machine will cost me 90,000 kshs to purchase it new, to install it will cost me 15,000kshs, to get my first stock of oil into the machine will cost me 6000kshs. this machine is going to add value to my current business and my wife is going to run it and see to it that customers get value for their money and the keep coming. The profits from the business will go to growing the business and maintaining the machine and paying the electricity bill. My daughter will be starting school in another year or so , this will help me start saving for her school fees, also to take care of my family .The profits will help grow the business, help save for my daughter's fees and have a descent life.





  • melissapmeier    Apr 7, 2017

    Best wishes for your continued success. I would be happy to lend to you again!

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Classic Loan

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Oct 18, 2018

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4 months




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