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Printer papers for my business of repairing and selling phones

i wish you good luck my friend

Publishing and promoting kiswahili online

I would like to thank the Zidisha team for the support. The funds were used to get my first book published (now on Amazon). It was used to purchase online resources to get as much information on self publishing - it was also used to print a few hard copies. Sales are trickling in slowly but with a few more publications and marketing I believe the books will sell. I also intend to partner with a few teachers.

Poultry business to finance my son's education

I consider myself a veteran with Zidisha, and my record is clean. I know what Zidisha has done in my life, and I have personally grown financially, and my kids educated courtesy fo Zidisha.

My wife is now running the project that was seeded out of Zidisha, and so does my son who is soon completing college. I am taking this loan to partially invest with my wife and start a partnership with my son.

He knows Zidisha works, and when he is responsible enough, I will recommend him to apply for his own loans.

Thank you.

Buy an incubator

My previous loan helped me to purchase 5 goats , this is to boost my poultry business. Because of the loans i can see my dreams and vision been achieved. All thanks to Zidisha for making it possible.

Hire (rent) a one-acre garden to plant vegetables to sell

Am so grateful to my backers for funding my loan.I was able to purchase one bicycle that is being used in door to door delivery of vegetables to my clients who can not make it to my stall.
Due to this I have gotten more interested clients .I am so grateful.

Paying for my CPA exams

Hello zidisha team,It is my hope that you are keeping safe,my last loan helped me increase profits since I was able to add stock ain my clothes selling business and also was able to buy good quality food for my pigs and was also able to finish successfully my CPA(certified public accountant) 1 and 2, unfortunately when corona happened my business were not doing well because pig food prices were increased and thus profit decreased,also the cost of buying mitumba(second hand clothes) also increased,customers purchasing power also decreased thus a reduction in profit,after a deliberation and discussing with my husband I decided to sell all my pigs and the stock of clothes I had and decided to venture into another business,I was also able to get employment as an assistant accountant at a company called muigai commercial agency in Nakuru Kenya,I must say that were it not for zidisha team I wouldn't be able to get employment as an accountant because with your help I was able to sit for my exams and passed.

Hardware business transport and postage

Despite, late payment let confess that, the previous loan really propelled my progress. I'm much ahead.
I used the funding to start a business of selling internet services within Nairobi.

To put toward buying 7 sewing machines to develop skills

With the funds raised from this loan I need to buy 7 sewing machine to help teach and develop sewing skills for young girls in our community. I have embarked on a bigger project of sewing more reusable washable sanitary pads. This is because the demand has increased for our target market who in this case are the women and young ladies. The profits made will used to to more fabric materials for sewing more clothing so as to earn more income generation and develop more skill in our community.

Thank you to you all my lenders that have supported me to see to it that my business project becomes a success.May God bless all

Buying a tuk-tuk for taxi business

Doing service for Tuk tuk after purchase.The new Tuk tuk costs 2600$ from dayun.Much appreciation to lenders.

Farming equipment

I would like to improve my farming activities so I will use the loan to purchase fertilizer to support my crops. Thank you

To put toward buying 7 sewing machines to develop skills

Dear Mr Doug Henderson, am so happy for your support and encouraging words, indeed my project has attracted many youths our community especially many that have dropped out of school and now loitering the streets can find relief by learning how to sew and become independent. Thank you very much sir once again for your support.

Buy books for the school

Hi Caroline, thank you for your commitment to children's education. We need more Caroline's in the world :) With love from NZ - Rachel.

Order vegetables to sell

Thanks rlfor lending this loan to me
It has really helped me and I will like to thank you all for helping me

Publishing and promoting kiswahili online

Its on Amazon now as 'Say no to germs: Sema hapana kwa vijidudu'..the link is This is for the kindle version at $1.50.

The paperback version is being reviewed. If approved i will post the link.

Looking at the possibilities of having a free window..

To put toward buying 7 sewing machines to develop skills


Good luck with your venture. I admire you for teaching others and helping others to better themselves. I have had people in my background that have done that for me.

Textbooks purchase

Thank you funders.Our books inventory is steadily building up.The number of schools buying text books has been increasing.
A significant funding will facilitate physical bookstore establishment.

Odongo water project

I would like to buy a water tank for storying more water for my project this will help me carb the water shortages during drought season in my area where many people depend on rain water which is seasonal.Thanks alot Mr PaulE and Mr Amanda Linde for the support

Ingredients for making baked goods to sell

Thanks you again for your support. My business has grown and as my family we are managing at least now with three meals and manage to pay school fees for my child and my dependant and paying electricity bills at least as a business we are making K400 every week.

