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To help restock my livestock farm

To my African brother that funded I say a special thank you that is because I understand the challenges of being an African. Whatever you spared, was something that most likely have a high opportunity cost to you. God will bless the African people. To my American brother I say thank you so much. What you gave will go a long way in strengthening my prospect in business. God bless. The main project in front of my is the restocking of my pig farm that got depleted because of the last lockdown

Peanuts roasting and deep frying business

Dear Zidisha lenders. Thank you for your patience. I have been having ups and downs here and there. I believe to have successfully cleared the loan issued to me. I look forward to working with you in future. Wishing you all the best. Thank you

Loan to add to other money to import car dash cameras

Hi Lenders, through the loan that I got I have been able to import 140 car dash Cameras, so far I have sold 75 car dash cams. Am grateful for your help

Procurement of additional doors and windows for rental house

Greetings. I confirm receipt of Kes 37500, thank you! This will help greatly to push my project forward.

Feed the birds

A very special thank you to all lenders who contributed in funding my project. I have recieved my loan of 2456 cedis which I have used to purchase some soyabean meal and dried maize to help me "Feed the Birds". I know with this support I can continue to produce high quality nutritious eggs for my customers and increase my profit margin. I really appreciate all your support, encouragement and contributions. Cheers

Water purification service

This the tender award letter which we are waiting the government system to open so we can start delivering drinking water.

Water purification service

Hello Lenders,

Stock of cotton bedsheets

Dear Lenders, Team Zidisha,
From the loan received I managed to acquire a bale of cotton bedsheets for reselling. Along also retailing natural food products I.e Natural Honey,Peanutbutter, Himalayan salt, Chia seeds, etc.
Thank you for your support.

Kind Regards,

Farm inputs for pre-trained urban farmers

True your sentiments here. It is estimated that half of world population live in Cities & Urban Areas. By 2050, this may go 75%.

And this shall put immense pressure on demand for Food in Urban Areas and cities.

Growing your own food has many socioeconomic, climatic and psychological benefits.

It's our wish to partner with Urban households and Urban communities to strengthen urban food systems as way of ending extreme hunger, malnutrition and extreme poverty.

Our business model promotes the adoption of simple Urban Farming Technologies but with high food productivity.

We shall prosper...

Farm inputs for pre-trained urban farmers

I watched your video, Nixon. This is really great work you're doing!

Pandemic or no pandemic, this is the way of the future, to help solve the problem of food insecurity all over the world, especially since the global human population still is growing exponentially (please see my page, and no "TLDR" allowed, lol). Anyway, I wish that whoever planted the trees in my yard, decades ago, had planted food-bearing trees instead of other types of trees. I have grown food in large pots on homemade caddies on my backyard patio, though, and also in the ground in my backyard. I used to do this every year, but it's become more challenging with the effects of climate change: unpredictable and sometimes very wildly fluctuating temperatures to extremes of both very hot and very cold, sometimes in only twenty-four hours or less, so I think a greenhouse probably would be helpful. Anyway, even some edible plants, such as herbs, can be grown in pots inside the house. Everything helps. :)

Thank you for doing the important work you're doing and also for teaching others, as well.

I just saw a reference to Isaiah 66:15-24 on another borrower's page tonight (morning where you are), so I looked it up: [Isaiah-6615-24-the-goal-of-life/].

Best wishes, and please stay safe! :)

Farm inputs for pre-trained urban farmers

Thanks very much my backers. We shall be able to purchase farm inputs for onward sale to our customers

To help me buy more eggplant and tomato inputs to grow & sell

I used these fund to buy farm inputs and thank you

To purchase quality farming inputs, such as certified seeds

God bless you Mr Felix and madam Ophelia

To put toward buying machine-cut stones to sell to customers

my current loan has enabled me purchased machine cut stones stuck below, which I supplied to the government institutions for a better rate per PC, which has boosted my business capital by 60%
my profit from this supply has also enabled me to pay school fees to my daughter who joined the university as well as two orphans who also joined form one (O- level )respectively .

Producing a new music album

Hi, thanks for funding my project. The funds will help me create a new Ep where I will rent some editing plugins, advertise the release and as well pay for distribution. The funds will help to easen the whole project. Thanks for funding me. Don't forget to share the same good light with others. Stay safe.

Stocking baking ingredients for sale

May your business continue to grow

Purchase of ingredients for making chocolate praline & buy stock of goods

Today I have paid in installments again, little by little until it is paid off. Hopefully everything will be made easier so that you can pay again as soon as possible, thank you.

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Hari ini saya sudah mencicil lagi angsuran, sedikit-sedikit sampai lunas. Semoga dimudahkan segala urusannya agar dapat membayar lagi secepatnya, terimakasih.

Pharmacy/chemist expansion


Buying recycled goods

Thanks for the loan,it's helps ,God bless zidisha

Selling cassava and other vegetables

Hello my lenders payment is done and the business is moving good.

Purchase of phones and accessories

I used the to buy phones accessories, phone covers, phone chargers, phone batteries and the likes.. The loan really helped me.

Vegetable garden

I'm grateful dear lenders for your help I really appreciate you so much for your continued support towards my business. I have received the money thanks slot again.

Stocking baking ingredients for sale

I want to say a big thanks to my lenders. I have been able to purchase some baking ingredients and sales has been great. This new loan will still make a great difference in my business and I will greatly come back to appreciate all who have made my project a success.

