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Buying of second hand clothes

I thank you so much lenders for your support. Sales has been very good since last week and I have been able to repay all my arrears. Thank you so much for your support

Inventory financing for mini mart

Previous loans have been very useful towards supporting working capital needs of my small business. In the current environment, this support is more crucial. Thank you so much.

Fabrics for making clothing

Thank you very much for the loan it really helped me acquire the fabrics
Below are the pics of the fabrics and the outcome after sowing
Please am pleading if you can send me a higher amount so I can get more fabrics and sow and sell them because the orders are slow in coming but selling them after sowing will help me more, please

Perfume refills and braids stock

Hello lenders, i was able to increase the stock i need for my shop and this has really helped my business grow. Thank you for your support and God bless you.

Adis Magic Hair Salon

Thank you tycho, Zach & Mihir for assisting me with this loan.
I will use it to buy products for the salon & Barber Shop and this will enable me provide service to more clients.
Thank you so much

Inventory of face masks and sanitizers

thank you lenders for fully funding my loan that loan will be much help for my business this loan will help me purchase face mask and sanitizers that well help me progress wit my business

Mini supermart shop

I wish you blessings and prosperity. Good luck!

Motorcycle to deliver fresh produce to customers

The business is doing better ,my customers have increased with 5% and I make more sales a day
My profit has moved to 10.5% and am so grateful

Soap and perfume production

Thanks thanks and thanks to you all, I really appreciate!

Vehicle for transporting farm produce to market

I received a loan of a hundred and ten thousand, two hundred and thirty naira only from Zidisha on 1st July, 2020. I will add this loan sum to my savings to enable me purchase a tricycle truck to assist me in my farm produce business. I really appreciate my lenders and wish them well in all their endeavors. Thank you. ADEREMI JAMES

Customs duty for imported goods sales

Thanks very much for the loan. I will use this money to help me pay for the import duties on my new goods arriving.
This is help me to remain unique in the suply of best clothes to my customers
thanks zidisha team, thanks my lenders

Stock for grocery shop

Hi lenders, I just want to inform you that sales is good and am even trying to make full payment earlier than the maturity date. Thanks very to my lenders . I appreciate you all.

To buy more products/food items in my store

I just logged in now and saw my loan funding at 90% and tears of joy just rolled down my cheeks, because these are people that don't know me, neither come from same country as mine, but they are determined to see me progress in life despite this hard times, thank you so very much my lenders, from the depth of my heart I say thank you, God will bless and enrich your lives, I promise nerve to let you, my lenders down, I promise to stay faithful in paying back my loan. Please my lenders make it fully funded for me. Team zidisha thumbs up for you!

Materials for making sandals

I received an amount of 243ghs and this will help me to buy more of the materials for my shoemaker of sandals and slippers. Thank you so much for your support.

Two high-speed desktops for my cybercafe

I received KES 60,891.00
I will use it to buy high speed desktops to increase efficiency. My thanks goes to all my Lenders for entrusting and supporting me with their money.

Loan for art

I was able to deliver the commissioned artwork to my client a week earlier thanks to the loan I received from my lenders. This also enabled me to repay my loan earlier than the scheduled time.

Add computers to my cybercafe

I was able to buy stationery and some compter accessories with the loan that I received last. I do appreciate that you gave me the loan.

Growing grains and cereals

My best is yet to come. This business of farming is about to release a sling with the help of my lenders here. Thanks for the help

Vegetables seller

Ohh i am very very happy it really helped my life, now things have began to changed im grateful

Computer repair and maintenance

I will use the loan to buy updated Antivirus software.
The software will help to update the machine (Computer) used for online learning.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Paul Buchheit for the support, it will help me alot.

Human hair wigs import

Dear Lenders,

Many thanks for supporting my business. I would request for an adjustment downwards till business resumes after covid-19.

i sincerely appreciate your patience.

Yours Faithfully,

Joan Ngugi.

Small household appliances sales

this loan will boost my business a lot i will be able to increase the appliances at my shop. thanks to all my lenders for making this possible

Music coaching

Thank you so much!

Selling arrowroots, yams, cassava etc in the city

I am eternally grateful for the Zidisha platform and the lenders who have invested in my business. While the business environment in Kenya has been a bit sluggish even more so with Covid -19 realities. Being in the food business has provided a lot of opportunities for growth which I intend to capitilise on. Am looking to scale the business into wholesale and seeking corporate clients where I will hit bigger volumes,

Hand washing equipment for pharmacy

Will buy hand washing equipment for my shop,this will help protect myself and others during this pandemic. Im very grateful

Additional groundnuts capital

Thank you very much Donald Major,TomF925,Bing-Shu Pan and Liz for financing my loan.I will definitely get back to you on how this loan will be of help.Thanks once more.

Two high-speed desktops for my cybercafe

Thank you for your motivation. Be blessed too.