Selling vehicle spare parts

stock that has lend to increase in earningsfrom 1000 dollars to 2100 dollars, i truly thank zidisha for this, and i promise you i will never ever let you guys down

Selling vehicle spare parts

My name is Harrison mundia maina,a spareparts business man,you guys has really supported me in my business,ive previously used the funds to purchase more motor vehicle spare parts which has really made big difference in my life and my family too. my earnings has increased from 1000 dollars to 2100 dollars, i truly thank zidisha for this, and i promise you i will never ever let you guys down

For putting toward my mother's hospital bills

Thank you for making my dream and goals possible to give me the loan to pay off my mother's hospital bill's and other expenses needed

Laptop battery so I can work from home in online jobs

First of all, I want to thank each and everyone that contributed to my funding am very happy. I will use the money to buy laptop battery to help me work online and earn income to help me settle my bills. This was so fast. My heart is full of gratitude and anyone that contributed towards my funds, may God bless you abundantly. May God fill your pockets and enlarge your territory. I am out of words all I can say is thank you a lot.

Add stock of cereal and M-Pesa shop float

Feel hopeful and full of thanks for the people who never knew you but gave a helping hand.
Thank you

Publishing and promoting kiswahili online

Hi, trying to beat a deadline in one of the corners at the library. The title had to change a bit.. to reflect the audience and make it relevant. Still its 'Sema Hapana'

Publishing and promoting kiswahili online

Hi , The work is still ongoing. Delay because the library staff mentioned that i would have to go through a publisher (to edit and proof read the manuscript) and one publisher(Chance publishers) was offering to do the work for 20,000/= and print 3,000 copies for a book that is 30 pages. The initial cost is high but once the template is made it becomes cheaper.

I have opted to do it on Amazon and and upload the book before Wednesday. Its cheaper and there are no printing costs. Only print on demand or order. The challenge is formating the book to accommodate KIswahili language(not supported).

Andrew M

For a ram

I am a sheep farmer. The problem is that I don't own a ram which has lead to delay in breeding of my ewes. This amount will enable me to buy good breed of a young ram. Improved breeds of my sheep will mean a good income from my farm.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the members who funded my project. I can now buy the ram.

Business restocking of provisions store

Good morning Good people, Am well and blessed this morning. Always grateful for what zidisha is doing to change the lives of many throughout the world mine included. The last loan I received really helped me. I have a small tuck shop co-owned with my wife which was struggling to restock following poor sales during these pre-corona times. I re-stocked with the funds loaned and once more the business is up and doing fine. The increased earnings though not so much, but enabled me pay a sizeable chunk of my children's school fees. It's my belief if this picks and continues this way will be able to stabilize and pay for even more needs of my young family. I believe this next funding will push me even more to revamp my stocks.

To put toward buying new sewing machine for dressmaking

I will buy 3 sewing machine and employ 2 helpers as demand is growing at my tailoring shop. This will help me to serve my customers on time as they bring their orders in bulk especially school uniforms.
Thank you to you all o my lenders for supporting me once again, am so grateful and may God bless you more.

Pay school fees for my kid

Thank you all for the quick funding of my loan. I will deposit the cash to the school's bank account now so the kid can report to school tomorrow morning.

Top up my school fees

The loan that I requested the previous time, that's nearly four or five years ago was of great assistance. It helped me top up my baby's medical fees. I pass my many thanks to the team of zidisha for the pool of members here in supporting one another in fulfilling dreams and responsibilities.

Pay school fees for my kid

This community is so helpful. I love being a member.

To put toward buying 7 sewing machines to develop skills

Dear lenders and backers the previous loan you helped to raise indeed did a lot for me, especially on part of teaching and impacting young girls our community to acquire sewing skill on reusable sanitary pads. Am grateful for your support because these funds have gone in vain because more youths benefiting in our community and there lives are changing because of your support through Zidisha loan.
Thank you very much for supporting me in this project, I hope will also support me in the same project future. Thank you

Foodstuffs supply

I've been supplying bags of maize at lower cost to the remote areas especially to the vulnerable communities

Buying organic fertilizer, pesticides & herbicides

With the funds am raising from this Zidisha loan, I would to buy organic fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides for vegetable farming to get rid of worms attacking the vegetables and other farming inputs to help me in developing my vegetable gardens to have a good harvest. Therefore I will be able to grow more crops for sell and earn more profits. Am anticipating my profits to increase from 4000 ZMW to 8000 ZMW.

