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Buying an office desk

Hello my lenders,thank you so much.i received an amount of GHS 3,173 . This will help me buy my office desk. Thank you so much for your assistance.

"Mo Cyber" cybercafé business expansion

sometimes am able to exceed the repayment installment, like today. thanks.

Restock shea butter and locust beans

I have received the loan.I will restock more Shea butter for sale. I am so grateful to my lenders. Thank you.

Power banks and cables

Thank you very much to all my lovely lenders, I promised to forfill my payment 2 weeks before the main date I fixed, because the loan has come at the right time ..thank you for your help..

Loan to restock 5x4 boxes of headphones

I will buy 5x4 boxes of headphones and many more and it will help to grow with my business, thanks to all my lenders and zidisha team

Purchase cement bags for blockmaking factory

Dear Andrew,

Thank you so much for lending me the money. I am truly grateful.

Grocery business

Thank so much dear lovely lenders


Power banks and cables

I like the video you made Opoku. I hope you can continue to grow with the help of Zidisha lenders!

Computer / ICT laboratory

Great lenders and the Zidisha team, thanks, I got the loan today.

Getting traffic to my sites

Thanks for for your assistance.
I will pay for services to direct more traffic to my sites.
Thanks a lot and be blessed

Power banks for charging phones during blackout

If today I see my business moving forward than, I need to take this opportunity to appreciate my lenders for their endless effort in helping eradicate poverty. Thank you very much. I am humbled and grateful.

To buy wheelbarrows to rent out to others

My business has been Soo different since I got the last zidisha loan. Using the loan, I bought renting wheelbarrows. I took this decision after knowing that in most construction sites there is no enough wheelbarrows because people feer to buy more and dispose them in few days of work. So they find it better to rent. This business is going well. The increased amount of profit is used to widen the small scale farming and to help raise the family. The family is doing well. We are happy for zidisha to help us. Thank you lenders.

To invest in my carpentry work

Hi, lenders I appreciate you, for
helping me to get this amounts to improve my work , with this loan,am going to used it to buy woods to make Door frame and windows frames I hope this money will help me to get more income if God permit.

Making table for exhibition of foodstuffs

I am going to use this money to make tables to sell my foodstuffs. I want to say a big thank you to all my lenders. I really appreciate it

Solar panel and cables for well pump

I must thank every lender for helping me with a loan which I used to buy a well pump and I am waiting to buy cables and a solar panel so that the pump can be installed.

To top up and pay for my child's school fees

My wife's delicious "shito" (hot black pepper sauce) ready to go on sale

Bett's Farming

Wish to buy more pesticides and crates for tomatoes grading and market distribution this will ease my work alot thanks for the loan.

Purchasing supply of photocopy papers

Hello and happy new year my generous lenders iam here to apoogize for being away for so long my business was not doing good that i had to take a break of about 3years but i thank God He has helped me to get back hoping for more blessings this year to soldier on forward thank you and stay blessed

Business loan for cassava farming

I want to purchase more Cassava equipment
So that I can make more money
I thank you all my lenders

Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

Words can't explain how excited I feel that the loan was funded in one and half-day! this is clear proof of all my lender's belief in what my business is doing and the impact it has on people and the planet.

With this loan, I will continue with the distribution of solar lamps and clean cookstoves to Lundazi so that more families can have clean sources of lighting and cooking.

This will help my business expand in new districts and villages and also impact more households with life-changing products such as solar lamps and clean cookstoves.

I want to thank all of you my lenders for your continued support and always know that together we are transforming lives for the better, one village at a time!

Zikomo! Thank you

Digging well at my farm

I thank my lenders I recieved K2502 as my loan and i am going to use it for digging a well at my farm so that there is water to drink and for watering my plants.

To plant ginger for sale

I thank my lenders I received K2234 for my loan. I will use it to buy seedlings of ginger and plant at my farm,Thank you once more.

Water tank for my garden

Thank you all lenders and this loan will help me acquire a water tank for use in my garden and job of watering will be easier now. God bless you all.


Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

Francis... love the project! Also great to see your professional communication with your lenders and well thought through social impact business plan. Great video as well! I feel honoured to be able to lend you all that was needed and still open for you to have the loan request fully funded. So glad a saw your project just in time! I've spent time in rural Zambia and Zim so know exactly the problem you are helping to address. So great to see social entrepreneurs like yourself setting a great leadership example. With you every success ... Erik

Open-field tomato project

Here is a link to a website that has more information about one of the two varieties of tomato seeds that I bought.

Open-field tomato project

The Zytonic M organic fertilizer that I bought for use in transplanting my crops.
It is far much efficient, economic and productive as compared to the regular basal fertilizers. In this case, I am going to use 2kg of Zytonic M organic fertilizer worth 1850 KES to grow a whole acre of tomatoes whereas if I'd use the ordinary fertilizers, let's say DAP, I'd have to buy a 50kg bag at 3300 KES.

To purchase variety of seeds

This is to confirm I have received 2,502 ZMW and i will use it to buy a variety of seeds for plant at my farm.i thank you a lot.

Open-field tomato project

My farm assistant Mr. David preparing the nursery beds

Open-field tomato project

My farm field, ready for transplanting once the seedlings are mature

Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

What a great project, best of luck!

Loan to complete my mother's house

I was facing some major financial constraints but am now abit stable will continue paying my loan instalments till I see it's completion.The loan was helpful has it assisted me complete my my mum's house upto 80%Am very much grateful for zidisha for it has made me achieve my goal for putting a roof over my mother's head who is a single parent.May God bless each and every lender for your grate support.

To pay for my child school fees and school materials

The loan is intended for the repairing of my sewing machine to help me in my tailoring work. Thank you zidisha and the lenders.

Bett's Farming

I received 30000ksh I used it to buy farm products for keeping my farm healthy from pest and diseases

Open a new phone shop branch

Thanks to all my current and previous lenders who are still supporting me.

I am very much excited.

To purchase variety of seeds

I wish to thank my lender for this generosity to help me purchase a variety of seeds for planting. I expect a bigger yield and my earnings will be increased. Thank you.

Fertilisers and pesticides for my plants

Thank you so much for this loan I will make use of it to buy fertilisers for my plants. With fertilisers the plants will grow better and the harvest will be better which means also my earnings will improve. Thank you once again.

Buying farming inputs

With the previous loan I was helped successfully I managed to buy a few bags of farming in inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides and my crops are growing very well.To this i really appreciate you my lenders and may God bless you.

Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

Good Luck Francis

Wooden boxes for tomatoes

I thank you all my wonderful lenders for trusting me with this loan. I will use the loan to buy wooden boxes for tomatoes and the tomatoes will now be packed safley and less damage.

Purchase vegetable seedlings

Dear lenders,

Thank you for funding my loan during this challenging period. Stay safe and healthy!

Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

Thanks so very much! Your continued support makes this possible! Zikomo

Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

Good luck Francis!


Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

This is a great initiative, keep up the great work!

Loan for rent

Been a while, i hope all my lenders are under the hands of the almighty God. let peace and love prevails.

Restock my cosmetic shop

Thanks and God bless you

To plant ginger for sale

I thank you most sincerely for this loan and for trusting me again. I will use the money to plant ginger for sale. Once I sell i will be able to make good profit because right now ginger is on hot demand, people are using it as a herb in the fight against covid19. So this loan will help me make profit and my finances will be enhanced. Thank you.

Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

The previous loan I got helped me increase my profit by 35% and impacted 120 women in rural villages with solar lights and clean cookstoves. Through this loan, I was able to buy a third motorbike for my solopreneurs and also expand our distribution into a new district of Katete.

The next loan am requesting will help me distribute in Lundazi clean cookstoves that are very important during this period of COVID 19

Tailoring equipment

Dear Roseline,
I see that your business is growing. Happy to lend again. Good luck!

Kind regards,


Enhancing video, photography and print projects

Thanks for the update Musenge. Great to see some pictures of your work.

Enhancing video, photography and print projects

This is what I'm talking about ...

A whole lot of thanks to my lenders because it would not have been possible for these two love birds to have a memorable night.