Materials for making clothing

My sincere gratitude to my lenders and zidisha,you guys are simply awesome. The loan was very helpful as usual. I used the loan to add with what I had to get a fabric for a client in Canada. It really helped me in meeting up with deadline. Once again thank you.

Inventory of face masks and sanitizers

thanks Margaret for you support good times always


Two high-speed desktops for my cybercafe

Good luck in your business Wilberforce!

To purchase fertilizer for my watermelon

Thank you zidisha for accepting my loan and for funding me as soon as the loan is disbursed in my account I will use it to buy fertilizer for my watermelon and this will help me to improve the yield of my crop because the fertilizer will be applied on time. Thanks once more.

Mobile phone payment service

Hello Gammon family thank you for the loan . I'll use it to add float on my mpesa mobile money transfer services and it will help me earn more commission thank you and be blessed.

Materials for making sandals

Hello lenders, thank God all my sandals I have in stock have been been bought just this morning. Thank you so much zidisha. Thank you my lenders


A loan to enhance my food delivery work

Good luck!

Selling of second hand clothes

The amount of 506 GHS has been received and I used in purchasing more clothes sales and it will help me repay on time so as to get my next loan thank you

Purchasing and delivery of home equipment, appliances, decor

I will buy (1.) 4# lock set. ( 2) 5# cartons each of wall and floor tiles/ (3) 4# drums of emulsion paints.
It will help improve my business.
Thanks to our Lenders and entire Zidisha family for this great assistance. I love Zidisha.

Nose masks and sanitizers seller

I never thought selling Nose Masks and sanitizers in my cosmetics shop and road side will let me get more customers,i used the loan to buy more Nose Masks and sanitizers to customers to sell in the traffic and road side because,people normally forget their Nose Masks and sanitizers at home and some Nose Masks are disposable and need to be changed so I need your help.
I can see some little improvements as I added Nose Masks and sanitizers
Thank you.

Producing soap and hand sanitizer

Thanks to Zidisha team and my lenders for granting me the previous loan. Even though i face many challenges after the loan but through hard work and dedication things turn good on my side. At first i produces for for people to buy at wholesale but this after production most of my clients refuses to purchase from me. Due i went out to various markets to my products by myself. The loan has lead my business to next level in my locality. Thanks to Zidisha team and my lenders once again for the trust they have in me by giving me the loan.


Home renovation

I wish you good luck Agabe

Fruit farming and value addition

Hi Paul,

Thank you i received the funds. I managed to buy more splits to expand my strawberry farm. Thank you for your support.


Producing face masks

Hi Joseph,
It is an important job you are doing by sewing the face masks for children. I hope you can make a lot of them for others as well and save lives during the pandemic. Regards, Margaret

Solar energy kiosks

Dear Utahna, Joseph, Ru and Chris,

Thank you so much for the loan! I will use the loan to buy mobile units for our Energy Kiosks and develop a new Energy Kiosk in Siamatika village. Thanks to you guys this goal is now a reality!

Thank you and stay safe and healthy!

Sewing machine to start a sewing business

My loan was received successful
My daughter sewing machine was brought thanks goes to all my lenders and may God bless them all

Amaranth & carrot seeds

Good morning lenders,
Today being on Monday,I am still doing fine back here although the I have not harvested big part of the vegetation to get to market. I am working hard to see I get enough production and thereafter selling them to the nearby open market and gets some profit out of my hard work.
It's my prayer this will be achieved soon. To all the lenders our there, stay safe.
Be blessed.

Selling jewelery and other accessories

Thank you lenders for your support. I humbly appreciate your efforts in helping growing up my business. Thank you so much and please help me in your prayers as my daughter has been admitted to the hospital two days ago. I love you all

To purchase goods and supply to my clients instantly

Good evening to all zidisha family...

Buying of farm inputs and fertilizers

Thank you lenders for funding this loan for me. This will help in buying farm inputs and fertilizers for my farming. Thank you so much

To buy more products/food items in my store

Thank you so so much my lenders, am grateful, and all credit goes to you my lenders, I won't have grow to this level with out your helping hand. First I was able to pay my store rent without stress few months ago, and now because of how my business has grown, I got the contract of supplying 15 bags of rice. Am so so happy and all thanks to you. God will reward you for me, Team zidisha, you guys are the best ever.

Distributing grain and vegetables in the city

Business is going well but with a lot of good competition with other people who are not in employment. Everyone is trying business and interesting the vegetables stuff is most popular.
I am happy I have a good number of trusted clients giving me orders to supply them with vegetables. Meanwhile, I keep busy with the grocery store.

To buy more products/food items in my store

Great news! Its a big one, I won a contract in a company to supply 15 bags of 50kg long grain rice, and I was given part payment. So I said let me pay back my loan to my beloved lenders because if not because of you my lenders I won't have progressed and grow my business to this level that I am now.