Buying organic fertilizer, pesticides & herbicides

The loan you supported me helped a lot I bought all all the farming inputs and the vegetables are growing very well, am so happy with Zidisha Loans and life is really changing and that of my family. Thank you very much and may God bless .

Chicken feed for my small-scale poultry farm

Thank you all,

May God Bless You.

Now i can purchase chicken feed for my poultry.

I am grateful.


To put toward buying a sewing machine & fabric/materials

Dear my lenders and backers of my loan, am so happy you supported me in my previous loan and I was able to buy the sewing machine and buy some fabric materials , I made school uniforms and jerseys and I was able to generate good profits, with Zidisha loan I can now see the light otherwise I had lost hope. Thank you for your efforts and support.

Add new products to my provisions shop

All the best

For a reading project in my community

I will like to say a big thanks to my backers for their kindness in supporting me raise the money I requested for. This was really helpful in order to help boast my credit limit. As it were, the actual amount needed to fund my project is quite higher than what my credit limit can enable to me to acquire and so, the only best remedy is to build good credentials and prove my legibility in my repayment of the loan I acquire until my credit limit is enough to execute my project.
I'm really grateful for being there for me and as being here requires, I am willing to help raise funds for others as far as I can meet the targets o their needs. Thank you!

Livestock feed

Hello, zidisha team. Many thanks to this supportive organization. personally, I want to thank Alfred Ofori for the last loan.
I managed to top up my savings and bought a complete toolbox that has dramatically improved efficiency in my work. am looking forward to growing with you all.

Stock my foodstuffs & charcoal business

Thankyou for the money. I have already received the ordered bag of charcoal and its ready for sale. Thanks very much

Packaging for herbal medicine

hello bro this is my contribution to your project
i choosed you bcoz of your field as a hebalist who will help eradicate the chronic illness in our community
i wish you success in your endeavour.....

Transporting vegetables to market

Last loan helped me in transportation. The distance from where I sell my things and main market is two and a half kilometers. So I was helped a lot. I use motorbike to transport. Zidisha came in help when I needed money most. My business is growing hope Zidisha will still be there for me

Buying tomatoes, onions and Irish potatoes to sell

Thanks so much my supporters.
I will use the funds to buy vegetable items at wholsale price and sell at retail prices.
I will purchase a box of tomatoes, a sack of onions and another sack of irish potatoes.
After selling I predict to a profitvof about ksh 3000/= per week.
I will use profit repay my loan and use the remaining for upkeep of my children who are in college.
Thanks again my lenders for supporting my project.
I promise to make prompt payments.
God bless you all.

Feed the birds

I really appreciate the support and contribution towards my business. So far my journey with Zidisha has been very fruitful for my poultry business. Yesterday I picked my very first Eggs from the Plymouth rock birds i have been feeding your funds from this platform and it was a great feeling.

Publishing and promoting kiswahili online

Me at work in the library. Applied for 21,000 shilling loan and received(via mpesa) after deductions 14,280 shillings. Saying thanks to Zidisha.

Roofing material supplier

I think no one know how happy I am. The progress that am making through help from members of Zidisha will take me to another level of prosperity.being with people who understands the need of help from for stepping one step to another is miracle. After I got help from members now I supply roofing material without delay, and I get more referrals because of good services.and good services is because I have support from members..thank you very much

To put toward buying a sewing machine

This loan will be use towards purchasing a sewing machine to help employed workers to help me. And it my greatest pleasure for your contribution

School fee for my daughter's college

Halo, thank you so much for trusting me and funding my project.. the money will be used to pay college fee for my daughter, buy her a lap top and a smart phone that she will be using in college.. this will make it easy for her to be in school as I work out on how to repay the loan with any worries of being sent home for school fee
I take this opportunity to thank you all once again

Help to stabilize my car-wash business

I am so excited for the support I have consistently received from the Zidisha Community.
With this boost, I will now be able to buy a new hose pipe for my carwash business in Nandi County, Kenya.
This way, my customers who have been complaining of low pressure because of the burst pipe, will now be happier with my service. I will certainly post the progress of my business here.
Thank you so much for helping me walk towards financial stability through your generous funding. I must also, albeit in my own small way, help others behind me, aspiring for different success stories. Thank you for being a compassionate family.