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Register my car with Uber to use as a taxi

Hello my lenders, I want to say my special thanks to Ms Sayuri, Mr.Bucchet,,Mr Vratic Krocik and Nancy and David for Funding my loan . May God bless you. I'll use the loan to buy my car tracker and alarm. this will protect it from theft when I ferry customers to new places that I'm not aware of the security systems. I'll be able to repay the loan on time. Thank you

To purchase a piece of land.

thank you lenders n zidisha as a whole for i have received the whole dispatch of my loan and have now settled with the vendor as in agreement for the plot of land i had booked for purchase.

God bless you soo much

Business support

Thank u lenders....This week as been great for me with the loan I took from ZIDISHA..I make a huge profit within a short time after buying motor parts (underneath) from delears and sold it to my customers... Am really appreciate the loan .. I have repaid back immediately, kudos to u guys.. You're really doing me a great favor..GOD BLESS YOU ALL

New tyres for the taxi

I sold the mpesa shop and bought a old taxi which has enabled me buy a new one now.

Loan for buy mobile phones accessories.

Thanks to you all for your support the business is moving on well and with high hope of repaying the remaining balance on time. Thank you

Selling wallpaper

Words are not enough to express my gratitude to all of you who made this loan possible and available. I'm grateful.
This loan will help me clear my goods and stock up my shop.
Thanks to all my lenders.

Farming inputs - top dressing manure for the vegetables

Thank you for the Ksh 6968 loan which enabled me to procure farmyard manure which came in handy in boosting my kale production during the rainy season.
Thank you for the loan

I need it to purchase printers for sale

I was able to buy printers for sale. This made me get a huge profit,I am happy I was also able to satisfy my customers. Thanks for your unceasing support.

Tailoring workshop and training center

Good day Lenders. I received the loan amount of 38310. As always I have used the money to buy accessories. Thank you very much for the loan.

Selling dry pumpkin leaves and pounded peanuts

I will buy dry pumpkin leaves and pounded groundnuts.

It will help me raise my sales and profits

Thank you so much for lending me K3,024.

Ladies wears and shoes

I received 7000 and it was really helpful, I bought more materials in my shop and my customers were really happy. Thank you very much.

Making soaps and detergents

Hello Nancy, wish you all the best for your soap and detergent business. How much of these products to you sell every month?

Irrigation equipment

Thank you my lenders for all the loans you have given me. Because of your support I have been able to buy insecticides for spraying my crops when the farm was under attack. You assistance will again help me buy seeds and new pipes for irrigation.

Equipping my business

It has been a long journey but finally has come to an end. I give thanks to all members who participated in my loaning. Since I joined zidisha,it has brought tremendous change in my society and myself in general,because I have created employment to some of the youths from around. The last amount,I managed to open up a food kiosk for my wife, which is now her only income generating activity. After receiving the funds we purchased some utensils, and some furniture, food stuffs so that we could be able to run smoothly. It has been tough we have managed to secure a good customer base.

Register my car with Uber to use as a taxi

I received helpful loan from my zidisha lenders and my business has grown to great heights. May God bless for good work. I have now managed to buy a brand new Toyota Vitz which needs legal papers for a taxi business. I'm short of Ksh68000. When I get this loan I'll use it to process the legal documents required by law and I'll be able to run the taxi business easily hence loan repayment on time. Kindly help me

Building, construction and painting

I will buying painting equipment and materials, since i will expand my business from building and construction to building , construction and painting. Thanks to you.

Water purifying machines

Thanks to you all for the loan. I appreciate. God bless you all abundantly

Selling prepaid mobile phone credit and SIM cards

Almost done, I say thanks to team zidisha for this awesome platform and big thanks to my lenders.

Repair my tour company vehicle

Hello Emma,

Thank you so much for your kind words, and deeds; - putting my business on google maps. I'll certainly claim it once I learn how to ;-) I'm also aware that my website isn't working. I'll work on it hopefully within a week.

I love nature and believe in minimal human interference, especially not hunting. Nature has an incredible way of balancing itself back, but humans keep interfering. Off course humans should take remedial action, but such actions should positively benefit the whole ecosystem + community and not just a few people. I do not agree with hunting as I believe that there are better and more inclusive ways to conserve. That said, hunting is illegal in Kenya and hopefully it will stay illegal.

I was pleasantly surprised to follow your link and find Moses Kuya. We have been neighbours and friends for a long time. I didn't know that he was on Zidisha. I've just spoken to him phone and yes, we'll collaborate where we can.

I'll check on how to get listed on AirBnB as a local guide. Thank you so much for all the tips and support, Emma. You really mean well. Moses also speaks very highly and kindly of you; says you've supported him a lot. You make a real difference to the world. We're truly grateful.

I'll stay true to my values. That's really good advice, especially for us in the tourism (service) industry. Referrals have kept me going in times when the industry has seen a slump. Super great advice there Emma.

Marketing for december coding classes

December Coding Classes

Business expansion

Thanks for the complement , promise to make all my lenders proud.

Water purifying machines

Thanks so much for the loan I have just repay. God bless you. Am looking forward to do more good business with you. One love from Onu Amount

Add shop buildings to my restaurant area

Please just be careful what shops you bring in David...

Over consumption really does ruin a place, particularly when its regarding imported goods :-( Not just culturally, but environmentally, & often mentally too.... Please just be careful.