Pharmacy/chemist expansion

Thank you soo much my lenders may God bless you for your good hrt

Tranquil Rehabilitation & Counseling Center

I thank you Lenders/ Zidisha Team for the support you have accorded me over the years.
My last loan was of great help in our Rehab/Counseling Centre.
I need to point out that things were not easy due to COVID-19 but we are matching on positively in regard to growth.
We are also working with the community on matters drugs and alcohol abuse awareness and prevention.
With the new loan, I will enhance a side business that will be of support to the Counselling Centre.

Thank you very much.

Loan to buy feed pellets for rabbits (and seedlings)

How are you good people? It's my hope you are fine and keeping on well. I have been able to continue with my projects well. The rabbits are increasing on well. Currently I have 3 mothers with their own kits. The seedlings are also prospering on well although the harsh weather is deterring customers to buy the seedlings for planting since there is little or no rain at all. But I have seen some good improvements in the farm.

Thanks so much for your support. Its indeed an awesome feeling ..

Supplying herbal products to shops

The previous loan, part was use to established new company on herbal cream, and herbal tonic for men, payment on previous delayed due to this new product, it send me to rural area due to get more herbs to produce more..

Online freelancing on "Fiverr", etc.

Greetings Mr Okero and Mr Malunde. I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue pursuing my online businesses through this project you have funded. With these funds I will be able to pay for an Annual subscription on where I will obtain knowledge on a diverse number of topics but more specifically on how to improve my online freelancing , marketing skills as well as my art skills. I like to take the opportunity to thank you again for your support and I hope to be of some support to someone else when I repay this pay it forward loan.
Your Faithfully,
Kapambwe Kapepula.

Extra machines for my barbershop

This platform has really helped me a lot. My business is doing better. Thanks so much

Farm inputs for pre-trained urban farmers

We purchased 10 packets Certified Seeds, 1,000 Nursery Seedlings and 20units of Organic Fertilizers for onward sale to the newly recruited farmers.

This shall allow farmers to commence planting and production of vegetables immediately and start harvesting from the third week. This shall allow them have own food for their households while at the same time get extra income from the sale of the produce to neighbours

This shall contribute to our growth through sale of farm inputs to the urban farmers whom are our primary customers

Expansion of my restaurant business

I am wishing you well, Priscilla. Best wishes from California. All the best, Jim

Expansion of my restaurant business

Hi Priscilla, You're more than welcome. I hope that it is beneficial to you.

Expansion of my restaurant business

Hello Jim and Franmiguel, thank you very much for supporting me again. I appreciate your trust in me and your going out of your way to investing in me to grow. I’m going to use the funds for the exact purpose, to purchase more food stuff for an increasing demand. Best wishes to you.

Buy 43" TV for my video hall

this the hall that i intend to put the 43'' TV for showing football leagues

Coconut seedlings

Donald majori, Maria Lawler,Ren, sundstrom, [email protected]
Thanks you very much for funding my project l would use the money to buy more coconut pod for my nursery.

Personal loan

Am very grateful for the lenders and the ideas behind this site it has really helped those in need. May God bless you all

Developing a new salon business centre

Dear lenders am so grateful to be part of this great Zidisha community as member, since I joined and started accessing online loans, my business has greatly improved.

My salon now is one of the best in town which is offering best services in terms of hair services, cosmetics and other beauty make up for ladies.

I earn huge profits for all the services I make and my dream has been released because of your support to you all my lenders and the backers of my previous. Let me take this great opportunity to thank you all for your efforts and support for the success of beauty parlour shop salon. To you all say thank you and may God bless you all.

To put toward buying a sewing machine

My lovely lenders yes i received the loan and i thank you so much. It really helped me in my business

Water purification service

Hello Lenders
Trust you all doing well,we are doing well to with my second born turning 9yrs today.its such a sweet thing seeing her grow from day one step by step.

Honey business

I received my first loan. Thank you

Online sales of beauty products & tuna

My Nivea package for online sales..Almost out of stock now but I'll like to restock before the year ends.

Online sales of beauty products & tuna

I was into retail of canned tuna too aside my nivea product and I'll use my next funded loan to buy the product for my online/direct sales. A box of tuna now gone up and so prices will change for my next retail

Addition of one more computer in my cyber

I bought one more computer for my shop, Thanks to Zidisha for the loan , indeed grateful

Mobile money business loan

Am requesting for this loan to help me to grow the business, my business at the moment has small capital to make more transaction of sending money transfers and withdrawing, thereby earning more profits.
Thereby improving service delivery of mobile money transactions.
Thank you so much and may God bless you my renders.

Organic vegetable farming

Dear lenders, the loan you helped me I bought organic fertilizer and pesticides, which helped in improving the soil fertility and destroying some pests in the vegetable gardens. I therefore produced more vegetable crops for sale and I made huge profits.

Thank you very much for supporting me, may God richly bless you.

Water purification service

Good Morning Lenders,
I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart .this loan which o have cleared went a long way to lift my business .it was really tough especially when the pandemic hit the world but I thank God all was in place for my business dispite decline in sales but it all worked out well.thanks so much and will humbly request all of you to fund my new project once it's open for application.Be blessed all

To put toward expansion of optical clinic/shop

I received the money thanks.

Funds to order 25 boxes of tomatoes

My previous loan made a impact with my business and I have benefited thanks for helping me

Logistics for motorcycle transport business

With this new loan, I will complete part payment deposited for dispatch bike. My appreciation goes to the member who funded my project. God bless you.


To buy farm inputs, such as high-quality seeds

May you continue to share your passion for farming and receive the love & abundance from it.