I obviously don't know what's needed in the area, but here are some shop ideas if you're still deciding what to go for:
-Selling Produce (particularly fruits & vegetables high in nutrience, which help with brain & gut health) - maybe a juicing station as part of it to entice people, down the line.
-Selling locally made/culturally relevant goods (traditional items etc).
-Grains/zero waste shop (consumables avoiding packaging).
-Books/stationary - maybe secondhand, & with a cyber cafe if needed?
-Outdoor supplies (like camping equipment etc).
-Musical instruments (& repair).
-Bicycle repair etc.
-Basically any other business that is service-related, rather than based on capital :-) Not only does it provide jobs, but it means you don't have to constantly replace stock, & have comfort knowing its giving value... Not just run by making people want to purchase things they don't need :-p Also, having something service-related that is frequented regularly (like somewhere offering yoga etc), is likely to be better for bringing people to your restaurant, because #1 they'll be hungry, & #2 its somewhere many would likely come back to every week etc.

If you REALLY want to go above & beyond, developing something like a Community Centre/learning-facility may be wonderful (& useful for bringing people to the restaurant), but again, I have no idea what's needed where you are? :-)

Anyway I'm waffling... I just wanted to share those few things :-) Good luck with your future endeavours David. Be good to know what businesses you end up bringing into your space... All the best, Emma.

Sultana Stictches dressmaking studio

Good luck Sultana! You have this! Make some great strides!

New laminating and binding machine

To all my lenders, i would love to appreciate your love and help you rendered to me in the past loan. It has really helped my family as I was able to buy food from the little profits I am making. My business centre is growing everyday because of your inputs. I truly thank you and wish you blessings and good health.


Business expansion

Your fashions are lovely! Good luck with your new loan!

Purchase of phone accessories for my phone charging business

Thank you my lenders for your financial support all the while.
I have made another request for loan.
Accessing a greater loan will help me to achieve my business dreams, one step at a time.
I will ensure that your investment in my business is something to be proud of.
Thank you for your continuous help.

Amos Muthama Cybercafe

Thanks greatly lenders,your money helped me business to grow nicely and wonderfully.....I increased my shop items and the big profit came which has enabled me to paying my loans promptly.

Equipment for laundry service

Hello Emma! Thanks very much for your help. And thanks for looking up my business on Facebook! Really appreciate that. I have worked on the location. I initially inputted the postal address instead of the direction to the shop.

I have rectify that just now so it's working. Thanks

Web design training

This loan will help me achieve my goal.
Thank you for helping me with this loan, am very grateful.

To pay application fees for college

Hi great people, am delighted and very happy I met zidisha it is truly a life changing venture .My last loan helped me escape the bitterness of loosing the Chance to register for the upcoming Dec 7 SAT test date.Thanks to the lenders and zidisha ,u made it possible. Now I have fully registered and learning hard towards the test .Thanks to u all and thanks to zidisha.

Improved seeds for my agribusiness

Dear lenders,
I congratulate you all for supporting me during my loan fundraising. I successfully received your loan and ordered the quality seeds to plant in my farm. I will be able to supply enough of my farm produce soon as the crops will take short time to feet harvested. They are kales,spinach and corriandor.
Thanks and remain blessed.

Clothing sales

Thanks a lot my lenders i appreciate once again , i will make use of this loan efficiently so i can pay back earlier and profit too as well my future with zidisha and my lenders will always be of support in all i do here . Thanks and have a nice day .

Improved seeds for my agribusiness

Thank you lenders Jason,lender John Minges,lender Emma,lender Fufu,lender Roman & lender Billy Button for your kind support in my laon fundraising.
I humbly accept your loan and thanks so much.

Inventory for my retail shop

Igot your loan and im now making profit. Thank you very much zidisha im injoying your benefit. Gofd bless lenders Go bless zidisha

Additional computer for my cybercafe

I need the loans to boost my business

Buying needed materials for my art work and barbering shop

I wanna a very big thanks to all my lenders for all their effort in funding all ma loan, am forever grateful. I will use this loan to buy all my needed materials which will enable me start all my works and finish it up on time.

Gas supply

Whao! Its morning here in Kenya,am very happy to have you guys helping me out,am going on well,and promise never to disappoint you,be blessed

Loan for buying two more calves to increase my incime

Hi zidisha thank you for the previous loan. which I cleared on time am waiting for the other one now thanks for changing my life.

Purchasing more stock

Thanks for trusting me with your money.Am over excited that you funded it in less than 12 hours. I promise to pay back on time as i have always done.
Thanks and be blessed.

Producing interlocking stones and blocks

Hello Sir/Ma
I need that loan for a cutting marching, If I could get that marching it will help me for a nice finishing work.
And I am so grateful to you people for the helpful hand...may God continue to bless and enrich you people.

Servicing my taxi vehicle

Dear Christelle Hugel,

Thank you for the opportunity you have given me. I will use this loan to service my vehicle taxi. This will help me to improve the performance of my taxi so that I can quickly start my taxi service business which will increase my capital. This will also help my taxi driver to be employed by me so that he can better his life and family too.
Thank Once again
Best Regards

Buying needed materials for my art work and barbering shop

Wanna use this opportunity to thank all my lenders for all their contributions am really indeed grateful, God bless u all

Buying needed materials for my art work and barbering shop

Aww am soo grateful margi, really appreciate the encouragement, God richly bless you and the entire family.. Am really grateful indeed

Stock goods

Feedback from my last loan. I was able to get another computer for my cybercafe. And this has really help to improve on the services there adequate computer to go round. And it has brought more sales and profit. Thanks to my lenders.

Business logistics

I want to confirm that I have received the loan and I promise to pay back within the due dates. thank you very much for your help.

Continuation of the previous project

Here is the one of the project we complete today.... we are still working to get others done


Buying needed materials for my art work and barbering shop

This is wonderful, you are indeed a very talented artist!


Stocking cooking gas cylinders for a cleaner energy source

Thank you so much for all the work you do for the community and I wish you the best going forward.


Equipment for laundry service

Hello Lenders, the laundry is in full operations now!
Thanks to you for your help.

We are currently doing marketing to garner more sales.